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Sun-kissed Mineral Blush
Perfect Glow Mineral Blush 4.3g

   This is my favorite blush that rivals VMV Hypoallergenics. The shades are all nice and natural, like...  
- Cae (in Beauty MNL)
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99.7% Natural | Vegan | Talc-free

Get a natural flush
Enhance your beauty with pure mineral pigments that flatter your skin tone with a subtle glow and skin-nourishing natural Vitamin E.

Available in Pacific Shimmer (with shimmer), Pink Bloom (matte) and Sun-kissed shades.

Actual color register may vary depending on the pigmentation of your skin.

Bloom both ways
Try Perfect Glow Mineral Blush:
✓ If you want a silky matte, polished finish
✓ If you have combination to oily skin; excess grease is absorbed by the powder 

Use PerfectFlush Lip & Cheek Cream Tint:
✓ if you're after a dewy, glowing flush
✓ if you have normal to dry skin; its creamy texture stays and moisturizes skin

This compact comes with a mirror and brush for easy touch-ups anytime, anywhere.


Feeling cheeky? Get your gorgeous on with just a few magical brush strokes of your favorite blush for a fabulous all-natural flush.
1. Lightly dab one side of your brush across the blush pan. Gently tap it to remove any excess product.
2. Pat your brush at the center of the apple of your cheek to perk up that killer smile.
3. Blend the color along your cheekbone in light diagonal strokes for a natural-looking, glowing finish.
4. Repeat on the other cheek and let the whole world fall in love with your blushing beauty.

mica, caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut oil-derived), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), magnesium myristate (vegetable derived), silica, zinc oxide (CI 77947), stearic acid (vegetable-derived), polyglyceryl-3 laurate (vegetable-derived), lauroyl lysine (amino acid-derived), glyceryl caprylate (coconut oil, palm oil and glycerin-derived), magnesium stearate (vegetable-derived), tocopherol (natural vitamin E), farnesol, linalool (+/-): manganese violet (CI 77742), iron oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492) To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • ANDREA M. (03/27/2021)

    Hi Human Heart Nature. I have Pink Bloom, Pacific Shimmer, and Sun Kissed, they all works well with my morena skin. I hope there's a refill for the product and a container that's refillable to avoid using more plastic. Thank you
  • Gretchen (11/24/2018)

    The pacific shimmer blush on has too much glitter on it. I think it's mostly for shimmer. It doesn't give color to my cheeks at all. I was really looking forward to it pa naman coz I am now converting to using makeups with natural or derma-grade ingredients for my sensitive skin. I'm still willing to try the pink bloom shade because it says it's matte, and because I love HN. :) Will provide feedback again once tried. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gretchen! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Glow Mineral Eyeshadow. We also appreciate your feedback about the product. Please rest assured that we will consider your comments for the future development of the product. We're also looking forward to your review of the Pink Bloom shade. Do let us know how it works for you. Thank you!]
  • Eds (08/19/2018)

    I just love your mineral blush because the pink bloom shade looks so natural on my fair skin and it also suits my sensitive skin. I hope you would also create a clay blush on with the same shade. There's a lot of clay blush on in the market but it's really hard to purchase the authentic organic ones. Since Human Heart Nature is a trusted product, I hope you would consider creating the popular clay blush on because it's so travel friendly and by it's design you can easily achieved the drunk blush look. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Eds! We're thrilled that you loved our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We also appreciate your suggestion on making a clay blush. Rest assured we'll consider this for the future development of our mineral makeup line. Thank you!]
  • JAMAEA MARIE (07/15/2017)

    I love how natural all three shades look on me despite my morena skin, furthermore, I do not need to reapply because it stays for about 16 hours. I hope this product would come in refills. I have a lot of cases sitting at home and would like to recycle them as much as possible. I you could also consider a container that would accommodate our favorite eye shadows with the blush. It would really be convenient and save space on kikay kits.
  • Cheska (05/08/2017)

    Having a sensitive skin, I usually react on chemical-based products so I'm very picky when it comes to make up. I love that this is all natural but does exactly what high-end blush ons in the market do. It still need touch ups after several hours, but I dont mind because its not harmful to my skin. Plus the colors are perfect. I use both pink bloom and sun-kissed depending on my mood. I love it! Although I hope you guys sell a refill so I wont have to buy the whole package every time I've consumed the product. Create more colors too!
  • Veronica (03/07/2017)

