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Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash
Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash
   I am so happy with this shampoo. My kids are happy too as they love the tangerine scent and they ...  
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99.5% Natural

Healthy clean
Effectively removes dirt and grime with a unique formulation powered by Philippine coco nectar, aloe vera and avocado oil, rich in amino acids and vitamins to nourish your kid’s hair and skin.

All goodness
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free
✓ Free from irritating SLS/SLES

Available in Tangerine and Apple scents

Start 'em young with loving our earth
Encourage kids to learn about indigenous Philippine animals with our cute tarsier and pawikan friends.

Also available: Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash for Boys (Racecar, Tangerine Scent) & Girls (Mermaid, Apple Scent)


Who says stories are only for bedtime? Here’s a tip to get your kids to enjoy and look forward to bath time: Start a story and take turns making it up with your child throughout the bath. You’ll be surprised at the flights of fancy your tale will take – while getting your kid bathed and dressed in record time!

Beauty hack for mommy: Use our gentle shampoos to also clean your makeup brushes!

aqua (water), sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut-derived), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), Cocos nucifera (coconut) nectar, Persea gratissima (avocado) seed oil, olus (vegetable) oil, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane-derived), Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar) gum, dicaprylyl ether (vegetable-derived), coco-glucoside (vegetable-derived), glyceryl oleate (vegetable-derived), hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate (vegetable-derived), tocopherol (Vitamin E), citric acid (vegetable-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural), xanthan gum, phytic acid (rice bran-derived), levulinic acid (plant-derived), sodium levulinate (plant-derived), glycerin (plant-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed- derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • EVADINE ASTRID (05/04/2021)

    My daughter love this!❤️❤️❤️
  • Zendy Evans G. (03/12/2021)

    My toddler has sensitive skin so I really researched on what baby wash to use before buying this product. My kid loves the smell of this shampoo & baby wash!
  • Juarlyn (08/10/2020)

    First time I used it to my kids they don't smell maasim kahit pawisan na. Specially my youngest super pawisin kasi sya. The smell is mild, and easily wear off. But it's ok, since effective nmn sya.
  • Teresa Cabaddu (10/10/2019)

    I have been using this product when my daughter turned 1 yo. From 0 to 1yo, she used the HN Baby Wash. I love the smell and the clean feel in my daughter's hair and skin. A lot of people notice my daughter's (now 4yo) long straight smooth hair. I would not dare use other brands but human nature for my kid.
  • JOYCE (06/18/2019)

    From the classic bottle up to now that it changed its looks, really love this product used on my sons hair! My sons are 13 and 7 years old and they really how their hair feels and I love how their hair smell even after a whole active day!
  • Aurea Eizelle (03/14/2019)

    Liter size please! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Aurea Eizelle! Thank you for your suggestion. Please rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of our 1 Liter Bottles. Thank you!]
  • Lisa (01/27/2019)

    I LOVE this shampoo compared to the older version. It leaves my son's hair and skin moisturized and soft, yet it prevents him from getting stinky later in the day. .
  • Grace (01/27/2019)

    I am so happy with this shampoo. My kids are happy too as they love the tangerine scent and they are not "amoy araw" even after hours of playing. Thank you HHN!
  • Becca (01/27/2019)

    I looooove this product! I use it as my daily body wash. It really softens and smoothens my skin! It would be nice if you can make a similar body wash for adults.
  • JulEna Abella (01/27/2019)

    Since becoming a dealer,my kids get to road test all the kids products in HN line.So when we had the Tangerine Tarsier Kid's shampoo,they're so excited to try it & love that it 'smells good, keeps scalp clean,hair shiny & skin feeling smooth too"-Ana,8.
  • Karla (01/27/2019)

    My kids ADORE this shampoo! My eldest daughter loves the orange scent and the way her hair and skin feels soft after. I myself love the scent and sometimes "borrow" the kids' shampoo to use as a pick-me-upper body wash. Doesn't fail to brighten my day!
  • Fidelle (01/27/2019)

    i'm an athlete and a kikay. i use this after boxing or swimming. nakakawala ng pagod yung scents. very convenient too since i don't have to carry a separate soap or shampoo. ang ganda pa sa bag.
  • Sheila (01/27/2019)

