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Natural Hand Soap
Natural Hand Soap
   I've decided to avoid soaps that have triclosan as I've read about the harmful effects of it. I a...  
- Jenny (in Beauty MNL)
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At least 99.75% Natural | SLS/SLES Free

Soft & germ-free skin
Wash your hands with this eco-friendly plant-based cleanser that's triclosan-free, non-drying and mild on skin.

Clean anywhere, anytime
Our pocket-friendly sizes mean you can keep your hands clean wherever you are, while our big pump bottles are great for home use and refilling your pocket soap!

A big hand for coconut
Coconut is our big hand hero! Our hand soap has biodegradable coco-glucoside, a coconut-derived cleanser that effectively removes dirt and grime without leaving your hands dry.

Finding yourself in a public restroom with no soap to wash your hands with is no fun! Make sure to keep our Natural Pocket Hand Soap in tow so you can enjoy clean hands even when you’re on the go.

Energizing Citrus variant: aqua(water), sodium coco fatty alcohol sulfate (coconut-derived), coco glucoside (coconut-derived), glyceryl oleate (plant-derived), sodium lactate, glycerin (vegetable-derived), Citrus sinensis (orange) essential oil, citric acid, gluconolactone (corn-derived), sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, phytic acid (rice bran-derived), farnesol, linalool

Zesty Pomelo variant: aqua (water)*, sodium C12-18 coco sulfate*, glycerin*, sodium lactate*, coco-glucoside*, glyceryl oleate*, tocopherol (Vitamin E)*, hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate*, citric acid*, sodium chloride*, parfum*, phytic acid*, gluconolactone*, calcium gluconate*, sodium benzoate

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Bev (08/12/2019)

    I use this for my hands cz its safe, non drying, makes my hand soft and nice smelling. Well, because its human nature I also use it to clean the cucumbers cz I ate it without peeling the skin. Try nyo, lumabas ang color ng cucumber at ang soft ng skin. So for me its safe to eat. Plus I buy the pocket size so I can bring it anywhere. Easy to use, d mamabasa kamay nyo unlike if nagdala kayo ng soap. I also provide one pocket size for my daughter. So she can take it to school and use before taking her food.
  • Chris (03/17/2019)

    The 50ml is a travel must-have. Mabango at hindi nakaka dry. You will feel your hands really clean. Thumbs up!
  • Rochelle (02/19/2019)

    We love the zesty pomelo hand soap. I hope you come up with 1L size for this as well. :)
  • Kimberley Nicole (02/05/2019)

    I take the small bottle with me in all my travels and it is one of the best handsoap i have tried. Although i lost the bottle cap, im glad it doesnt leak in my bag. It does not dry out the skin, love the scents and most of all not so expensive. Zesty pomelo scent is love!
  • inah (08/02/2018)

    I'm a fan of orange scents, and I've been using your orange hand soap for years now. It's so soft on my hands! I carry a small bottle with me everywhere because I have super-dry hands and this doesn't irritate or dry up my skin unlike harsh soaps.
  • susan (05/23/2018)

    I accidentally found out that this hand soap can also be use as make up brush cleaner..the brushes retains their softness after washing using this hand soap. Economical and environment friendly. More power to you guys
  • Annalyn (04/03/2018)

    I had this delivered and it spilled inside the package. Maybe because the pump was not locked before it was packed. But in just a few usage, it doesn't make my hand dry and itchy. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Annalyn! Thank you for purchasing our Natural Hand Soap and we're happy that it worked for you. We're also sorry about your experience with the packaging and we'd like to help you out. Should you have further concerns, please call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Roselle (02/21/2018)

    Bumili ako ng 1 pocket sized apple scent ng hand soap nila. Mabango at refreshing ang amoy. At di siya nakakadry ng balat.
  • Cherry (01/24/2018)

    I love this product for its antibacterial properties and especially the apple scent (hope you can turn it into a perfume or cologne) the only problem is it solidifies during cold weather (I live in Baguio). Hope you can find a solution for this. Looking forward for more new products from HHN. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cherry! We're glad that you liked our Refreshing Apple Natural Hand Soap. We also appreciate your suggestion on turning the scent into a perfume. Please rest assured that we will consider your feedback for future development of our products. As for the product solidifying, kindly note that our Natural Hand Soap has coconut-derived ingredients which is why it tends to thicken in cold temperatures. We suggest that you run the product under hot running water if you find it difficult to dispense. Thank you!]
  • Sittie (05/22/2017)

