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Natural Spray Sanitizer
Natural Spray Sanitizer
   This is my fave out of all the HN hand sanitizers. Refreshing scent and I don't mind using it eve...  
- Angela (in Beauty MNL)
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99.99% Natural | Triclosan-free

*P150 OFF on 1L Natural Spray Sanitizer Zesty Pomelo
*P75 OFF on 1L Natural Spray Sanitizer Citrus Burst

Our Natural Sanitizers contain 60% alcohol (sugarcane-derived ethyl) thus meeting the recommended standard for alcohol content in sanitizers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn more at bit.ly/CDCNCoV.

Germs begone!
Delight in a spritz of freshness as you bid bacteria goodbye. Keep your hands protected with this formula clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs.*

Clean & soft
Our natural sanitizer is multipurpose, contains no harmful chemicals such as hormone-disrupting triclosan, and is clinically-proven to kill germs on contact. Plus, it contains soothing aloe extract that moisturizes the skin with Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and amino acids.

*Based on in-vitro analysis conducted by a third party laboratory

Available in Pink Peony, Citrus Burst, Cool Burst, Floral Burst, and Zesty Pomelo scents (200ml available in Citrus Burst only, Zesty Pomelo, and Cool Burst only)

Did You Know? Studies show long-term exposure to some ingredients in antibacterial products, including triclosan, “could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects,” according to the FDA. (CNN.com)

You may still receive Citrus Burst 200ml and Cool Burst 50ml in its classic packaging while supplies last


Our Natural Sanitizer is well-loved by our customers who use it to disinfect surfaces and toilet seats and deodorize rooms. Many use it as a refreshing body spray on hot and humid days as a perky pick-me-up!

Citrus Burst, Floral Burst, Fruit Burst, and Zesty Pomeloalcohol denat. SD alcohol 38-B, aqua (water), parfum (fragrance, all-natural), Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice

Cool Burst: SD alcohol 38-B, aqua (water), Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Athenz (07/30/2021)

    I really love the pink peony sanitizer, it smells so goooooooood <3 I just hope it's also available in 200 ml or 1 liter hahah
  • Joyce Mayrena (04/17/2021)

    This is not just a sanitizer for me. This is also my cologne! I so love the ZESTY POMELO scent! I've been using this even before the pandemic.
  • Diandra (04/02/2021)

    Aaaaaaah! Pink Peony is absolute love!!! It’s my new favorite! Thank you for coming up with it, and please have it in 200ml and 1L size.
  • MICHELLE C. (02/10/2021)

    Cool Burst and Citrus Burst are my favorite. It doesn't make my hands dry. The scent is light and relaxing.
  • Donna (12/01/2020)

    Can we have 1-Liter for cool burst pls?
  • Armi (11/09/2020)

    They are the juiciest and freshest hand sanitizers! I so love them and I really feel clean using them.
  • Cherry (10/04/2020)

    Hope there is a bigger bottle for the floral burst sanitizer. Love the smell and we use it to sanitize our cloth masks and other items. If a 200 ml bottle is not possible, even a 1L bottle refill would be great and we just use our old spray bottles -- less waste pa.
  • Angelica (08/08/2020)

    I like the Cool Burst scent. I hope you could be able to make 1L bottle of it so that I can refill the spray bottle o:
  • Jovie Rose (05/21/2020)

    This is one of my favorites! especially the "zesty pomelo" one. I super love the smell I use it as perfume sometimes. :D I'm so happy when human nature released 200ml of zesty pomelo. :D
  • Emarie (05/11/2020)

    By far the best hand sanitizer I have tried so far! The scents are exciting and does not irritate the nose! Can you please produce bigger bottle sizes for floral burst? This is my ultimate fave scent. I get compliments from people on how delightful it smells, mistaking it for a perfume I use. That is how good it smells.
  • Emarie (05/11/2020)

    By far the best hand sanitizer I have tried so far! The scents are exciting and does not irritate the nose! Can you please produce bigger bottle sizes for floral burst? This is my ultimate fave scent. I get compliments from people on how delightful it smells, mistaking it for a perfume I use. That is how good it smells.
  • Carolyn Joy (02/11/2020)

    I'm very happy with the 200ml Cool Burst. It's very refreshing and doesn't dry my hands. I just put it inside a smaller container so it's handy. I follow this up with HHN's Eucalyptus Hand & Foot Salve.
  • May M. (12/06/2019)

    I bought and personally used the Floral Burst 50ml and I fell in love with it! I love the scent and how it leaves my skin so smooth, unlike most sanitizers that leave my skin rough and dry.
  • MC (09/07/2019)

    I have been a user of HN's Sanitizer for many years, and this is honestly the only one that's gentle enough on my sensitive skin. I love all the scent varieties that they offer, too! A small bottle is a must have for my bag every day.
  • JOANNA T. (08/09/2019)

    Love the scent of the hand sanitizers and these are non-drying. We already have a number of empty 50ml spray bottles and these still work fine and we are hoping that HN would produce bigger refill bottles, maybe 200 ml ones? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Joanna! We're glad that you loved our Natural Sanitizers. You'd be happy to know that we've had 200ml versions of Citrus Burst and Cool Burst for a while now. You can also bring your clean, empty Human Nature bottles at any Human Nature Metro Manila branch for recycling. Thank you!]
  • Jeanaica (06/17/2019)