    I have three sons and they all love this shampoo. They love both scents and the packaging. Their hair is also shinier. I even find it amusing to hear my second son (a pre-schooler) telling his classmate to use Human Nature shampoo. "Dapat Kid's Nature ang shampoo nyo kasi maganda yun, natural!"
  • Nancy (01/27/2019)

    This shampoo is great especially the tangerine scent. But...i hope you made a 'no more tears' formula...for sensitive eyes of young kids... Thanks :) [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Nancy, thank you for your product review and suggestion. Most chemical ‘tear-free’ formulas use a drug similar to novocaine to numb tear ducts. We don’t use irritating chemicals like that to our shampoos. You may noticed that even pure water, if it gets in the eyes can cause redness, so you may need to use extra caution around the eyes. :)]
  • Xandra Lauren (01/27/2019)

    Every child has the right to live a healthy and toxin free life. ✔Natural ✔Organic ✔Vegan ✔EcoFriendly ✔Made with ♥ ✔Biodegradable ✔Effective ✔ReasonablyPriced Read more about it on my blog, thank you :) http://xandralauren.blogspot.com/2011/11/only-best-for-jm-and-ady.html
  • tina (01/27/2019)

    i don't have kids but i tried this out anyway. bought both of the scents and while both are very nice, i adored the pineapple variant <3 so much love! haha :D i tried it on my hair and as a body wash. surprisingly, it didnt leave my scalp itchy or dry, as that's usually my reaction to most shampoos i try. i've been using it for a few weeks now and still loving it!
  • kiks (01/27/2019)

    My husband bought the Pineapple Pawikan as a pasalubong for our 18-month old. Her hair became soft and smelled so good every time we use this shampoo even after playing and sweating the entire day until she goes to bed. However, after a few days, she started to get irritated while scratching her head which is unusual. The scalp turned red and i stopped using it on her. I tried again after a couple of days, it caused her itchiness again. So I used it instead just to consume it. :( [EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you for reviewing our product. We value your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your baby’s experience. This is actually the first report of this type of reaction we have received and our team will be contacting you to get more information. Since it seems your baby may have an extra sensitive scalp, you may want to try our new Baby Wash as it is more suitable for baby’s delicate skin up to about 2-3 years old :) ]
  • Maria Rowena (01/27/2019)

    The smell is nice but it didn't last long when it tried it to my daughter. She easily smelled maasim when she prespires. I hope HHN can improve this product. [Editor’s Note: Thank you for reviewing this product, Maria Rowena. We value your feedback and suggestion. We use natural fragrance oils that are plant-derived. Chemical shampoos use phthalates in their fragrances to make the smell last longer, but phthalates have been linked to hormone disruption, allergy development and asthma. We know that natural oils don’t last as long, but we also know they are completely safe for your daughter. :)]
  • Michelle (01/27/2019)

    first day of using this shampoo,and i was amazed of how my 5yo daughter's long hair didn't have tangles and she was really happy with the smell :) if before after using her suave kid's shampoo followed by palmolive kid's conditioner she still had tangles,with this shampoo alone her hair felt better and gave more shine to her lovely hair..superbly loved by us..i just wish the scent would be a bit more enhancing and lasting :)
  • Jean (01/27/2019)

    I like it because it is all natural, smells good, good value for money..... but the product needs more conditioning :( my 3yo's hair gets tangled, and hair is not moisturized enough. As much as I want to buy again (first time user), I'm still thinking about it.... will try other HHN products first.... Hope you make a separate conditioner if it is not possible to add more on this product. [Editor’s note: Hi Jean, thank you for your feedback and product review! Our Natural Care Labs are working on a tangle-free formula with conditioning agent for release later this year :) Until then, we encourage you to use a conditioner too. Our moisturizing conditioner for adults is also perfectly safe for kids since it’s all natural. Many synthetic shampoos give the feel of conditioning by loading them with silicones that delivers the coating effect but have also been linked to various health issues. We only use natural derived emollients, these are alternative ingredients to silicones that guarantee not to coat the hair strands and leave residues that will eventually make hair feel weighed-down or lifeless. Much better for your child :)]
  • Anne (01/27/2019)

