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Tinted Lip Balm 4g
Tinted Lip Balm 4g
   Works miracles with my dry lips! The pigmentation is superb! Colors are wearable. Sometimes the a...  
- Sarah (in BeautyMNL)
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100% Natural | Carmine-Free | Paraben-Free | Synthetic Fragrance-Free

A hint of color
Swipe on a moisturizing sheer tint for quick fixes on the go. Get fab in seconds: no mirror needed!

Feel-good nourishment
This blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and all-natural plant oils keeps your lips soft and moisturized through the day.

Available in five fun shades: Rosewood, Guava Jelly, Pink Orchid (pink), Flame Tree (red) and Island Kiss (coral)

Actual color register may vary depending on the pigmentation of your lips.

Did You Know? Cocoa butter's melting point is around 34-38°C, which is close to your normal body temperature. Because it melts upon contact with your lips, its emollient and moisturizing properties get absorbed into your skin easier.


Tip: Use a tinted lip balm before applying your favorite Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick – this intensifies or softens (depending on the shade that you pick!) the color!

Flame Tree:  Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable-derived), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E), iron oxide (CI 77491), manganese violet (CI 77742), mica (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891)

Pink Orchid: Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable-derived), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E), zinc oxide (CI 77497), manganese violet (CI 77742), mica (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), iron oxide (CI 77491)

Island Kiss: Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable-derived), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E), iron oxide (CI 77491), manganese violet (CI 77742), mica (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891)
To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Rin (03/20/2021)

    My lips are always dry. Buti nalang this helps me. Absolutely, love it!
  • Myriam R. (10/11/2019)

    this is my fave lip balm, it is so amazing because make my lips better , wrinkle free, soft & smooth. before i use well known brand matte tinted balm, it makes my lips dull & dry. i love the shade of flame tree, guava jelly, rose wood & pink orchid. thanks to human nature for this amazing product.
  • Aia (10/04/2019)

    I love this tinted lip balm, particularly the Flame Tree shade I'm currently using. I noticed some improvements in the formulation -- more pigmented and lasts longer than before (looks like I'm wearing a sheer lipstick), less minty sensation, less glittery, and more moisturizing! I've used Flame Tree and Pink Orchid (sorry but not again for it looks pale on me) a few years ago but I wasn't as happy and impressed as now. Aside from superb quality, the product is safe, 100% natural, and quite affordable. What more can I ask for? Thank you Human Nature for this wonderful product! Would love to try the Rosewood and Guava Jelly shades soon!=)
  • Ella (09/30/2019)

    This is by far the best tinted lip balm that I've tried. I'm currently using the Guava Jelly variant and I can't wait to try the other shades!
  • Emma Rosen (09/26/2019)

    I love this! It has a cool feeling with a subtle color! Perfect for everyday use. Purchasing other colors now :) Never tried any lip balm as good as this
  • RK (09/14/2019)

    It has all the benefits of a lip balm but gives a nice subtle pop of color. It's great that you can intensify the color by adding more layers. I've been using this product since college and Flame Tree has always been my go-to shade since it suits my morena skin tone the best. I'm so glad that you added Guava Jelly and Rosewood since these are so flattering for my skin tone as well. Guava Jelly is my new favorite! However, I hope you consider switching to paper tubes for the packaging for a more eco-friendly product.
  • Brench (08/10/2019)

    Lip stick and lip balm in one. I use this everyday to moisturize my lips.
  • Grace (07/27/2019)

    It moisturizes just fine and gives a nice hint of color, especially as I do not like wearing lipstick. On really cold and dry days, I have to reapply more often though. Color-wise, pink orchid is still my favorite. Next is guava jelly, which is like a toned down version of another favorite, rhubarb from burt’s bees.
  • Susana (06/01/2019)

    This is the HG of all lip balms. My pout is usually dry and dark, and this has made my lips better. I've tried almost every drugstore lip balm but this beats all of them.
  • Ma. Tria Salve (11/12/2018)

    I use this as my "lip balm and lipstick in one". I love its moisturizing effect, and it always enhances the color of my lips. My shade of choice? Pink Orchid.
  • Katrina (08/08/2018)

    it doesn't dry my lips and I really like the color of island kiss
  • SHERYL (04/05/2018)

    This is one of my favorite product of HHN!!! It suits for all ages. Mapa-adult, or teens. Malamig siya sa lips once applied because of the peppermint. Very high pigmented naman siya..kaya sulit. Ok siya for everyday make up. Sa mga hindi mahilig mag lipstick eto ung alternative na pwedeng gamitin. Hindi pa dry sa lips and safe kasi organic. I love the flame tree and island kiss shade
  • Jacinta Eve (01/12/2018)

    i thought the black look was good but wow the white one looks even better! I usually use the peppermint balm before I use my tinted lip balms because it doesnt really help my chapped lips. probably nice if HN had a lip balm thats packed with nourishing vitamins cause I read that chapped lips can't be cured by water therapy. Sometimes it's the lack of nourishment. How about something like a power balm. still love the colors! rating 5 hearts still.
  • Shamaine (10/04/2017)

    Very good lip balms. I agree with someone who also wished for a real red colour for this for variety (or because we love the real red colour haha). The product will surely last long, too. 4g may last 3 months at most! Great!
  • Helen (09/03/2017)

    Heaven sent lip balm! Works for my very dry lips and I love the cooling effect and the natural color the tint gives!
  • Junna (08/24/2017)

    My tinted lip balm (pink orchid) went dry and i can't use it because its very difficult to apply it. Checked the expiration date and its not even expired. I really like the balm and its upsetting this happened. Is there anything i can do to revive it? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Junna! Thank you for purchasing our Tinted Lip Balm. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you soon to provide further assistance on the matter. Thank you!]
  • Kate (08/11/2017)

