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Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar

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Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar
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No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
User Reviews

  • No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
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    Product Description

    Advisory: The supply of Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar will be limited in the next one to two months due to Typhoon Glenda’s damage to coconut plantations in Southern Luzon, particularly Quezon. Rest assured that the whole team behind Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar and their families are safe and the social enterprise is already starting the recovery and restoration of their plantation.

    No wonder the coconut is the tree of life! In recent years, it has been experiencing a global rebirth as the healthiest food source –from the electrolyte-rich coconut water, to the delicious white meat packed with fiber and minerals, to the all-around remedy virgin coconut oil – and now, the superfood coco nectar from the coconut flower. 

    Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar is an all-natural medifood supplement that:

    - Bursts with vitamins & minerals, and more amino acids than animal protein, vegetables, or even bee honey
    - Helps fortify the immune system and fight diseases
    - Helps promote tissue repair and regeneration
    - Helps soothe rashes and skin breaks
    - Helps relieve discomfort brought about by hyperacidity
    - Has a low glycemic index ideal for diabetics’ blood sugar management

    A toast to coconut farmers: The Philippines’ warm, balmy climate made us one of the world’s top coconut producers. Because of its high value, farmers may harvest coco nectar yields of as much as 10 times their income from copra production.


    Have a sweet spoonful (or more) of health every day! Coco nectar is a delicious and healthy substitute for maple syrup or honey for your pancakes or waffles, and a great sweetener for tea and desserts.