    I had this Citrus Burst - 50mL from the customer service representative as a sort of peace offering for one problem I had with them. After receiving the item, I noticed that the freebie they gave me was defective, it had a broken pump, I don't know if they intended to do that, sending defective items as freebies but anyway, it was disappointing, Good thing I had a spare spray bottle here at home, I threw their spray bottle and used mine instead. Again, as much as I love your products, I think it isn't right to give defective items, whether it is a freebie or not. Hope it won't happen to others. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jeanaica! Thank you for purchasing our Natural Sanitizer. We're sorry about your experience and we would like to help in any way that we can. Please note that it is never our intention to give away any defective items and we regret that you encountered such an incident. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Kristel (06/12/2019)

    I love these sanitizers! I also use them as cologne. They make me feel fresh and confident when I am sweating and need to face people. They never make my skin dry. I also buy them as gifts for my friends during special occasions and they like them too!
  • CIELO (04/10/2019)

    Our family loves the cool burst scent. It gives us cooling sensation specially when where out and about. Hope you also have a 200ml for it! We super love it.. Actually every scent you have, we tried and loved.. ❤
  • Recsel Joy (02/27/2019)

    The citrus burst is my fave. It can also be used as a mosquito repellent.
  • REY (02/18/2019)

    I frequently use an alcohol for sanitation purposes but it had greatly affected my hands since it became dry. But not this one, no matter how many times I sanitize my hands using this product. It doesn't make my hands dry at all. Superb quality for a decent price.
  • May (01/29/2019)

    Best ever! Please come up with 1-liter bottles for Citrus and Cool Burst. Thanks!
  • Ryuusei (01/12/2019)

    Please make bigger bottles for the other scents ❤️
  • Ann (01/01/2019)

    I love it coz 1) it smells awesome, 2) small enough to fit in my purse, and 3) it's multi-purpose! I love multi-purpose stuff coz it's space saving sa bag and it's tipid. I hope you will have bigger bottles for refill purposes. I know a lot of moms will agree to that suggestion.
  • Abbie G (11/26/2018)

    Citrus Burst is definitely one of my fave HN products. I always carry it wherever I go, and my friends who got to try and smell it also liked it and eventually bought their own. :)
  • Rizalina (11/14/2018)

    I hope you would come up with bigger sizes for the other scents, not just the citrus burst. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Rizaline! Thank you for your suggestion. Please rest assured that we will consider it for the future development of our Hand & Foot Care line.]
  • EMILY (10/06/2018)

    One of my favorites! I usually use alcohol on my hands but it makes my hands dry! Tried gels too, but they're too sticky for me. When I finally switched to this, I instantly loved it, and loving it - the scent, plus it is non-drying!!!
  • Dianne (09/02/2018)

    This has been a staple in my hand bag. Cool Burst is my favorite; I hope that you bring it back soon!
  • Jane (08/11/2018)

    Please bring back the COOL BURST! Loved the smell and the cool sensation. It also doesn't irritate my nose since I have allergic rhinitis. Hope you can bring it back or come up with another one with the same scent. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jane! We're glad that you loved our Cool Burst All-Natural Sanitizer. Please rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of our Hand & Foot Care line. Thank you!]
  • Gigi (08/07/2018)

    I've tried all the variants and think the best one is the newest one, Fruit Burst. It has a similar scent to the refreshing hair mist (a subtle green tea and lemon scent). I use it for sanitizing and freshening up just about everything! It's not drying too! I wish HN would come up with a refill though :)
  • Norwin (07/11/2018)

    Really love the scent. My whole family is using it at home and even on the go.
  • selflove (07/08/2018)

    I miss the COOL BURST variant. I am hoping you can bring it back. And if possible, please offer it BIGGER bottles. <3
  • sol (07/08/2018)

    I tried all four but I love the COOL BURST variant the most. I love the minty feel and it does not dry out my skin. Plus , it helps soothe my skin if I have bug bites and helps me with my allergies. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! And if possible, have it in BIGGER bottles. <3
  • MARIE (07/02/2018)

    My fave among all handsprays- citrus burst
  • NJ (06/23/2018)

    Floral Burst is love! :-) Great light scent. It doesn't leave hands sticky, not even a dry feeling. Clean hands in an instant!
  • Jessabelle (06/17/2018)

    I've loved your hand sanitized ever since I joined as a seller of your products. But I am sad now that the Cool burst is no longer available. Aside from being all natural and non-toxic to use for my that toddler, the minty scent helps us ease our allergic rhinitis when we smell it. Hope you have Cool burst again. Thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jessabelle! We're glad that you loved our all-Natural Sanitizer. We also appreciate your feedback regarding our Cool Bust variant. Please be informed that we reformulated all hand sanitizers so that we can avoid price increase from excise tax on alcohol. Unfortunately, the scent of the new alcohol base unfortunately does not smell good with Cool Burst’s scent. We are developing a new scent that will hopefully be just as good and as similar as possible to replace Cool Burst (including cooling sensation). I hope this helps, Jessabelle! Thank you for your support.]
  • Desiree (06/11/2018)