    I love this
  • Syasya (04/26/2017)

    I love this tinted lip balm! Instantly relieved my cracked lips. Makes lipstick application and removal easy. My lips feel so soft all day. I noticed that my lip color lightened after using it for one day. I like the glittery shine
  • Mavis (01/31/2017)

    i love that it feels cool after applying and it doesn't feels sticky unlike other brands.
  • Kristel T. (01/28/2017)

    These balms make my lips soft and supple. It doesn't cause itching because it is free from harmful chemicals which can also darken our lips. This can also be used before applying lipstick brands but I encourage everybody to switch to Human Heart Nature.
  • Cielo (08/07/2016)

    Love this product. Flame tree is my favorite lip balm. It has a minty effect when applied.
  • loren (06/07/2016)

    this is the first time I used a glittered lip balm and its beginning to look like a lipstick already but I like the shades though. I prefer a non glittered one. one thing I don't like in this product is if you put more to achieve a darker color it settles in the lip line. For a price of 89 pesos I think its worth the price. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello loren! We're so glad that you loved our Tinted Lip Balm. We also appreciate your honest feedback on the application. We will definitely consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Jacinta Eve (05/23/2016)

    I've been using the tinted lip balm for three years, the color and shimmer of it is great but I noticed that this balm doesn't moisturize as well as the plain lip balms do. My lips flake still. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jacinta Eve! Thank you for purchasing our Tinted Lip Balm. We also value your honest feedback and we'll definitely consider it for the future development of the product. In the meantime, we also recommend that you apply our Flavored Lip Balm before going to bed to help keep your lips moisturized. Thank you very much! :)]
  • Tracy (02/23/2016)

    I've been looking for a good nude lipstick and I didn't imagine that I would be so satisfied by this tinted lip balm! I was so excited to try it, I tried it while my boyfriend and I were still inside your flagship store. (plus points for the free coffee experience, by the way, and such a lovely store interior you have!) What I love about it is that it has a fine shimmer which isn't too shiny/glittery. I also noticed how after using this lip balm, my lips feel a bit tighter and have less creases. I didn't expect any lip product to do that, but this one certainly did! I love the mild tingling sensation and its mild minty scent and upon my first application, I really felt how hydrating it was without being sticky/heavy like other lip balms. I'm definitely going to use this for those days when I'm not in the mood for lipstick but need a little color on my face. I love it! Will buy the other two shades too!
  • Juliette Ruby (02/23/2016)

    I love "Flame Tree"! The shade is perfect for all skin shade. It doesn't crack my lips, it glides smoothly and the color is not overwhelming.
  • Gee (02/02/2016)

    I've been using Flame Tree tinted lip balm as my everyday beauty-on-the-go since 2012. But since you changed its look, I feel that the shade has become lighter. Hope you consider bringing back the old formulation with darker tint, coz' it looks better on a morena like me. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gee! We're so happy you liked our Flame Tree Tinted Lip Balm. Kindly note that we didn't change the formulation of our Tinted Lip Balms. Should you have further concerns, you may get in touch with us by calling our friendly Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2222 or emailing at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. We would love to assist you as much as we can. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Beryl (01/15/2016)

    I so love Flame Tree <3 It's as if I've put on a lipstick. Good job HN!
  • J (01/13/2016)

    Tried the flame tree one. It's not as minty as the peppermint one but still pretty minty. I love the tint but it seems that the color fades quickly -- noticeably in 3-4 hours, without even eating or drinking. It's fine if you don't mind reapplying every now and then but I'm more of a lip stain person. I hope HHN comes up with one though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello J! We're so happy that you liked our Flame Tree Tinted Lip Balm. We also appreciate your suggestion about a lip stain. Rest assured we will take your idea into considerationf for future expansion of our makeup line. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Alex (11/29/2015)

    I recently bought the Flame tree lip balm and I don't mind using this product for years. I have my dislikes with lipstick and I hate lip gloss so I went with lip balm. I've using HN products for half a year now so I decided it wasn't gonna hurt to try their cosmetics department. I'm glad I tried. It blends really well with my lips and it actually looks natural. The look I have after brushing my teeth. I love the medium moisture and the minty feel it gives off. <3
  • Angelica (10/03/2015)

    I travel a lot and I noticed everytime I travel, my lips would crack especially in the mornings. I bought this Tinted Lip Balm in Flame tree before I left for Thailand & Laos. I used it before I go to sleep and I am amazed at how it made my lips so moisturized. I am in love with this and would continue to use this. Thumbs up!
  • Janice (10/02/2015)

    island kiss and flame tree works best for me! these tinted balms even taste minty : )
  • Cerise (08/28/2015)

    Love its color, the cool mint sensation, and it keeps my lips soft and moisturized. I always have very dry lips, but this balm helped me get rid of the dryness. :)
  • Katrina Paula (08/21/2015)

    My mom loves the fact that it moisturizes her lips and has a good tint to it. However, she is requesting for the HUMAN HEART NATURE MINERAL COLORCREME LIP PALETTE which i gave her a few years back. Told her I'll put it in the review maybe they'll re stock it! Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Katrina Paula! We're so glad that your mom loves our Tinted Lip Balm! Unfortunately, we discontinued our Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette earlier this year. However she will be happy to know that she can still pick up her favorite shades from the lip palette in full-sized tubes with our Mineral ColorCreme Lipsticks: http://humanheartnature.com/buy/index.php/mineral-make-up/mineral-colorcreme-lipstick.html Hope this helps! Thank you again!]
  • Ezrha (05/25/2015)

