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100g Natural Men's Shaving Cream

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100g Natural Men's Shaving Cream
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No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
User Reviews

  • No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
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    Product Description
    100% Natural

    Get a smooth and easy glide with every shave from natural glycerin, with aloe vera to help soothe razor burns and moisturize skin. Feel revitalized before, during and after shaving with cooling peppermint.

    Shave without the guilt! Our Natural Shaving Cream is free of toxins that can harm you and pollute our seas: 100% no harmful chemicals such as plastic microbeads (polypropylene/polystyrene), TEA, synthetic fragrance and chemical preservatives.

    Did you know? What goes down your drain will eventually go back to the seas. In fact, 60 percent of Metro Manila wastewater comes from our homes. Not of all of it goes to a wastewater treatment facility. According to the Journal of Environmental Science, only 7% of homes in Metro Manila are connected to sewage systems. Care for the seas by choosing environment-friendly products for your hero!

    Safe for our planet. Great for your skin.