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Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar 200ml (300g)

   I decided to drink kalamansi juice sweetened with 1 tablespoon of Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar. For ...  
- Tes
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The superfood coco nectar from the coconut flower is an all-natural medifood supplement that:

 Bursts with vitamins & minerals, and more amino acids than animal protein, vegetables, or even bee honey
 Helps fortify the immune system and fight diseases
 Helps promote tissue repair and regeneration
 Helps soothe rashes and skin breaks
 Helps relieve discomfort brought about by hyperacidity
 Has a low glycemic index ideal for diabetics’ blood sugar management

A toast to coconut farmers: The Philippines’ warm, balmy climate made us one of the world’s top coconut producers. Because of its high value, farmers may harvest coco nectar yields of as much as 10 times their income from copra production.

This social enterprise product isn’t available yet for delivery outside the Philippines. But we’re hoping to share the goodness to even more people soon!

Have a sweet spoonful (or more) of health every day! Coco nectar is a delicious and healthy substitute for maple syrup or honey for your pancakes or waffles, and a great sweetener for tea and desserts.
An all-natural medifood supplement that bursts with vitamins & minerals, and more amino acids than animal protein, vegetables, or even bee honey. It helps fortify the immune system and fight diseases, helps soothe rashes and skin breaks, and has a low glycemic index ideal for diabetics’ blood sugar management. To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • SARAH E. (06/10/2021)

    When my mom had a stroke 4 years ago, a friend shared this to me-- saying this might help my mom recover quickly. She told me that after her chemo treatment, she takes 2 tblspn of coconectar every morning on an empty stomach. This helped her recover quickly. My mom now takes coconectar regulary. She said that this also helped her move bowel easily. I do take this too. I think it helped boost my immune system, as I would usually get colds easily, but not anymore.
  • Joyce Mayrena (04/17/2021)

    My niece recovered very fast from Dengue because this helped a lot.
  • Amaineko (05/28/2020)

    I've read good comments on the benefits of coco nectar. I slept with sore throat last night and took 2 tbps before bedtime on empty tummy. Woke up feeling that my throat feels better. Although I hope you will have the wide-mouth jar which is bigger, or the 750ml bottle.
  • Tes (05/28/2020)

    For two days last week I developed a really bad cough. On the second day, my nose started to get runny and I knew I was coming down with flu. I was about to visit my doctor on the 3rd day but I decided to drink kalamansi juice sweetened with 1 tablespoon of Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar. For 2 days, I drank 1 glass in the morning, one at lunchtime and another one in the afternoon. After this I started to feel better, no more cough and colds. It saved me from drinking prescribed drugs and the costly physician’s fee. Since then, I have been drinking 1 glass of kalamansi juice with 1 tablespoon of Dr. Gerry's Coco Nectar as my daily dose of a truly effective “ medifood.” Thank you Human Nature for including this social enterprise product.
  • Skylar (05/28/2020)

    I've been taking this 2x a day for about a month now I do feel that my Immune system have increased and I always have a very deep sleep. Colds and dry cough disappear quickly that is how quick our body absorbs this green honey! My mother is acidic she's been taking this every morning in an empty stomach, the burning sensation fades quickly and no medicine from drugstores gave her an instant relief from her acidity. My acne also heals a lot faster when I started drinking this!! Coco Nectar is a delicious medicine!!
  • Boots (05/28/2020)

    I immediately ordered this product when I saw it as I am getting tired of occasional but painful acne breakouts every time I sleep late. I tried putting a drop on every spot of those that are starting to grow and voila! I felt relief in 2 days and the pimple did not anymore "erupt". Am so delighted with this product! I shared it with an officemate and she too was very happy that it does prevent further breakouts. Thanks HHN! <3
  • tin (05/28/2020)