    I had been using this since it first came out but cannot remember why I just stopped using it. I then ordered one to rediscover it again. I ordered Flame Tree. At first, the color was not the same as before. It is now much darker than when it was 2 years ago. Second, the peppermint in the formula is way too strong. My lips suffered from burns and dried them out and took a week for it to heal and return to normal again. I hope you can come up with tinted lip balms without the peppermint. I consider myself as allergic to peppermint oil. Though this was not an issue before. Please make these in versions without peppermint oil. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ezrha! Thank you for your feedback. To address your concern, we actually haven't changed the formulation of our Tinted Lip Balm since 2013 - it's still the same great formulation :) If you think that there is something different about the one you received, we would be happy to look into it for you :) We're sorry to hear about your sensitivity to mint. We recommend that you stick to our regular, non-tinted lip balms in Cherry or Wild Berry - they're absolutely perfect for summer! :) In any case, we will definitely take your feedback into consideration. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you soon to help you out! Thanks!]
  • Joyce (05/24/2015)

    I actually really liked the color, but not the glitters. The weird thing about this is after a few seconds, i don't feel like my lips is moisturized at all and it feels dry. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Joyce! Thank you for your feedback. Our Tinted Lip Balm contains all-natural plant oils to keep lips soft and moisturized, so it is unlikely to cause dryness. We'd like to look into your concern to see if you may have received a defective product. On the other hand, if your lips are naturally dry or flaky, they may need some extra moisturizing.We recommend gently exfoliating your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush at least 2-3 times a week. You can also try layering our Natural Lip Balm under your Tinted Lip Balm :) Hope this helps! Our Customer Service will get in touch with you soon to assist you. Thank you!]
  • Cristina (05/23/2015)

    I've always had issues with chapped lips and after some reading, i learned that it's a reaction to petroleum the practically ALL lip products have. HHN's lip balms dont have it so they are the best for my lips, I have maybe 6 in all scattered around my house and in my bag..and it's possible because it's so cheap! These tinted lip balms have made me stop using lipstick...but please give us new colors!!
  • Rowena (04/17/2015)

    Really true to its claims and promises. Pigmented than the average lip balm, moisturizing and affordable! Will definitely buy the rest of the shades.
  • Ella (02/13/2015)

    Very nourishing as my lips feel refreshed whenever I apply it because of the minty hint. I have the 3 shades and I use them everyday instead of a chemically heaped lipstick. I'm glad I switched to Only The Good HHN. :)
  • Karla (02/02/2015)

    Very moisturizing, color pay off is that of lipstick, taste/smell is very pleasant, smooth doesn't highlight lip wrinkles and doesn't leave white residue on the lips(pet peeve.Will continue to buy this!
  • Lianne (01/02/2015)

    I love thia product so much that I had to habe all three shades. I've never been one to buy pale pinks because I felt they looked awkward on my lips. However, these lipbalms are truly made for Filipinas, and all three shades look natural on my lips. My lips but better! I even use them as cheek tint in a pinch and they work well like that, giving my skin a dewy glow. Love this product! Well done Human Nature!
  • Elvie (12/23/2014)

    I like the minty feel on my lips when using this lipbalm. I didn't like the flame tree "shade" though- but I've done some researching and found out that when finding for the best shade of lip color..."The most flattering lip tones will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color," according to makeup artist Bobbi Brown. I find tinted lip balms comparable to lipsticks coz they give color to the lips, only better coz they moisturize them too. so I guess I found the right shade for me. :) though i'd probably try the island kiss too... [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Elvie! We're glad you found a shade that works for your lip tone :) If you need anything else, do feel free to get in touch with us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com and we'll gladly assist you! :) Thank you and happy holidays!]
  • Aizelle (12/19/2014)

    Hi, Human Nature! I am really not a fan of putting on lipstick every single day especially at work. I go on 24-hr duties and I find that retouching lipstick is OA especially if already on the night shift. So I was really happy when I found out about your Tinted Lip Balms. I apply it any time without feeling OA or "too much" since it's just a typical lip balm but with color. I've been using it for a year now and my favorite go-to shade is Flame Tree. Thank you, Human Nature!
  • elizabeth (12/16/2014)

    Best lip balm ever!!
  • Michelle (11/12/2014)

    I love your tinted lip balms. I'm currently using the Island Kiss and Flame Tree versions and they're just what I need -- cheap, nourishing, hypoallergenic (I'm allergic to Revlon lipsticks-- they cost me a fortune in terms of derma fees once), they are easy to apply and though they don't last as long as lipsticks, they are really okay. I've checked it with Skin Deep -- the largest online safety and toxicity database for cosmetics and this brand passes the test. Read here for how you can check on your beauty products -- http://www.behealthyandwell.com/2014/11/introducing-skin-deep-largest-safety.html
  • CheChe (10/18/2014)

    BEST LIP BALM EVER! My lips aren't exactly Angelina Jolie material. Its dry, chapped and has a dark discoloration due to my fondness of trying Mom's lipsticks at a young age (I guess the chemicals kind of burnt the skin). I've known about HHN's lip balms for years now but never thought of giving it a try 'til lately. There's so much to love about the flame tree variant (its the only one I've tried so far)! Pros: -The shade goes well with my lips and overall skin tone -It doesn't have bits of the product clumping up when applied -It's somewhere between matte and glossy, a good thing because it retains moisture while not making the lips have that I've-just-eaten-oily-food effect Cons: - no spf :c hope you guys incorporate that soon though, :D
  • Katreena (08/30/2014)