    Pink Bloom is perfect for draping and looks so nicely when matched with the new liquid lipstick. It's easy to blend without overdoing it. I use all three shades for different makeup looks and have gotten compliments from other pro-makeup artists because the product is blendable and natural looking. As with all blush compacts, the brush that comes with it is useless.
  • Chrisse (03/01/2017)

    This is my client's feedback: she loves the way the blush worked on her skin. Color is very natural and works as a perfect compliment of her skin. However, the brush is not very sturdy. It easily fell from where it was suppose to stay. Most of the bristles fell on her neck. You may want to look into this. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Chrisse! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush and we're glad that you liked it. We're also sorry about your experience with the brush. Please rest assured that we will take your feedback into consideration for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • CHERIELYN (02/19/2017)

    I love the sun-kissed effect on my cheeks but mine cracked easily and spilled. :( haven't even used it more than twice. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cherielyn! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Kindly note that our Mineral Blush does not contain any synthetic hardeners thus its tendency to break faster than commercial ones. Nevertheless, our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you soon to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Ulrike Marcelle (01/23/2017)

    Been using this product for more than a year now. The pink bloom shade suits my morena skin well. Looks natural and I only re-apply once or none at all depending on the weather. Achieve ang no make-up look with this one :) <3
  • Dyan (09/01/2016)

    There is too much glitter on this product.. I ordered it because it said "Matte" but when I applied, there's too much shimmer. Good for evening parties. But the glitters look "un-natural" for daytime make up . Ideal for young but not mature skin. Still I would recommend it to my younger friends, because it's 100% Natural, and the color choices are suitable for Pinay skin. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Dyan! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We also appreciate your honest feedback and you may rest assured that we are looking into this matter. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you so much for your support! :)]
  • Aia (09/01/2016)

    Love your mineral blush because it's safe and mild on the skin. It's also very affordable and the color lasts fair enough. However, I do suggest please make the packaging smaller and flat on top (my same sentiment with the eyeshadow trio) so it is stackable and won't consume much space in my purse. It can do very well without brush and mirror as I, and most ladies probably, already have them; they only make the product heavier and bulkier. Considering the other cosmetics and beauty products, and other stuff, we carry everyday in our purse/bags to work or school, small and sleek packaging is a huge plus factor. Any plans to produce other shades such as coral or lighter brown? Hope you consider my suggestions. Thanks! =) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Aia! We're so happy that you liked our Glow Mineral Blush. We do value your honest feedback and we will definitely consider your suggestion for the future development of the product. Thank you very much for your support! :)]
  • jonjie (08/26/2016)

    I got the Sun-kissed one because I love peachy matte blushes, but unfortunately it wasn't matte at all :( It is almost like a highlighter because of the glitter and it does not shade as peach at all :( I love HN products, but this one is a bit of a miss for me :( I hope you really make it as it says in the description as matte. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello jonjie! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We do appreciate your feedback and we'd love to assist you in any way we can. Kindly note that our Sun-Kissed Mineral Blush has a natural ingredient that has a light sheen to it which might have caused for it to have a shimmery appearance. Please rest assured that we we will into this matter and will definitely consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Stephanie (08/10/2016)

    Used this product before, and the only criticism I can think of is that since it is natural, it gets absorbed quickly by the skin and I end up using a lot of the product up after a short time! However, I am in love with the color, and the blush blends naturally into the skin (better than a lot of cosmetic blushes I have tried!) As well, when I place the blush in my bag, I always have a fear that is the blush cracks, it'll spill all over (but I have this fear with all blushes). I would really recommend making refill packs, as I live abroad and only buy them when I go home, and feel as if it is wasteful to buy 3 brand new ones just to last me a few months, so I always just end up buying one. Overall, amazing blush! Can't wait for a bronzer or something for contouring!
  • Luz (07/23/2016)

    I bought the shade sun kissed and I am so disappointed with this :( it doesn't show up on my skin even though i'm not that dark. Also, it isn't matte, it has a bit of glitter i could actually use this as a highlight :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Luz! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We're sorry about your experience and we'd be happy to help you in any way that we can. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you soon to provide further assistance. Thank you! :)]
  • Carissa (05/09/2016)