    Oh no! Were there very few of us who liked the peppermint cool burst?? :( That was my favorite and was hoping you'd have a 200 mL variant. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Desiree! Thank you for purchasing our Cool Burst. We reformulated all hand sanitizers so that we can avoid price increase from excise tax on alcohol. The scent of the new alcohol base unfortunately does not smell good with cool burst’s scent. We are developing a new scent that will hopefully be just as good and as similar as possible to replace Cool Burst (including cooling sensation). Nevertheless, we are truly grateful for your support. Thank you!]
  • Rizalina (04/18/2018)

    I hope you can come up with the 200 ml size for the rest of the scents (not just the citrus burst). These sanitizers can effectively double up as cologne spritzers .
  • Mariele (04/12/2018)

    Someone gave a small bottle of Citrus Burst for Christmas and I love it! I use it not only as sanitizer but also as cologne especially when I feel likeI stink lolol. My mom noticed me using it and she asked me to buy a big bottle for her. I would like to try the other scents soon.
  • Carlie (04/09/2018)

    It's refreshing!
  • SHERYL (04/05/2018)

    I love the scent. My favorite scent is citrus and fruit burst. Unlike to other sanitizer brands, this one doesn't makes your hands dry. I just hope magkaron ng bigger bottles para mas sulit.
  • Roselle (02/21/2018)

    Mas gusto ko amoy ng floral burst scent ng natural hand sanitizer ng hhn. Ang bango niya sa kamay at di siya nakakadry ng skin. Pocket size lang pero matipid gamitin. Di rin harsh sa skin di tulad ng alcohol na gawa sa pure chemicals. Galing talaga! Marami pa din pakinabang mga prutas at gulay sa paligid natin. Di lang pala para sa pagkain. Pwede ring isa sa sangkap para makagawa ng shampoo, conditioner, sanitizer, dish washing liquid, toothpaste, detergent, handsoap, lotion, body wash and body scrub, facial wash and toner, beauty and massage oil, etc. Sana noon ko pa nalaman about sa human nature. Kaya di talaga ako nagregret na magpamember dito.
  • Kristine Ruby (02/13/2018)

    I love the Citrus Burst variant! It smells strongly of lemon grass, which I love. Very refreshing. Last Christmas, I gave out variants of HHN's sanitizer to friends. They all loved it!
  • Toni Rose (01/26/2018)

    hi, i was given cool burst as a gift and I loved it. so I ordered the one with large size which is citrus burst. however after few weeks of using it, i developed bumps and allergies in between my fingers. i hope you come up with a large size of cool burst because my hands didn't havr any allergic reaction to that. i ended up not using the 200ml citrus burst anymore :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Toni Rose! Thank you for purchasing our Citrus Burst All-Natural Sanitizer. We're sorry about the adverse reactions you experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. While our All-Natural Sanitizers are 100% natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals, it is possible that your skin is sensitive to one of its ingredients. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the Cool Burst Sanitizer. Please rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Lian (01/13/2018)

    All my friends and I love this sanitizer especially the Cool Mint! We just hope there is a bigger size for it or a refill type since it is such a waste to throw away many spray bottle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lian! We're glad that you loved our Cool Burst All-Natural Sanitizer. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the product sizes. Rest assured we will consider your suggestion for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • NJ (11/16/2017)

    I love the Floral burst!
  • Tet (10/27/2017)

    This is a must-have item in my bag. Apart from it being an effective sanitizing product, the scent is also very refreshing and for those with allergies to certain scents , this is mild enough for every day use. I also use the Floral scent when I need to smell fresh and I don't have perfume or Cologne with me. Great to have a 2-in-1 product , ready in my bag!
  • Carolyn Joy (06/05/2017)

    My favorite is the Cool Burst. I love the scent and the cool and refreshing feeling.
  • Angel (05/22/2017)

    I love the scent of the lemon variant! Not only does it keep my hands clean, it also leaves a fresh citrus scent! <3
  • Sica (04/20/2017)

    Although the Citrus Burst is my all-time favorite scent, the Floral Burst is surprisingly pleasant and comes close on second! It has a more feminine smell compared to the CB, which is more generic, but in a toned-down, good way. My only recommendation for this scent (and two other new scents) is to have a 100mL size. Nakakabitin kasi ♥ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Sica! We're thrilled that you loved our Citrus Burst and Floral Burst All-Natural Sanitizers. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will take your suggestion into consideration for the future development of our hand & Foot Care line. Thank you!]
  • JOY (03/27/2017)

    i love this sanitizer, it's made of natural ingredients so i know its safe to use esp now that I'm pregnant. Unlike the sanitizers I used before, my pet doesn't sneeze when i spray this near her. Safe to use near babies & pets :) Been using the citrus burst & fruit burst:) hoping for a larger size of fruit burst too!
  • Ma. Lourdes (03/22/2017)

    My friends and I loooooove your sanitizers. <3 I just hope that there will be bigger bottles for floral burst and fruit burst. :)
  • April (03/19/2017)