    Very effective!!! grbe. Naka isang kain p lang ako gumaan kagad pakiramdam ko.ang dami ko na na try na vitamins para lumakas katawan ko pero wala isa don ang effective.di ko akalain na dito lang pala sa dr.gerry's coco nectar ko makikita ang hinahanap lahat nagagamot niya!love it na at me mantain ko na to.thank's dito.hiyang talaga ako sa mga products ng human heart nature.mababango,masasarap mga products nila.maganda din ang mga design ng bottle.sana lifetime na ang human heart nature.
  • Beverly (05/28/2020)

    I suspected that I had urinary tract infection(UTI) because of painful and difficult urination so I drank a table spoon of Dr. Jerry' Coco Nectar mixed in hot water before breakfast, I repeated the whole thing throughout the day and the next morning the pain and difficulty was gone. Thanks Dr. Jerry!
  • Gloria (05/28/2020)

    I became sickly since I had my tonsillectomy in 1983. I often experience sore throat with cough and colds and body pains, particularly during rainy days until the "ber" months. I have tried all kinds of antibiotics and medicines for coughs and colds, with doctor's prescription of course! I came to know about Coco Nectar when my office mate introduced me to Human Nature products for almost 2 years now. I've been taking CCN since then and noticed that my immune system greatly improved! CCN has been my family's daily vitamins since then!
  • Zytel (05/28/2020)

    I woke up in the middle of the night with a sudden urge to urinate and when i did, it was painful. I surely had a UTI but since my stomach was empty, i couldn't take a dose of mefenamic acid to mask the pain and wait for the morning and consult a doctor. I took a tablespoon of the coco nectar instead and after about 15 minutes, the pain was gone and i was finally able to sleep soundly. :)
  • SARAH (05/28/2020)

    I just chanced upon finding this product in the supermarket looking for a honey. I read the literature later after i bought it. It must have been a blessing since I've been experiencing pain from my left lower back to the top of my thigh-- it's not UTI since i don't have problems or pain urinating. It was suspected to be a sciatic nerve pain, every morning it's a pain (literally) to getup from bed. I took 2 tspn with warm water after waking up and before sleeping. After a week the pain lessened, after 2 small bottles, the pain is gone. Not sure how it worked but it helped :) A LOT. This is a great discovery, THANK YOU!
  • Kristel (05/28/2020)

    I like this product not just for its taste but because of its health benefits. I consume this anytime of the day. Coconut is indeed a tree of life.
  • YX (05/28/2020)

    I bought this due to a friend's advice that it helps prepare the body to get pregnant. Though no baby still, I noticed that I don't get dysmenorrhea anymore. Also, it's a good substitute for honey for vegans. It tastes so sinful but I know it's healthy since I don't develop sore throat. Hence, we will continue drinking 2 tbsps a day. :)
  • Jo Ann (05/28/2020)

    A guilt-free way to sweeten our tea. :)
  • Leslhee (05/28/2020)

    I've been an avid fan of HHN for 6 years now. I decided to give this product a try since I've read a lot of positive reviews about it. I had an ulcer and had to drink my meds for a month. For my maintenance, I have decided to drink at least 1-2 spoonfuls in the morning (empty stomach). I really felt the difference after taking this. I don't feel any discomfort after eating and my digestion is going well. Also, I have observed that my hair fall had lessened and my hair is shinier and healthier. Maybe this is its side effect to me? Also, I have PCOS and after taking this and had my ultrasound last week, happy to say that I am now PCOS free, I am not sure if this is purely coincidental. But nonetheless, this product really is superb! I love it and will be taking this instead of over the counter vitamins. Purely natural, no side effects, no over dosage just a healthy body . #happyme #HHNAvidfanatic #since2012 #coconectarisLove
  • Janned (05/28/2020)

    We need more food products in HHN!!!
  • Jennifer Marcelino Cortez (05/28/2020)

    Since I've started taking this every morning, I noticed that my energy does not dip in the afternoons especially on stressful days and on days nearing period. I don't need to rely on coffee heavily to keep me up and running at work.
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