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Posted on July 22, 2020

Find Out What Real People Say About Sunflower Beauty Oil

Let’s pretend you got stuck on a desert island (or at home) and your personal genie can only grant you one skincare product. What would you wish for?

I don’t know about you but I’d definitely choose Sunflower Beauty Oil. Why? Because it’s a multi-purpose miracle product you can use on your face, body, and hair.

Not convinced? We handpicked 8 testimonials that prove beauty miracles do happen, and that sometimes they can all come from a single bottle.

1. Remove stubborn makeup

Micellar water not cutting it? Use sunflower oil instead. It can wipe off everything—from your full coverage foundation to your waterproof mascara.

Simply apply a small amount on dry skin, gently massage over face and eye area, rinse thoroughly, and pat skin dry with a soft, clean towel.

2. Look more awake

Stayed up all night watching K-drama? (One last episode!) Use sunflower oil to make your eyes look less tired and puffy. With its high Vitamin E content, applying it underneath your eyes can help smooth, tone, and brighten your dark circles.

3. Enhance eyebrows and eyelashes

Packed with oleic acid that encourages healthy hair growth, sunflower oil can help you achieve fuller, bolder-looking brows, and lashes.

Before you go to bed, gently massage a drop or two on sparse areas for thicker and healthier brows and lashes.

4. Add shine to dry, dull hair

A great natural oil with deep moisturizing properties, sunflower oil improves hair manageability, adding shine and softness to your locks.

After drying your hair, put a generous amount on your fingers and apply the product, concentrating on the bottom part of your hair.

5. Fade dark spots, pimple marks and scars

Naturally rich in nourishing Vitamins A, D & E, sunflower oil is primarily composed of linoleic acid which is an excellent natural skin lightener.

To help diminish dark spots, scars, and pimple marks, pour a small amount directly into your palm then massage gently onto skin until it is completely absorbed.

6. Lighten dark underarms and lessen chicken skin

Dark underarms are a common concern faced by many. Aside from friction, the alcohol content of synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants can also aggravate skin darkening.

Upgrade your underarm care routine by applying an even layer of sunflower oil on your armpits after showering at night and let it work miracles on your skin, helping it become visibly lighter and softer.

7. Make stretch marks less noticeable

Stretch marks are common and they usually fade on their own over time. But if you want to reduce and improve their appearance, using nutrient-rich oils can help.

A rich source of essential fatty acids and vitamins, sunflower seed oil penetrates the skin to help improve skin elasticity, promoting cell renewal, and stimulating skin repair¹.  

8. Relieve rashes and skin infection

Sunflower oil can boost the skin’s barrier function which can help retain the moisture needed to recover from skin infection symptoms. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm skin and ease rashes.

National Eczema Association recommends applying sunflower oil to skin twice a day², one of those times being after bathing, while your skin is still wet.

Perfectly put by one of our reviewers, Cham, Sunflower Beauty Oil is “truly a miracle in a bottle! I doubt it only has 25 miracles because I believe it has done more than 25 amazing wonders on my skin!”

Ready to experience your own beauty miracle? Get your own Sunflower Beauty Oil here, and read more testimonies about how this humble beauty oil has turned into a cult classic.

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²Eczema treatment: The one remedy that may be hiding in your kitchen cupboard. Retrieved from

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