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Dishwashing Liquid
Dishwashing Liquid
   I am amazed that it did not dry up my hands after washing. I even used this for plastic container...  
- Maureen Abigail
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99.77% Natural

Mean on grease
Keep your dishes pristine with powerful locally-sourced coconut cleansers that cut through grease without leaving any chemical residue.

Free From Harmful Chemicals
✓ Gentle and non-drying on hands
✓ Biodegradable and non-toxic
✓ Free from synthetic fragrances & dyes
✓ Free from chlorine that damage water ecosystems

You'd lather not

Most chemical dishwashing liquids contain skin-irritating synthetic foam boosters that don't really help clean your dishes. Ours is free from these chemicals and may lather a little less, but it will remove grease and food smells without harming your skin.

Squirt a small amount onto a wet sponge, squeeze ‘til sudsy. Then rub-a-dub-dub those dishes ‘til they’re free from grub! Rinse dishes thoroughly for that complete natural sparkle!

aqua (water), sodium C12-18 alkyl sulfate (coconut-derived), potassium cocoate (coconut-derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), alcohol denat. SD alcohol 38-B, decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), lactic acid (corn-derived), Citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel essential oil, glycerin (vegetable-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural), phytic acid (rice bran-derived), gluconolactone (corn-derived), sodium benzoate

aqua (water), sodium C12-18 alkyl sulfate (coconut-derived), potassium cocoate (coconut-derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), alcohol denat. SD alcohol 38-B, decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), Citrus limon (lemon) peel essential oil, lactic acid (corn-derived), glycerin (vegetable-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural), phytic acid (rice bran-derived), gluconolactone (corn-derived), sodium benzoate (vegetable-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Lannie (04/16/2020)

    I call my hands "cactus hands" since most of the time they're dry, chapped, and rough. I'm allergic to strong chemicals of soaps and dishwashing liquids so imagine my delight when I discovered this product ~ gentle on hands but tough on grease! It's also natural and eco-friendly plus the smell is pleasant! Love this so much that I recommended it to my friends and family. Well done HNN! I'm never going back to my previous commercial brand again!
  • Loco E (07/05/2019)

    We love Human Nature dish detergent. However, we wish that you would use a stand-up refill package (similar to these: https://www.packagingdigest.com/smart-packaging/refill-pouch-sitting-pretty) instead of the current 1L flimsy water bottle type. These water bottle types will most likely end up in the ocean with the other RTD beverage containers :( Otherwise, thanks for the excellence customer service and innovative products & keep up the great work! :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Loco E! We're glad that you loved our Dishwashing Liquid. Human Nature believes in adhering to the highest levels of manufacturing excellence to protect consumers’ health. Local safety standards for manufacturing personal care and cosmetic products currently prohibit refilling of personal care products due to microbial contamination issues which can endanger consumer safety. As for refillable packs, we are constantly on the lookout for affordable, eco-friendly packaging that we can possibly use for this. Do let us know if you have suggestions for this! We'd love to explore them. :) You might also be happy to know that all our Metro Manila branches are currently accepting clean, empty Human Nature bottles for recycling. Thank you!]
  • MARA (04/28/2019)

    Superb product! My HG in general home cleaning! Does an excellent job in removing dirt and grease. Also loving the fact I'm doing my part in helping preserve the health and beauty of our seas. Recently had my 1L bottle refilled at SM North branch. :-)
  • Ems (02/05/2019)

    I love the grapefruit-orange scent. Smells more like a handsoap than a dishwashing liquid which I like so much. It's also effective in removing grease. Please make this scent available in 1liter size as well.
  • Kimberley Nicole (02/05/2019)

    Love this for my glass,tumblers and mugs as it does not leave a soapy smell on the glass. Unlike commercial soaps that leave chemical smells. However, not so effective on oily dishes and pans as you have to use a lot to remove grease and such. Nevertheless gentle on the hands and safer for the environment. Love the grapefruit orange scent.
  • Katherine (12/30/2018)

    This is my fave HHN product! Doesn't dry my hands after the chore, yet it cleans the dishes well. The scent is a plus, too! I just hope it comes with a refill.
  • Lux (12/14/2018)

    My hands get easily dry after washing but this has not given me any problem. :) I like the subtle scent. You can see it is concentrated so it's powerful to stains yet gentle to the hands. Greasy or sticky food on plates and pans are easy to remove. Just soak with water and a few drops of this dish-washing liquid for a few minutes. Easy to rinse, no need to scrub. Huge help!
  • Jan Kathleen (11/16/2018)

