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Powder Fresh Deodorant Roll-On 50ml
100% Natural
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100% Natural | Hypoallergenic

Sweat it out!
Antiperspirants often contain aluminum salts that stop sweat from escaping, but sweating is your body's natural way of releasing toxins. Our deo is formulated to keep you smelling fresh while letting you perspire freely.

Go fearlessly sleeveless
This all-good, all-natural deo contains our #1 beauty bestseller, skin-smoothing and brightening Sunflower Beauty Oil.

12 Deo Benefits
✓ All-natural actives fight odor-causing bacteria
✓ Non-sticky after-feel
✓ Helps lighten underarms
✓ Smoothens underarms
✓ Easy to rinse
✓ No flake buildup
✓ No stains or streaks on clothes
✓ No harsh alcohol that can darken underarms
✓ No aluminum salts
✓ No phthalates/synthetic fragrances
✓ No triclosan

Shake well before using. Apply at least 8 swipes to underarms - the wetter, the better! - and let dry. Reapply on dry, clean skin a needed throughout the day.

aqua (water), glycerin (vegetable-derived), triethyl citrate (plant-derived), Zea mays (corn) starch, sodium caproyl/lauroyl lactylate (vegetable-derived), stearyl alcohol (vegetable-derived), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, fragrance (all-natural), glyceryl stearate (vegetable-derived), glyceryl caprylate (coconut, palm and glycerin-derived), xanthan gum (plant-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

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  • Eileen (06/08/2020)

    I love the fact that it made my underarms smoother and lighter. I also love the baby-like smell throughout the day. I stay smelling good even after sweating a lot. I always look forward to using this every morning. A 5-star product for me :)
  • Katrina (06/08/2020)

    I love the new scent. but honestly, I stink with this deo after just few hours. :( [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Katrina! Thank you very much for your feedback and we’re sorry to hear that. This new Premium Deodorant has been through a lot of testing and is effective under almost all circumstances. It might just be that you need to shake the bottle and apply a bit more. Please hold the deo bottle upside down while you apply so you can be certain it’s dispensing properly. If that doesn’t work and you’re still not completely satisfied, we’ll gladly have it replaced or credited in your account. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch. :)]
  • Kristine (06/08/2020)

    Been experimenting with a lot of deodorants already. And so far only Human Nature was telling the truth. I have smoother and lighter underarms after just a few days of use. :)
  • April (06/08/2020)

    This deo rally works! I'm a really sweaty person who gets sweaty and embarrassingly smelly ALOT! I also had a nasty case of dark underarms. But when I had kids and started breastfeeding, I wanted to find a better solution. I tried those natural rock deos but my armpit started getting small wounds from rubbing. I also tried the first two HN deos (pink and green) and while they worked, they were not strong enough for someone like me. I felt bad that I'll be stuck with having those harsh deos but I'm paranoid to use them since its been linked to all sorts of illnesses. When I tried this HN deodorant I was so surprised! IT REALLY WORKS! I apply it after taking a bath and I stay dry and fresh smelling for the entire day!!! I've been using this deo for a month now and not once did I get smelly! And coming from someone like me that's really amazing! And added bonus is that my underarms started to lighten too! I love this deo!
  • Borex (06/08/2020)

    This product really works! It is both a very good anti perspirant and deodorant. I have problems in both areas so this product is exactly for me. I am not much of a fan of the scent though. I f I may suggest, that you add to this line an UNSCENTED alternative. Kudos and more power!!!
  • Christine (06/08/2020)

    I stopped using the old formulation of HHN deo because it gave me a heck of an allergy and it does not give me much of the odor protection that I needed. But when I tried using this formula, the result was WOW! I did not smell the whole day and it does not give me the icky feeling. What a relief (Wheew!) and best of all since it has Sunflower oil, it helps lighten my underarm which became dark because of my previous alllergies. All the best to HHN, God Bless Philippines:)
  • Phoebe (06/08/2020)

    This all-natural deodorant is great! My underarms barely produce any sweat so I'm not really concerned about that; my focus is on the body odor. I'm glad to say that even when going out on a hot day, I don't have to switch to a commercial deodorant anymore to keep myself from smelling weird. This one keeps body odor at bay for 24 hours in my experience. Also, it doesn't make my underarms itch like hell unlike your old deos; I think eczema patches developed on my underarms as an allergic reaction to them. I don't like its scent, though; to me it smells like granny perfume and is a tad too strong especially when I'm wearing sleeveless shirts; I can smell it for hours. Perhaps you could develop a scent similar to your pink deo's.
  • Clarisse (06/08/2020)

    This deodorant can still make my underarms perspire but it is more effective than the original formulation in means of odor masking. It can offer me odor protection on a hot sunny day for about 6-8 hours (I commute from QC to Manila) and for the whole day till night if the weather is cool. It doesn't make my underarms dark (unlike Secret Shower Fresh- my fave deodorant because of the smell and protection but it makes my underarms dark but I use sunflower oil with it to prevent this)I'm still giving this 4 stars because I love the aloe scent better than the powder scent. I hope you make another scent for this previous deodorant. ;)
  • Michelle Angelique (06/08/2020)

    Hello! This deo is not for someone who has sensitive skin. After a few days of using it, I've noticed my underarms to darken and red patches start to appear, as if irritation occurred. It's itchy and sometimes I could not help myself from scratching it and would cause further irritation and redness in my skin I thought because it's natural then it's good or sensitive skin, a condition I've had since I was in elementary. My suggestion is to include in the packaging if it could be used for sensitive skin. Now i have to consult my dermatologist :( [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Michelle Angelique! Thank you very much for your review and we’re really sorry about the irritation. Though adverse reactions are less likely to happen when using natural products, there are still a few who are inherently allergic to some natural substances such as peanuts, honey and eggs. We always recommend that if you have a history of allergies, to always test new products first on the inside of your elbow before going into full use, just in case. However, we’d be more than happy to have this exchanged and replaced with another product or have it credited to your account. Our customer service team will be in touch. :)]
  • Faith (06/08/2020)

    I love this deodorant! I love the scent, it's mild and pleasant and I feel fresh all day long! Keep up the high quality of the product!
  • Litz (06/08/2020)

    This product really works! I love the scent, it's very light. I will definitely use this product all the time!
  • Ruth (06/08/2020)

    I'm really not particular with deodorants since I don't really have sweaty armpits. This deodorant works for me. And so far, no white lines on my clothes.
  • Joy (06/08/2020)

    I was really hoping that this deo would make me switch to a natural and safe deodorant for good but sadly, this doesn't work for me :( I did what I've read in one of the reviews here -- I always shake the bottle before applying but still got the same result. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Erlyn, we're sad to learn our deo doesn't work for you. We want all our customers to receive the best products from us, so we'd like to offer a replacement for free, or a refund. Our customer service team will contact you - we'd also like to learn how we can improve on it from your more detailed feedback.]
  • Charmie (06/08/2020)

    I LOVE EVERYTHING about this product! <3 Will be using this for life! God bless HHN :)
  • Ruth (06/08/2020)

    This deodorant will neutralize under arm odor but it will definitely not work as an antiperspirant. HHN actually says it on their description of the product. I hope HHN makes this deodorant an antiperspirant also. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your feedback, Ruth! The reason that this isn't formulated as an antiperspirant is because sweating is healthier for the body - it gets rid of waste and toxins through your skin. Antiperspirants keep these toxins trapped in, and does more harm than good - aluminum compounds in many antiperspirants have been linked to neurotoxicity and reproductive problems.]
  • Deb (06/08/2020)

    Definitely not for me. Every time HHN introduces a new deo variant, I buy and try to use it as I would like to shift to all natural ones. But from the very first version up to this newest one, they never worked for me. I have to agree with the other person who posted that she 'stink' after using it. I understand why it won't help with perspiration (being an all natural prod) but in terms of deodorant action, never worked for me. I have had to discontinue and eventually throw away 3 HHN deo variants after several times of using it. Note that I gave each of them a try and even used them on days when I know I will just be staying home so that I won't embarrass myself with others due to the off smell. I figured that maybe my body just need to adjust to the natural ingredients. But sorry, no dice. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Deb! Thanks so much for your honest feedback and we’re really sorry to hear about your experience. This product is effective for many of our customers, as it was formulated to give long-lasting odor protection for people with active lifestyles. We truly appreciate you giving them all a try and it's possible that our deos aren't compatible with your body chemistry, so we would like to look into this for you. We would be more than happy to offer you a free refund or exchange for your product. Our customer service team will be in touch with you soon :)]
  • GLENZ (06/08/2020)