    The only blush-on that ever worked for me. I'll buy this as long as it's in the market. Full review on my blog: http://itsnotpoison.blogspot.com/2016/05/review-swatch-human-nature-perfect-glow.html [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Carissa! We're so thrilled that you loved our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. Thank you for the wonderful review you posted on your blog. Have a nice day! :)]
  • JD (05/06/2016)

    Love this to bits. I hope you can sell this in refill packs? You will use less 50% plastic (or more) if you will sell this in refill packs fyi. I don't really need the brush and mirror though. The brush is kind of low in quality and the mirror isn't needed to be honest. Pacific shimmer gives off a natural sun kissed look on my face that really radiates. Thank you for this. 3 stars because the brush [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello JD! We're so glad that you liked our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you very much!]
  • Janice (10/02/2015)

    I like the pink bloom : ) it gives me a natural blush!
  • M (08/07/2015)

    I have this in pink bloom and it has been my favorite blush-on since my first swipe. I used to love my long-lasting cheek tint with silicone for years. The tint caused lots of small bumps on my cheeks that's why I've decided to look for a natural blush-on. I am just so happy to find the Perfect Glow Mineral Blush by HHN because it gives me the same glow but it's all-natural and safe for the skin. It does not cause pimple break-outs. It may not be as long-lasting but I don't mind retouching after a few hours. In fact, I love using the brush that comes with the compact.:)
  • Raphonzel (08/02/2015)

    I love this product. It doesn't give me pimples and it blends well with my skin color. I don't look like a "clown" when I apply this. However, may I suggest something? I hope HHN can sell this without the mirror. Maybe, just maybe it will help lower the price? Just a suggestion. Thanks HHN for a great product! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Raphonzel! We're so glad you love our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush! We appreciate your feedback and we can definitely take your packaging suggestion into consideration :) Thanks!]
  • Mariel (07/02/2015)

    This is really late reaction but I really like the old packaging better (the round one without brush and mirror). This new one is more expensive for sure and, for me, unnecessary cost increase. The brush quality is very bad - it's too small, and the brush strands fall out very easily. The mirror is pretty much redundant - you can easily use the one from your pressed powder. Of course, I still love the blush quality - colors are perfect. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mariel! Thank you for your honest feedback. While our older Mineral Blush may have been cheaper, our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush offers better color pay-off, better shades, better packaging, and a better size than the original. We've received many positive reviews since its launch, though we understand that some users may still be loyal to the original. We truly appreciate your feedback and will definitely take it into consideration in evaluating our packaging for future improvements. Thank you so much!]
  • Bernise Ann (04/07/2015)

    I like how the blush compliments my skin tone. Does not look like I'm wearing make up at all. The only problem I encountered is that it breaks easily. Got my first ever Perfect Glow Mineral Blush a week or 2 ago. I only used it once and accidentally dropped it from my purse to the lavatory. The result was a powdered blush on :( Still good on my skin though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Bernise Ann! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Cracking is a problem faced by all makeup manufacturers, especially for a natural brand like ours because we do not use any synthetic hardeners for our powders. The good news, though, is that you can be 100% sure that you're getting only the safest, most genuinely natural makeup available that actually cares for your skin :) We appreciate your feedback and we'll definitely take this into consideration in evaluating our product. We'd like to help you out in any way we can so that you can continue to rock our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! Thank you!]
  • Dianne (03/16/2015)

    There is no way I am going back to the Nars blush in Orgasm now that I've found HHN's blush in Sun-Kissed. Firstly, HHN's blush is a FRACTION of the cost of my old Nars favorite. Secondly, HHN is better for my skin! Thirdly, it stays on the ENTIRE day. Sure, the brush that it comes with loses some of its bristles from time to time. I wasn't expecting the best quality from a free brush anyway. (If you want a better brush, invest in MAC!) Whatever this brush lacks, the actual blush compensates tenfold. I can't wait to try the other mineral products! I've been loyal to Laura Mercier's loose setting powder for years because I haven't been able to find a cheaper alternative that does the job. I'm REALLY hoping HHN's loose powder changes my mind. I'll just wait for my current LM batch to run out. :P [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Dianne! We're so thrilled you love our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush! Thank you for bringing your brush concern to our attention. We'll be sure to take your feedback into consideration in evaluating our packaging :) Do let us know how you like our Perfect Finish Loose Powder! Thank you!]
  • Raphonzel (03/07/2015)