    This product, which I have been using for just under a year, is one of my few favourites in the Human Nature products line. (Another one would be the non-tinted lip balm.) I first bought the Island Kiss shade. I thought it was a nice color, especially when I wanted to look Taylor Swift-inspired. I have somewhat light skin and the dark coral just looks orangey-red on me. Still nice though. I, being a lip balm addict, would use it all the time, just for the sake of putting it on my lips; but I noticed that over time it gets a little heavy on the lips (even when I didn't layer it on). I figured that was probably because of the minerals used to color it. Then one day, it melted while lying next to my laptop. I had to remold it and refreeze it in the freezer. After that, it stopped feeling heavy on the lips. The next one I bought was Pink Orchid, which really suits me too. Not too pink, not too purple. I had the same problem with the heavy feeling so I put it next to my laptop purposefully and I stopped having the problem, even when I layer it. I hope you can make a tinted lip balm that isn't mineral-tinted but plant dye-tinted. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Katreena! We're so glad our Tinted Lip Balm is one of your favorite products. To prevent a heavy feeling on your lips, we do recommend following the proper storage advice on the packaging to keep it in tip-top condition :) Right now, we do use safe mineral-based dyes for our Lip Balms. However, we are open to exploring the viability of using plant-based dyes :) Thanks again!]
  • Mae (04/09/2014)

    This lip balm surprised me, i thought its just some 'tinted' balm like everything else but whoa when you apply it its like wearing lipstick. super tinted and i love it! matches my lip color too. i love the flame tree but i'll try the other shades cause i'm addicted with HNN products! :) P.S the cap easily comes off, hoping for packaging improvement [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mae! We're so thrilled you love our Tinted Lip Balm! We're sorry to hear about your loose cap, it sounds like you may have received a defective product. We'd be more than happy to replace it for you so that you can continue to stay naturally gorgeous ;) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon! Thanks!]
  • Vanessa (04/01/2014)

    I don't know why but none of the HHN lip make-up seem to moisturizer my lips! It's too bad because I love HHN products. I love the tinted lip balm in Flame Tree and I've also tried the tinted lip gloss in the pink (Pink Hibiscus?) shade, but they dry out my lips after an hour or so from application. The natural lip balm in peppermint worked for me for a while, but I looked pale when I used it and I didn't really like the flavor. Actually, I don't like the other flavors of the lip balm. Maybe strawberry could be a new flavor for the natural lip balm? It could be my alternative for my current commercial lip balm/glosses (Sebamed Baby, Chapstick in Strawberry and Maybelline's Baby Lips in Cherry). I've also used the lipstick (it has been discontinued already) but it also dried out my lips. I don't want to use the palette kind because it's not convenient for me. I hope the newly-released lipstick is really more moisture-packed and that I can find a color that really complements my complexion. Looking forward to trying it out soon. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Vanessa! Thank you for your feedback. Our 100% Natural Lip Balms, Tinted Lip Balms, and Lip Sticks have been formulated to give you extreme moisture and a smooth glide, and they're often cult favorites! Best of all, they don't contain any harmful chemicals like petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin, or other synthetic chemicals that commercial lippies contain (so be sure to always read the label before buying!). It's possible, though, that you may be sensitive to one of the natural ingredients in our lippies. We'd like to get in touch with you to learn more about the experience and help you determine the cause. We also highly recommend our new 100% Natural Mineral ColorCreme Lipsticks because they've been reformulated for richer moisture, powerful pigment, and a range of satin to shiny finishes :) We'll definitely take your other suggestions into consideration! Thanks!
  • Kimberly Malka (03/28/2014)

    I'm a new human nature dealer based here in Manila. One of my best sellers is this- Tinted Lipbalm Flame Tree - I always wear it in school and my friends thought I always wear a lipstick since it's super pigmented. When I told them that it's just a lip balm they were in doubt of me. They ordered Flame Tree and I proved to them that it's just a lip balm. Our block now wears Human Nature Lip Balm since its very healthy for our lips because of the moisture and color that it gives. (our block's lips look alike everyday hihi)
  • Jacinta Eve (03/12/2014)

    It's amazing how The pink orchid lip balm really moisturizes my lips and gives me a fresh look all the time. It matches any kind of skin tone and you look good without being overdone!
  • Len (03/05/2014)

    I love it! HHN lipbalm seamlessly becomes part of your lips, unlike other commercial lipbalms. It surprises with that minty feel, as if you just toothbrushed! :) I use it as my lipstick (flame tree shade) at home, at the office, wherever I go. It's a great discovery especially that it's way reasonably priced. You get more than your money's worth! It's organic, it moisturizes, refreshes, and enhances your looks at a very affordable cost! What can make it perfect is the sun protection or SPF that future formulations can give. Looking forward to that, but now, I'm still thankful, HHN!
  • Lin (02/26/2014)

    I am in-love of your tinted lip balm especially the flame tree shade. I bought the flame tree and pink orchid been using it for months and recently i run out of the pink orchid so I bought online along with the other shade Island Kiss and i wonder now why there's no tint when i applied on my lips. And same as before it doesn't also glide as smooth as the Flame tree shade that I have. The balm seem dry and hard. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lin! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Tinted Lip Balms are formulated to deliver a natural pigment in a smooth and moisturizing glide, but it does sound like the one you received may have dried out. We'd like to retrieve your product for investigation and replace it with a brand new one for you to enjoy :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! Thank you so much!]
  • Jen (01/05/2014)

    i like island kiss. my lips are sensitive to cold weather and chemicals. they are usually dry. i used all sorts of lip gloss/balm/lipstick but only island kiss flavor took my lips' dryness. please do not change this product! i tried using the other flavors from your selection but only island kiss flavor works for me. thank you and good job HN!
  • Danica (01/02/2014)

    i've been using burt's bees lip balm which we all know are quite expensive. its a great thing HHN is here to prevent me from overspending. I especially love the high pigmentation so i also get to save myself from buying too many lipsticks.
  • Shayne (12/31/2013)

    I love the flame tree shade and how it looks on my lips, i bought my lipbalm just this october,it was fine during the 1st and 2nd month and when im rolling it upwards it glides perfectly but when i'm retracting it, it would get stuck near the end, it wont move, i have to push it in myself [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Shayne! We're so thrilled to know you love our Flame Tree 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm! As with all lip balms, we would recommend that you not roll it up too much and expose too much of the lip balm, as this may cause it to snap off easily. We'd like to look into your packaging issue, anyway, as it is not usual for it to get stuck when retracting. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thanks!]
  • Kai (11/28/2013)