    I got a number of the no so good feedback on this premium deo from my clients. Most of them mentioned that this deo still create some underarm odor when used especially if one is exposed to sunlight and starts perspiring. I stop using the premium deo I bought too as I have the same experience.I am hoping that the formulation could be improved somehow. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Glenda! We're sorry to hear about your clients' feedback, and we understand that this may have some effect on you as a seller. Our Premium Deodorant was, indeed, formulated for people with active lifestyles who need to rely on all-day odor and bacteria protection. Our deodorant is not an antiperspirant - we intentionally formulated it to fight odor and bacteria without using aluminum salts that block sweat and pose health risks in the process. However we also recognize that different users' body chemistries may still react differently to our deodorants. As you can see from the other reviews, the majority of people do love this deo but there are a few who don't get on with it so well like you. But the good news is that as with all Human Nature products, if you not satisfied, we will gladly offer you a free replacement, refund, or credit for it. Our customer service team will get in touch with you to discuss this :)]
  • Becca (06/08/2020)

    This is definitely an improvement from your original classic deodorant (pink blossom)!!! I do not really have bad body odor, but when I used to use the classic pink blossom deo, the chemical reaction with my sweat sometimes produces an unpleasant odor. I am on my second bottle with this variant and that hasn't happened yet...have remained odor-free. It truly does what it's supposed to do -- it keeps you smelling fresh until the end of the day!
  • Bea (06/08/2020)

    Tried using this! I love that it doesn't darken my underarms like the ones I've used :) Loveeee it! And the scent is just right :) Two thumbs up :)
  • Jen (06/08/2020)

    Agree with the other reviews. Though the classic deo got its share of complaints about being foul smelling, I don't think this is a much better option in terms of deodorizing. In fact, I kind of feel that this "odorizes" more than usual? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jen, the Premium Deo was tested to keep odor at bay better than the Classic Deo, and in our tests, consistently delivered 8 hour protection or more. But it needs to be applied well - it's possible that some people are not applying enough. We're looking into packaging that will make it easier to dispense :) Meanwhile, you can try applying more. The good news is that as with all Human Nature products, if you not satisfied, we will gladly offer you a free replacement, refund, or credit for it. :)]
  • Ana Liza (06/08/2020)

    Mild and refreshing .
  • Eycee (06/08/2020)

    I've been using this product for about two weeks now. As this was my first time to use a "natural" deodorant, I made sure to read the reviews first. I braced myself for the inevitable sweating, considering this deo does not work as an anti-perspirant. I'm glad that the sweating was tolerable. Perhaps you can still work on masking the odor more though. I do not have the liberty to reapply while at work and, unfortunately, by mid-afternoon, I can detect faint smelling from my underarms. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Eycee! You're right - our deodorants are not antiperspirants but they are formulated to fight odor-causing bacteria. If you're finding it's not lasting all day, it could be that you need to apply a little more in the morning. This formulation will last all day, but it doesn't dispense as quickly as our last one. Try a few extra swipes under your underarm in the morning and see if that solves it :) ]
  • Maria Elizabeth (06/08/2020)

    Pro: -All natural -It did whiten my underarm slightly(I also put sunflower oil before using this, so it might be because the work of this two) -It kept my underarms smelling fresh with it's lovely light scent Cons: -It doesn't make me stop sweating @_____@ I didn't think I was a sweaty person in my underarm area, since I always used a deodorant for its power to keep my underarm area fresh. But when I used this, I was really sweaty. AS IN. With the heat of summer elevating, my armpits are getting more and more sweaty. Hindi ako sanay na maramdaman yung ganung type of pawis! It's so uncomfortable and dyahe when people would see the sweat spot on my shirt. I understand that this is NOT a deodorant that blocks the pores of my sweat galnds, which makes it safe. But can you find a way to make me less sweaty?? -You need to let it dry for 5-10 minutes before you put on your shirt. If you're in a hurry, you'll have to carry the feeling of wet underarms on your shirt. ~_~ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maria! Thanks for the great feedback, we're so happy it keeps your underarms smelling fresh. You're right - our deodorant is not an antiperspirant. We intentionally formulated it to fight odor and bacteria without blocking sweat. This is because many chemical antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that stop you from sweating & may pose risks to your health, from neurotoxicity to reproductive problems! So while our deos will not stop you from sweating, they will protect you from body odor without any of the harmful chemicals. We normally recommend users to reapply our deo throughout the day to stay fresh. Hope this tip helps! :) ]
  • jonnabee (06/08/2020)

    I was excited to use this as I have been really looking for a natural alternative to my anti-perspirant. However, I noticed I was having a bad odor by midday, and it definitely killed my confidence to move around :( My experience with the classic deo was just the same, and now I have 2 bottles of unused deos. I love your other products, but sadly, your deos are not for me. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jonna! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Premium Deodorant was formulated to give those with active lifestyles longer protection from bacteria-causing odor, and we have received a number of great reviews. But because body chemistries differ, we understand that it may not work with some people as well as others. We recommend applying it liberally (several 'swipes' on your underarm). The good news is as with all Human Nature products, if you are not satisfied with it, we would be happy to offer you a free replacement or exchange! Our Customer Service will be in touch :)]
  • Maria Elizabeth (06/08/2020)

    I tried this out of hope that I will have lighter looking underarms while smelling fresh all day. The first few weeks, I was really sweaty, but I didn't notice if I smelled okay or not. But then I noticed at bus rides that people don't like sitting next to me! Kaya I when I got home, I tried smelling the clothes I'm wearing. It stinks! :( Nahihiya ako, di ko man lang alam na amoy mabaho na ako, iniiwasan na pala ako ng tao. Sayang kasi I wanted it's lightening effect! I sold this to my friend also and warned her na baka hindi siya anti perspirant. She said it's okay, so I sold it to her. But then 2 weeks after she told me she couldn't use it on days that she needs extra odor help for her UA because the product is not effective. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maria! We're sorry to hear about your experience. We firmly believe in our deos as being the best natural deo in the world today. But what we have found is that people sometimes need to apply more of it that they are used to. Our deo is more of a lotion than a liquid and doesn't dispense as quickly as some chemical deos so we would recommend a few extra swipes in the morning. Please try that and let us know if it doesn't work. The good news is as with all Human Nature products, if that doesn't work, we would be happy to offer you a full credit, refund or exchange :) ]
  • Girlie (06/08/2020)

    I bought this deo despite the negative reviews na nabasa ko. Kasi bumili din ako nung sunflower oil. Gusto ko matry yung tandem nila. My underarms sweat a lot kaya hesitant din ako bumili. But im think, sa clinic lang naman ako wholeday and hindi masyado pinapawisan doon at aircon naman. So i tried it talaga. At first naaddict talaga ako sa smell. Super bango! But then it made me paranoid. Lagi kong inaamoy underarms ko for the rest of the morning. Okay pa naman. Pero nung hapon, iba na amoy. Smelly na.:( was so disappointed. I love it kasi natural. Pero mapapahiya naman ako after ng ilang oras. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Girlie! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant was formulated to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria without blocking sweat. But because body chemistries differ, we understand that it may not work with some people as well as others. But one thing you can try is applying more of it. Due to the natural formulation, it doesn't dispense as quickly as some chemical deos so you may find you need a few extra swipes in the morning. Please try that. The good news is as with all Human Nature products, if that doesn't work, we would be happy to offer you a full credit, refund or exchange. Our Customer Service will be in touch :)]
  • chekaii (06/08/2020)

    i tried this one as ot says it stays longer bt the only hhn deo that was hiyang to me was the green one which i think has already been phased out :( my sister used it too but it gave her a very strong and foul smell so we threw it already... kinda upset so we opted to try the extra strength deo for her hope it works for her [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Chekaii! We're sorry to hear about you and your sister's experience. We've found that when people get this experience, it usually means that they need to apply more deodorant by adding a few extra swipes. Our deos are somewhere between a liquid and a lotion, so they don't dispense as easily as some chemical deos and you need to be sure that it's really all over your underarm. While a few extra swipes may take some time to get used to, they certainly outweigh the health risks that chemical deos pose. We hope you give our deos another chance following this application process, and if it still doesn't work, let us know and we would be happy to offer you a full refund, credit, or exchange for all of your deos. :) ]
  • Denise (06/08/2020)

    i had high hopes or expectations and it was actually ok during the 1st week of use. i always use it on clean underarms after bath. but then somehow it did not work anymore, it let me down. when it was so hot or even if i was not sweating a lot, the ua stinks, embarassing me to people. i was better off with anti bacterial soap and baking soda. i also did not smell powder fresh , i visualized "peanuts" when using this. because it would be a waste to throw it away i now use it at night with no results. but no need for refund [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Denise, thank you for taking the time to give your feedback about our deo. We sincerely appreciate learning about your experience, and we're sorry it doesn't work for you as well as it does for our other deo users. We've found that for most people, shaking the bottle before application plus an extra couple of swipes does the trick, but we understand that the natural formulation may not be suited for all people's differing body chemistries. We'd still like to find out how we can still make up for your experience, as we always want our customers to receive the best kind from our products - so please expect our Customer Service team to be in touch. :)]
  • annamae38 (06/08/2020)

