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Kayumanggi Organic Cacao Real 200g
Kayumanggi Organic Cacao Real 200g
   I'm a sucker for hot chocolate drinks. I used to crush native tableya and mix it with milk, until...  
- Zytel Joyce Marie
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Wake up to luxurious mornings with the rich flavor of Kayumanggi Organics Rustique Cacao.

Made with an indulgent blend of cacao and raw coconut sugar, this lush concoction will make you crave more than just one steaming cup.

Kayumanggi Organic works with two partner communities in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental and pays them 20% above the standard market price for raw materials.

This social enterprise product isn’t available yet for delivery outside the Philippines. But we’re hoping to share the goodness to even more people soon!

  • Maria Katrina (10/08/2017)

    Two thumbs up for this! I let my papa take a cup of this despite of him being diabetic knowing that the sugar in it has low glycemic index. We both love it, and i like the fact that it's instantly made! If ever, i wish u can also produce pure instant cocoa without the coconut sugar so that we can combine it with stevia too so we can adjust the taste without putting too much of the coco sugar :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Maria Katrina! We're glad that you loved our Kayumanggi Organics Rustique Cacao. We also appreciate your suggestion and we'll definitely let our friends from Kayumanggi Organics know about this. Thank you!]
  • Diana (09/15/2017)

    This is one of the best tasting chocolate powder I have ever tasted. My kids love it too. Try it!
  • Cayo (08/01/2017)

    The product is great, I like that it's rich, thick, semi-sweet and smooth. I just have minor issue on the packaging. When I tried to open the jar the first time, it didn't budge and I had to rest and massage my palm multiple times. Maybe because I have small hands. The tightness of the lid, plus the width of the jar (difficult for me to grip), strained some muscles on my hand on every attempt. Nothing serious, but now I'm paranoid to close the lid tightly. Haha. An improved jar will be much appreciated. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cayo! We're glad that you liked our Kayumanggi Organics Rustique Cacao. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Please rest assured we will forward your concern to our Social Enterprise Development Team so that we may be able to coordinate with our partner Kayumanggi Organics. Thank you so much!]
  • DIANNE (03/17/2017)

    I love this healthier version of a chocolate drink! Not too sweet and tastes almost the same as the native tableya cacao. However, the lid is quite difficult to open for the 1st time and last time I bought one I spilled it upon opening. I also wish you will sell this in a bigger jar so that I won't have to buy too often.
  • Michelle (07/29/2016)

    I love that it is full to the brim but perhaps you can add a foil seal to prevent spillage when opening the product. Sayang yung natatapon. Aside from hot chocolate drinks, I've used this to cook champorado and it is very rich and delicious. Thumbs up for this product. :)
  • Zytel Joyce Marie (06/07/2016)

    I'm a sucker for hot chocolate drinks. I used to crush native tableya and mix it with milk, until i found out about this. It has made my life easier as i don't need to do any crushing anymore! Haha! I was like a kid in a candy store the moment i opened the jar. Plus it's full to the brim! And the taste? Oh it's heavenly! Everybody should try this!
  • Janice (10/27/2015)

    Me and my mom love this. It's not bitter or sweet. It's just right. I also love that when I opened the jar it was full to the brim! We have this with our low-fat high-calcium milk as our breakfast drink.
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