    I love floral burst scent. Can you make a 200ml bottle for this? [EDITOR' NOTE: Hello April! We're so glad that you loved our Floral Burst All-Natural Sanitizer. We also appreciate your suggestion on making a 200ml option; rest assured that we will take your feedback into consideration for the future development of our Hand & Foot Care line. Thank you!]
  • BONGABONG (02/22/2017)

    I love the scents of human sanitizer. I want to order again
  • Joy (01/04/2017)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I hope you can also have a bigger bottle for Cool Burst as it's VERY effective in sanitizing and deodorizing in the bathroom. We frequently have guests stay over at our home, and we keep a bottle of Cool Burst in there all the time.
  • ELIZABETH (12/13/2016)

    Love them all! Please make bigger sizes.
  • LIEZL ANN (09/05/2016)

    Hi! I've been trying to find the big bottles that I used to buy in Shopwise, but now it's not always on display. Tried also in Robinson's Otis and Cash amd Carry Kiosk :( We use this to disinfect my baby's toys and the small bottle just easily runs out. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Liezl Ann! We're so glad you liked our Citrus Burst 200ml All-Natural Sanitizer. You can definitely drop by any Human Nature branch to ensure the availability of this bestseller or you can try ordering through our online store (shipping fee to anywhere in Metro Manila is just P50!). I hope this helps. Thank you very much for your support!]
  • Mizchelle Victoria (07/25/2016)

    Truly love this and it always comes in handy :) Loved the scent of citrus.
  • JOSEPHINE (07/23/2016)

    I love it! I just wish all of it will be available in 200ml. Anyway, this may be a silly question, but can I use it to sanitize spoon and fork? I always get worried that utensils in restaurants aren't cleaned enough most especially after I witnessed how one famous restaurant clean theirs. Is it safe to use the sanitizers in utensils then just wipe it with tissue afterwards before using it? If not, I hope you can come up with a product like this. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Josephine! We are so happy that you liked our All-Natural Sanitizer. As for your concern about using it on utensils, while our All-Natural Sanitizers are 100% natural and absolutely free from harmful chemicals, the scent from the fragrance oils might adhere to the utensils and affect the flavor of your food. As such, we do not recommend using our All-Natural Sanitizer to clean your utensils. I hope this helps. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Elaine (07/11/2016)

    I love the Citrus Burst scent. It's doubles as an air freshner and sanitizer.
  • Marizina (06/20/2016)

    I wish that all scents of the hand sanitizers would be available in one-liter bottles soon. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marizina! We're so glad that you loved our All-Natural Sanitizers. A one-liter packaging sounds like a good idea--we'll definitely consider your suggestion on bigger bottles for the future development of the products. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Ladie May (05/31/2016)

    I super love the scent of Fruit Burst but I can't seem to find it anymore in the options. :( I hope you'll make that scent available again. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ladie May! We're so glad that you loved our Fruit Burst All-Natural Sanitizer. You may shop for your favorite sanitizer through this link: http://humanheartnature.com/buy/index.php/spray-sanitizer-fruit-burst-50ml-fghfc.html. I hope this helps. Thank you very much! :)]
  • Bev (05/14/2016)

    Because I love all the scents of Human Nature sanitizer, I bought all the scents. Recently, I use the Citrus Burst as a deo. It really works! Try it to believe. I am odor free all day even when I have under am sweat. Thank you for this product. I am just confident to use it and recommend to my family and friends.
  • Faith Camille (05/11/2016)

    As a sanitizer, I love that it's water based its not oily or sticky after use mind you, instead it feels light plus it gives a fresh cooling feeling. Scent-wise, it's like lemon grass with a hint of citrus which I just love! It's of good quality, organic and affordable! what more could you ask for?
  • Ann (04/23/2016)

    We love the Cool burst scent so much. Could you please also have 200ml bottles for this? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ann! We're so glad that you loved our Cool Burst All-Natural Sanitizer. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. We will surely consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Wayne (02/29/2016)

    I've been using Citrus Burst since it became available, however, I wish there were 200 ml bottles of the other scents as well. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Wayne! We're so thrilled that you loved our Citrus Burst All-Natural Sanitizer. We also appreciate your feedback and we will surely consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Alex (11/29/2015)

    I've recently been using floral burst. It's very gentle compared to the alcohol I use everyday to sanitize my hands. The scent is also very pleasant and not overwhelming. I also spray some of it in my bag to get rid of the smell. No complaints of food odor from my friends ;). Thanks again for this! I can't wait to try the other sanitizers <3
  • Janice (10/02/2015)

    Your citrus burst is the best! I carry the 50ml bottle with me all the time : )
  • Sweet (08/16/2015)

    I have chronic dry hands, so I switched from using rubbing alcohol to your spray sanitizer. I've been using this for a month now, but unfortunately, it also dries my hands. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Sweet! Our Spray Sanitizer contains soothing aloe vera to help keep hands from drying out, so it is unlikely to cause further dryness. However given that you already have chronic dry hands, we recommend adding our new and improved Strawberry Hand & Foot Salve to your hand care routine. Simply massage a coin-sized amount onto hands as often as needed. Do let us know how it works for you! Thank you!]
  • Paulina (07/14/2015)

