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20g Acne Defense Solution Gel

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20g Acne Defense Solution Gel
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No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
User Reviews

  • No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
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    Product Description

    100% Natural | Clinically-tested

    Nix your skin troubles the natural way – without the collateral damage.

    A potent blend of tea tree oil and pimple-fighting actives penetrate the skin to help fight pimple-causing bacteria without burning, redness, drying and peeling.

    Safe and non-irritating, Human Nature’s Acne Defense Solution Gel helps crack down on breakouts, dry out blemishes, and give you clearer-looking skin without the harmful side effects of chemical treatments – so you can face the world flawlessly.

    Clinically tested* to:
    - effectively dry out pimples and help prevent pimple breakouts
    - help reduce oiliness and the appearance of redness

    Recommended for those with mild to moderate pimples.

    *Independent clinical study on users with mild to moderate pimples, August 2014

    Did you know: Antibacterial tea tree oil is known to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide in reducing pimples without side effects such as irritation or peeling (Source: The Medical Journal of Australia, 1990 Oct 15;153(8):455-8)

    Make sure skin is dry. Dab (don’t rub!) a thin layer of the gel on the affected area using clean fingers. Use as often as needed. Carry it around in your purse or store it in your medicine cabinet as a quick, handy first aid solution for pimple emergencies.
    aqua (water), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, levulinic acid (rice/corn-derived), glyceryl caprylate (coconut oil, palm oil and glycerin-derived), glycerin, dehydroxanthan gum, zinc lactate, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived), phytic acid (rice-derived) To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
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