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100% Natural Mineral Blush

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This lightweight, sheer mineral blush has Vitamin E antioxidants for healthy skin. Its silky texture glides on smoothly and doesn’t wear off easily, giving you a healthy-looking glow from morning till night.

Available in: Petal Bloom

Did you know: Talc is commonly found in most foundations and other cosmetic powders and can be contaminated with asbestos fibers, posing risks for respiratory toxicity and cancer. It has been strongly linked to ovarian cancer, which has become the fourth most common fatal cancer in women. (source: www.ewg.org & Toxic Beauty by Samuel Epstein)

Thankfully, Human Nature does not use talc, nor any other ingredients which have serious health risks like those above. With Human Nature you can be sure you’re getting Only the Good.

0.12 oz. (3.5g)

Clown cheeks, be gone!

Ever been a victim of using too much blush you ended up looking like a clown? It’s happened to all of us! But learn from your mistake and make sure that doesn’t happen again! Just follow this simple trick: Grab a small cotton ball and lightly sweep it over your cheeks until you’ve removed enough pigment and just have a pinkish glow. Then use a fluffy brush to dust on a thin layer of loose powder on top.

mica (CI 77019), caprylic/capric triglyceride, silica (and) titanium dioxide, polyglyceryl -3-laurate, Passiflora edulis (passion fruit) seed oil, lauroyl lysine, glyceryl caprylate, tocopherol, farnesol (and) linalool (+/-): zinc oxide (CI 77947), manganese violet (CI 77742), iron oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499) To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Gypsy (01/17/2014)

    I like petal bloom i have fair skin it gives me natural "blooming look"
  • Kara (11/18/2013)

    Tropical Rose has a nice finish, I use it to contour my cheeks. I top it off with Petal Bloom to get that nice fresh glow :) I saw that you have Perfect glow mineral blush, there are only two shades available. Please continue to make tropical rose!
  • Kara (07/15/2013)

    I hope you don't discontinue this formula because it gives the right amount of color. I prefer this packaging because it's more convenient and handy, it doesn't take up too much space.
  • Jonna (07/13/2013)

    I have this in Tropical Rose and it's perfect for my complexion! It's very easy to apply, and just a little swipe with my brush already gives a subtle sun-kissed cheek color :)
  • Jane (06/13/2013)

    i love the natural blush it gives. im now using rosy cheeks & i cant wait to try the other 3. :-) by the way, thanks to eloisa. ms mganda at natural looking nga ung blush when applied using your fingertips :-)
  • chekaii (05/22/2013)

    my best companion :) i do not leave without blush on and eyeliner and i must say this passed my taste and i super duper love it thankful that they carry makeup line :) i just hope HHN would produce gel eyeliners mascara and brow pencils :) highly recommended
  • Jessica (02/21/2013)

    Stays on for the duration of my eight (to sometimes fifteen)-hour shift! Currently using Petal Bloom, which is, honestly sort-of looks unnatural on my skin *might have assessed my skin tone wrongly* but oh well! Time to bring out the other color -- Rosy Cheeks -- and put it to the test! :) Great job, Human Nature team! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks, Jessica! Remember, you can still return to have the shade switched to something that suits your skin better.]
  • Eloisa (02/13/2013)

    I love the color on my fair skin. However, I recommend that you apply this using your fingers but not any make up brush. Wala halos makita pag ginamitan ng brush unlike pag fingers mo lang ang ipang aapply mo. I have sensitive skin and I did not feel any irritation or itch using this product. I hope my iba pang shades (similar sa shades ng Careline).
  • Myca (12/11/2012)

    I use Petal Bloom and it is perfect for me. It looks like I have a natural blush, and it brightens up my face. Plus, it lasts the whole day! It just gets too chalky when I apply it with a brush, and there are a lot of particles kinda wasted. :( still, I love this one, and I am not even a big fan of make-up :)
  • Faith (11/26/2012)

    I got this product in Tropical Rose. I love its color and pigmentation. It also matches my skin tone very well. The only problem I have with this product is that it doesn't last long. It only stays in my face for three hours. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Faith, thank you for leaving feedback. We're happy you like the color of the blush. :) Binders that help the powder stick together in the makeup pan also help the pigment adhere to your face. However, chemical binders for long wearing makeup are not present in our products, because we use no harmful chemicals that could damage your skin in the long run. It also might help to understand that how long-wearing your makeup is also depends on your skin chemistry. If you have acidic or oily skin, makeup tends to be more easily removed. In this case, please do reapply.]
  • Analira (09/29/2012)

    i love your mineral blush but can you please add more grams. so i could enjoy your product longer. thanks!
  • Jyas (09/25/2012)

    Hi HN! I have this in Petal Bloom and i love how natural it looks! By the way, what's the difference between Rosy Cheeks and Pink Quartz? I'm looking for a natural pink blush to go with my First Kiss lipstick. Thanks and more power. :-)
  • Caramel (09/24/2012)

    Thank you so much for a glitter-free blush... <3
  • Catherine (09/02/2012)

    I am using the Rosy Cheeks, at first I thought it was light but after some time, I realized it gives a natural glow. There was even a time when I was not able to change my day make-up to night make-up: I just left it on for the whole day. Amazingly, the finish works just as fantastic. I even had evening photos with this blush on, and it gave me a finished look appropriate for an evening affair.
  • Cubao M (07/27/2012)

    I blindly chose Petal Bloom because a friend recommended it, and when I got it from my HHN dealer, I was a little disappointed because it looked too orange for my taste. But when I started using it, it went really well with my skin tone (I use caramel HHN foundation). It looks really natural, like I'm sun kissed or I've got naturally rosy cheeks. It also stays on the entire day! I hope this can come in bronzer too! And in a refillable packaging.
  • gemrora (07/17/2012)