    I love how this deo lightens and smoothens my underarms naturally ^_^
  • Yvonne (06/08/2020)

    I almost gave up on this product. Although it's true that it can whiten your underarm and that light feeling of using this compared to using a chemical-based product. But it doesn't work that well for me, even though I work all day in an air-conditioned room, it reacts very much with my body chemistry. However, I found a solution to it. I spray and use the All Natural Spray Sanitizer (Citrus Burst) first on my underarm before applying the deo and hey, I don't need to reapply it and it's odor-free all day long. :) I'm happier now! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Yvonne! Thank you for your feedback. We normally recommend our users to apply a few extra swipes of our deodorant in the morning and throughout the day for best results. We're glad that you found a natural solution to pair with it and we're so happy you found what works for you! :)]
  • Omega (06/08/2020)

    I rarely, if ever, wear deodorant as I don't sweat much in the underarm area and was uhm blessed I guess to not have body odor even if I don't use deo. Plus a friend of mine has horribly dark underarms so I've always been scared to try chemical antiperspirants. I've recently gotten into running (weekly) and cross-training (daily), and for some reason I sweat more now even when I'm not exercising, so I decided to use your deo. Unfortunately, it made my underarm problems even worse. I experienced excessive sweating in the underarm area (even pitstains, which I'd never had until I used your deo) and a funky smell even when I'm not doing anything strenuous. The smell of the powder fresh variant wasn't good to begin with, and when combined with sweat the smell was just eew. Plus the deo takes forever to dry. I'm a dealer, and I love your stuff (I use your black diamond shampoo, facial wash, toner, day fluid, and hair spa) but this one needs a LOT of improvement. like another reviewer said, i don't need a refund, but please improve your deo so we can have a natural, non-abrasive deo that works. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Omega! Thank you for your feedback. We understand that customers often find it difficult to adjust to a natural deodorant like ours. Our deodorant is not an antiperspirant because antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that block the pores and prevent sweat from escaping - while posing numerous health risks in the process. Instead, our deodorant is formulated with natural ingredients that actively fight odor-causing bacteria. It may take some getting used to because it requires more application and drying time than your regular chemical deo. But that's a small price to pay for your health! And with a good shake, a couple of extra swipes, and reapplication every few hours on extra strenuous days, you'll see the difference. We believe our deodorant is one of the best natural deos available, and we truly appreciate your continuous feedback in our effort to make our formulation even better. Thank you for your strong support and we hope you continue to spread the goodness! :)]
  • Jan (06/08/2020)

    I really have dark underarms before and I tried using Human Nature deo, the green one. I was very satisfied because it stayed true to its words (I already consumed 2 bottles), my underarms really lightened but it did not prevent me from having underarm odor (it was fine, as long as it helps whiten my underarms. I just put on extra swipes in the morning to combat having bad odor). When I went to get my 3rd bottle I found out that the green one is already phased-out and is replaced by the blue one. I bought the blue one but after using the new deo I noticed that my underarms seem to darken again. I'm not sure if I would want to purchase another bottle again after finishing my 3rd :( Maybe you guys could improve the formula of your new deo? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jan! Thank you for sharing your experience. Our Premium Deo is our best formulation yet and it's unlikely to cause underarm darkening, so your concern is quite new to us. Perhaps it would help to apply our Sunflower Beauty Oil to the underarms at night to help lighten the area? In any case, because we want you to have only the best experience with our products, we would be happy to offer you a replacement, refund, or credit for it if you are unsatisfied with it. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :)]
  • Anna (06/08/2020)

    I'm a fan of HN back when their products line were just skin care and shampoos. So, I bought the pink variant without hesitation (Rustan's, Gateway) When I was about to use it the next day, there was no product coming out of the roller. At first I thought its just normal, maybe the product needs some shaking (although I've never encountered this problem before) I shook the bottle rigorously, but still nothing. I tried swiping it on my arm, all to no avail. I wanna know what happened so I can use the product. It'd be such a waste if I can't use it because I bought it with my allowance. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Anna! Thanks for raising your concern. This is quite an unusual packaging issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. Sometimes the rollerballs fit quite tightly and you need to roll it with your thumb the first time you use it to ensure it rolls properly. After that, it will dispense normally :) If that doesn't solve it though, we would like to retrieve your product to investigate the issue and replace it with a brand new working one at no cost :) Our Customer Service will be in touch!]
  • belle (06/08/2020)

    I have been using several HN products for a month now. I was browsing through the other reviews and was quite surprised that there were a lot of people unsatisfied with the product. I have been using the Powder Fresh variant of your deodorant line. I have not experienced stings on my underarm when applying this product even after shaving or plucking. This was unlike the previous brands I used. I know it is not an anti-perspirant and HN made no claims that it was one. This was a good deodorant as I still smelled good even after my taebo work-out. Members of my family who have used this, some bought the Happy Pink variant, were also quite happy with this deodorant. :-)
  • MGE (06/08/2020)

    When I tried the first version of HHN deodorants, it seemed to do the job. The only problem I had is that I kept the deo in my bathroom and after a while this brown scum-like thing would appear in the grooves below the roller area and under the cap which was reaaclly gross. a Still that didn't stop me from trying this premium version and I'm very sad to say that this product did not work well for me at all. With the other one, when I felt that it was wearing off I'd just reapply and it was fine, but with this one my underarms smelled terrible and no amount of re-applying would work. It almost seemed as if it was causing the bacteria which was causing the smell to multiply. :( At first I thought maybe I just stank more in general, but I've tried a natural (tea tree based) deodorant from another local company that makes natural skin care products and that one does work for me. I do love many HHN products and hope you can work on a new formulation for your deodorants (perhaps with Tea Tree oil?) as I definitely prefer to use natural deodorants. Thanks so much!! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Monica! Thank you for your honest feedback. Our Premium Deodorant is an improved version of our Classic Deodorant - it was reformulated to address the feedback and concerns of users. Since then, we have received many positive reviews from users who are thankful that they finally have a natural product to stay protected from odor-causing bacteria. We usually advise that users give the bottle a good shake and apply a few extra swipes in the morning, then reapply throughout the day. But since you have already been doing that, it's possible that it may not just be suited to your body chemistry. We would like to help you out and determine the cause of your experience. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you very soon to retrieve your product and offer you a free exchange, refund, or credit for it. We believe our deodorant is one of the best natural deos available and we truly appreciate your continuous feedback in our effort to make our formulation even better. Please do look forward to that :) Thank you again!]
  • bernice gay (06/08/2020)

    last year, i`ve learned that aluminum salts which are the primary ingredients for deos nowadays can cause a lot of terminal diseases since the chemicals can be absorb thru the skin and later on enter the blood streams. Aluminum,according to researches, contributes to breast cancer and worst, alzheimers. As I qoute my instructor "Saan ka? doon sa magkakasakit ka pero di ka mangangamoy o doon sa mangangamoy ka pero wala kang sakit?". for me its neither. so i searched for natural deos in the market so what I`ve got was the nivea natural deo with bioflouraine. It was good, it feels a little bit lighter than those with aluminum. I feel a bit hesitant though. Thanks goodness I`ve found your product line :D I have known your brand four years ago, unfortunately, I didn`t find any branches here in ilocos. Anyway, I`ve finally come to use this deo. It feels soo light and let my skin breath. the scent i also good :D You just need extra application when you sweat hard. thumbs Up Human nature
  • Jhan (06/08/2020)

    I love this deo and it fits my everyday lifestyle. Plus the fact that I don't get chicken skin when I use this after shaving. I use a different brand though for added protection when I know I will engage on an activity that will make me perspire more.
  • Belle (06/08/2020)

    I tired this product for about 2 weeks. Somehow, during the first days, all was well but later I became stinky by the afternoon. Anti-antiperspirant powers are just ok. On the brighter side, my armpits are literally demons so kudos to actually being able to keep away the stink for some time. I think the scents are ok but some people like me might not want any scent at all. My armpits were also well moisturized, and never got that itchy/burning sensation mentioned by the rest. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Belle! Thanks for your feedback. If you find that you need extra protection, we recommend that you give your deo a good shake before applying, allow ample time for it to dry, and apply extra swipes throughout the day to keep odor at bay. Do let us know how these adjustments work for you in keeping you safe and odor-free!]
  • krish (06/08/2020)