    My years old son is very active and so he sweats a lot. I then started to notice that he smells maasim after playing or when he arrives after school. He also developed a stinky underarm even if he washes thoroughly. I then discovered this Shampoo/Body Wash and decided to try it. After a few weeks of use, my son no longer smells maasim and his stinky underarm was eliminated. I am so happy I bought this and my son loves the fact that he uses his shampoo as his body wash also...
  • Gwendolyn (01/27/2019)

    My youngest son, now 5 yrs. old, is prone to allergies, and so I've always used -- and loved -- the old HHH in both watermelon (tarsier) and banana (eagle) variants. However, my son finds the new tangerine and pineapple scents a little off-putting, so I had to stop using it. I hope you can bring back the old scents so I can go back to using it again.
  • Rowena (01/27/2019)

    i say this product is a thumbs up.after using it just bout 2 weeks ,i started to notice that my daughter's hair become sooo smooth and shiny and i love it soo much so was the sunflower oil putting on her hair before she sleep...5 star for this!
  • mary grace (01/27/2019)

    i don't have kids but i bought this 'coz i really like the scent (tangerine tarsier). As a shampoo, i have no qualms, it's ok for the hair..but i noticed that every time i use it, i keep sprouting small pimple-like spots in some parts of the body especially in my arms...too bad, i wanted my sister to switch to hhn products pa naman sana for her kid...:( [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hello, Mary Grace. We’re sorry to hear about your experience. This is actually the very first report we’ve had of anything like this with our shampoos and we think it might not be related to the shampoo. If it were the shampoo and you were having some sort of reaction, you would probably feel it on your head rather than anywhere else. Our customer service team will be in touch to get more details and investigate further. As with all Human Nature products, if you’re not happy we will gladly credit it or replace with something else :)]
  • chekaii (01/27/2019)

    I so love this shampoo for my kids (Tangerine Tarsier),it really is meant for kids it's so refreshing even my college cousin is using it :) i just wish there's be pairing conditioner for this as the mask is a bit pricey for my kids :) my eldest has long hair the reason why i am requesting for a conditioner :) keep em coming HHN :)
  • Jennifer (01/27/2019)

    my three year old has sensitve skin. i am using only hhn products for her from lotion, oil to kids wash. i am also using this as my body wash and even as a hand soap. my baby's skin now is smooth without the rashes from commercially made products claiming that they are hypo allergenic. thank you hhn!
  • Freidalin (01/27/2019)

    My children have allergy since they were babies. They already experienced different manifestations of it: rhinitis, respiratory, skin. The pediatrician's advice was for them to use mild, fragrance-free. I tried several "mild" commercial soaps & some partly-natural ones. None of them is completely effective. Then came Human Nature. I really am very thankful & glad for HN! The Kids' Shampoo & Body Wash suits my children just great! No more dry, itchy skin. Great for their hair, too! They just love the watermelon & tangerine scents! Thanks & God speed, HN!
  • Candy (01/27/2019)

    I have been using these for a while. But given a choice I would use the old variant. I do not know why but my daughter seems to have falling hair with this variant though these smells a lot fresher. Now that you have the baby line. I let my daughter use that instead. Daughter is already 6. She has been using hhn maybe 4years. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Candy! Thanks for the feedback! We're glad to know that your kids are enjoying our products, though we're sorry to hear about your daughter's experience. Please note that a healthy child will lose 100-150 strands of hair per day (the same as a healthy adult), so it may be that it's just becoming more noticeable to you as she grows older. However, as with all our products, if you're not happy we will gladly offer you a replacement, refund, or credit for it. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you so that we can find out what may have caused the falling hair. :) And our Baby Wash is just as safe for kids and adults as it is for babies, so we hope you continue to support the products that work for your family :)]
  • Deb (01/27/2019)

    Tangerine is best!
  • Jona (01/27/2019)