    I am really satisfied with the coverage and the color complements my skin tone. However I am giving it a 3 star because of the brush. Naglalagas sya. I hope HN can fix this problem soon. Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Raphonzel! We're so glad you love our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush! Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We'll definitely look into our packaging and work on improving our brush :) Thank you!]
  • Ma. Christina (02/20/2015)

    Having sensitive and dry skin, I don't wear makeup that much. But I just love this product. I use it everyday, and I always feel pretty! No need for retouch because it stays for more than 9 hours. I bought Sun-Kissed and planning to buy Pink Bloom next. Thanks HHN for coming into our lives!
  • Ella (02/18/2015)

    I ordered this product 2 weeks ago and I'm just so satisfied with the way it complements my skin colour. This is for keeps! I ordered more products and excited to use them all. :) Hopefully you would also have stalls in some establishments for makeups. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ella! We're so thrilled you love our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush! You'll be happy to know that our makeup is available at any of the following Beauty Bar branches: Alabang Town Center | Century Mall | Eastwood | Ermita | Fairview Terraces-WellWorth | Galleria | Gateway | Greenbelt 5 | Glorietta | Lucky Chinatown Mall | Magnolia | Rockwell | Shangri-La EDSA | SM Mall of Asia | TriNoma. Thank you so much!]
  • Kriezel D. (10/19/2014)

    I love love love this! Thank you HHN for this product!!! Before I shifted over to naturals, I was using two kinds of blusher. One was a powder blush from Estée Lauder, and the other a cream blush from Sophie Martin. I know both contained lots of chemicals. But I loved the color they give to my cheeks so I stayed loyal. I was hiyang with them anyway. But when I visited the flagship store and did some trials on mineral makeups there including this product, I knew I had to get it immediately! This is so much like the expensive Estée Lauder blush I've been using, yet sells for a much cheaper cost. The tinted powder stays on for hours and I don't feel I have to reapply even after being sweaty. This made me believe that healthy, natural products that satisfy don't have to be expensive. :) I got the Pink Bloom shade, I'll try out Sun Kissed next time. THANK YOU!
  • Jean (09/25/2014)

    strands from the brush applicator falls off easily [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jean! We're sorry to hear about your shedding brush and we'll be sure to look into this packaging issue. Our Customer Service will be in touch to learn more :) Thank you!]
  • Nina Natividad (09/25/2014)

    I had one of these before. Well pigmented and stayed on for hours. Didn't break me out. It was the first blush I hit pan on. I am glad they changed the packaging. I am curious if the formula changed. Usually when companies change the packaging, they also changed something on the formula [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Nina! Compared to our old 100% Natural Mineral Blush, our Perfect Coverage Mineral Blush has a better color pay-off, better shades, and packs more product :) Glad you enjoy it! Thanks! :)]
  • Janna (09/21/2014)

    I used the Pink Bloom (matte) shade, It gives off a natural looking blush :) My friends are wondering why am I blushing adorably.
  • Chriselle May S Yambao (08/22/2014)

    I really love how natural it looks like when applied on the cheeks! Lives out to its name!
  • Phebe (08/12/2014)

    I have always been a fan of HHN products. Sun-kissed mineral blush is the latest addition to HHN products i'm currently using. It is perfect for morena types of skin like mine. I was just a little bit disappointed with the brush. The hair strands easily detach from the brush applicator when i apply it to my face. Removing pieces of hair strands from my cheeks that came from the brush applicator could be quite a hassle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Phebe! Thanks for your feedback. We're glad you love the shade of our Sun-kissed Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We're sorry to hear about your shedding brush and we'll be sure to look into this packaging issue. Our Customer Service will be in touch to learn more :) Thank you!]
  • Johanna (08/05/2014)

    Love pink bloom so natural and perfect and i feel like i have natural rosy cheek only i pray ul change to a better and classy packaging. :-) like white or silver or gold. Magenta looks so oldies. But product wise, very good, 5 stars. Just work on ur packaging.
  • Stephanie (07/29/2014)