    My parents like both scents. It cleans well too.
  • Angela (04/10/2017)

    Haven't tried the Refreshing Apple scent but I love citrus scents. I'm glad they changed the packaging because the old packaging was not very convenient--the bottle would tip over when I'd try to pump soap. Now that this is available in a bigger bottle, I feel I'm getting more value for my money. Consistency is not as thick so that makes it easier to lather up. Before I used to sometimes have bits of soap that would be harder to rinse off. Still trying to determine if this soap keeps my skin moisturized but so far I don't find it drying. Will post another review in the near future.
  • Stephanie (08/10/2016)

    So so hapy that they make it in such a large size. Doesn't dry up my skin, cleanses soo well (I have even used it on clothes and on makeup brushes as the solution doesn't harm the fibers!) Also really glad it comes in 2 scents as I am allergic to citrus. The apple scent is nice as well. The best hand soap I have ever used in my life! (Believe me, I've tried many!)
  • Charina (02/02/2016)

    I purchased a sanitizer together with the pocket hand soap (the apple one). Sad to say, the first time I used it, part of my hands got dried and they are very itchy :( I stopped using the product then :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Charina! Thank you for purchasing our Natural Hand Soap. We appreciate your honest feedback. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to assist you further with your concern. Our friendly Customer Service Team will get in touch with you soon. Thank you!]
  • J (01/13/2016)

    I bought a 490 ml bottle of the energizing citrus variant. I have a pet in the house. After handling the pet, it would take me 2 to 3 washes using other soaps just to get rid of the smell. But with HHN, it takes me only one wash. The scent of the soap is strong but there isn't any trace of my pet on my hands, unlike with other heavily scented soaps. I'm just very disappointed with the packaging, unfortunately. The pump I received isn't working properly. :( I have to press it down really hard and every time I do, too much of the product gets dispensed. I hope HHN puts better quality control on these types of containers. I've read several other comments on this kind of defect for other HHN products using similar packaging. 5 stars for the product itself but I can only give 3 stars for the packaging. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello J! We're so happy that you liked our Energizing Citrus Natural Hand Soap! We also appreciate your honest feedback. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our packaging that will allow us to ensure the high quality of our products while still being environment-friendly. Rest assured that we will take your idea into consideration for future development of the product. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Mark (10/20/2015)

    This is probably the best natural liquid hand soap in the local market. I will give it 5 stars but it is pricey. It is I think about double the price of non-natural alternatives. Dear HHN management, please lower the price of this product and I will buy it for life. For now I am looking for a cheaper alternative in the local market. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mark! We're so happy that you loved our Natural Hand Soap. We also appreciate your honest feedback. While we do realize that some of our products are pricier than some commercial products, they are surely much better for your health and for the environment because they do not contain any harmful chemicals that many synthetic products do. It is also essential to our advocacy as a social enterprise to price our products competitively enough to ensure their affordability to our fellow Filipinos while giving our partner communities optimum profits. We always take into consideration what's best for our people and for our environment in all our decisions, but we are also looking forward to making all of our products affordable and accessible for everybody. Thanks again, Mark. Have a nice day! :)]
  • jen (09/22/2015)

    This is the best liquid hand soap I've tried. It effectively removes oil and grease from my hands. I got the biggest bottle for my house and would love to try the pocket-sized version as well. Energizing Citrus smells awesome, while Refreshing Apple smells a bit off-putting. I took out a star due to the difficulty I experience when dispensing the product. The bottle pump does not work properly as it gets stuck after pressing. I ended up buying a liquid soap dispenser I could transfer the contents to. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jen! We are so thrilled that you loved our Natural Hand Soap! We also value your honest feedback and we will definitely consider it for future product evaluations. Our friendly Customer Service Team will also get in touch you about your concerns around the packaging. Thank you so much for your support, Jen! Have a great day. :)]
  • Mikee (04/19/2015)

    I am in love with the energizing citrus variant. I'm already on my second bottle and have another bottle in storage just in case I run out. I always have this in my bag since I get an allergic reaction to the soaps in restrooms etc when i'm out. With this one, my hands always smell good and it doesn't feel dry or itchy. I do wish you'll release a refill bottle so it's easy to replenish and so I can reuse the bottle. P.S. My mum is also a big fan of this. She can'y leave the house without it
  • Sharie (02/23/2015)