    I bought the blue one last week. Blue deo really smells like that? It's really bad! I was in school and have to cover the smell, so I spray perfume on me so my friends won't noticed. It's really embarrassing! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Krish! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant has a pleasant, fresh powder scent. If you suspect that there may be something off about its scent, we advise that you first check its expiration date. If it is far from expiry, please let us know so that we can retrieve your product and investigate the cause. Our Premium Deo is formulated to actively fight odor-causing bacteria - with a few good shakes, extra swipes, and adequate reapplication throughout the day, many users have found that our deo offers the best genuinely natural protection against odor. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help assess your experience :) Thank you!]
  • Mary (06/08/2020)

    I tried using this deodorant, the pink one, since I was hoping to move away from chemical based ones. However, it doesn't seem to be working well for me. After just a few hours of application, it starts making my armpits smell like a really bad body odor. Just to test since maybe I was just having excessive sweating that day, I tried one whole day of not applying anything on my underarm. Surprisingly, I didn't even smell anything even without any deodorant. Unfortunately, this product seems to cause more body odor for some reason. Maybe something in it reacts negatively to the sweat? Hopefully HN can look into this and improve it. This is supposedly promising since it's all natural, but being a dealer who already tried it, I don't think I'll be comfortable in promoting it to my clients. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mary! Thank you for sharing your experience. Because our Premium Deodorant is 100% natural, it would take some getting used to for customers who are used to chemical deos. We normally recommend users to shake our deo really well and apply about 4-6 swipes in the morning (a few extra if you have a more active lifestyle) and wait for it to dry completely before getting dressed. We also advise that you reapply it throughout the day for best results. These are small adjustments to make to ensure that your body stays 100% free from the health risks of aluminum salts, parabens, and synthetic fragrances present in chemcial deos. We believe that our deos are among the best in the world because they were made with your health and safety in mind. But we're also always looking forward to provide you with newer and more improved formulations, so we'll definitely look into your experience. We hope you give our deo another chance, keeping these tips in mind, and let us know how your experience progresses. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Jomie (06/08/2020)

    I'm really happy with this one. I used the blue one, and it made me laugh a bit that every time I sweat, I started smelling like powder! LOL. But hey, no stinkiness for me. It lasts about 4-6 hours for me, if I sweat outdoors. On ordinary days indoors, I can last the whole day until dinner time. I just bring it with me when I go out.
  • Nathalie (06/08/2020)

    i wish this product will dry out easily. because i had to stay at the front of my fan to get it dried out, and i have to spend time raising my hand to do so. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Nathalie! Our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant is formulated with nature's best odor-fighting agents, making it one of the safest deodorants in the market today - if not the world! We understand that it may take time for some people to adjust to its natural formulation, as it is quite different from chemcial deos. Our 100% natural deos need ample time to dry and may need to be reapplied throughout the day, especially if you have an active lifestyle. But we promise you that the health benefits are absolutely worth it :) You can try applying it and lying down while waiting for it to dry so that your arms don't get strained :) Thanks!]
  • Eena (06/08/2020)

    I have terribly sensitive skin and I was very happy with how well this deo suited me. It's very watery so you really feel good about putting it on your skin because it's basically water. Also, I was very surprised at how a small bottle could hold so much! I used Dove Pure before because it supposedly had no parabens and whatnot. It was very heavy and sticky that it hurt a little when I'd close and then lift my arm when it hadn't dried. I also had rashes that were VERY, VERY ITCHY when I used Dove's. After using HN's for only a little more than a month, I sometimes forget that I have underarms!
  • Peachie (06/08/2020)

    Hi. It's my first time to use an all natural deo. At first, I was not so sure about HN deo because of the reviews that it has been getting so far. I'm happy with the effects that made my underarm lighter and smoother. For the first week of use, I experienced that after a few hours I begin to notice some smell. After reading a past review (from Yvonne, thank you for the idea) about putting on sanitizer before the deo, I tried it for the past 3 days. I sprayed a little of Cool Burst (that's what I had in my bag, everyone can use a cooling effect once in a while) before I used Happy Pink deo. I noticed that it dries easier and the deodorizing effect lasts for the entire day. I was very happy about the result so I'll continue to do that. I guess a lot of people are having a hard time putting on deo in the middle of the day which is why we try to find ways to solve our concerns with different techniques. Maybe you can come up with a handy deo that we can bring in our purse, one that do not really look like a deodorant bottle (hahaha), probably in a small atomizer. I would really be happier if you can create a deo that is in stick form too so that we don't have to worry about drying it first. But so far, I am happy with what I have tried to do. I look forward to the new products you will be releasing. Thanks!
  • Gypsy (06/08/2020)

    I like anti-pespirant deo because i don't like the wet feeling on my underarm but because of cold weather i tried this deo true to its claim no odor all day even i feel sweat due to work pressure. But i hope during summer it will be effective too. I will definitely try this during summer. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Gypsy! Our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant is not an antiperspirant because unlike chemical antiperspirants, it does not contain aluminum salts that are linked with multiple health risks. However you can be assured that you are receiving only 100% safe and genuinely natural protection from odor and bacteria without any harmful chemicals. To ensure all-day protection especially on hot summer days, we recommend that you shake your bottle well, apply liberally (4-6 swipes), and reapply throughout the day. Then you're good to go! :) Thanks so much!]
  • yas (06/08/2020)

    I used to have the Powder Fresh variant. It was effective at controlling sweaty odor, but had a granny cologne scent that i did not like too much, so i tried switching to the Happy Pink variant. It smelled nice and worked well for a couple of months, but then it started developing this rank, sour smell, and left an icky brownish residue on my 'pits. Too bad, i bought two bottles pa naman, thinking it would be good because of all the positive reviews here. :-( I think i'll go back to my trusty old tawas for now. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Yas! We're sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like something may have affected the quality of our Premium Deodorant, since it worked very well for you for months. Have you checked if it's past its expiry date? If your product had been improperly stored or exposed to high temperatures, this could have possibly affected its quality too. We would like to retrieve your product to determine the cause and offer you a free replacement so that you can continue to enjoy all-natural, chemical-free odor protection :) Our Customer Service will be in touch! Thank you!]
  • Deo (06/08/2020)

    I'm not a deodorant user but I tried this all-natural deodorant in my quest to have lighter underarms. I used this before and even bought a second bottle of the old formulation. However, towards the end of the second bottle, I felt itch and scaly skin developing on my armpits. I wasn't applying anything else but the deodorant. Sadly, I had to stop because the itch and the rash continued. When I became a member/dealer, the starter pack included a bottle of the new formulation. Counting on the 'new formulation' and the year that has passed since my last use, I tried it again on my armpits. Unfortunately, just after three days of use, the itching and the rash developed again. I had to stop using it since I have developed broken skin already. It is very unfortunate that instead of lighter underarms, I now have darker underarms. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Deo! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Seeing as your first bottle of our deo worked well for you, it's possible that you may be sensitive or allergic to something in our newer formulation. We would like to learn more about your experience immediately to help you determine the cause. In the meantime, if you would like to address a dark underarm problem, we highly recommend using our Sunflower Beauty Oil daily and nightly. It's received fab reviews about its ability to help lighten and smoothen the underarms over time :) Our Customer Service will get in touch with you soon to help you out! Thank you!]
  • Katy (06/08/2020)

    I once had a breast cyst at 17, and my Surgeon advised me to not wear antiperspirants at all since it prevents the toxins (in the form of sweat) from the underarms. I desperately need to find the safe alternative to chemically produced deodorant and thank goodness I stumble upon HHN deodorant! Still, my Surgeon approved its formulation since it is not antiperspirant. Definitely the best and safest deo ever!
  • snooky (06/08/2020)

    I started using ds for 2 days after i read on the net that mostly deo contains chemicals... i was so hapi dat i found ds site... beauty products that all naturals...i hope it wl work wel to me...ty hhn...
  • Carol (06/08/2020)

    my underarms did not lighten, they just look natural now. i guess thats better than when it was dark. the pink smells nicer than the powder scent. but if im gonna stay out longer, i make sure to use the men's pure strength deo. the powder and pink scents would keep my body odor under control for about 8 hours max, then i start to get smelly, that's when im walking the streets in and out of office. but i dont think people really notice the smell, u just know its there. it's not that of a strong protection but i still prefer to use hhn deodorants because i like the peace of mind that its all natural ingredients and im not swiping toxic chemicals on my underarms everyday. just use the men's variant for longer protection. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Carol! We're so pleased to know that you love our 100% natural deodorants and that they've got your entire family protected, especially during this summer season. On especially hot days, we do recommend applying a few extra swipes and reapplying as needed throughout the day to keep odor-causing bacteria at bay. Thank you so much!]
  • Kei (06/08/2020)

