1. Invite friends to become a Member/Dealer
[For Branch]
Ask friends to go to the nearest Human Nature branch to sign-up. And advise them to put your Member/Dealer ID number on the registration form.

[For Web]
Log into the Human Nature website. Click your name on the upper right page, and go to “Dealer Dashboard.”

On your dashboard, go to “Invite Friends” and click the envelope icon.

2. Put your friends’ names, email addresses, personal message, and click
“SEND” at the bottom page. You will automatically be tagged as the referrer when your friend signs up.

Your friends will get P100 credit plus their Member/Dealer discount. You will also get P100 credit for every successful referral.

Note: Credits will be released upon scheduled validation.

3. Redemption of credits is valid from Human Nature branches or on the Human Nature website -- wherever your home branch is.

[For Branch]
Present your Dealer ID upon checkout.

[For Web]
On the CHECKOUT page, click “UPDATE” Payment, choose “Bank Deposit” as your mode of payment and click “SAVE”.

On the Message or Comments section at the bottom of CHECKOUT page type in "I will use [credit amount] in store credits" and click “PLACE ORDER”. Deposit the amount, less your store credit, and email your payment confirmation to

Note: You may use your credit card, GCash, or PayPal to pay for the balance payment (total amount less store credit). Just follow the same steps above (choose Bank Deposit, type in the Comments section, and click PLACE ORDER). Then wait for an email from our Sales team so we can guide you through the payment of the remaining amount.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Offer is valid from March 20, 2021 to May 14, 2021 for registrations made at Human Nature branches nationwide or on the Human Nature website.

2. Referees have up to one (1) month from sign-up date to declare their referrer’s Member/Dealer ID number.

3. The release of credit on account of referrer and referee are scheduled on:
> Apr 7 (for transactions made from Mar 20 to Apr 3)
> Apr 21 (for transactions made from Apr 5 to Apr 17)
> May 5 (for transactions made from Apr 19 to May 1)
> May 19 (for transactions made from May 3 to May 14)

Note: Credit release dates are subject to change without prior notice.
Credits are subject to government-mandated taxes.

4. The Member/ Dealer kit cannot be returned or refunded once credit is redeemed.

5. Credits can be used to purchase Human Nature branded items only. Purchases of Social Enterprise products, Gift Certificates, packaging, marketing collaterals, and other service fees are excluded.

6. Credits are not convertible to cash and are non-transferable.

7. Human Nature reserves the right to investigate and void claims of credit due to system error or fraudulent transactions.

8. The offer is valid for Human Nature Members, Dealers, Community Ambassadors only. Community Hubs are not eligible for this promo.


Do I get P100 for all successful Member/Dealer applications of my friends regardless of how many they are?
A: No, you get P100 for each successful referral.

Is there a limit as to how many friends I invite?
A: No, you can invite as many friends, family members, colleagues you have.

Can my friends deduct the P100 credit from their Member/Dealer Kit right at the time they apply?
A: No, credits will be released upon scheduled validation.

What does home branch mean?
A: For newly signed up Dealers/Members, this is where you have registered. For current Dealers/Members, this is where you have purchased frequently for the past three (3) months.

Can I use my credits at other Human Nature branches and not at my home branch?
A: As a general rule, redemption of credits is valid from the home branch only. But for special cases, you may email to request a transfer of credits to our Customer Service Team at

Can I use my credits to purchase ANY Human Nature branded items?
A: Yes you may use your credit to purchase ANY Human Nature branded items. Just deduct your credits from the total order cost and pay the remaining amount.

May I know how much tax will be deducted from my P100 credit?
A: A 10% government-mandated tax will be deducted from the P100 credit.

Will I still get a P100 credit if my friend was only able to declare my Dealer ID number three (3) weeks after signing up?
A: Yes you will still receive P100 credit. Referees are given up to one (1) month to declare their referrer’s Member/Dealer ID number.