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Cafe Lugud Premium Arabica Coffee

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Cafe Lugud Premium Arabica Coffee
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User Reviews

  • No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
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    Product Description

    With Cafè Lugud Premium Arabica Coffee - Dark Roast Perfection, have a cup full of:

    Love: Each purchase contributes to the scholarship fund of GK Sibol School in Pampanga

    Compassion: Each cup provides a better income for the coffee farmers in Mt. Province 

    Rich Flavor: Sit back and enjoy the deep and strong taste of dark roasted premium Arabica coffee beans

    Net weight 225g

    Cafe Lugud comes from the term "lugud" which is another word for "love" in Kapampangan. Cafe Lugud practices fair trade by buying directly from coffee farmers in Araca Coffee Farm in Benguet and Bauko Coffee Farm in Mt. Province - rather than from middlemen to help improve the farmers' income.

    To keep the coffee fresh, each bag has a zip lock and de-gassing valve to protect it from moisture. To maintain freshness, you may keep the coffee in an airtight container once the bag is opened.
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