    I have tried all the scents but my favorite is the floral burst. The cool burst is a little bit too overpowering. It smells like mouthwash or toothpaste. The citrus in my opinion also smells kinda strong. The mildest and most pleasant smelling is the floral burst. I really like it. It isnt sticky and its so moisturizing. Id prefer this to gel type hand sanitizers anytime!
  • Juneth (05/01/2015)

    Have tried all scents f this product but only buys the biggest bottle in the citrus variety. Wishing you have it in liter-bottles. Keep it up HN!
  • Mikee (04/19/2015)

    I bought the cool burst recently since I wanted to use a hand sanitizer that's good for my skin and the environment. I love how refreshing the smell is because of the peppermint. It isn't drying either. I'll try the other scents once i'm done with this one. I do wish you'll release a refill bottle so I can refill mine when I run out. And so I can reuse the spray bottle.
  • Mels (04/02/2015)

    I got the Citrus Blast as a gift from my colleague last year and I absolutely love it! It is much better than alcohol because it smells yummier and it softens my hands (how do you do that?! It's as if I put lotion on my hands)! I always store it in my bag and it comes very handy every time -- cleaning spills, eliminating odor and simply just sanitizing!
  • Sheila May (02/24/2015)

    Pls. have the Floral Burst available on 200mL bottles... I really love its clean and subtle smell. Please please please!!! :)
  • Kim (01/13/2015)

    I hope you can improve on the smell of the floral burst...The packaging and overall design of this new product is really nice and attractive but the smell needs improvement. I miss the old scents of your hand sanitizers too! (Candy cane and the other discontinued one....) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Kim! Thank you for your honest review. While our Floral Burst scent received many positive reviews during its testing phase, we understand that different people have different scent preferences. We can definitely take your suggestion into consideration for future product developments :) Thank you so much!]
  • Arnida Faye (01/03/2015)

    The Citrus Burst was very fragrant. I love the way it makes my hands very soft and good thing it doesn't have a sticky feeling. I suggest you should have this spray sanitizer if you dont want to put such chemicals on your hands.
  • JUDITH ANNE (12/15/2014)

    Please make a 200ml size of the Floral Burst All Natural Spray Sanitizer :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Judith! So glad you love our Floral Burst sanitizer! We'll definitely consider it :) Thanks so much!]
  • Grace (12/06/2014)

    The Floral Burst hand sanitizer is great but it can be better in terms of smell. Have you smelled the Messy Bessy Fabric Freshner? If you can make the Floral Burst sanitizer smell like that then it would really be awesome! Looking forward to it :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for your great suggestion, Grace! We'll definitely take it into consideration in developing new scents :)]
  • EDZ (11/30/2014)

    The FLORAL BURST is the scent of choice of my bf :) but for me every scent is the best... sana daw magkaron ng baby powder na ksing lamig ng cool burst :)
  • Ria (11/20/2014)

    The new FLORAL BURST scent is so addicting! It is gentle and non-irritating, leaving the hands feeling very smooth and clean! It is very handy for people on-the-go. This product is definitely a must-have! :)
  • Andrea (09/30/2014)

    I bought cool burst for my sister and citrus burst for my mom. They both love it! But i honestly would pick the kids sanitizer spray over both these scents hehe.
  • Stephanie (08/31/2014)

    LOVE IT. Doesn't leave my hands feeling dry at all and I don't have to worry about using it a lot since it's 100% natural. I also do feel as if it does leave my hands really clean and germ free. One of my top 4 favorite HN products I can't be without!!! (the sanitizer, sunblock, blush and overnight elixir)
  • Lorna (08/05/2014)

    My building recently conducted a spraying session for bugs and ants. Since I opted not to have my condo unit sprayed, I spied a huge trail of ants on my walls a couple of days later (presumably escaping from other units). When my white vinegar with essential oil spray did not deter the ants, I grabbed my Citrus Burst Sanitizer. To my surprise, it killed the ants and diffused the trail they had created. About an hour later, the ants disappeared. So aside from cleaning my hands, etc., I will now be keeping the spray sanitizer on hand to discourage any future infestation.
  • Joanne (06/11/2014)

    My daughter and I use it and we just love the scent! it doesn't dry the skin so you can spray as often as you want. We just love HHN products!
  • Catherine (05/23/2014)

    One of my favorite HHN products. I love both scents.! Will order the kid spray too for my boy.
  • Chewy (05/04/2014)

    The cool burst variant is totally addicting! Especially in this heat wave! I just spray it everywhere to get instant cooling relief. It's also a quick perk me up when I'm feeling droopy in church or somewhere, I just spray it on my face and, voila! alivealertawakeenthusiastic! Of course I always feel squeaky clean with this at hand. Cool and clean, C2 ka ba?! =)
  • Adrian Val Olonan (02/14/2014)