    I and my kids love the fresh and fruity but not overpowering smell of HHN Kids Shampoo and body wash. Love both the tangerine and pineapple scents. Full review: http://jonathinks.blogspot.com/2013/02/natural-shampoo-and-body-wash.html
  • chekaii (01/27/2019)

    my kids stopped using this for months since i opted for them to use the HHN shampoo we adults use but this month i am bringing it back to their toiletries as i think it is still best for them to be using kids stuff even if all our shampoos are from HHN.. highly recommeneded the maasim na ulo of my bunso disappeared after a week of using it way back before,.. they super love it thanx a lot for bringing us goodies safe for us :)
  • c (01/27/2019)

    i have been using this product for my DS now and then. i love the smell of these two scents. but if possible, could you make another scent like raspberry/blueberry/grapes/lavender, or anything as long as it is violet? :) thank you so much. [EDITOR'S NOTE: We'll consider it, Cherry! As long as the ingredients can be grown locally. :)]
  • JaneQ (01/27/2019)

    This is my best selling item, along with the SBO and Citrus Burst spray. My friends and officemates are always raving about this and I agree. I flirt with your other shampoos every once in a while but I always come back to this. I get massive hairfall from your anti-hairfall/strengthening shampoo (so strange, it's massive as if I used a commercial shampoo). I get less hairfall from the moisturizing shampoo but it's still substantial. This is the only shampoo in HHN that I get a non-alarming number of hairfall. We looooove the tangerine smell, it's addictive and just what we need to start our day. It's convenient to take to the gym or overnights. Instead of bringing several bottles of product, we need just this one - shampoo, body wash and even facial wash! Please, for the love of god, keep the tangerine tarsier variant. Not everyone is a fan of products that smell like candy.
  • Bing (01/27/2019)

    I was using another baby wash for my unica hija. But then I was worried eventually because I saw rashes on her skin. A friend suggested HN Kids Tangerine. I was hesitant because I just bought the shampoo we're using and I haven't tried HN for babies. But I gave it a try and I'm glad I did. Immediately, my baby's rashes disappeared! Now it's me suggesting the products to my friends. Thank you HN for bringing real mildness on our babies!
  • Crystal (01/27/2019)

    Bought both scents for my niece, they smell great and do what they need to. My only disappointment with these is the labeling/marketing: it enforces gender stereotypes at a young age, and I don't think that contributes to your company's ethos of empowerment. Mermaids aren't just for girls and cars aren't just for boys, and certainly oranges and apples don't have anything to do with being a boy or a girl. I hope you consider not just being pro-poor, pro-Philippines, and pro-environment, but being pro-gender equality as well. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Crystal! Thank you for your honest feedback. The concept we had when we developed our Boys and Girls Shampoo was to encourage kids to tap into their imagination and see bath time as not just a chore, but a fun adventure! The labels and marketing catering to boys and girls were decisions made based on our children respondents' scent and label preferences. Of course in line with our encouragement of exploration and wonder, we wouldn't want to impose limitations on your nieces, nephews, or children's imaginations, either - so we're very pleased to know that you decided to buy both variants for your niece and we hope she enjoys them both! We are open to ideas for our future Kids Shampoos, so we will take your feedback into consideration and thank you for your support :)]
  • Charisse (01/27/2019)

    When my daughter turn 1 we said goodbye to HHN's baby wash and embrace the Tangerine Tarsier wholeheartedly..but when the new scent was launched, I found my daughter loving the new scent more. :) I think the mermaid on the label magically winks on her. :).
  • Miriam (01/27/2019)

    We have used HHN on our baby ever since he was born. Sad to see a company like HHN feel like they have to create gender stereotypes to sell their products - especially for kids! I was more pleased before to see products named after local Philippine animals like the Pawikan and the Tarsier. Parents should not have to choose a product for their kids based on gender stereotypes. Poor decision on your part HHN and I hope you change this before you lose your consumers due to poor product marketing decisions. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Miriam! Thank you for your honest feedback. Firstly, you'll be glad to know that we haven't phased out our Philippine animal shampoos :) We've just added Boys and Girls to the range. The concept we had when we developed our Boys and Girls Shampoo was to encourage kids to tap into their imagination and see bath time as a fun adventure that they could look forward to. We created the whole boys and girls designs to cater to their interests: the labels and marketing strategies were decisions made based on feedback from our kiddie respondent groups, who were composed of a mix of boys and girls between 4-8 years old. We completely encourage exploration and wonder and wouldn't want to impose limitations on your children’s imaginations, either – so there’s nothing wrong with boys using our girls shampoo or vice versa if they want to. We are always open to constructive feedback and we welcome suggestions that would help us create better products and marketing concepts - so feel free to let us know what your own kids would enjoy! Thanks again :)]
  • Hanylet (01/27/2019)