    I love the scent and the feel on my hands. However, it's not so economical to use as we need more than 2 drops in order for it to lather well. I would also like to suggest that you make a paste version so that we could reduce plastic waste. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jan Kathleen! We're glad that you loved our Dishwashing Liquid. We also appreciate your suggestion about making a dishwashing paste. Please rest assured that we will consider this for the future development of our natural home care products. Thank you!]
  • Carmila (07/26/2018)

    Our kid's feeding bottle cleanser for 4 years! We've been looking forward to bigger sizes--how about in 5liter containers? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Carmila! We're glad that our Natural Dishwashing Liquid works for you. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Blessily (06/14/2018)

    I hope to find some refill for dishwashing liquids, in biodegradable package, so we don't have to dispose the bottles. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Blessily. Thank you for purchasing our Natural Dishwashing Liquid. Human Nature believes in adhering to the highest levels of manufacturing excellence to protect consumers’ health. Local safety standards for manufacturing personal care and cosmetic products currently prohibit refilling of personal care products due to microbial contamination issues which can endanger consumer safety. As for refillable packs, we are constantly on the lookout for affordable, eco-friendly packaging that we can possibly use for this. Do let us know if you have suggestions for this! We'd love to explore them. :) As for the packaging material used in shipping, one of our concerns when we first started out was customers receiving bottles that got scratched and pumps that got broken in transit. Moving forward, we now err on the side of caution and make doubly sure that the products are well-cushioned/sealed so they're in mint condition when the customer receives them. But we agree that there's room for improving the packaging to make it more eco-friendly and for the overall experience be better and easier for the customer. Our Warehouse and Logistics Team is constantly looking for better solutions - one of which is reusing old catalogues instead of styrofoam to cushion the products. Thank you again for this, Blessily! It's the suggestions and recommendations from our customers that really push us to continue searching for better, more innovative ways of spreading the goodness. Rest assured that we're taking your feedback seriously and that we're working on finding the best possible solutions.]
  • Samantha Antonette (01/04/2018)

    We love using this product knowing that it's safe for the environment and very much safe for our baby. We use generally at home from washing my baby's bottles (even when he was just a few months old) to our dirt dishes. And when we're almost out of dishwashing liquid, we would just combine it with water, we could still get a good cleaning from it.
  • Joy (11/01/2017)

    I get dyshidrotic eczema from other dishwashing liquids, thus the switch to Human Nature. I have also replaced my bleach-containing bathroom cleaners by mixing it 1:1ratio with white vinegar in a spray bottle and scrub with wet sponge. It melts away soap scum and mold/mildew. I also highly recommend this mixture as an effective cockroach killer; spray it on a cockroach and it stuns and kills it.
  • Tet (09/28/2017)

    I can get allergic to really strong scents and for most commercial products, the Lemon or other scents can leave me sneezing after dishwashing. This product is not only effective in taking the grease out, the smell is just right which does not trigger my allergies. In addition, even if I have to wash a lot and often, it does not dry my hands. Now household chores like dishwashing is a pleasant thing to do because of a product like this.
  • Laney (06/07/2017)

    HHN's dishwashing liquid is i believe one of their best products. We regularly wash dishes so our hands is constantly exposed to dishwashing liquid. What i observed from ordinary dishwashing liquid (joy), it dries my hand and leaves unpleasant smell to my hand. When i used HHN's dishwashing liquid, my hand does not dry and no unpleasant smell. It is also effective in greasy dishes like ordinary dishwashing liquid. But the difference is HNN's is eco-friendly and the suds are washed away quickly which help save water and time also.
  • Nica (06/02/2017)

    i really love this product! i never went back to the commercial ones, which leaves a "kalamansi/lemon"smell, especially when used in my kids baon container.
  • Sittie (05/22/2017)

    It cleans the dishes well and is easy to rinse off. My hands also feel smooth after washing, unlike with the conventional dishwashing liquids where my hands felt oily and rough. My parents and siblings switched to this product now.
  • Veronica (03/07/2017)