    I'm glad I discovered your deo because it works really well for me. Granted, I'm lucky enough to have pits that aren't prone to BO and they don't get that sweaty. They are fairly sensitive, however, that some deos make me itchy or give me rashes. Even the plain crystal tawas is not an option for me as it stings and itches right after application. Fortunately, I didn't get any negative reactions with your deo and it worked as advertised. No smell and minimal sweat for most of the day, and I like how it moisturizes the skin. I'm using the Happy Pink variant and while I would have preferred an unscented one, the scent is quite nice and is neither strong nor overpowering. As with all alum-free deos, I understand that they aren't meant to last as long as your typical alum anti-perspirant and sometimes, especially during our scorching summers, may require you to reapply in the middle of the day. Due to that, may I please please please request that you guys come up with a spray version to make reapplications on the go more convenient and sanitary? Would be perfect to have one for the purse. Thank you! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with us! We'll consider your suggestion if a lot of people also request it. :)]
  • Shey (06/08/2020)

    I used this in search for an effective natural and not so expensive deo. The scent is ok for me but it doesn't last long. It worked 2 hours max even when I'm inside an air-conditioned office. I started to smell long before lunch time. Just to note, I shook the bottle and applied generously. I made sure my underarms were well-covered. Still didn't work for me. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Shey! Our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant is formulated to help fight odor-causing bacteria with proper use. We normally recommend applying a few extra swipes before you start your day, and reapplying throughout the day as needed. This may take some time to get used to, but it's definitely worth it to stay safe and free from the health risks associated with most chemical deodorants that contain aluminum salts, phthalates, and parabens. Do try it out and let us know how this adjustment works for you. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you to further help you out :) Thank you!]
  • Kim (06/08/2020)

    I'm nearly done with my first bottle (powder fresh). The lightening effect was good and also made my pitz smoother, I apply this after shower(day & night). I'm excited to my next bottle! :) I hope tuloy tuloy yung effect
  • Patrice Mae (06/08/2020)

    I bought the Happy Pink variant just recently out of my desire to lighten my pits. I have tried waxing and epilation but to no avail. Commercial deos worked in whitening, but only for a while as they make my pits itch like crazy. But when I tried this deo, i felt no itchiness and the protection was pretty great. I have not tried using it on very hot days though. I hope this is the one! :D I'll post another review after several weeks.
  • Cheska (06/08/2020)

    This all natural deodorant is almost perfect, especially for girls since I do believe that chemical-based deodorants/anti antiperspirants do contribute to breast cancer. I used happy pink, and I love the smell. It's sweet but not too strong. What I usually do is after several swipes, I dry it up in front of the electric fan. It lasts a few hours but I become sweaty in the latter part of the day. Its quite hassle when I'm in a hurry because I have no time to dry it up and its really not a comfortable feeling. I easily smell and become sweaty if I am unable to let it dry. I recommend HHN to create a stick version. I believe this type of deodorant may help its effect last longer and give better protection. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cheska! Thank you for your honest feedback. We're glad you like our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant and we understand that it may require a little more adjustment than chemical deodorants, but we promise you the health benefits of choosing a deo free from parabens, aluminum, phthalates and triclosan are worth it. Our deo is not an antiperspirant because antiperspirants often contain harmful aluminum salts; however it does help fight odor-causing bacteria. We can consider creating a stick deodorant, but in the meantime, we recommend reapplying our deo throughout the day to ensure that you stay protected :) Hope this helps! Thanks!
  • Mina (06/08/2020)

    Before, my underarms were extremely sweaty, dark, and smelly. After using this powder fresh deodorant, I observed that my underarms are a bit lighter. Even better, I don't smell the unpleasant odor anymore nor do I sweat that much! I've been skeptical how good this product worked for me but I've been using it for weeks now and the good results are consistent. Thank you very much HHN!
  • Ericka (06/08/2020)

    Surprisingly after using it (Happy Pink) in a month, my underarm started to lighten! I've been searching ways to whiten my UA and thank God for the goodness of nature that He made for us. Thank you HN for bringing hope for girls who have dark UA like me! love love LOVE!
  • Rina (06/08/2020)

    I'm about to consume my first bottle and I can really say that this whitens the UA. It might take some time but the changes are showing. The downside: I have to swipe it several times a day to prevent body odor. I'm using the pink one and I'll try the blue one next time. Hopefully the blue deo will control the BO more. Suggestion: Deo on stick please. :) Thank you for this product! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Rina! We're so glad you love our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant. It may require some adjustment on the user's part because it is unlike any formulation on the market today - it is 100% natural and free from common toxins in deos. We do recommend swiping it several times a day for maximum protection against odor-causing bacteria but this is a small adjustment to ensure that you steer clear from the health risks associated with chemical deos! :) Thank you so much for your support!]
  • Mitch (06/08/2020)

    I am unsure about this product. I only use this when I am out and it's cold because it holds pretty well. I don't use this when it's hot because I sweat like crazy. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mitch! Our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant is not an antiperspirant, as antiperspirants often contain harmful chemicals that stop sweat from escaping. To stay protected from odor-causing bacteria on hotter days, we do recommend swiping it throughout the day - it's a small adjustment , but at least you know you're protected by a genuinely safe deo free from harmful chemicals :) Thank you!]
  • Marnie (06/08/2020)

    I've been using Happy Pink Deo for a week now but sad to say, it doesn't show any signs of my UA getting fairer nor the odor being reduced or even controlled. In fact the smell really stinks whenever I start to get very sweaty (I'm on the heavy side so I sweat a lot just by doing normal activities). I make sure to shake the bottle well, wait for it to dry up before putting on my clothes and also I reapply several times a day but still the same result. I understand this deo is not an anti-perspirant, sweating is fine with me because I know it's healthy, I just want a product that would at least control or totally eliminate the odor. I'm not sure if the odor would be totally eliminated in time, with regular use but I really do hope so. Now I'm thinking if I should continue using the product (since I'm still in my 1st week). Any thoughts? Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Marnie! We're sorry to hear about your experience. It does sound like you're doing everything right, though we understand that everyone's body chemistry is different and may respond differently to our products. According to customer reports, it often takes a few weeks or months to see the lightening effect. We'd like to get in touch with you to learn more and help you find the products that do work for you. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :) Thank you!]
  • cHeL (06/08/2020)

    I don't use roll-on because it takes time to dry up. I just hope that Human Nature will have deodorant powder or deodorant stick with the same benefits in roll-on. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for the suggestion, Rochelle! We'll definitely consider it :)]
  • Rina (06/08/2020)

    Another product review: My body is starting to adapt to this deo. Less odor but still least, it's getting there. The most amazing part is my boyfie noticed the lightening effect! To think that before, I purchased several UA products worth 1000+ just to have that effect but it will take months to see the results. I just recently bought the Sunflower oil. Let's see if this will help improve the UA. Love love love human nature! ❤ P.S. Still requesting for the deo on stick
  • Ming (06/08/2020)

    I'm a real fan of organic products especially that these products are working well for me. I was just disappointed with this one. The smell is good and it has that nice baby smell. The only problem is it does not keep its promise: "Get better, longer odor protection that can last all day." As much as I would like to stick with this one, it's just not working for me at all. It may have smoothen my skin but it did not really last long. :( I hope that you can work on it Human Nature because I'm a really big fan of your products. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ming! We're sorry to hear about your experience. For best results and all-day protection, we do recommend shaking the bottle well and applying a few extra swipes in the morning until the underarms are thoroughly covered. Reapply throughout the day as needed to stay protected from odor-causing bacteria :) Do let us know how this works for you! Our Customer Service will be in touch with you to learn more about your experience and help you out in any way we can :) Thank you!]
  • Cristel Joyce (06/08/2020)

    My family is very careful when it comes to deodorants because of the bad effects it may cause in the long run. I got my Premium Deodorant in Powder Fresh from my sample kit and been excited to use it. So happy that my UA is now "hiyang" with this deodorant. Even a day of so much work and sweats my UA doesn't smell bad. It even lighten the skin of my UA. But to achieve a more lighter skin, I apply SBO on my UA at night. =)
  • Andrea (06/08/2020)

    This product really works and leaves no stain on clothes. The powder fresh (blue) scent smells weird. Kinda like lola. But it does work amazingly. I feel so much safer using this than the deos in the drugstores. I recommend drying your deo on your pits before wearing your clothes. The effect will last a lot longer. I cant wait to try the happy pink scent when my blue bottle runs out!
  • Kristine (06/08/2020)