    I've tried flame tree and island kiss and I like them both. They aren't the most moisturizing lip balms I've tried but when my lips are in good condition they do good job of keeping them from drying out. When my lips are super dry and chapped I have to use something else first. The colors are great, just enough color pay off to give that effortless fresh look.
  • Lore (11/22/2013)

    i love this lipbalm pero sana hindi na magtwizt mysteriously ang erectable nya na hindi ko naman ginalaw [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lore! It sounds like you may have received a defective tube. We would like to look into your packaging issue and offer you a free replacement for your lip balm so you can continue to enjoy it :) Our Customer Service will be in touch soon. Thank you!]
  • Janice (11/19/2013)

    i love this! keeps my lips moisturized and the pink orchid is the perfect tint for me. i can pull-off the 'no make-up' look with it. plus, being all natural i'm not worried about ingesting chemicals when i put it on.
  • vivien (09/19/2013)

    i love the flame tree color ..i just hope soon you'll give us a color on the red shade one...
  • Patrice Mae (09/19/2013)

    I love that the product was delivered to me very fast (I live in Davao City by the way). I also love how it feels on my lips. However, I noticed that the cap is very loose. When it does without me knowing, it causes mess inside the bag or purse where I place it. Can you do something with the caps? :( It should be a 5-star rating....... if not for the cap. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Patrice! Thanks for your feedback. We have actually already addressed the lip balm packaging issue you're referring to and we'd be happy to replace your tinted lip balm with a brand new one for you to enjoy :) Apologies for the inconvenience! Our Customer Service will be in touch very soon! :)]
  • LittleMissClueless (09/09/2013)

    Please read my complete review of Human Nature products at http://beautyhitsandmisses.blogspot.com/2013/09/human-nature-beauty-haul.html
  • Ennuhdee (08/05/2013)

    I love the minty feel! I use the FLAME TREE! Im not sure but for me it's like matte that sometimes I use petroleum jelly first before applying it but it's ALL GOOD! I don't use lipstick anymore, this'll do. Can't wait to try the other two! Yey! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ennuhdee! Wow, thanks for the amazing feedback! You might want to know that we actually stay away from petroleum-based ingredients in our products because of their known health risks. So instead of petroleum jelly, you might want to try out our Natural Lip Balms! Peppermint is our bestseller and you'll love its minty feeling! :)]
  • Jessel (07/30/2013)

    Love at first Swipe
  • Deonalaine Ivy (07/27/2013)

    I love, love Flame Tree! It looks so natural on me. I looks as if I have nothing on my lips. It's amazing. I have a rather pale-violety kind of lips and this is my heavensent answer to that. Thank you very much for this!
  • Charlie (07/22/2013)

    Its a WOW for this tinted lip balm - Flame tree variant of HHN! Been using the regular,peppermint lim balm for 3 months and this one for like twice.. but im already fallin in love with the feel and look on my lips of this product. I've been using lip balms from other more popular and expensive brands but in my honest opinion,HHN's is the very best among them! So glad that I've discovered your wonderful products! Thank HHN! More blessing! :)
  • belle (07/21/2013)

    i love this lip balm. i have pouty lips that gets dry very easily. but this lip balm has the right hue for me (i am using flame tree) and keeps my lips moisturized. i use the tinted lip balm when i go out during the day and the peppermint lip balm at night.
  • Lian (07/11/2013)

    I'm lovin' the hint of mint in your new formulation! Flame tree is my favorite timted lip balm. Gives a really nice deep red color.
  • cristine (06/30/2013)

    been using this product for several months now. i don't use lipstick anymore because the tint is already ok. i just hope it will be smoother to apply. also, may i confirm that this is lead free and will not cause lips to darken? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Christine! Human Nature’s 100% Natural Mineral Lipsticks are perhaps the safest lipsticks you can find in the Philippines or even in the world. Even the air and drinking water do contain very tiny amounts of lead, so it is impossible to completely remove all possibility of lead being in any lipstick. But our tests have shown that the amount in ours is so small that you would have to use our lipstick several hundred times to get the same amount of lead as in one liter of drinking water. They also won't darken your lips; in fact, its 100% natural ingredients like cocoa butter, passion fruit oil, and sunflower oil nourish your lips to make them gorgeously healthy. :) Thanks!]
  • Hazel (06/10/2013)

    I've been using HHN products for 2 years already, but this was the first time i tried to use the lip balm in pink orchid shade. I only used it twice and never used it again as it feels sticky and dry on my lips. Im just disappointed :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Hazel! Thank you for supporting our products for so long. We're sorry to hear that this product disappointed you. We would like to to have the same great experience with all of our products so we'd like to offer you a replacement, refund, or credit for your lipstick. We will also retrieve the lipstick to investigate the cause of the stickiness and dryness. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :)]
  • Catherine (05/22/2013)

    What i love about this product is the minty feeling on my lips every time i apply it.. I also love the color. My only complaint is that the roller wont go back down. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Catherine! We're so glad you love our tinted lip balm! We'd like to look into your packaging issue, though, as this is not a usual complaint. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you soon and gladly replace your broken roller :) Thank you so much!]
  • Maria Ana (05/09/2013)

    This is my first HHN tinted lip balm and been using it for less than a week. I purchased the Flame Tree shade because I wanted red lips that will naturally blend with my no-makeup-look and doesn't leave too much stain whenever I eat and yes, the product didn't fail me! I love the rich color and the yummy feeling of the minty scent of the lip balm. The color doesn't go off easily and blends well with my lips even after eating! I also believe it moisturizes well and keeps my lips supple and smooth-looking. It's like one of my high-end lipstick but in a form of a lip balm with a cheap price. I just wish they will put an SPF in it :)
  • Klein (05/09/2013)