    I just bought sun-kissed and was not disappointed. I have tan skin with a yellow undertone as a result of being part Chinese, Spanish and South American, so I've almost completely given up on finding the right blush since pink undertones usually don't suit me or are too dramatic for my skin color. The staff at the HN store in Pasig were so helpful in helping me choose the right blush, but they were also not pushy about forcing me to take a color I didn't like since I was debating between sun-kissed and pacific summer. I am absolutely in love with this color on my skin! It gives such a natural blush and the blending is amazing! Another great HN product! My only complaint is that I think it tends to fade quite fast if I sweat, and since it's such a natural blush, I have to apply quite a bit of it just for it to be seen. Still, for the price it is an absolute STEAL. It doesn't feel as if it's making my skin dirty like other products, nor does it becoming too cake-y if you apply a lot. It also feels so light and is way better than a lot of makeup brand blushes. So grateful to have found this piece!!
  • Abby (06/20/2014)

    Am currently using the Pacific Shimmer shade. I found the product richly pigmented so I only need a tiny amount to get a healthy flush of color. There's no detectable odor and the blush glides nicely on the skin. I would buy this product again. I hope HHN can make a shimmery pink shade too.
  • Rosa (06/10/2014)

    I never really liked applying blushers until I started using this. I've tried over applying and it still looks natural! And as a bonus (for me anyway) it doesn't make me look like a lobster when my face starts turning red from the heat--a first!
  • Gina (02/19/2014)

    I have to agree with Cherry. After using it several times, the powder cracked. So kahit pa more than half pa, I have to leave it at home since messy na sha sa pouch. I have the same experience with the Mineral Foundation. Bago mangalahati, nagbre-break na talaga sha kahit d naman sha nababagsak. I didnt stop buying the foundation tho since hiyang ako. I just have to use the cracked ones at home and change the one in my compact once nagbreak na pra hinde messy sa bag. I hope you can do something about it. Thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Gina! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Rarely do we receive reports of our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush cracking, so we would like to look into your concern right away and make up for it with a brand new blush compact. You'll be happy to know that we are currently working on a stronger foundation formulation, so do look out for that :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon! Thank you!]
  • Mald (12/27/2013)

    I was very excited to use this Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. In fact, it is one of the things I have in my wishlist for Christmas. I received the sun-kissed tone and it is perfect for me! I'm not a morena, but I am really satisfied with the blushing effect it gives on my cheeks. It's very easy to apply and blends easily on my skin. The color just looks very natural, and even my love likes the way it enhance my natural beauty. By the way, I am allergic to A LOT of cosmetic products, and ever since my friend recommended HHN to me, I got myself a collection of your make-up products! No more chemical allergies :)
  • Dyan (12/04/2013)

    I haven't tried "pink bloom" but "sun kissed" is super perfect for my Filipina skintone.. Looks very natural; I don't look like I'm wearing heavy make up. SO I can wear it everyday. Plus of course, I can have the luxury of looking pretty minus the guilt.
  • Jenny (11/06/2013)

    I look like I just have a natural rosy cheek whenever I wear the shade that I purchased. Isang swipe lang ang dami ng nasscrub na blush on kaso konti lang ang kumakapit sa kasamang brush kaya feeling ko ang daming nasasayang [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jenny! We're happy you like the natural rosy glow of our blush. We'll be sure to take your brush feedback into consideration in evaluating our product :) Thanks!]
  • Cherry (10/27/2013)

    I bought this blush because it is compact and has the mirror and the brush, however just 1 day of bringing it with me in my kikay kit, the powder broke into pieces, this never happened to my other cosmetics even if I dropped them a few times. I had the same experience with my powder from human nature. Kinda disappointed. Wanted to try the other shade but scared to try and experience the same thing. I hope you will improve your formation thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cherry! We're very sorry to hear about your experience. This is quite surprising to us, as we haven't encountered reports of cracking in our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. We would like to look into your concern as soon as possible and offer you a free blush replacement to enjoy :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon! Thanks!]
  • Anna Franchesca (09/07/2013)

    I was all excited to use this but.... IT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME. 0=( I thought it was just because of the brush, it was too soft so I tried using my own but unfortunately nothing happened. Maybe because im acidic. I hope you'll have creamblush next time! I think that'll work for me. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Anna! Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with our Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. It's been a major hit so far, but perhaps the shade wasn't suited to your skin tone/type? We would be happy to help you find a blush shade that perfectly matches your natural beauty and offer you a free replacement. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :)]
  • Eca (08/16/2013)