    This product is great because it does keep odor at bay, but it doesn't stop perspiration (which is OK, it is labelled deodorant, not anti-perspirant). I also noticed that my underarms have become smoother and considerably lighter - it works better at whitening than most brands I have tried that have "whitening" on their label and it's cheaper too. I also like the scent of the pink variant - sweet scent but not overpowering. I'm trying to replace all my personal care products with HHN - I literally have not tried a HHN product that I do not like.
  • ewago (06/08/2020)

    Ive been satisfied for just a week, no bad odor, feeling fresh but on the second week ive noticed it stained my blouse even i dried it over the fan and a sour stinky smell developed for the first time.i dont sweat alot and used to stay in an aircon room so probably it needs formula improvement.thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi ewago! Thank you for reaching out to us. Regarding your concern, our deodorant is not formulated to stain clothes as it doesn't contain any ingredients that will react to sweat and cause discoloration. It's possible, however, that the stain may be sweat marks caused from perspiration. Our deodorant is not an antiperspirant but it does control underarm odor caused by microorganisms. If you find that your deo is not working as well as it did at first, we highly recommend shaking it well, applying about 8 swipes in the morning, and reapplying it throughout the day for optimum protection from odor :) Do let us know how it works for you! Our Customer Service will be in touch with you in case you have further concerns :) Thank you!]
  • CheChe (06/08/2020)

    Tried the Natural Premium Deo a few years ago because of the fact that it was solely a deodorant. Anti-perspirants tend prevent the toxins from escaping the body through sweat. I gave it another shot lately but I still encountered the same issues as before. The product takes a long time to dry and once used, the deodorant effect I was hoping for would fade after a few hours. Roll-ons are good for after-showering application but once the pits have already started to sweat, I wouldn't be too keen on re-applying since bacteria would spread on the applicator making it a bit unhygienic. Since I've also purchased the Tea Tree Acne gel (which served its purpose well for eliminating acne :D) I decided to use it on my underarms because of its anti-bacterial properties. It miraculously worked better for me than the deodorant. You guys might also want to consider a tea tree deodorant spray as an alternative for the Premium Deodorant. Tea tree works wonders for both acne and odor-control! :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi CheChe! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We do recommend applying a few extra swipes of our deo and reapplying it throughout the day for best results, though we've understand that it may not work for everybody due to differing body chemistries. Please note that our Acne Defense Solution Gel is not intended for use on the underarms. However rest assured we're already considering reformulating our deo - a deo spray sounds like a good idea to us, too! Thanks again for your suggestion!]
  • Shane (06/08/2020)

    When I finally came across a brand that I feel like having & supporting throughout my lifetime (pro-Philippines, pro-poor, pro-environment, cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients) I was like, "Finally, the wait is over." It's everything that I've been looking for. I decided to try the products first before registering as a dealer so I'll have an idea how good these products are. Among all of the various Human Nature products I've purchased, this Premium Deodorant that says Longer Odor-Protection is the one that doesn't really work as it says. I followed all instructions shaking it really well before every use, swiping it numerous times even if I don't have an active lifestyle, letting it dry for what seems like ages, & reapplying it once or twice more during the day but sad & gross to say that I smell & I never smelled like that before. I've been using a hypoallergenic deodorant with no alcohol, no parabens, no colourants & no fragrance prior to trying this. Downside is it's imported & non-cruelty-free but it does the job. For now, I guess I have to deal with the downsides than lose the loving people that surrounds me if not my self-confidence on this. Hope you can improve the formulation & I'd be happy to try it again. Great advocacy though. Keep it up! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Shane! We're sorry to hear about your experience. You may notice that our deo is different from other brands because it is not an anti-perspirant, as anti-perspirants block sweat glands. However our 100% natural Premium Deodorant is formulated to protect you from underarm odor caused by bacteria. It sounds like you used it properly, but it's possible that the scent of our deo is not compatible with your body chemistry. We're currently working on a new formulation and we would like to invite you to be one of the testers, should you be willing to try it out. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you to help you out! Thank you for your support!]
  • Pau (06/08/2020)

    I tried this deo (the blue one) because it's included in the package which we purchased to become a member. At first,no noticeable results were observed but after almost a month,I noticed that it did it's job to be a premium deodorant. Yeah you'll have a very hard time to dry it up but my remedy is to apply "tawas" after it so it'll be absorbed. I just proved it's effect when I went in a Jamboree. It was very hot in there and am kinda conscious of my smell (in the underarms) but then I did not stink (*winks). I think I'm close to having a hyperhidrosis (an excessive sweating, in my case, in my ua) but I noticed that it lessens a little. I hope that the good results will continue. Thanks for this,HN! (BTW,my sister bought the pink one but I think the scent does not match her so she tried the blue one also) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Pau! We're so glad you like our Premium Deodorant. However as you might know, we do not use any aluminum compounds in our deo products because they work by blocking the sweat glands and preventing perspiration. Tawas (potassium alum) is one such aluminum compound, so we do not recommend using this together with our deo. Hope this helps! :) Thanks!]
  • Miam (06/08/2020)

    I agree this product does help prevent darkening of underarms. I can bet on this one. Since I gave birth, my UA was never the same. I had to try so many products to bring back the old texture and complexion of my UA until I found this. During daytime after bath, I use this and night time, after shower I put the sunflower oil. This tandem really made my UA whiter and smoother :)
  • Kriezel D. (06/08/2020)

    I got the blue one as part of my registration package. But I also tried the pink one after I've used up the first blue bottle. Honestly, it works for me. Just so you know, I've never been the sweaty and smelly type. During parades, my friends would have all their armpits sweaty and they would smell already while mine won't. I'm not really sure if that's a good thing. Anyway, I just wanted to share where I'm coming from :) If there's one thing I regret the most, it's going to a skin center and having my armpit hairs laser-ed. They called it IPL and I had like 6 sessions to thin out the hair if not remove them completely. Unfortunately, all I got from it was a super smelly right armpit. For real! Weeks after the sessions I noticed my right armpit would smell bad after about 5 or 6 hours from showering. Even if I didn't do any physical activity. I learned to live by it even if it was against my will. So anyway, after trying out two bottles of this deodorant, I would say that it works. Because it has reduced the smell and I feel more confident now than before. The 1-star deduction is because it doesn't dry out fast enough. Thank you HHN!
  • Lynne (06/08/2020)

    I'm a hoarder of beauty products. I buy lotions and creams that I don't use. The same goes with body products and cosmetics. When I tried Human Nature's 100% Sunflower Body Oil and loved it, I started buying other products as well and this is one of the products I tried. I got the Powder Fresh. It has mild scent that I like and it did minimise body odour. After several IPL sessions, my armpit started producing body odour (again after puberty). I wasn't happy about it. After the first day of trying this out, I threw out all other deodorants that I've used because I'm sticking to this. In fact, I'm purchasing Happy Pink even if I haven't finished my first bottle yet.
  • Elvie (06/08/2020)

    I got the powder fresh deo yesterday and used it after shower. the entire day I was at home with no major activity to cause sweaty armpits, but the deo didn't suit me well. my armpits were not super sweaty but they smell differently not in a good way and I haven't had this body odor before. what gives? I still gave it another try today- and same thing. I'd still like to use the deo bec. it's all natural and safe, but doesn't do the job. I wish I could order the pink one right away, see if it would work better? but it's almost Christmas and orders will be held/delivered only after the holidays. urgg!! I've been using your other products for almost 1 month now- and love them. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Elvie! We're sorry to hear about your experience. We understand that different body chemistries may respond to our deodorant differently, as many users experience its excellent protection against odor-causing bacteria. It's possible that the scent of our Powder Fresh Premium Deodorant may not be suitable for your body chemistry. Perhaps our Happy Pink Deo might work better for you? We'd be happy to offer you a free exchange. Please do remember to shake well, swipe liberally, and reapply as needed :) Thank you and our Customer Service will be in touch soon!]
  • Jamine (06/08/2020)

    I got the Happy Pink one, and was delighted with the berry-ish light scent. I use it every after shower, and there's no sticky or filmy feel, like it's not even there! And yet it deodorizes very effectively compared to commercial products. Another good one from HHN. :-)
  • Mel (06/08/2020)

    It's taking some getting used to - without the aluminum that is the anti perspirant - but loving the way it treats the underarm - making it lighter. I don't want my body to absorb the chemicals from the commercial deodorants.
  • Ma. Christina (06/08/2020)

    I bought the Happy Pink deo. Since I knew I was pregnant, I stopped using deodorants until I came across HHN's all-natural products. However, every afternoon my armpits would sweat even in an air-conditioned room. But even if they sweat, still no smell (and that's great!). Should I always dry it every after applying? 'Cos I never dry it I just leave it as is, maybe that's why its causing me to sweat? Thanks HHN! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ma. Christina! We're so glad you love our Premium Deodorant! It's completely normal to sweat because our deodorant is not an anti-perspirant. This is because most antiperspirants contain harmful aluminum and block the sweat glands! Our deodorant IS formulated, however, to give you excellent protection from odor-causing bacteria :) We recommend shaking the bottle very well before use and allowing your underarms to fully dry before putting on your top. Thank you so much!]
  • Hya (06/08/2020)