    This is my first HHN tinted lip balm and been using it for less than a week. I purchased the Flame Tree shade because I wanted red lips that will naturally blend with my no-makeup-look and doesn't leave too much stain whenever I eat and yes, the product didn't fail me! I love the rich color and the yummy feeling of the minty scent of the lip balm. The color doesn't go off easily and blends well with my lips even after eating! I also believe it moisturizes well and keeps my lips supple and smooth-looking. It's like one of my high-end lipstick but in a form of a lip balm with a cheap price. I just wish they will put an SPF in it :)
  • Tin (03/10/2013)

    I love it!!! It moisturizes my lips and the color is just perfect!!! I got the Flame Tree btw. I also love the minty feeling upon application. It also isn't stick unlike other balms I've tried before. The only downside was the roller broke and the balm won't roll back down :( But still, it's a good product :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Tin, thank you for the positive feedback! We'd be happy to replace your tinted lip balm with the broken roller. Our Customer Service will be in touch :)]
  • Katrina (03/03/2013)

    I'm a big fan of these lip balms -- I bought one and got the other two colors within a week or two. The stuff feels good (a little pepperminty) and looks really pretty! I like all three colors and use them on different occasions. Again, this is another product I don't mind using daily (even though I never used to wear make-up on regular days before) because it feels so light!
  • Deb (01/18/2013)

    A very nice product that provides the minimal amount of lip color I like while keeping my lips moisturized. Love the minty feel.
  • Jasmin (12/15/2012)

    I love it so bad I think I'm going to ditch my lipsticks for this. It's a lip balm but it provides a really good color. (I have Island Kiss btw). It's not like my other tinted lip balm that looks like redish saliva on my lips. It's funny because it's the same color with my high-end lipstick but this lip balm lasts longer. I wore it to class from 3-6pm. I think it would have lasted longer but I had to eat at 6. The only downside is the smell and taste while applying. Tastes like medicine. :( I think I'll buy the other 2 colors soon. :)
  • Maia-Romana (12/12/2012)

    Hi HHN! I'm an avid fan of your tinted lip balm especially the flame tree shade. I even recommended it to my friends and office-mates. I love the flame tree shade but i would also want to try the other shades. I also bought Pink orchid and i wonder why there's no tint when i applied on my lips. I doesn't also glide as smooth as the Flame tree shade that I have. The balm seem dry and hard. Thank you and more power!
  • Theresa (12/07/2012)

    Me and my sisters are HNN loyalists since we discovered Sunflower oil. I got Flame Tree first since it has the most great reviews. The shade was good for me, so I got the other two shades. However, the Island Kiss is too brown for me, while the Pink Orchid is okay but the product doesn't come back in after being rolled out. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for sharing with us your experience on the lip balm, Theresa. As with all our products, we are committed to giving the best product experience and would like to make up for it by refunding or replacing it at no added cost to you. Please expect our email shortly. :)]
  • Rosa (11/24/2012)

    I love the cool tingle this leaves on my lips after application! I'm using Flame Tree and while it's a touch too dark for my daily use, it's the perfect match to complement the Lucky in Love lipstick. Also, I tried applying this at night and woke up to perfectly moisturized lips--and the tint didn't rub off on my pillow either. :D
  • Angela (10/22/2012)

    I’m not exaggerating but I’ve been using a lot of lip balms and I can say that this is the best I’ve ever tried. I bought the Flame Tree variant and its color is just right for me. It enhances my lips while looking very natural on it. Also, the lip balm itself is not messy and sticky so it’s easy to handle. Like the HN natural lip balms, it moisturizes very well. I’m giving it 5 stars!
  • Christine (10/09/2012)

    I love the minty feel of it on my lips and the color stays long which I didn't expect for a lip balm. I tried the Flame Tree and I love the shade because it complements my skin tone. My sister recently gave me 2 Clinique lipsticks before I purchased HHN's lip balm and I ditched the lipsticks for this one because I'm truly satisfied and amazed by this product.
  • Eileen (09/20/2012)

    I bought Pink Orchid since I want a light pink liptint (as i saw in the magalogues) but when I tried it on, it looked like Island Kiss. It didn't really match my fair skintone. :( It was also a bit draggy compared to the Wild Berry lipbalm that I purchased along with this. I wish you could lighten the color a bit for the skintones that are like mine and reformulate it almost the same as your non-tinted lipbalms since they're more moisturizing and has more glide as compared to the tinted ones. :) [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Eileen! Thanks so much for taking time to let us know about your experience with our Natural Tinted Lip Balm. We’re really sorry about the gliding and color issue. Our lip tints have almost the same formula as our lip balms. The only difference is that there are a few coloring agents on the tints so it’s supposed to glide the same way as the balms glide. For the color, as with all lipsticks/lip balms, sometimes the color looks different on different people. Worry not! :) We’ll let our Natural Care Labs know about your color request and of course, we’ll gladly have your Tinted Lip Balm exchanged for a different shade or credited on your account. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch. :)]
  • Emerle (08/25/2012)

    I love the color of flame tree on my skin tone. Good buy to wind burns. Now I will try the Island Kiss, as I will need to throw away my already four month old flame tree lip balm.
  • Rain (08/12/2012)

    Hindi ako mahilig sa mga pink na kulay ng lip balm or tints kaya Island kiss and binili ko. Nakakalambot ung pormula at madaling gamitin. Maganda sana ung kulay kaso mas maganda sana kung babawasin ung konting pagkabrown nung lipbalm. Magkaroon sana kayo ng kulay na me halong coral at peach o kaya red orange.
  • Leia Kristin (07/07/2012)