    The dishwashing liquid works well in removing oil from all the cooking. I also dilute this in water and put in a spritzer to clean the stovetop and counter area after cooking since it's THAT good in removing grease without drying out my hands. It's also gentle enough for my SO's hands that sometimes gets eczema. I also mix a few tbsps with white vinegar and use it as a bathroom cleaner since using bleach in a small space causes nausea.
  • Jenny (09/13/2016)

    I have allergies to strong soaps most especially to strong dishwashing liquids that I need to wear gloves when doing the dishes else I need to put ointment on my hands right after washing. This soap is very friendly to my hands. Even if I don't wear gloves when washing, it doesn't dry up my hands. It is mild on my hands.
  • Cherry (08/11/2016)

    It's just a fulfilling feeling that you also love the environment by using these kinds of dishwashing liquids..Tough on Grease, Soft in the environment! Try and experience the goodness......
  • Melissa (07/09/2016)

    The smell is great, it doesn't dry my hands, and it cuts though grease easily! This is one of my favorite products and when my mom agrees with me you know it's good.
  • Jennifer (06/13/2016)

    I dilute this with water to clean my makeup airbrush gun. Works well with water based makeup. Just rinse well with distilled water. Love the citrusy smell too.
  • Jacqueline (04/16/2016)

    Love this product! We have been using this for our dishes as I find that commercial dish-washing liquids leave a strong smell on our plates and utensils. This doesn't leave any smell at all and cuts grease just as well as other brands. I hope you can also come up with a natural fruit and vegetable wash!
  • Alma (04/05/2016)

    super love it.. no to dryness after washing the dishes. I will definitely buy this on a regular basis.
  • Apple (03/10/2016)

    I just love this product! Since we started using the Grapefruit-Orange variant, we never went back to commercial ones. It never leaves that "generic lemon" scent to plastic containers that might affect the foods's taste or smell. I also use it to clean my jewelries. Just boil some water, add a bit of the dishwashing liquid, then soak your jewelry in it. I promise you, it'll make your jewelry shiny :)
  • Grace (01/16/2016)

    Always avoided washing dishes because of the strong chemicals in dishwashing soaps leading to contact dermatitis. But after we decided that we no longer need househelp, the question is who's going to do the dishes regularly now? I'm relieved that there's this natural product now that allows me to enjoy dishwashing and a good grease-buster too! I just use HHN's Hand & Foot Salve right after to moisturuze and protect my fingers and hands right after. I just hope that you can include the pump in your 500ml bottles for convenience. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Grace! We're so happy that our Natural Dishwashing Liquid and our Hand & Foot Salve work so well for you. Thank you for your feedback on the packaging. We will definitely consider this for the future development of the product. Have a nice day! :)]
  • J (01/13/2016)

    Didn't think natural dishwashing liquids could be as foamy and have the same cleaning effect as other commercial brands. I really love this product! I love the grapefruit scent too.
  • Carmila (01/09/2016)

    Been using this since 2013 to clean our firstborn's feeding bottles. Delivered results, as promised. We love the grapefruit scent. I've been requesting for a bigger size though since we get to consume about four 500ml bottles per month. Savings on bigger bottles (or bigger refill packs) can be translated to lower price and is environment friendly, too.
  • Maureen Abigail (09/01/2015)

    My first try was for my son - to be used as bottle, plates and even toy cleanser. I am amazed that it did not dry up my hands after washing. I even used this for plastic containers, greasy and smelly; after washing you'd see the difference - no foul smell and oily residue. This is definitely a main product in our kitchen!
  • FLORENCE (05/25/2015)

    I've been an hhn dealer since 2012 and TL is one of my favorite hhn product, yet I was surprised when I learned from one of my regular hhn customers that they are using this to wash vegetables. talk about versatility! :D thank you and more power hhn! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Florence! What a great idea! If you're going to use our Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid to wash your vegetables, be sure to dilute it first (rather than applying our Dishwashing Liquid directly onto your veggies). One tablespoon of Dishwashing Liquid per 4 liters of water should do the trick. Don't forget to rinse well! :) Thank you so much!]
  • Edith Marina (04/28/2015)

    Tough to do its work and love the hands of the users! Good job all the time...
  • Ma. Christina (04/20/2015)

    Gave this to my mom since she's been having allergies on her hand due to chemicals from soaps, detergents and even dish washing liquids. So this product is great for her, no need to wear gloves while washing the dishes. I just hope HHN would consider producing dish washing liquid refills to be more affordable and we can also save the environment through re-using of the bottles.
  • Allyn B (03/28/2015)