    Super like ng son ko.. kaya un kilikili nya not smelly.. un oh!
  • Rone (01/27/2019)

    We love your kids shampoo and body wash at home. Your tangerine tarsier and pineapple pawikan were great scents for an all natural brand like Human Nature. I am very disappointed that you have made new scents and labelled them specifically for a gender. Children should not in any way be made to feel different or excluded for their gender and unfortunately this labelling does. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Rone! Thank you for your feedback. We're happy that your family enjoys our Kids Shampoo & Body Wash! Our Boys and Girls Shampoos were designed in consultation with kids - we showed groups of children lots of different options for packaging, some gender neutral like our animal ones and others gender specific with princesses, mermaids, cars, and so on. While many of the children liked the animals, most responded that they preferred the more traditional gender-guided designs. It's the kids we surveyed who chose the packaging we used :) But you'll be happy to know that we haven't phased out the animals - they're still there, so there's the widest possible set of choices for children and adults alike :) Hope this information helps! We hope your children continue to enjoy our Shampoos and Body Washes and we absolutely welcome new suggestions for our future kids care products :) Thank you!]
  • Rexelle (01/27/2019)

    I super love the apple scent!! My baby loves the design so much and really is in love with the fish and mermaid... She's the one inviting me to give her a bath. She's using the Kiddie Chocolate soap as well. Thanks for your products!
  • Maryanne (01/27/2019)

    I have been looking for a shampoo+bodywash product to make bathing convenient when I work out. Taking a bath is such a hassle when you've got one too many products, and you're not in your own bathroom. i decided to give this one a try, and loved it! :) im currently using tje tangerine scented wash, and it feels great on my hair and skin! Squeaky clean! It works for adults too! :)
  • Cammille (01/27/2019)

    I love the scent of Tangerine Tarsier on my daughter's hair, however she'd start smelling maasim as she sweats throughout the day. I love Human Nature products as they reassurance to mommies like me, scourging for safer products in the market for toddlers and newborns alike, but I do hope that HHN will make an improvement as for the long-lasting part of their shampoo-line. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cammille! Thank you for your feedback. We're always happy to encounter mommies like you who take their children's health seriously enough to use only safe and natural personal care products on their kids while they are young. Like all Human Nature products, our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash does not contain synthetic fragrances that are used in commercial shampoos to make the scent last longer. This is because these scented chemical shampoos often contain phthalates, a chemical linked to liver & reproductive organ damage and sexual development disruption - so we use only natural fragrance oils to give our products their lovely scents. If your daughter is extra active throughout the day, we would suggest shampooing before and after play to keep her smelling fresh. We appreciate your suggestion and we will definitely relay it to our Kids Care team :) Thanks again!]
  • Nathalie (01/27/2019)

    My daughter loves it, so what more can I say? :) Read the full review here: http://blackshirt13.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/review-human-nature-kids-natural-shampoo-body-wash-ocean-apple/
  • dimps24 (01/27/2019)

    It breaks my heart giving this review. My family is a solid HHN user from the pets to the babies to the oldies. We love your products because they are all natural. However, when i switched my baby's wash to the tangerine tarsier when she turned one, in just a span of three days, her face, chest, back and arms were so full of rashes. She scratches her scalp, her tummy even when she is asleep. I feel really bad for my baby because this is the first time she experienced this. There has been no changes in her milk, food, laundry soap and the like, the only change we did was changed her body wash. I trust the product so much that it why i feel bad while writing this. I hope some other babies will not experience this, i know its a great discomfort on their part, and they cannot talk about their uneasiness and irritability. Please HHN, make the kids line more suitable for baby's skin. :( we still love ur other products though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi dimps24! We're so sorry to hear about your baby's experience. Our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash is free from any harsh chemicals or synthetic irritants and it's tolerated very well by many children; however, since your baby has just turned 1, we would recommend you stick with the Baby Wash until he/she is 2 years old, especially if you're still bathing him/her in a baby bath and not yet in the shower. Our baby wash is definitely milder than the kids' shampoo and if the child is not yet being rinsed in the shower, there may be some residue left on the skin after bathing. We'd like to look into your experience immediately to determine the cause of her rashes. In the meantime, we recommend that you stop using the body wash on your baby. If our Natural Baby Wash worked well for her in the past, we would be more than happy to exchange your product for that instead. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thank you for being such an avid supporter of our products!]
  • MJ (01/27/2019)