    I love the fact that I don't have to worry about deodorant stains on my clothes and at the end of the day, the powder fresh scent may be gone but my armpits are still odor-free. Thanks, HHN!
  • Jamie (06/08/2020)

    I love how this product help to smoothen and lightens my underarms. The only downside is the fact that it can't handle excessive sweat from extreme activities so I need to re-apply. Maybe you can also produce a smaller packaging so that it can fit inside a kikay kit whenever needed. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jamie! We're so glad you love our Premium Deodorant! Just to clarify, our deodorant is not an antiperspirant. We intentionally formulated it to fight odor and bacteria without blocking sweat. This is because many chemical antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that close the pores in order to stop sweat from escaping - however these aluminum salts have been found to pose risks to your health, from neurotoxicity to reproductive problems! So while our deos will not stop you from sweating, they will protect you from body odor without any of the harmful chemicals! We highly recommend reapplying it throughout the day or as needed to stay constantly protected from odor :) Thank you!]
  • Mikee (06/08/2020)

    I have the happy pink variany and I surely am happy with it. I tried this because my previous deodorant was making me itch like crazy. I was actually hesitant in getting this at first since I didn't like the scent but I still wanted to give it a try since I know it wouldn't harm my body. I didn't get any allergic reaction to this so i'll continue to use it. Also, I started loving the scent after continuous usage. The scent actually goes away after a while but it's not particulary a bad thing. It doesn't make me smell at all and it doesn't leave deodorant stains on my clothes.
  • Shiela (06/08/2020)

    I've been looking for a safe and effective deodorant for me and my kids . So I was really excited to try this. Too bad that its not effective for us in controlling body odor. To think that I do not really sweat heavily since I'm in an air conditioned office the whole day. Never smell this bad. Kakahiya. Sayang dalawa pa naman binili ko agad. No choice but to return to commercially available deodorants kahit until I can find an organic one na effective. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Shiela! We're very sorry to hear about your experience. Our Premium Deodorant is not an antiperspirant, but it is formulated to effectively fight odor-causing bacteria with proper use - it may take some time to get the hang of it, but its toxin-free benefits are definitely worth it! We recommend shaking the bottle very well before applying it liberally (around 8-11 swipes) to clean, dry underarms. Allow time for it to dry before putting on your top. For best results, we also recommend reapplying it as needed every few hours - especially if it's hot out - for all-day protection :) In any case, we would like to look into your concern and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! Thank you!]
  • Elle Nichols (06/08/2020)

    My mother and I have been using this products for almost two weeks now - and we are loving it. The smell is faint, the consistency is as good as it can get, and once applied, we have not experienced our underarms getting sweaty. We are hoping to try your other scents soon!
  • Trish (06/08/2020)

    It's a total plus that this deodorant is natural. I've been looking for alternatives for commercial deodorants/anti-antiperspirants which, in most cases, contain aluminum. This natural deo is definitely easier to use than tawas. I need to emphasize to possible buyers that because this product is quite mild you may NEED TO REAPPLY through the day. HN's deodorant is the sort of product I'll would use on days I stay at home. I find it especially difficult to reapply the deodorant during classes. Reapplication interfered with studio work (others call is lab work). FYI all my classrooms at university have air conditioning. However, if you think you have a lifestyle which has a lot of room for frequent "bathroom breaks", go ahead and try this product. Perhaps a stick variant would be more convenient. I would give it a try. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Trish! Thank you for your honest feedback. We're glad that you've chosen to use natural deos over chemical ones! You'll be happy to know that a natural stick deodorant is currently in the works and we're very excited to launch it! Stay tuned to our channels so you can get first dibs :) Thank you so much for your support!]
  • Ceti (06/08/2020)

    I have the powder fresh and love the smell. I also like the fact that it is all natural, with no aluminum and parabens. It was easy to wash of and does not leave white flakes and marks on my shirt. But after only 5 days of use, I notice that my underarm darkens. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ceti! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Premium Deodorant is our best roll-on formulation yet and it is very unlikely to cause skin darkening. It is absolutely free from harsh alcohol and aluminum compounds plus it contains natural emollients and sunflower oil to help smoothen and lighten underarms. We would like to look into your experience to determine the cause of your concern. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you to help you out and help you find the products that work for you - perhaps our All-Natural Deodorant Stick may work better for you? :) Thank you!]
  • Geliah (06/08/2020)

    I'm sad to say this deo did not work for me. Just a little sweat from walking, I could tell I'm already starting to smell. Even worse during a workout. I've never smelled this bad with my other deos. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Geliah. We're sorry about your experience. We'd like to learn more about it so that we may help you further. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to provide assistance. Thank you!]
  • Alex (06/08/2020)

    I have been insecure for years about my underarms and read articles of products that should be helping with my problems actually making it worse. This product has been very helpful and it's scent blends well with the other HN products that I use. It also helps with the scent my underarms give off every time I'm sweating. Guilt-free <3
  • Felicity (06/08/2020)

    I've switched to HHN deos a few months ago and I love how it lightened my underarm after a few use...very noticeable! Scent: super love happy pink because of the light smell. At first I thought the scent will last all day long but due to the mildness, I think you have to reapply after 6 hours esp when you get to sweat a lot. I work daily inside the office(airconditioned) but I still sweat esp in my underarms, though I don't expect not too sweat bec your deos are not anti perspirant however, I thought it will keep my underarm fresh till end of the day... failed! Switched to deo stick: smell was nice..mild and powdery but regarding the effect...same as happy pink :(...also when you get to the middle of using the stick, it becomes rough & i think it will cause darkening when you rub it in ur underarms just like scrubbing. Last resort will be to try out black diamond deo... i hope it does the miracle. Hope you can improve more on the effect of the deos. Ilove HHN deos bec of the natural smell, ingredients like sunflower oil! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Felicity! Thank you for purchasing our Premium Deodorant Roll-on and our All-Natural Deodorant Stick. We're sorry about your experience and we would like to learn more about it so that we can help you better. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to provide assistance. We have also received positive comments from some of our women customers who found that our Natural Deodorant for Men works with them. Do let us know how you find it. Thank you so much! :)]
  • gail (06/08/2020)

    It definitely smoothens and lightens underarms, especially when i followed the tip to apply sunflower oil before bedtime. My only problem with this deodorant is that it takes quite a long time to dry after application. For someone who's in a rush all the time, this is a bit of a hassle. But it does the job of keeping body odor in check. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gail! We're so happy you liked our Premium Deodorant Roll-on. We also appreciate your honest feedback. We'll definitely consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Sarah (06/08/2020)

    I'm not a fan of any commercial deodorants (I am not using deodorants till I try HHN's). My underarm doesn't sweat a lot but I like how the product protected me the whole day without reapplying. :) I would want to try the other scent, right now, I am using the powder fresh.
  • Raq (06/08/2020)

    I hate to leave a negative review for any HHN Products as I am a loyal user of some of their products since 2014 and I am even a member of HHN. I have finally decided to try HHN Powder Fresh Deodorant Roll-On and just after 3 days of using it, I noticed that my underarm has darkened and now I have severe underarm irritation. I cannot even raise my arms even when I am at home because of what happened. I am truly disappointed with this product. I have already stopped using it and as much as I want to try to use HHN Sunflower Beauty Oil to see if it will take care of the problem, I am having second thoughts as it might worsen the situation. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello, yendys! Thank you for purchasing our Premium Deodorant Roll-on. We also appreciate your honest feedback and we're sorry about your experience. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Elaine (06/08/2020)

    I'm not a sweaty person but this roll-on only works for a couple of hours. You need to take a shower and re-apply again to smell and feel refreshed. If you're into sports and activities that require a lot of sweat, this is not for you. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Elaine! Thank you for purchasing our Premium Deodorant Roll-on. we also appreciate your honest feedback. As our deodorants do not have synthetic preservatives, we recommend our users to reapply as often as needed. Nevertheless, we will definitely consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you very much! :)]
  • Angelica (06/08/2020)

    I've been a fan of HHN products for years and this is one of my staple products. I have very sensitive underarm and this is one of the few products that truly work plus I love the fact that it has sunflower oil to even out skin tone. The formulation of this premium deo is miles better than the deo stick with tea tree. Please Human Heart Nature, make a smaller bottle/version for this or have it in a spray bottle with the same ingredients. I know 50ml is not much but the roller ball is kind of bigger for me. I am a traveler and I want to pack as lightly as possible. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Angelica! We're so glad that you loved our Premium Deodorant Roll-on! We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging and we'll definitely consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Faye (06/08/2020)