    When I mix 1 part dishwashing liquid to 10 parts of water. It may sound odd but, it seems to release its grease cutting power when I do it this way. For those who love a sudsy feel when dish washing try this and see that you won't switch back to your commercial brand.
  • Viv Cabrera (03/10/2015)

    I love it. The scent and the only product that didn't harm my hand when washing the dishes. I do have skin allergy and prescribed by my dermatologist only to use organic, non toxic items. Even their delivery was really amazing. I hope you do have a mother store where all your products are available. Robinson's Ermita supermarket do carry lots of products but not the home care items. Keep it up and God Bless! More power :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Viv! We're so glad you love our Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid. To shop our full range of products, we recommend dropping by our Flagship Store in Commonwealth or, if you're in the Manila area, our Manila branch at 1310 Bambang St. cor. Fermin Tubera St., Sta. Cruz, Manila. Happy shopping!]
  • Vanessa (03/06/2015)

    I love this dishwashing liquid from Human Nature. Aside from the other benefits on cleaning kitchen utensils, it also leaves my spoons and ceramic plates with the extra shine. However, I wish that the 500mL packaging will come with pump as it will be more efficient. Same wish for 500mL Shampoos. :) Thanks!
  • Celerhina Aubrey (12/07/2014)

    I've been using a dish washing liquid especially for baby bottles and stuff but it came to a point where I find it really expensive already so I tried to switch to a leading brand dishwashing liquid which is too strong for my baby's bottles. Thank heavens I found this! Perfect. Economical. Not too strong smell but tough on germs and sebo. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Celerhina! We're so glad you love our Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid! While it's safe for baby bottles, we do still highly recommend sterilizing them as needed :) Thanks!]
  • Shaza (10/11/2014)

    My hands used to have dried skin that would peel off and bleed with the commercially-made dish washing liquids. Based on the reviews of this product and my love for "naturally" made products, this is one of the best investment I have made for my kitchen. It has a soothing smell, it suds averagely good yet amazingly cuts off grease and tough smells. What amazes me about this product despite of its safe ingredients, is that a little drop goes a long way! It's definitely a Tough Love product.
  • Alena (09/24/2014)

    I bought the Lemon-Calamansi variant. I love the scent. It's not irritating on my hands. It's also easy to wash off from plates and utensils so we save on water consumption.
  • MaShFa (09/01/2014)

    I love this product! I'm having problems washing off the smell of bulalo on my dining utensils. The smell of beef always lingers for a period of three to four washes. I've tried numerous dishwashing liquid/paste with brands but they did no good. With this liquid detergent from Human Heart Nature, after one wash the smell wore off from my forks and spoons, glasses and plates. It didn't give me rough and itchy hands after washing. Per drop is concentrated, natural and safe to use!
  • Elisa (08/03/2014)

    Mom and I really like this product. It is gentle on hands but tough on grease. The suds are easily washed off without the soapy feeling. And it smells so nice and refreshing that it doesn't suffocate our kitchen. Even though it doesn't lather too much like other brands but it accomplishes the same and what's more it is safe for the environment and health. :)
  • Ria (07/28/2014)

    I love the clean lemony scent; its mild on the skin and truly cleans efficiently. 5 stars for me :)
  • Rosa (06/10/2014)

    I switched our household dish washing liquid as soon as this came out. It cuts grease and rinses off equally easily making it ideal for cleaning baby feeding items.
  • Anne Carol (05/27/2014)

    Another great product from HN! I got the grapefruit orange variant and I love the scent. I also like that it lathers nicely and need only a small amount to wash utensils. It cuts up grease quickly, too.
  • Patrick (04/26/2014)

    This is definitely tough on stains & grease. It was not an easy change though- that’s before learning that trick is to directly apply the liquid soap to the sponge to make it foamy/bubbly, instead of having to dilute it with water which I was used doing with my old dishwashing brand. I can’t believe the small bottle lasted more than what I expected. It’s worth the money & I’m happy with the change I made. Many thanks!
  • jen (02/19/2014)