    At first I'm excited to use this product for my 4 year old daughter. I'm a fan of HHN and i'm patronizing and using most of your product for my family. We love it's smell because its so refreshing but when I apply this shampoo on my daughter, her hair becomes (maganit), tangled and she begins to scratch her head, for one week the result is the same so I decided to stop using it. I do hope that there will be an improvement on this particular product. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi MJ! We're sorry and quite surprised to hear about your daughter's experience, as most children (and adults!) absolutely love using our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. However it sounds like she may be sensitive or allergic to one of its natural ingredients and we'd like to help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you right away to learn more about her experience and help you find the products that work well for her :) Thank you!]
  • Christine (01/27/2019)

    It's always bath time with my 4-year old Bea. How she loves the scent!. What more I'm confident her fine hair will not dry.
  • Lucille (01/27/2019)

    i hope you can make pumps for the 500ml bottle. it's hard to hold my daughter and pour shampoo at the same time. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lucille! Thanks for the great suggestion! We'll definitely consider it :)]
  • Omega (01/27/2019)

    My kids and I have been using the Ocean Apple shampoo and I love almost everything about it except the way it smells. It doesn't dry my hair like most shampoos and cleans it effectively. The only problem I have is the rancid smell of the shampoo like food that's gone bad. I have been using the shampoo for a while - probably on my 6th or 7th bottle and it's always the same. I have tried to just deal with the smell but I would really appreciate if something could be done about the fragrance. Perhaps come out with the same formulation but make it fragrance-free. My son doesn't like the Tangerine variant either so we stick to the Ocean Apple. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Omega! We're glad our Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash works so well for your and your kids! We understand that different customers may have different scent preferences; however our shampoo is not intended to smell rancid. We'd like to retrieve your shampoo to determine the cause of your concern. We can also definitely explore more natural fragrances. In the meantime, you may want to try out our other shampoos with different scents, such as our Soothing Aloe Strengthening Shampoo or Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo. They're also very kid-friendly :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out! Thanks!]
  • Raphonzel (01/27/2019)

    I regularly use this for my toddler. I would use this on her hair and the HHN's kid soap for her body. She just love the scent and it is so gentle on her skin. Her skin is soft and moisturized. I never want to go back to commercial baby / kids product.
  • Raphonzel (01/27/2019)

    I use this alternately with the other body wash and soaps/ shampoos from HHN. My whole family loves this. This is what we bring when we travel out of town or going to the beach. It's very convenient. We don't need to bring a separate soap. We bring with the hair serum from HHN napaka gaan sa bag!
  • Veronica (01/27/2019)

    I had my 4-year-old son use the Tangerine Thunder for boys and he stopped scratching his skin which causes some bruises. It's very mild and yet he smells good even after his classes. I haven't seen the packaging for the big ones (since I only bought the 50ml to test first) but I hope they have it in a pump bottle for easier shower time.
  • AngelDelaGuardia (01/27/2019)

    Please... please.. please make your 500ml Shampoo Bottles come with a pump dispenser for convenience. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello AngelDelaGuardia! We're thrilled to know that you liked our Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash! Your feedback is valuable to us and we'd be happy to consider adding a pump to the 500ml bottle of shampoo bottles. Thank you very much for your support! :)]
  • Rosabelle Yong (01/27/2019)