    I love the product, l like the scent and the pocket size is so handy. My kids likes the scent, they smell their hands during and after they wash it. They also bring it to school because of its size. I don't like the apple scent though. The scent is not that appealing to me and my kids. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Sharie! Thank you for your feedback. We understand that users may have different scent preferences so we'd be happy to take your feedback into consideration for possible future product improvements. We're so thrilled you and your kids love our Natural Hand Soap! Thank you so much for your support! :)]
  • Janna (12/07/2014)

    Your apple variant is simply amazing. I love the smell it gives as if I just put perfume in my hands and to think of it that it is natural is another + point. I do hope you have refill packs for this, also to your conditioner + shampoo hair care line and to your feminine wash. It's such a waste if we will just throw out the containers, unlike refill packs na we can recycle old containers. I do recycle the old containers but I ran out of things to recycled them with so I have to throw it away yung excess. Overall great product :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Janna! At the moment we don't offer sachet refill packs because of the negative impact they can have on the environment when disposed of improperly. However we highly encourage you to participate in our Balik Bote, Bigay Buhay program wherein you can return your old PET bottles to your nearest branch so they can be sold for recycling to help fund nearby Gawad Kalinga communities :) Thanks!]
  • Janice (11/23/2014)

    I recently tried your Apple scent. Unfortunately, I was not a fan. It smelled to me like a wet rag. I hope it's just me. However, I love your Citrus scent and always have it on our sink. I was just wondering why the product starts out clear and by the time its at the end of use it turns opaque. How come? Should I shake or mix it before use? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Janice! Thanks for your honest feedback. We're glad you love our Energizing Citrus variant! Regarding your inquiry, our Natural Hand Soap is sensitive to temperature. It becomes hazy when exposed to cold temperatures. If you're down to the last portion of it on the bottle, and since it’s colder this time of the year, there’s really a tendency for it to be hazy or opaque. This does not affect the effectiveness of our product, however :) Thanks!]
  • Alena (11/13/2014)

    Bought the Refreshing Apple scent. It smells good and doesn't dry my hands. I also don't have to use much, so the 200ml bottle will go a long way.
  • Andrea (09/30/2014)

    Im not a fan of fruity scents but these smell lovely
  • Stephanie (09/04/2014)

    My mother used it twice and she loves it! It really cleaned her hands, without drying them, and so I am writing this review on her behalf. She just doesn't know how it will be for the long term but so far so great! Can't wait to try it out myself!
  • Elisa (08/08/2014)

    What like about this hand wash is that it moisturizes my skin unlike soap. The smell is clean and fruity and it lathers well. One thing I don't like much is that it leaves my skin with a soapy feeling even while washing so that I am not sure if my hand is squeaky clean already. I would wipe my hands and when I grab my cup which is a bit wet, my hand glides on it because of the after effect of this hand wash. Would like to hear more about this effect with HHN. Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Elisa! Our Natural Hand Soap contains natural glycerin that is non-drying to keep hands soft and smooth after washing, unlike other soaps that strip your hands of moisture. This is completely normal and harmless - in fact, it's actually a sign that your hands are being cared for :) If it bothers you, you could try using a bit less soap and rinsing your hands more thoroughly for a few extra seconds :) Thank you!]
  • Kristine RC (08/02/2014)

    I wish you had them in transparent bottles. The packaging material is important for me when I buy toiletries. I like seeing the contents so that I would know when I have to buy the next one. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for the suggestion, Kristine RC! We'll definitely consider it :)]
  • junywoonie (07/21/2014)

    The product itself is very good. I also love the scent. I just dont like the bottle pump, mejo matigas and most of the time not working. I end up openning the bottle and pouring the liquid soap directly to my hands which is quite messy. I already used up 3 bottles and all of them had the same issues. I wish you could use other type of bottle pump. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi junywoonie! We're sorry to hear about your experience. We usually have no complaints about the pumps of our Natural Hand Soap so we'd like to look into your concern to determine the cause. If you prefer a different pump, perhaps you would like to try our Natural Pocket Hand Soap? It's very handy, too! :) Our Customer Service will get in touch with you soon to help you out in any way we can :) Thank you!]
  • Det (03/02/2014)