    I have tried both Petal Bloom and Pink Quartz and I love it! I have dry sensitive skin and this blush did not give me allergic reactions! Its sheer but buildable. It gives me a natural flush!! I LOVE IT!!!!
  • Nikki (06/19/2012)

    I like this product but hope that it comes with its own applicator or brush. I also find the packaging inconvenient.
  • Irene (05/29/2012)

    My skin is prone to allergens and gets red easily with chemical-laden cosmetics. Been using this since January together with the Sunflower Cleansing Oil and it has brought wonderful results. Easy to remove and does not streak.
  • Dani California (03/25/2012)

    I bought rosy cheeks and tropical rose. I like them both however their tones are very close with each other(I kind of wasted money). I wish there would more distinction in their tones (btw I am fair-olive so colors can easily be seen on my skin). I also wish that hhn would make a bronzer especially because it is summer season. :)
  • Donna (03/08/2012)

    I bought Petal Bloom and it's really great. It looks so natural on me. I really blends well with my sorta morena(?) face and it lasts like half of the day. I really love it. XD
  • Cristelle Kate (02/19/2012)

    I super love this product.. Its GLITTER FREE.. :) honestly, im sick and tired using blushes that is infuse of glitters. What i love most of it is I dont need to re-apply it everytime, it stays on my skin fo a very long time.
  • Denise (01/19/2012)

    for me, this is the best formulation so far. the powder is soft and one stroke it goes on the brush. the powder in the gold packaging was hard and i had to scratch the surface of the makeup for brush to pick up the powder. the color looks more natural for someone who has fair skin because it was more reddish. the petal bloom was orangey brown did not look natural on me. and with three applications the color was well obvious on my face (just made sure i had moisturizer or liquid foundation on so it has something to adhere to). its scent was better too.. now just looking forward to something light pink like cotton candy
  • Dana (12/20/2011)

    I bought Rosy Cheeks. I was surprised that it's a bit lighter and whenever I apply it, the blush is not noticeable; needs several strokes. [Editor’s Note: We value your feedback about our Mineral Blush, Dana. You may notice that it is sheer compared to other brands because we use natural colorants such as mineral iron oxides vs. the regular dyes that synthetic brands use. Our makeup is formulated to naturally bring a glow and is not really meant for high-fashion and theatrical makeup. :)]
  • Hane (12/04/2011)

    I purchased petal bloom and I like how light it feels on my skin however it has no effect on my face, it blended so well on my skin that it didn't made me blush at all. It's as if i only put some light version of shimmer powder on my cheeks. I'm not sure whether or not i chose the right color. My skin is fair with golden undertones. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you for sharing your product review and feedback about our Mineral Blush, Hane. The shade is really by nature, light. The effect really depends on the skin tone. For some people, it may take more strokes to get a result. You may try the rosy cheeks shade to get the blushing effect that you like. It would help if you will apply a moisturizer first, followed by the mineral powder before applying the blush for the color to set and blend well on your skin. :)]
  • Charmaine (11/29/2011)

    I have a sensitive skin, so putting make up will result on skin break out, even I clean my face at the end of the day. So I never attempt of putting any blush not until HHN released this sometime last year I guess or early this year. My dream of putting blush finally come true! lol. now even if I am so tired and I forget to clean my face, i never had any break outs!
  • Marge (11/04/2011)

    To be fair with the product, I'll rate it as it is: I ordered Petal Bloom. Shade: It's perfect for my fair to light complexion, I'm Chinese-Mestiza. It really looks like my natural blush! People thought I'm bare skinned. BUT, when I was choosing this online, it appeared light pink on the computer screen. Under white light, it didn't match the actual product when it arrived. I got worried because it looked more orange than pink or peach. It actually matched the Tropical Rose color on your online website. Or it was actually darker. Your techie geeks can advise display settings so shoppers can tweak their settings to match your color. When I compared to the magalogue, it's also the same confusion. :D I was surprised though that it was compatible with my skin tone. Sheer: It doesn't look heavy and is easily blended. Smooth: It is the silkiest smoothest blush I've ever tried (my ex-fave was that brand with a C). It doesn't clump and it seems to have a matte finish. I prefer using my fingers for my small face and I can feel how silky it smooths on my cheeks. For me, the color lasts the whole day, even after mild sweating and several beso-besos and smacks from my kids. It washes off easily and I've never had breakouts or that itchy feeling after. And the smell doesn't bother me. Since the trend now is to go "natural", sometimes I just wear this and a lipgloss. It gives me a different no make-up look from my usual eyeliner and lipstick look. Thanks so much HHN! Hope you come up with eyeliners soon! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marge! We will sure do let our Creative Department know about your concern! Thank you! :)]
  • Kira (10/20/2011)

    I really liked the Rosy Cheeks blush! It is very lightweight and sheer (but buildable), it blended well into my NC30 skin and lasted almost several hours. Although does it not entirely look pink on me, it went well with my current "sugar & spice" FOTD which I posted on my blog http://www.kira-ramirez.com/2011/10/fotd-sugar-spice.html Thank you, Human Nature for creating a blush that looks so natural on fair skin, and has no glitters! :)
  • Beryl (10/07/2011)

    I got the tropical rose. I love how it gives a natural blush to my morena skin tone. An ideal pair with my boracay bronze. :D
  • Lorie (10/01/2011)

    I use the Petal Bloom and I love the fact that it's sheer enough to make it seem like I'm just sun-kissed unlike other blush-ons that make it too obvious that you have make-up on.
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