    I have tried this product in happy pink and I can say that it doesn't make my underarms smell bad and I like that the ingredients are natural. However, I was just wondering. Like your other products, is this still cruelty free even if it doesn't have the bunny logo? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Faye! We're so glad that you liked our Happy Pink Deodorant Roll-on. You can rest assured that all of our products including our natural deodorants are cruelty-free. In fact,Human Nature was the first cosmetics and personal care company in the Philippines to be awarded the distinction of being truly cruelty-free by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). We will do note however to include the CrueltyFree seal in the label when we come up with a new packaging. Thank you so much , Faye! :)]
  • Kristel (06/08/2020)

    Human Nature powder fresh deo makes my underarms lighter and smells fresh for hours. It doesn't contain chemical ingredients so I never experience itchiness and irritations. My clothes don't have stains too.
  • Pat (06/08/2020)

    I have been using this product for 2 weeks now. However, I started noticing small lumps and foul odor in my armpit within 3 days of using this product. I haven't changed anything in my routine and diet so I'm guessing this is the cause. I was really looking forward to using natural products but I feel a little discouraged with this... [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Pat! Thank you for purchasing our Premium Deodorant Roll-on. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Our customer service associate will get in touch with you soon to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • celine (06/08/2020)

    I tried all three deo products and the pink roll-on worked best with me. With the blue roll-on and the stick deo with tea tree oil, I didn't like the smell of my underarms at the end of the day. I was hesitant to try the pink one as I thought it would smell like flowers. I am glad I did, though, because I super loved it!!! No funny smell at the end of the day. The chicken skin has dramatically improved as well, my UA feels really smooth. All deos I've tried darkened my skin, but this one actually lightened it. So happy with the pink variant! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Celine! We're so thrilled that you loved our Happy Pink Premium Deodorant Roll-on. We also appreciate your feedback on our All-Natural Deodorant Stick and Powder Fresh roll-on; rest assured that we will consider your comments for the future development of our Deodorant Care line. Thank you! :)]
  • Maria (06/08/2020)

    I have been using this for three days now. It doesn't cause my UA to smell bad even in this very hot season and that is why I like it. Although it may take time for the deo to dry on my skin after applying, it is still worth it since I know there aren't any harmful chemicals on the product. Plus one wipe goes a long way!
  • Maria (06/08/2020)

    After weeks of using, it dawned on me that unless I apply the product twice or thrice a day, it will give off foul odor. In order to have the consistency of the scent and to make sure you're not smelling bad, you'll have to make sure you wipe your UA with wet wipes/cloth and reapply the product to freshen up. This can be an inconvenience for some people. The upside of this is the fact that it really LIGHTENED my UA. I can see the difference after a month.
  • Kristel (06/08/2020)

    I like Human Heart Nature deodorant roll on and Human Heart Nature deodorant stick. Both products made my underarms look lighter, I never experience itchiness, it smells really good and my clothes don't have stains. However, after a while, I notice that the odor protection lasts only for 2 hours. Please do something about this. Other natural and organic deodorants offer twenty four-hour odor protection. I don't mind if you raise the price. Thank you so much. I still love and support Human Heart Nature products and advocacies. Nothing has changed. More Power Human Heart Nature! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kristel! Thank you for purchasing our Premium Deodorant Roll-on and we're glad that it helped lighten your underarms. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the longevity of the product's effectiveness. Please rest assured that we will look into this as we continuously develop our natural deodorants. Thank you!]
  • Mitchelle (06/08/2020)

    Just finished a bottle of the powder fresh scent! This deodorant feels light and non-sticky. It doesn't darken my underarm and it leaves my skin smooth and fresh all day.
  • Gay (06/08/2020)

    After a month or treating my underarm with human♡nature's tea tree oil, these natural roll-on deodorants as well as the stick finally worked on me! Good thing I did not give up my hope on these natural deodorants. I can't be any happier I am now using natural deodorants because I think I have done a good thing for my health switching to natural products. I have all and use all human nature products except for the acne wash and toner and the cleansing balm and pollution mask still to try. One month of tea tree oil treatment was unpleasant but it paid off! My underarm has lightened and smoothened up with this product! It's all goodness indeed! ♡ Hoping for a handy size too. ☺ Thank you.
  • Les (06/08/2020)

    I love this deo specially the bottle with a blue cap (powder fresh scent). I am acidic and it really is very difficult for me to find a deo that mask my smell whenever I get too sweaty because of the hot weather and doing my everyday chores. To test the effectivity of this deo, I just followed the instruction by shaking well the bottle before applying and then I applied generously on my UA. I let it dry before putting my clothes on. After that, I started to do all my chores. I was super sweaty that day because I clean our house, cook our dinner and iron my baby's clothes. I was super sweaty but to my amazement, my underarm still smells like a baby powder. Isn't that amazing? Yep I'm an avid fan of thiz deo. Thank you HHN! xoxo :*
  • Edelyn (06/08/2020)

    I love all of your products and so happy that also have this organic deo, its really hard for me to find organic products since Im living in the products, but thanks to human nature. However this deo doesnt have a lasting effect for me, I have recommended it to my family but they also experienced the same, please continue to improve this product for I really love to use it. Thanks. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Edelyn! Thank you for purchasing our Premium Deodorant Roll-On. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Please note that since ou Premium Deodorant Roll-on is made of 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic components, we recommend that you reapply the product throughout the day as needed. Nevertheless, we'll definitely consider your feedback for the the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Janice (06/08/2020)

    I finished my pink-capped bottle already and I am so satisfied. ✔ has nice scent ✔ lightened my under arms ✔ controlled everyday-odor ✔ took months to consume
  • Kristina Yvonne (06/08/2020)

    I used the blue one before but it didn't made me really confident, most especially the deo stick, I had the worst experience and had to return it. So I didn't buy the deo for how many years but now that I'm a homebased working mom, I thought of giving it a try again with the pink one this time and I'm so loving it! The products lasts long and I like the smell. I'm very picky w/ deos kc I get irritated. This is worth writing a review.
  • Net (06/08/2020)

    I love Human Nature products, however this one disappointed me. I understand that it doesn't stop perspiration because that's how natural deodorant works. They only kill bacteria. This product though didn't eliminate the odor at all. Not gonna buy this again :/ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Net! Thank you for purchasing our Premium Deodorant Roll-On. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you. Please note that our since our Premium Deodorant Roll-On is 100% natural, it does not contain any synthetic ingredients that fight bacteria like most commercial deodorants do. As such, we recommend that users reapply the product as needed to ensure that they are protected from odor-causing bacteria. I hope this helps! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at Thank you!]
  • Kahrt (06/08/2020)

    i usually get a funky ua smell after a day's work. I have been trying different commercial deodorants and it only seems to be effective for a couple of weeks and i get tolerant and back to the funky smell again. Tried to shift to hhn's natural deo for once but had to read reviews about going natural (deo). I see some negative feedbacks saying they still stink up there. So I ended up doing some research and learned that before shifting to natural products, you HAVE TO detoxify your underarms and get rid of the aluminum build up from years of using chem deos. Treat underarms with bentonite clay mask as it is the only way to remove aluminum safely. I did this and shifted to use hhn's natural deo and now i'm stink-free. (But, of course, reapply when sweaty) Hope this may help :)
  • Julie Ann (06/08/2020)

    Hello, guys. I've just started using this deo(powder) for 2 days already and I tell you I love it! I was a silka papaya user for years but I got worried when I felt a painful bump on my underarm so I suspected that maybe it's my deo since it blocks my sweat and with all the harmful ingredients on it. I tried this and FOLLOWED the instruction that you need to re-apply it as needed. I apply it before I leave the house, during lunch time, and if I'm gonna gohome late, I re-apply again so that's 3x a day application but guess what, I don't smell at all!! I tell you I sweat like crazy and sometimes the silka deo is failing me but this one is really superb.
  • Benjo (06/08/2020)

    Okay this deo is getting better unlike from the previous formulation.
  • Grace (06/08/2020)

    I have an active lifestyle and I sweat a lot. I honestly didn't like this at first because the product runs down with my sweat, and leaves me with bad odor. So I simply apply this when I'm on light activities. Tip: wash your underarms before reapplying.
  • Lisette Ann (06/08/2020)

    I've tried a lot of deo and the Powder Fresh never let me down, literally. Plus, my underarm lightened. I actually buy a stock whenever I'm running out. Nothing to say, I love it...
  • Caroline (06/08/2020)

    Needs to be applied twice on a day for this to work for me.
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