    Hi. I am a fan of HHN products since 2010 but I do not remember having dry hands with the old formulation. I frequently wash my hands especially when I am doing house chores. But sadly, I got uberly dry hands with this hand soap and even began to develop cuts. The sides of my hands really hurt that it feels like I got burned. I minimized the use of this hand soap for now. I hope HHN will develop a moisturizing hand soap soon. More power~ :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Det! Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Natural Hand Soap works wonderfully in lathering away dirt and germs naturally, while keeping your hands soft and supple. However very frequent use of any hand soap (even if it’s natural) can strip skin of its natural moisture. To prevent very dry hands from frequent handwashing, especially during cold seasons or in airconditioned homes, we recommend massaging a few drops of our Sunflower Beauty Oil or Hand & Foot Salve on your palms throughout the day. You can also use reusable household gloves while doing chores to lessen the need for frequent handwashing :) Our Customer Service would be happy to get in touch with you to learn more about your experience and help you find the products that work well for you :) Thank you!]
  • Kaii (01/23/2014)

    As a HHN user, I was a bit disappointed with the outcome of this. I purchased one kasi thankfully meron na akong magagamit na hindi magdadry out ng skin ko with frequent handwashing. The effect was super soft ng palms ko. But yung back of the hands napansin ko na super dry. Parang kamay ng matandang hindi naglotion. :( i hope you can do something about this. I fell in love with the smell, though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Kaii! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Natural Hand Soap's triclosan-free formulation is formulated to effectively clean hands without stripping your skin of moisture, so we're quite surprised to hear about your experience. We'd like to learn more about it to determine the cause and offer you a free exchange or credit for your product if you are unsatisfied with it. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to assist you. Thank you! :)]
  • Rochelle (11/16/2013)

    I love the product because it doesnt dry my hands... My only request is that u create other scents as well e.g lavender :)
  • Anab (10/26/2013)

    love this hand soap :) love the orangey scent + cleansing capability! no more 'malansa' hands after eating sea foods by hands :D haha!
  • Borexmd (08/22/2013)

    Unfortunately, this is my least favorite HHN product. Midway in using this, my hands began to dry up,turn red, develop scales and feel itchy. I stopped using it to see if it really was the reason, sad to say, all the symptoms disappeared when i stopped using it and reappeared when i reused it. I have uber sensitive skin so i have converted all my skin regimens to natural products. I have been using your lotions,bar soap,facial wash and i am very happy with the results. I only develop these symptoms when i use very harsh products. I understand that you test this to a handful of people to see their response. I guess i am just one of those who belong to the group who is not "hiyang" to this product. More power and God bless [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Erica! We're sorry to hear about your experience. This is the first time we've encountered a report like this and we're quite surprised to see this amidst all the positive feedback.Our Natural Hand Soap is one of the most genuinely safe and natural hand soaps available today and it contains absolutely no harmful chemical irritants. We would like to investigate your concern immediately to help determine the cause of your irritation. In the meantime, we advise you to stop using our Natural Hand Soap in case you are allergic to one of the natural ingredients. We want you to have only the best experience with all of our products so in the meantime, our Customer Service will get in touch with you to offer you a free refund, exchange, or credit for your Natural Hand Soap. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and we will do absolutely everything we can to address your concern :)]
  • Kai (08/03/2013)

    I recently bought a foam bottle and it works perfect with this soap and so it lasts longer.
  • Donna (07/17/2013)

    I am very much pleased with thiis product. I was really sad when they discontinued the old hand soap but I immediately stocked when HHN relaunched this. I like that it leaves my hand clean and smooth unlike other highly commercialized hand soaps. I LOVE the scent! It smells like the old hand soap which I dearly loved. Five stars for this product! I hope it never gets discontinued. :)
  • Adrian Val Olonan (07/13/2013)

    I simply love how this hand soap effectively removes dirt, grime, and stink without dyring your hands! It's like Tough Love DIshwashing Liquid! It lathers nicely, though not as foamy as other soaps with synthetic surfactants. Human Nature uses coconut-derived sulfates-- only the Good! :) And, a little goes a long way. One button-sized amount suffices to clean your hands!
  • Amor (07/12/2013)

    This product comes handy each time I go out with my hubby and the kids. I super love it especially you need to wash your hands in public places like malls.
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