    I didn't wear make-up regularly until I discovered HHN's line of mineral make-up. So am no expert in putting on blush-on: have been told on more than one occasion that I kinda look like a clown because the blush on my cheeks is too heavy, no blended well, etc. That's why I absolutely love this blush-on: I just can't go wrong in putting it on. It always looks perfectly blended and oh-so-natural, brings just the right amount of color to my face. Winner! :)
  • Janice (08/12/2013)

    I'm quite disappointed with this mineral blush. pls. try to improve your sun-kissed.. It's really too light that you need to apply a very generous amount on your cheek just to see the color. Also the brush that comes with it was so disappointing as well (hair strands detached easily from its base) during application. I'm a fan of HHN, Except this product, all are nice and satisfying. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Janice! Thank you for your feedback. We've received many positive reviews about our new Perfect Glow Mineral Blush formulation, but it's possible that the Sun-Kissed shade does not suit your skin tone. Perhaps you would like to try our Pink Bloom shade? Or for a similar sun-kissed effect, you might also like our Mineral Blush in Petal Bloom. In any case, we would be happy to exchange it for a shade that your are happier with. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you immediately. As for your packaging issue, we appreciate you bringing it to our attention and we will definitely look into improving our brush and packaging :) Thank you again and we hope you continue to try out our natural products!]
  • Allyn (07/15/2013)

    This one, I definitely love and would be in my kikay kit essentials MUST HAVE! wether you are a pro or a beginner, you'll never go wrong putting on that blush and with this, you'll have that sure "PERFECT GLOW" because of the sweet natural color surprisingly I did not over do putting on a blush (which happens to me a lot with commercial brands).
  • Ninna (07/05/2013)

    The color, although complements my skin is not at all visible as soon as you put it. Which means you need to put more. Not sure if its because of my skin color (im morena and i used sunkissed). Also the mirror lost its adhesive and fell off. Not really raving but i know it can be improved. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ninna! Thank you for feedback! We're sorry to hear about your packaging issue, though. This is the first time we encountered this and we would be happy to replace it at once. Our Customer Service will be in touch! :)]
  • Mimi (06/28/2013)

    I really hated putting blush on. It was hard to pull off. Sometimes, it would be so obvious that I was wearing make-up not because of the color, but because of the SPARKLES *twink twink*. But this product is FABULOUS. I have like 3 different blushes from more expensive brands and I think this will be my favorite. Natural and complements my medium-tan skin tone. Only problem was that the blush was leaving quite a lot of strands on my face. I just use my own blush brush and it's good. The color was hard to build up but that's okay for me since I'd rather 'build' the color instead of accidentally putting on too much then trying to remove the excess with a tissue (it was that hard for me to apply blush). So this is more of a subtle blush but you can definitely tell that your face is glowing while it's on. :) I'm kinda hoping for the availability of refills soon?
  • Adrian Val (06/13/2013)

    ATTENTION, METROSEXUAL MORENOS! I'm going bananas for this rogue! The matte finish makes you human, no shimmery effect like a mythical being of some sort. The brush bristles hold a lot of color specks, yet the small brush size is awesome to control the amount. And the case is high-quality recyclable plastic, probably PET or SAN, whatever. The effect is best when used on a primed face, so natural as though you've gone for exercise! I'm smacking Sun-kissed shade with all my heart and soul!!! <3
  • Charmaine Kathleen (06/06/2013)

    I am inlove at first sight again with the latest line of Mineral Make up! As in literally when I saw this on the Dealer's newspaper, I can't wait to get a hold of this. Sun kissed gave me the *bloomingg, healthy" look/skin. I hate putting make up but I have to, and this one is superb! it compliments well on my skiin and as if I don't have any blush on at all just a pinched cheeks and the likes! haha
  • Czjai (05/12/2013)

    True to its name, Sun-kissed gives your cheeks a nice healthy, glow - like you've been out bathing in the sun. I love how highly-pigmented this blush is, and how both shades can work well for just about any skintone. Although I find the brush a bit flimsy, I do appreciate the mirror that comes with the new packaging. This product is now my favorite blush as of this writing, and deserves a feature in my blog. :)
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