    I love how well the scent works for my son and it lingers despite him getting drenched in sweat! I do have one protest though: why do they have to be labelled "For Girls" and "For Boys"? I like how it was packaged prior to these new labels because it simply stated the scent and nothing else, plus the images were of animals which I found much cuter. P.S. I allowed my son to sniff each scent and choose for himself which one he preferred and what you labelled "For Girls" was what he picked. He can't read yet and I'm raising him to not abide by gender stereotypes but not all parents are like me and not all kids will be raised like my kid. At some point, some other little boy might want an apple-scented top to toe wash and be told he can't have it "because it's for girls". The same is true for the "For Boys" variant because as a little girl, I always wanted my own toy cars but never had the guts to ask my parents because I was already aware of the gender stereotype that cars are for boys. Wish I knew better then. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Rosabelle Yong! We are so thrilled that you and your son loved our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash for Boys & for Girls! We also appreciate your honest feedback. Our Boys and Girls Shampoos were designed in consultation with kids - we showed groups of children lots of different options for packaging, some gender neutral like our animal ones and others gender specific with princesses, mermaids, cars, and so on. While many of the children liked the animals, most responded that they preferred the more traditional gender-guided designs. It's the kids we surveyed who chose the packaging we used :) But you'll be happy to know that we haven't phased out the animals - they're still there, so there's the widest possible set of choices for children and adults alike :) Hope this information helps! We hope your son continues to enjoy our Shampoo & Body Wash. We absolutely welcome new suggestions for our future kids care products :) Thank you!]
  • Geob (01/27/2019)

    I bought 200 mL bottles of all scents to try out for my toddler. Right now I'm using Ocean Apple scent & it's great. Only prob is the bottle is too difficult to squeeze. The bottle is really hard. No problem with other bottles though since they are flat unlike the Ocean Apple which is round. 'Hope you can provide pumps instead, for convenience :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Geobeth! Thank you for purchasing our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. We are so happy that it works for your toddler. We also appreciate your honest feedback on the packaging. Rest assured we will take this into consideration for the future development of the product. Thank you so much for your support. :)]
  • Mara (01/27/2019)

    My daughter loves the Ocean Apple. She's 12 years old already but she prefers using it because she loves the scent. It is easy to rinse and she's not having dandruff too!
  • Janice (01/27/2019)

    Please provide a pump with the largest bottle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Janice! We're glad that you liked our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging. Please rest assured that we will consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Zoe (01/27/2019)

    Great product! I am loving this.
  • Junna (01/27/2019)

    Please provide a pump for 495ml. We are using it with our 5year old but its difficult to use without pump. The pump we used is from the baby wash :-( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Junna! Thank you for purchasing our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. We do appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging. Please rest assured that we will consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Yanna (01/27/2019)

    My boys,ages 7 and 2, love this product. It would also be great if 495ml bottles come with a pelican pump dispenser to easily control the amount of product to be used especially with older kids who bathe themselves independently. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Yanna! We're glad that your boys loved our Natural Kids Shampoo & Body Wash. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging. Rest assured that we will consider your suggestion for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Anna (01/27/2019)

    My kids have been using this for quite sometime now and we're all happy about it. Of all HN products, we are somehow hoping kids' products are packed more "child-friendly". Why not have it in containers with dispensing pump? My son got hurt when he dropped the big 495ml container on his foot. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Anna! We're happy that our Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash are working for your kids. We're sorry about your experience with the packaging. Please rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of our Kids Care line. Thank you!]
  • Vianca (01/27/2019)

    My daughter loves the scent and I love how fresh she smells all throughout the day after using this. But apart from all things, I also love how Human Nature gives thought to the packaging. The container's spout allow for a controlled release of the shampoo so I never worry about spilling too much. Much love for this product!
  • Roselle (01/27/2019)

    Gustong gusto ng 2 anak ko yung tangerine tarsier nito kasi ambango daw. At amoy orange talaga siya. Pwede ba daw kainin? Hahaha. Tinanong ko sila kung ano mas gusto nila. Eto hhn na shampoo or yung kids shampoo na nabibili sa supermarket. Ang sabi nila mas gusto daw nila to. Kaya eto nalang ipagamit ko. Mas healthy pa sa buhok kasi puro natural ang products ng hhn.
  • Raphonzel (01/27/2019)

    From 2015 to the present date 03/09/2018...my child is still using this wonderful product. I have asked my mom who is living in the U.S. to stop sending US products. I'm quite satisfied with HN products. Proud to be Filipino!!!
  • How would you rate this product?*
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