    I used to love this product as the original formulation was indeed gentle on the skin. Lately, it seems that your dishwashing liquid has been drying my hands. I'd often notice tightness, cracking, and mild peeling. I've been experiencing the same drying effect with the other products in your line containing coco fatty alcohol sulfate (i.e. clarifying shampoo). Please do something about the formulation of products that include CFAS. I'd prefer the moisturizing quality of your products together with superb cleaning ability over improved lather and consistency. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jen! Thank you for your review. Our Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid is formulated to be gentle and non-drying on hands, so it is surprising to hear that you're suddenly experiencing this reaction. While we do use natural CFAS in our bubbliest products, we also infuse them with nature's rich moisturizers to prevent dryness. We'd like to learn more about your experience to determine the cause. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thanks!]
  • Mary (11/15/2013)

    I love this soap! We used to buy the other commercial soaps specifically made for baby bottles, but we find them so pricey. So it's a good thing that when we started looking for alternatives, I came across this HN product. We've been using it ever since.
  • Nicole (10/19/2013)

    Aside from the obvious, I've also used this product to clean my makeup tools. This does not disintegrate my makeup sponges compared to other products I've used. I just love its versatility and that it leaves a nice citrusy scent.
  • Nicole (10/19/2013)

    Aside from the obvious, I've also used this product to clean my makeup sponges and brushes. I just love it's versatility and that it leaves a nice citrusy scent.
  • Rachel Joy (09/17/2013)

    I love all your products! I especially love your Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid! Its really tough on grease and its the only dishwashing liquid that is safe for my baby's feeding bottles that was able to remove the spoiled milk scent. I hope you'll have refills or additional discount if we can send back to you empty containers. That will really make HN an earth-friendly company :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Rachel! We're so glad you love our Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid! To give the earth some more loving, you can return your old bottles to your nearest Human Nature branch through our Balik Bote, Bigay Buhay program for recycling. Proceeds will fund nearby Gawad Kalinga communities :) Thanks again!]
  • Carla Rochelle (09/03/2013)

    tough on grease yet friendly to my skin!
  • bernice (08/30/2013)

    I got this from the best seller pack. The smell is citrusy and the consistency is a bit lighter that those available products in the market. My mom loves this very much since in a small drop, it can wash all our dishes and really bubbles well. Plus, this product doesn`t hurt the environment :D I am really glad that I have come to know Human Heart Nature. thumbs up.
  • Felise (08/15/2013)

    My sister and I love the clean smell. It does what it says, tough love on grease. Great product!
  • Charmaine (08/05/2013)

    Tough on grease but gentle on hands. I love the scent too! I'm using this for my baby's toys and feeding bottle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: That's terrific, Charmaine! Just always please remember that while our Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid is absolutely safe for baby bottles, they still need to undergo proper sterilization before use :) Thank you!]
  • Adrian Val Olonan (07/10/2013)

    The smell's so citrus-y good, the grease quickly gets removed, the suds are easy to rinse off, and it becomes a little bubblier when you transfer 20ml to another bottle! Using water-friendly dishwashing liquid can make a difference. Imagine if 25 Filipino households will switch to this, it will be a leap for eco-stewardship! I hope the time would come that this dishwashing liquid will be the same price as the chemical eco-ignorant ones. :)
  • Bettina (06/25/2013)

    I have highly sensitive skin but out of curiousity, claiming that it's safe and mild, I used it as a sponge bath and i felt squeaky clean. I didn't get any allergies or red spots, nothing. Also i love the smell!! Dishes-wise, I only have to rinse once unlike overly commercialized brands out there.
  • Marie (06/19/2013)

    Thank you for coming up with this product. It does cut grease, is gentle on the hands, smells nice and clean and most of all safer than most dishwashing liquids out there. Great as feeding bottle wash too! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for the positive feedback, Marie! We're so glad you love it :) Please keep in mind though that while our Dishwashing Liquid is safe for feeding bottles, they still need to go through proper sterilization before use :) Thanks again!]
  • Nicole (06/18/2013)

    We love this product! Can you make 1L bottles. Thank you!
  • jaycee (05/14/2013)

