When Human Nature was born in 2008, we envisioned it to flourish as one of
the country's leading social enterprises. This meant our primary goal would be to use business
to build a better Filipino society, especially for the poor, by operating a sustainable business that primarily benefited our country. We founded the company on three core principles;
to be Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment.
Right now, our products are 100% manufactured in the Philippines.
Though we could source many items for cheaper prices abroad, we decided we would only resort to importing resources if they aren't available locally. All too often, multinational companies (or even Philippine-owned ones) will source their products and raw materials abroad if the price is cheaper by even a few centavos, costing hundreds of Filipinos their jobs and sending that money out
of our economy forever. But the Philippines is our home and we should support it. We want to invest in Philippine-made products because we firmly believe that we have the resources and manpower to create world-class finished goods.

When we develop new products, we always ask ourselves, can that plant/herb/raw material be sourced locally?
If not, can it eventually be grown in the Philippines? If it can, are there ways to start an industry that produces it? Only when an ingredient meets these qualifications do we decide to use it. For example, shea butter is an extremely popular and well-used ingredient, but as far as we know, it can't be grown in the Philippines, which is why we choose not to use it in any of our formulations. Lemongrass, on the other hand, is widely grown and produced in the Philippines, so we use it in a lot of our products and continue to seek ways on how else to utilize it.

We are also believers that Filipinos can produce world-class finished goods.
Other countries have reached prosperity by buying cheap raw materials from poor countries and turning them into expensive finished goods. Take Belgium, for example-they produce some of the finest chocolate in the world, but did you know that not a single cocoa bean grows naturally in Belgium? They buy cocoa from around the world, turn it into chocolate and sell it back to the country that grew it for many times the price! The way we see it, the only way for the Philippines to become prosperous is for us to produce not just raw materials, but world-class finished goods and for us to buy Filipino products. This is how we aim to help raise our country from poverty - by sourcing locally at fair trade prices, producing world-class finished goods and exporting them around the world.

Gawad Kalinga (GK) is recognized as a world-class Filipino movement for nation-building by people all around the globe; from Harvard University to the National Institute of Education in Singapore. Together with its Founder, Tony Meloto, Gawad Kalinga has been given worldwide recognition for its initiatives; among them the Magsaysay Award, Asia's Nobel Prize, Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, Nikkei Asia Awards for Regional Growth and the Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Gawad Kalinga envisions an end to poverty for 5 million Filipino families by year 2024 through their 3-phase development model: Social Justice, Social Artistry and Social Transformation.

Phase 1, Social Justice, aimed to raise 700,000 homes and start up 7,000 communities by appealing to the poorest of the poor, regaining their trust, building their confidence and building strong community ties by the end of 2010.

Two years later, GK is now moving into Phase 2, Social Artistry. The goal of this phase, which we now find ourselves in, is to empower the powerless for self-governance, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. The last phase, Social Transformation, is about achieving scale and sustainability by developing the grassroots economy and expanding the influence of GK to 5million families, with the support of key sectors in society in the Philippines and partners abroad. Human Nature's role and vision is central to Phase 2; as soon as GK farming villages are capable of producing our ingredients to the highest standards, we equip and empower them to grow and process what we need for Human Nature products.

We proudly source some of our essential oils from local farmers' cooperatives in Bicol and in Negros. The Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern (PFEC) has been supplying us with organic Citronella Oil for our very popular Citronella Bug Spray produced by a cooperative in Labo, Camarines Norte. Our organic certified Lemongrass Essential Oil, in turn, is provided by the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Inc. (AIDFI) in Negros Occidental. AIDFI provides solar and hydropower to poor rural communities who otherwise would not have access to electricity.

Through our partnerships with these noble organizations, we hope to bring sustainable technology to our Gawad Kalinga communities. Already, we have begun work in a pilot farm in a Gawad Kalinga community in Angat, Bulacan. Through our partnership with GK, we hope that soon there will be hundreds of world-class community organic farms in the Philippines providing livelihood for thousands of our poorest people as we raise them up to be world-class Filipinos.