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Basilio Coffee Harana Blend 250g
Basilio Coffee Harana Blend 250g

   I'm not a coffee expert, but for me this is the best tasting coffee blend! It's a great and del...  
- Monette
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Wake up your senses with a piping hot cup of this exquisite blend of Arabica, Robusta and Excelsa coffee.

Basilio’s subsidized air roasting technology helps farmers gain significant income boost versus trading raw beans in the market. Basilio has established more than 60 community roasters nationwide.

This social enterprise product isn’t available yet for delivery outside the Philippines. But we’re hoping to share the goodness to even more people soon!

  • Angelica (09/10/2020)

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my sister who loves coffee. She said that the smell is fruity, the taste is very smooth, and it's easy to drink, compared to the ones she had before. Overall, she's happy with it.
  • Faith (10/27/2019)

    A perfect blend for those who love that strong and spicy coffee kick :) I love my coffee in black and for me, this coffee blend is absolutely amazing!
  • Sherynel (09/19/2019)

    Love the aroma and taste
  • Kryschelle Lyn (05/17/2019)

    I'm not a coffee lover, I prefer tea myself, but with this blend, I'm willing to change allegiance. Smelling it's aroma is an enticing way to wake up in the morning. Plus, every cup consumed helps my fellow countrymen. Kudos to the creators of this coffee product! I just hope HumanHeartNature also offers their other blends. I've read that Basilio offers 2 other blends. Looking forward to seeing it also here at HumanHeartNature. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kryschelle Lyn! We're glad that you loved our Basilio Coffee Harana Blend. Rest assured that we will forward your feedback t our friends from Basilio so that we may consider including other blends at Human Nature. Thank you!]
  • Gem (04/07/2019)

    for many years I prefer tea, but after I've tasted this blend, I can't start my day without coffee. I've tried several local blends but this is one of the few I've consumed in less than a month. smells fantastic, the taste is mild and smooth, but the kick is strong enough to help me get through the night shift.
  • Myla Faye (07/22/2018)

    Best tasting brewed coffee ever!
  • Monette (04/04/2017)

    I'm not a coffee expert, but for me this is the best tasting coffee blend! It's a great and delicious way to start the morning. I usually wake up at 5:00 a.m. and this coffee surely keeps me up and energizes me.
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