    I dont know why your not posting my review here. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you just did not receive it. I just wanted to know why there's sodium benzoate in your ingredients, when you're claiming this product is 100% free from harmful chemicals. As what I read on the net, sodium benzoate is a preservative that promotes cancer and kills healthy cells. Why are you including this as one of your ingredients? I started to love your products and have been buying it twice a month for my family use, but when I saw this ingredient I started to doubt you. Can you enlighten me because I'm using this on my kids bottle? Thanks! Giving you 2 stars for now. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jaycee! We graciously thank you for your patience while waiting for your post. Many of the reviews we receive take more time to answer when they involve a complex question like yours because we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive information available. Sodium Benzoate is used as a component of one of the natural preservative system which is comprised of Gluconolactone (corn-derived) and Sodium Benzoate. It's included in the preservative we use to stabilize the gluconolactone rather than to act as a preservative for the product, which means it's present in very small trace amounts in our products (only 0.1%). Sodium Benzoate is approved for up to 0.5% in cosmetic products and our natural preservative system is approved by ECO-Cert, which is currently the most credible organic certifying body in the world. It’s also interesting to note also that Sodium Benzoate occurs naturally and is often derived from berries. Because of the very low concentration in our products, the Sodium Benzoate component of our natural preservative system poses no risk to the health of our consumers. Firstly, it's highly unlikely that Benzene would form in our products. For it to happen, the product would have to be exposed to quite high heat (e.g. being left inside a car on a hot day). But those levels of heat would definitely affect the quality of the products (scent, thickness/viscosity etc) to the point where people would not want to use them anyway. Secondly, even if someone did use a product like that, the possible level of Benzene in the products would not even equal the amount in a sip of Diet Coke. So on this basis, we're confident there is absolutely no risk from using our products :) Other natural personal care brands which use Sodium Benzoate in low concentrations include Avalon Organics, Kiss my Face, J/A/S/O/N, Aveeno, Alba Botanica, Beauty without Cruelty, The Body Shop and more. We really appreciate you bringing this question up, and if you'd like to share it, you may post it on the Disqus section of our product page. It might be helpful for others who are wondering the same thing! :)]
  • melani (04/24/2013)

    Hi, I like this product, I have already consumed two bottles. As I go over the ingredients I can see sodium benzoate which is, as I read on the net, a preservative that promotes cancer and kills healthy cells. I thought your ingredients are all natural and no harmful chemicals? please send me your feedback at lani_angcaco@yahoo.com. I have been buying your products since it was introduced to me, hopefully you can enlighten me. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Melani! We're so happy to know that you're loving our dishwashing liquid. If you skim through our reviews of this product, you'll see that you're not the first to inquire about sodium benzoate. But you can be assured that we thoroughly research every ingredient that goes into our products and we would never use any ingredient that has been found to pose health risks. Sodium Benzoate is used as a component of one of the Ecocert-certified natural preservative systems comprised of Gluconolactone (corn-derived) and Sodium Benzoate. It's included to stabilize the gluconolactone rather than to act as a preservative for the product, so it's present in very low concentrations in our products: only 0.1%. Many natural personal care brands also use Sodium Benzoate in low concentrations and it is approved for up to 0.5% in cosmetic products - so it poses absolutely no risk to your health. We hope this information helps and thank you for being so committed to our products! :)]
  • Sandra Jane (03/28/2013)

    Definitely a great product! The tag line says it all:) Congratulations, HHN, for venturing into home care products! I just hope HHN would consider repricing or selling refills to make their 2 products more competitive. I've been using another natural & locally made dishwashing liquid that's equally effective yet more reasonably priced; theirs come in 260ml, 500ml and 2L refills and costs less by ~25%. Let's continue encouraging moms/homemakers to transition to green living by providing high quality natural cleaning products that's easy on the budget. Besides, natural doesn't have to be expensive :)
  • jayrell kyal (03/13/2013)

    Gentle on hands and to Mother Earth but tough on grease.. I recommend this product to all the mommies out there..
  • Keilah (03/11/2013)

    I loved it that you came up with an environment friendly dishwashing liquid. It really is gentle on my hands and it smells great too! However, my mom and I noticed that we have to use more than 2 drops to get the same effect as the usual commercial dishwashing liquid in the market, wherein we use just 1-2 drops. I hope you can do something about the formulation so that it's more economical to use. :) also a refill for this would be great, so we can just reuse the container instead of buying a new bottle. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Many chemical dishwashing liquids contain synthetic foam boosters that don’t play a role in dirt removal. Ours has no synthetic foam boosters & may lather a little less but it does cut the grease & leave dishes squeaky clean. A little goes a long way!]
  • cristelle Kate (03/05/2013)

    a small drop of tough love goes a long way, good for washing the dishes and perfect for washing my make up brushes. YES!! i use it for cleaning my make up brushes, it cleans my brushes so well without drying them out, double purpose. Im hoping that HHN will have there own line of organic make up brushes. ;)
  • yas (03/03/2013)