    Aside from sanitizing, I realize that Cool Burst can chew-proof your valuable stuffs from your dogs and other furry beings. They hate anything that smells minty and cool. Yup, since the usually recommended menthol balm application is quite time and energy-consuming. The possibilities are truly endless! I hope this variant can come up to 200ml for bigger savings. And please consider a Choco, Vanilla, Blossom Beauty, and Berry Bursts for diversity of scents! :)
  • Kristin (01/17/2014)

    my next favorite smell after peppermint: citrus burst. i carry a small bottle with me wherever i go. i feel that this is the only hand sanitizer that doesn't make my hands feel slimy after i use it. i also always have the big bottle and use it to also disinfect surfaces around our home and in the office. i love love love it!
  • Jacinta Eve (12/21/2013)

    The tropical burst smells so good! :) ITS THE BEST AND very HANDY! :D
  • Anab (10/26/2013)

    super like the new COOL BURST sanitizer! (next to my Bubble Gum Scent fave) i also had my friends try it, and liked it as well :) i really really hope this comes in 200ml bottle :O H<3N, pleeeeeeeeease!!!
  • Dyan (09/27/2013)

    The CITRUS BURST reminds me of Nenuco cologne and my highschool! :) .. I so love it; the citrus scent is so refreshing .
  • Jan Paola (07/21/2013)

    I first tried the Juicy Burst scent but it makes me sneeze bcoz I have very sensitive nose so I tried the new Cool Burst scent and I am so in love with it that I use it every min/sec I can. I use it when I'm starting to feel itchy and it would help lessen the itchiness and then it helps to get rid of it and I also use it when I get bit by mosquitoes and I think it also helps to get rid of them. I also use it to freshen up when it's hot. It feels so much cooler when it mixes with water (like after you spray it on then you get wet/wash your hands for example, it feels cooler like you put on pain reliever). This is also great for sanitizing and for spraying your stuff bcoz before I used this I used 70% alcohol and it smells so strong which is not good for breathing in. This is also an all around spray! Overall I totally love this and hoping there will be 200ml of this coming soon! Pls???
  • Jan Paola (07/21/2013)

    I first tried the Juicy Burst scent but it makes me sneeze bcoz I have very sensitive nose so I tried the new Cool Burst scent and I am so in love with it that I use it every min/sec I can. I use it when I'm starting to feel itchy and it would help lessen the itchiness and then it helps to get rid of it and I also use it when I get bit by mosquitoes and I think it also helps to get rid of them. I also use it to freshen up when it's hot. It feels so much cooler when it mixes with water (like after you spray it on then you get wet/wash your hands for example, it feels cooler like you put on pain reliever). This is also great for sanitizing and for spraying your stuff bcoz before I used this I used 70% alcohol and it smells so strong which is not good for breathing in. This is also an all around spray! Overall I totally love this and hoping there will be 200ml of this coming soon! Pls???
  • Ninna (07/05/2013)

    Best spray sanitizer you can have!
  • Adrian Val Olonan (07/04/2013)

    I so like how this sanitizer not just cleans dirty surfaces but also neutralizes nasty odors, just like in the CR's. Learned that chemical air fresheners actually contribute to air pollution, so nothing compares to this, although a 50ml bottle is a pocket's ouch. After all, I love this 60%! I hope someday I can love this totally. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Adrian! We're glad you like our spray sanitizers. A handy and economical tip that most users do is purchase 200ml bottles to refill our handy 50ml bottles :) We hope you try it!]
  • Eileen (05/26/2013)

    My whole fam loves the Juicy Burst Scent the most too. It's sad to find out that it got phased out. Oh well, I hope the Cool Burst is just as good if not better. Nonetheless, I got my fam hooked on these sanitizers they're really awesome (though some of the scents are quite strong for sensitive noses).
  • Ana (05/23/2013)

    I've tried all variants and my favorite is Tropical Burst. My boyfriend has tried them all too and he became an instant fan of the Cool Burst scent! Perfect "Heat Buster" because summer this year has become so intense and almost unbearable. We even spray this on our neck and arms, to maximize the cooling effect. Haha
  • Natasha (05/13/2013)

    I love this new cool burst spray. It's scent is not overwhelming and it leaves you with a cool feeling because of the peppermint. Two thumbs up for this! :)
  • Danna (04/29/2013)

    The scent most of my customers like is the Juicy Burst. I don't know why you don't have them anymore. This scent is makes me feel light headed and can't breathe properly after I spray it on. It also triggers my nasal allergies -causing me to sneeze more often than usual. I really wish you can have the Juicy Burst scent again. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Danna! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Perhaps you'd like to try our new Cool Burst scent? We will gladly replace the one you have which you don't like completely free of charge :) Juicy Burst, unfortunately, was not a very popular scent so we decided to discontinue it, but hopefully you'll like the new Cool Burst instead. Our Customer Service will be in touch. :) ]
  • Maricris (04/12/2013)

    I really love the scent of Citrus Burst. Just a spray of it would bring me to the freshest mood.
  • jonnabee (04/10/2013)

    I love, love, love the Citrus Scent! It's so refreshing and gives you a really clean feeling. Superb product! :)
  • Katrina (03/06/2013)

    It's much more expensive than regular alcohol sprays, but I think the naturalness of it makes it worth purchasing. What I recently did was just buy the big bottle to refill the smaller one (it comes out a lot cheaper that way). I like the scent but it can be too overwhelming, especially when you use it just before eating (which is when I most frequently use it). Altogether, though, it's good and I'll keep buying it. I just wish they made a spray with a less overwhelming scent :)
  • Stacey (01/25/2013)