    First off, I love the color, the smell and the minty feel after I put it on my lips. However, what I don't like is how my lips feel dry after application. :( Even after a few layers, they still feel dry. I need to put a drop of sunflower oil before application. Another thing, the roller in my lipgloss broke easily. It doesn't pull the product back in after a few uses. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Leia Kristin! We’re very sorry about your experience. This is an unusual reaction since it was supposed to condition the lips and prevent it from drying. With this, we’d like to offer you a replacement of the product or refund. We’d also have to retrieve your lip balm so we can check on it and find out what has caused the drying. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch. :)]
  • Anne Janine (07/06/2012)

    At first I was apprehensive, but when I finally gave in and tried it (I got it in Island Kiss, by the way), I instantly knew my constant search for the perfect lippie is over. Not only is it a lip balm, but it also packs just the right amount of color to enhance the Pinay skin tone. My search for the perfect orange hue is over. This is it. I can't wait to get the two other shades! :)
  • ABBY (07/02/2012)

    I've been using Flame Tree for a long time. I recently discovered it can double as a blush when swiped over moisturized skin. The shade is so pretty! Just blend well and you'll end up with a pretty flush. So versatile!
  • She (06/22/2012)

    I love that It glides smoothly but Flame Tree is actually more of a brownish red and cap/cover comes off really easily as well as the other lip balms. Thank you for keeping on improving the products and for providing us a Better Safer body care option.
  • mary grace (05/29/2012)

    i'm using pink orchid and i love that it gives a nice subtle color that it can be used on its own and the peppermint feel. However, i wish that it can provide more moisture so i won't have to re-apply the whole day, for easier application too.
  • Leah (05/26/2012)

    I hardly wear lip balms alone as I have to use them under a lipstick or a lip gloss. But, since I laid hands on this wonderful tinted lip balm. I ditched the lipstick and just go through all day with this lip balm on my pocket. It moisturizes my lips without the sticky feeling and the little crumbs that form that I usually get from using lip balms under lip sticks. The colors match every skin tone perfectly and it looks so natural!
  • Anne (05/22/2012)

    This is my first time to buy the tinted lip balm and I love it! The smooth glide and the shade complemented my lips very well (I bought Flame Tree). It's very easy to apply and I love the cool after-feel of peppermint.
  • Angela (05/15/2012)

    I love love love this lip balm. I got Island Kiss and the color is great; subtle, but brings life to dull lips. I love the smell, the feel, everything. I did notice that the sticker started to peel off the day after I got it, but I just taped it up. I use it even when I'm just bumming around the house.
  • Aviva (03/23/2012)

    I got mine in Flame Tree because my lips are naturally reddish, so I was afraid the other colors wouldn't show up on me. I absolutely love it! When I'm on the go and have no time to retouch, it can substitute for lipstick, albeit one that really moisturizes. I didn't get the post-application tingly feeling that other users got, but that's okay. I love how it smells like mint chocolate. It's neither super glossy nor matte, so it suits everyone. Also, it's a perfect base for lip glosses and lipsticks as it makes the color last longer. The label adhesive could use some improvement; as one reviewer mentioned, it peels off rather easily. And as some reviewers commented, it drags when applied to bare lips, although application becomes smoother as you build up layers of balm. But really, what I love most about this product is that it is made from natural ingredients and proudly manufactured in the Philippines! And it doesn't hurt that it's so affordable too. Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. Excellent product! Thank you so much for making this.
  • Gen (03/14/2012)

    I just bought my first tinted lip balm from HHN and I am definitely happy about my purchase! The Flame Tree shade looked flattering on my lips and it felt smooth and soft too (especially on top of a dab of Sunflower Oil). I like it so much I use it even before going to sleep :) My only complain would be that the label started peeling the day after I bought it, as such, the tube would get "sabit" on anything that was beside it inside my bag.
  • Loree (02/03/2012)

    First few uses, I was satisfied with this product. Color suited me well, very close to my natural lip color and it does not have an aftertaste. Maybe we can add more color variations. But after a while, I noticed that my lips easily feel dry and chapped. I guess its the beeswax content in the lip balm. [Editor’s note: Thank you for reviewing our 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm, Loree and we are sorry to hear you didn’t get on with it so well. Please expect and email from our Customer Service team. As with all our products, we will happily replace or refund it for you if not completely satisfied :)]
  • Angel (01/30/2012)

    I've been using different brands of lip balms and I still have chapped lips. This lip balm is the best I've tried so far :) I love the minty feel after using it and my lips don't crack anymore. I love the Pink Orchid shade :) My only concern is that the roller won't work when I roll the stick back. I have to push the lip balm with my lips. But other than that, I love this product :) [Editor’s Note: Hi Angel, thanks for reviewing our 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm and we are sorry to hear that the roller doesn’t roll the stick back. We will be happy to replace the product for you, free of charge! Our customer service team will contact you to process the replacement. :)]
  • Corinne (01/24/2012)

    I think the product is just perfect. :) I can't live without it! Just a suggestion: I think it would be nice if there was a wider range of colors. Lighter or brighter shades would be nice. :)
  • Chynah (01/23/2012)

    A hands down favorite. It's going to be a permanent fixture inside my make-up bag, read my full review here: http://beautyindistress01.blogspot.com/2012/01/cosmetic-review-human-nature-tinted-lip.html
  • Jessica (01/16/2012)

    Hi.. mas ok yung new formulation ng lipbalm...sana ganoon din dito sa tinted lipbalm..yung nabili ko kasi pink orchid, nun una ok pa,unlike ngayon dry na, mas ginagamit ko na yung new formulation ng lipbalm kung ano yung consistency until now ganda pa din gamitin glossy and mas madali na i-apply..Kaya ang ginagawa ko lipbalm muna then mineral lipstick yung sweet nectar ko nag-ddry din kasi.. [Editor’s Note: Thank you for reviewing this product, Jessica! This is actually the first time that we’ve heard such a feedback about our Natural Tinted Lip balm. Our Customer Service team will get in touch with you to gather more details regarding your concern. As always as with all our products, if you are not satisfied, we will happily refund or replace it for you. :)]
  • Karen (12/31/2011)