    it's very effective at removing grease and food smells (even fish smells!) from dishes, utensils, kitchen surfaces and hands; rinses easily, and does not dry hands. great product!
  • disappointed fan (03/02/2013)

    i am disappointed in your formulation. i wondered if you made a compatibility test of the excipients during formulation. the product i purchased last month turned into a semisolid consistency with an opaque clarity after using for two weeks and storing it in our office pantry where the aircon is turned on 24/7.It looked like cooking oil stored in a ref. It was clear yellow thick liquid when it i purchased it. However, i still use it because it is too expensive just to be thrown away. The fragrance was retained however, and it is still effective in cleaning (I hope) since i use large amount when washing a single utensil. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ericka! The formulation of our Dishwashing Liquid will solidify at cold temperatures because the coconut based ingredients we use are subjected only to minimal processing to maintain their naturalness. The downside of this is that it will solidify at temperatures close to refrigeration point (less than 10 degrees Celsius). But the good news is that it does not affect its cleansing ability. When it’s warmed up again, it will just liquefy again with no side effects. We appreciate your feedback and we hope this clears things up for you.]
  • Grace (02/16/2013)

    the product turns cloudy and slightly solidifies in colder temperature like Baguio :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Grace, thank you for sharing your feedback and experience. The Dishwashing Liquid contains essential oil and glycerin which may solidify at low temperatures, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the product. As soon as it warms up above 10-15C, it will go back to normal. You could try popping it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to get it back to normal quickly if you're in a location with very cold temperatures :)]
  • Joan (01/30/2013)

    Everything you look for is in this bottle! (hope you would come up with a bigger bottle soon) Mabula sya, doesn't dry my hands, and perfectly gets rid of grease kahit sobrang dami pa nyan. Will definitely add this to my human nature top products :)
  • Mona (01/22/2013)

    I bought this Dish washing liquid because our ordinary dish washing liquid found in the groceries are harsh on my hands and I should say HHN did a great job! My hands are not dry anymore from washing dishes and I love the scent too! Keep it coming HHN hope you'll have a bigger bottle next time :-)
  • Jennifer (01/22/2013)

    Gentle on hands and to Mother Earth but tough on grease and grime!!! I recommend this product!!!
  • Michelle (01/18/2013)

    THREE THINGS: 1 this does not DRY my hands (kind to skin) 2 does its job, CLEANS and CUTS THE GREASE (tough on grease) 3 it leaves this FRESH, CLEAN and NON SOAP scent when YOU USE IT! IT DELIVERS and even more! GREAT JOB HHN! I would love it though if it were to come in a bigger sized container then i'll just use the 250ml container as a refill bottle! thanks!!
  • Shebay (01/18/2013)

    Perfect for my kids' bottles. [EDITOR'S NOTE: The Natural Dishwashing Liquid is definitely safe for baby bottles - though it's important to remember to always take extra care to completely rinse out all remnants of milk/formula and dishwashing liquid, and sterilize the bottles properly. :)]
  • Fidelle (01/18/2013)

    the scent and the grease cutting effect makes me actually happy to do chores! my hands are also happy that it is non-drying. i bet the fishies in the ocean will be happy, too. I will soon need a bigger bottle or maybe a refill. wishes: vinegar-based anti-mold spray (i use plain ole vinegar but hubby hates the smell) home scents like candles or diffusers (citrus, cinnamon, lavender, or even citronella) vinegar and alcohol based glass cleaner bathroom cleanser
  • Jovy (01/18/2013)

    I'm beginning to love this product. Knowing that it is made of natural ingredients makes me feel safe to use this on my baby bottles. I do hope they could come up with bigger sizes.
  • Allyn Batungbacal (01/17/2013)

    Don't underestimate the light formula as this cuts through grease swiftly and rinses off easily at half a time, with lesser water consumed. The light formula leaves no slimy soap residue unlike my current commercial brand. Tough Love, makes our dishes, pots, pans and baby bottles really "Squeaky Clean". Try it and you'll love to hear that squeaky clean sound :) at every washing job!
  • Margarette (01/16/2013)

    I'm happy that Human Heart Nature finally now have this product! It's good for the earth, our dishes and baby bottles too! I just wish that this would come in bigger size in a jug or some refill pack since I would like to reuse the containers too instead of buying new ones...
  • How would you rate this product?*
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