    The citrus scent smells really great! It doesn't dry the hands and you feel really clean after spraying.
  • Diosa (01/22/2013)

    It has a gentle smell that alcohol sanitizers don't have, plus it doesn't dry my skin up, so I'm switching to Citrus Burst. :)
  • Jen (01/05/2013)

    I gave this sanitizer along with the citrus scent variant to a friend for Christmas. She liked this scent better than the critus variant. Both of us agreed that the tropical burst scent reminded us of that scented strawberry eraser when we were in grade school. I'm only giving four stars for this one because the scent of the citrus variant lasts longer.
  • JOANNA (12/11/2012)

    I learned at the magalogue turnover that this can be used to freshen up as a scent and even as a cleaner for leather bags, furniture. Multi-use product without the harmful chemicals.
  • Kathleen Joyce (12/04/2012)

    All natural with the yummy citrus scent, this is definitely a keeper. Me and my family uses this all the time, everywhere. The funny thing is, this smells exactly like my old perfume. I love this product.
  • Abegail (11/08/2012)

    I use this as a sanitizer and cologne at the same time! it reminds me of a famous cologne brand back in the old days. i tried the small one (50ml) so next time i'll buy the big one (200ml) thanks HHN!
  • Abby (11/03/2012)

    This is my favorite Human Heart Nature product. I use this every 30 minutes...and sometimes I realize that I spray it on my hands just because of the lemongrass scent, which I used to not like at all. Aside from the many uses mentioned by the other reviewers, I also use this to spray on hotel pillows and linens. Hoping to kill most of the germs and it kind of makes me feel that I'm back home in my own bed. :) Would've given it 5-stars if only there's a recycling program in place. I just finished another 200ml bottle and I don't want to throw it away. Hope you can do something about it soon.
  • carmela (05/16/2012)

    i love the sharp lemony scent, that it's non-drying, has safe ingredients--so i even use it as a cooling body mist when it's superhot. but i hope you'll come up with body mists so i don't have to use your sanitizer :)
  • Christine (05/15/2012)

    I like this product a lot. i always use this whenever possible. like every 5 mins. Haha. that's why my 50ml bottle does not last for a month for me:) but the only problem i encountered when using this,people will tell me that it smell ginger or salabat. but still it i love how can i use it as all-around spray sanitizer. loving H♥N product a lot:)
  • Donna (02/29/2012)

    Overall, thhe product is nice. It doesn't dry my hands or anything. But the smell is somewhat strong. I thought it would smell like oranges but it smelled like ginger or lemongrass. But after some time, the smell isn't that strong anymore. Hehe. :)
  • Jessica (02/25/2012)

    Smells really good Doesn't dry my hands Convenient and versatile packaging
  • HumanLover (02/22/2012)

    we use it as overall sanitizer, my officemates often borrow my spritzer and use it as hand sanitizer, air freshner and sometimes for toilet purposes, we like the lemon grassy citrusy scent of it, not drying your skin too....
  • Aya (02/09/2012)

    I really love this product. First, its multi-purpose and handy. I used to have different products for different uses and that added bulk to my bag. Second, the fresh citrus scent is refreshing. It doesn't stick to my hands and food I touch like previous sanitizers I've used and the scent is natural! Third, it doesn't dry up my hands! It's also handy as an air freshener or deodorizer when it smells bad. Haha! I tried to use it to sort of wipe dust my face once and my skin reacted. I think it's not for that purpose. I also love that you have large sizes for refills and more savings. Don't ever discontinue this product please.
  • Katinka (02/06/2012)

    I love love love this product, the scent and its non greasy formula. I feel so clean after applying it to my hands. Please continue selling this spray sanitizer in citrus burst, i would go crazy if you change it :) PS i like its citrus scent. Its perfect!
  • Gheleene (11/10/2011)

    my officemates don't like the scent... they say it smells of lemongrass. maybe you could soften the citrus scent? for me, the scent is tolerable. i just love having a sanitizer that's convenient (spray vs my former gel sanitizer) & natural! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gheleene! Thank you for your feedback! We shall keep in mind your suggestions as we develop more and exciting new products in the future. :)]
  • Helene (11/09/2011)

    This is one of my most favorite products of HHN. I always carry a small bottle in my bag to keep my family's hands clean. I do hope you can make a sanitizer that's not alcohol based, something that even babies can use, perhaps.
  • Ash (11/02/2011)

    I use this also as a yoga mat spray. It seems to work well. (To editors - That's okay for my yoga mat, right?) :) I love this already but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for other variants, too. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ash! Yes, our Citrus Burst can also be used to sanitize surfaces but please know that it may cause discoloration to varnished wood products and to surfaces not resistant to alcohol. :)]
  • IAN (10/22/2011)

    i love the non-sticky feel; the crisp citrus scent makes my hands smell soooo clean. it smells soooo great! my dad thought it was cologne! lol :))
  • Rox (10/12/2011)