    I love that this product does not have an off-taste. I'm using the Pink Orchid variant now . :)
  • MJ (12/07/2011)

    I'm not a big fan of lipsticks, so when this came out, I was excited to try it. It met my expectations -- even surpassed it. I bought the Flame Tree and I love the deep color it gave to my lips. It's lightweight compared to lipsticks and it glides easily on my lips. This is a great product for those who want to give their lips a hint of color without having to put on lipstick. Thanks, HHN!
  • Michelle (11/25/2011)

    I really love this product. It can rightfully take the place of lipstick at just a fourth of the price. The color is just the way I want it-- sheer, lightweight, somewhere between glossy and matte. Check out my review on HN at http://behealthyandwell.com
  • Arleen (11/21/2011)

    I really like this one. It looks intimidatingly dark in the tube, but it layers on sheer and works very well for my skin tone (medium/fair), but I can see this shade working for everyone except the super-mestiza ladies. The only thing that I would like to see is a bit more oil to lessen the drag on application, especially when being used in a cold (aircon) environment - feels like the balm dries/gets hard.
  • Arleen (11/07/2011)

    I got the Flame Tree color and while it looks dark in the tube, it goes on sheer and can take quite a bit of layering to develop a deeper color. This can actually replace daytime lipsticks with no problem. I think the formulation could use a little more 'glide' as it tends to drag upon application, especially if used in airconditioned places (office, car). Great product!
  • rica (11/01/2011)

    have mine in island kiss and applied it the very first time i had it on hand and the verdict, almost perfect. i like the feeling it gives on my lips everytime i apply it. and the tint is just so perfect, almost, this is what i really wanted just a natural tinted lip, am not fond of too much color. i will definitely purchase the other 2 shades.
  • IAN (10/22/2011)

    Bought the Flame Tree shade yesterday. Tried it just this morning; and I'm thinking about throwing away my carmine-filled lipsticks. hahaha I love the Flame Tree shade on me; it's just the right shade; and formulation is perfect. Thanks HNN!
  • pooch in boots (10/14/2011)

    I like: Nice shade. Perfect for a morena like me. I don't like: its smell. smells like expired lipsticks. The packaging is also a bit flimsy.
  • Ezrha (10/13/2011)

    Recently, I fell in love with tinted lip balms. I have used one known foreign 'organic' tinted lip balm product but it gave off a nasty taste after exposure to the sun. It tasted like chemical and I immediately threw it away. I'm glad HHN's tinted lip balms are not like that. I love this new formulation, I have the two shades and the colors suit me very well. It's my lipstick substitute as well. Flame tree is just perfect, it gives a hint of red that's not too overpowering. Pink orchid on the other hand just gives a light natural pink color that's good for everyday use. Another thing that I love in this product is that it doesn't get cakey after several swipes on the lips. Nor it is not too shiny. It's just perfect. I have made a swatch on these products: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/315068_289870594374508_100000547102920_1122904_287029240_n.jpg I hope more shades will be coming soon. Thanks HHN!
  • Cristelle Kate (10/12/2011)

    a lip balm is every girls best friend.. this tinted lip balm keeps my lips moist.. i have 2 shades, the flamed tree and pink orchid. I use to the flamed tree whenever i go out, and i use the pink orchid everytime I sleep. haha.. and everytime i wake up, my lips has a beautiful tint to it..
  • Alyssa (10/12/2011)

    The color flatters well and the texture is just right. However, Is this really supposed to give a warm tingling sensation when you put it on your lips? I bought the one in Island Kiss. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Alyssa! That tingling could be from the Peppermint oil, which we put in there to give a little tingle. Most people like it but it can be a bit surprising perhaps if you're not expecting it!]
  • Sheila (10/09/2011)

    This new formula glides smoothly on my lips. I love the shade of Flame Tree. It suits my skin color.
  • Lea (10/08/2011)

    I got all three colors. They appear lighter on my computer screen, but when applied, it's actually darker. The shades are very nice and it glides on smooth. It's not sticky and does not put off my husband when we kiss.
  • Clarisse (10/06/2011)

    I purchased the Pink Orchid shade right away after learning the release of the new shades of HHN's tinted lip balms. The product's color looked like the color of the Flame Tree based on the picture so I'm kind of skeptical if I really got the right shade (thinking maybe the one I got is really a Flame Tree that was mislabeled as Pink Orchid). BUT anyway, the color is slightly dark for me (doesn't look pink as expected from the shade "Pink Orchid") but I think it would look better on others. The lip balm itself feels good on the lips because of the peppermint. It does moisturize and is good in giving your lips a healthy looking tint. It really is a pretty good lip balm for its price. I won't mind buying it again. (But please do enlighten me about the color. Thanks! :D ) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Clarisse! It does sound as though your lip balm may have the wrong label. We'll get in touch to pick it up to check :) ]
  • Chie A. (10/03/2011)

    I was so excited to buy this product when I first saw it on the newsletter. And when I finally got my hands on them, I tried it immediately and I was so in love with it. The scent was so yummy. Both the red and pink shades makes my face glow and it really compliments my complexion. It's so easy to glide on my lips as well. Kudos to the research and development for this one! Make more shades please!
  • Melody Lynne (10/02/2011)

    I'm so happy they already have 3 different shades! I loved the Island Kiss variant, which they originally had, but I was looking for a darker shade that better suites me. This is really good for busy ladies with fast-paced lifestyles! Mwah!!!
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