    I always keep this sanitizer in my bag for all the "OC" moments i have when I'm out of the house. It sorta smells like a lemon Halls candy though.. hahaha! but i love it anyway..:) It doesnt leave a sticky feel like some sanitizers do and it doesnt dry your skin out like alcohol. It's juuust right...:)
  • Sherry (09/07/2011)

    My daughter & I love this product. I always bring this & the hand soap for my daughter during trips. It's very effective in removing the sticky (feeling/) substances brought by the food like longan or lansones.
  • Norie (09/02/2011)

    i always make sure i have this on my bag. i especially love its smell =) even my young neice loved it! ^_^ i use this product after playing with my dog and it always takes away the "dog smell" i can hold hands with my bf afterwards. lol =))
  • Ellene (08/16/2011)

    Aside from using this as a hand sanitizer, I once tried to use it as a deo body spray. It effectively works but the idea of smelling citrus all over my body is not that good. Hope HHN can create spray sanitizer with floral scents :)
  • Pinky Bunyi (08/13/2011)

    I really like this multipurpose product. I use this as a hand sanitizer, bathroom and sofa deodorizer, and disinfectant for counter tops for easy cleaning. I use this extensively because aside from its refreshing scent, it does not have harmful chemicals, unlike commercial brands that can be purchased in supermarkets. Thumbs up!
  • Pinky (08/13/2011)

    I really like this multipurpose product. I use this as a bathroom and sofa deodorizer, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant for counter tops for easy cleaning. I use it extensively because aside from its refreshing scent, I know that it has no harmful chemicals that other commercial brands have. Thumbs up!
  • joji (08/09/2011)

    Is it possible for the packaging to be a spray type that has a cap that can be flipped? So it can be used by using only one hand (flip the cap and press the spray to the other hand using your thumb and flip the cap closed then rub both hands to apply sanitizer) because right now, this is how I use my hand sanitizer: 1. hold the sanitizer with my hand (dirty) 2. remove the cap with my hand (dirty) 3. spray the sanitizer to the other hand 4. rub hands together (both hands are clean now) 5. but I have to replace the cap, so my clean hand will have to hold the cap that was touched by my dirty hand, as a result one of my hands would be dirty again. hope this helps. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your feedback and wonderful suggestions. We shall have this forwarded to our Packaging Specialist and Quality Assurance team so that we may consider your insights. :) ]
  • Raizel (07/26/2011)

    Human Nature hand sanitizers are the best ones I've tried! Most hand sanitizers are too harsh for my skin. I love the idea of a hand sanitizer spray although I am not really fond of citrus scents. I would've given the product 5 stars if it had come in other scents. I hope you come up with watermelon and lavender variants! Watermelon is very refreshing and has just the right amount of sweetness - that must be why it is such a popular scent. Lavender is heavenly :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your feedback! We shall keep in mind your suggestions as we develop more and exciting new products in the future. :) ]
  • Raya (07/21/2011)

    my co-teachers loved its smell. It was a hit in school ^^ i wish there's a bigger size [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your feedback! We have the Citru Burst Spray Sanitizer available in 200 ml so you can refill anytime and enjoy triclosan-free and trustworthy spray sanitizer. :) ]
  • Teresa (07/10/2011)

    To me, this is the best sanitizer I have ever tried. I have tried a dozen or so and they always lacked something. This spray sanitizer is the complete package -- I love the clean scent, the nice packaging, the easy spray application, how gentle and non-drying it is and that it's 100% organic. :)
  • Nadi (07/06/2011)

    This is the first of the many HHN products I've tried. When my co-worker handed me her Spray Sanitizer Citrus Burst, I fell in love with the smell and the clean feel after spraying it on my hand. I wanted to use it some more and I thought that it was one of those imported products that cannot be bought in the groceries. Little did I know that the product is already being circulated by dealers. So when I finally met someone who is a dealer of HHN, I decided to become a dealer myself so I can be well on my way to switch from commercial products to all-natural. Thanks to this hand spray, it introduced me to HHN. I would say though that the smell sometimes have an overpowering effect that some people do not like.
  • Ea (06/12/2011)

    this a crowd favorite, especially in my office. it's very useful and the scent is very refreshing. even my son loves it, and he wants to have his hands sprayed all the time!
  • Svetlanna Cagasca (04/04/2011)

    It smells like Ginger. At first I didn't like the smell of it since it's too strong for me but after 3 days of using it to my son's hands and feet after every play, I actually liked it! This is very useful and handy! I can't wait for the Bubble Gum spray though. :)
  • Bridgette Mendiola (04/04/2011)

    My daughter brought this to school and her classmates went crazy asking for a spritz! They all loved it, and some said it smelled like lime. Many of the kids asked to buy one. I agree that it smelled too strong for me too, but only at first. Maybe I was just used to the mild scent of the gel sanitizers. But my anak loved it.
  • arlene de los santos (04/04/2011)

    The product is really good but when my kids tried it as hand sanitizer, they find the smell very strong "matapang daw ang amoy". Maybe reducing the scent of the citrus would help make the children like this product. Just a suggestion. Thank you. (Editor's note: Thank you for your feedback, we'll send you a personal email on this. :)
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