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Natural Shampoo Bar 70g
95.01% Natural
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95.01% Natural

Our solid solution to healthy hair and a healthier planet is finally here! Breaking free from waste can now be as easy as keeping your hair gorgeous with our potent, nourishing care wrapped up in a bar.

✓ Cleanses without drying your scalp
✓ Rich, pH-balanced blend of cocoa butter, avocado oil and mild coconut surfactants to keep your hair soft.
✓ With bright citrus and vanilla notes to keep your tresses smelling fresh and clean
✓ Lathers well and rinses off easily so you save more water
✓ 1 Natural Shampoo Bar = 2 Bottles of Shampoo. Our Natural Shampoo Bar lasts 2x longer* than 180ml liquid shampoo so you save on money and even lesse plastic waste!

*If dried and stored after use away from soaking water, based on a consumer study conducted in 2019

Note: You may still receive our Natural Shampoo Bar in its classic packaging while supplies last.


Use it like a pro:

1. Use it just like your regular shampoo. Lather up wet and work lovely suds into your hair while massaging your scalp. Rinse well!
2. Partner it with your favorite conditioner. For best results, use it with your favorite Human Nature Natural Conditioner.
3. Making your Shampoo Bar last: Genuinely natural shampoo bars melt faster when they are exposed to too much moisture when not in use. To make it last longer, cradle it on a soap dish, keep it out of the water and far from where the shower spray hits.
4. Carry it anywhere! Always on the go? Keep your shampoo bar in a small container, shove it in your bag and you’re done! Less space, more goodness.

sodium cocoylisethionate (coconut-derived), sodium C12-18 alkyl sulfate (vegetable-derived), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, kaolin (mineral-derived), cetearylalcohol (vegetable-derived), glyceryl stearateSE (palm-derived), Cyamopsistetragonoloba (guar) gum, isoamyl laurate (vegetable-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural), Perseagratissima (avocado) seed oil, aqua (water), olus(vegetable) oil, Glycine soja (soybean) oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E, all-natural), sodium gluconate (corn-derived), sodium lactate (corn-derived), citric acid (corn-derived), gluconolactone (corn-derived), calcium gluconate (vegetable-derived), benzoic acid (plant-derived), sodium benzoate, farnesol, linalool

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Elaine Mesina (10/16/2020)

    Scent is energizing! I love how simple yet unique the scent is. It lasts long, I thought it would melt easily but it doesn't. Less is more, it lathers well. Gives volume to my limp hair.
  • Angelica (09/09/2020)

    I'm really impressed on how it makes my hair so moisturized. It also feels soft, light, and smooth~! I always look forward to using it when I take a shower after work. Just be sure to carefully store it away where it won't usually get wet.
  • Catherine A. (08/04/2020)

    I love this shampoo bar! Very economical and really moisturizes my hair and leaves it dandruff free with a sweet natural scent!
  • marisellsph (03/16/2020)

    I love this product, because it's an eco-friendly way of keeping your hair and scalp clean!
  • April Neliz (02/12/2020)

    Bought 3 bars last month and I love how it keeps my scalp and hair clean and fresh all day. Getting more bars today for our household
  • Maria Katrina (02/02/2020)

    my scalp is usually allergic to many products even the natural ones. but this one? goodbye dandruff and allergies for me! i also found my hair to be more moisturized that i dont need conditioner anymore! saves water, time, and gives me no worries!
  • Cecile (01/29/2020)

    At first, I planned for this shampoo bar to be used by my husband and sons as they have short hair. I have long hair so I was a bit doubtful if this product would work for me. But since I want to contribute to the environment (zero-waste), I gave it a try and I was so happy that it worked for my long hair. It worked just like a liquid shampoo. I hope that HNN can develop a bar product for hair conditioner.
  • Tammy (01/23/2020)

    My hair looks and feels great! I really appreciate that a good product like this one is also zero waste.
  • Rocelle (01/15/2020)

    Before my review, I'd like to say that this is my second try of a shampoo bar, so I have a point of comparison. The product lathers well. The scent needs getting used to. What I like the most about this product is that even if you don't use a conditioner after, the hair still feels soft, unlike the first soap I tried. I highly recommend this. Also, I think this is on par with the Clarifying Shampoo.
  • Rina (12/17/2019)

    I love this shampoo bar! With a just a few lather, it complete covers my hair with lovely suds. I wish more scents will come up. Thank you for this amazing product!
  • Maridel (12/09/2019)

    Small bar terrible ! Amazing how it works on your hair !
  • Gena Velasquez (12/02/2019)

    It’s so far the perfect shampoo bar for me and my hair. :) I’ve been using it since day 1 of it’s launching. It’s super “sulit” as you only need a few scrub of it at the tip of your hair and it will do the rest. It keeps my hair smooth and soft unlike other shampoo bars and HNN shampoos that makes my hair dry and tangled. It doesn’t easily melt and stays on it’s shape even after every use. You just have to be extra careful in using it by keeping it dry and away from water; keeping it on a dry place right away after using it. My tip is, divide it into 4 pieces so you can maximise its usage and to see how long it will last. 1/8 shampoo bar lasts for almost a month! It makes bubbles, smells good, sulit, and most of all environment and travel friendly! Good job, HNN TEAM!
  • ConsignorPH (james brian tan) (11/20/2019)

    i like this bar for it is soooooo perfect in making bubbles. i like also the fact that it takes a few swipes in my hair to be enough to lather and scrub my entire head/hair. i wish there will be other scent because the current one reminds me of that medical soap we used to use back when i was a kid. i also wish there will be an iteration on the dry feeling after using it.
  • Kristel T. (11/15/2019)

    I love this shampoo bar! In the morning, it motivates me to wake up earlier than my usual waking hours and I am more excited to take a bath every day! It immediately gets foamy by just rubbing it a few times on my hair. It keeps my long black hair healthy, makes it more alive and easier to comb so I don't need to use conditioner. I love its scent too! It lasts long so it's economical. I am also happy with the fact that the packaging does not contribute to environmental wastes because it is biodegradable. Congratulations Human Nature for this great product! I have another reason to love your company. Five hearts/stars for this product. #GoSolid
  • ANJELIE M. (11/13/2019)

    First time ever to use a shampoo bar. I was really afraid to try one as I believe that shampoo bar will definitely dry my hair. But this shampoo bar is definitely superb. It doesn't dry my hair even though I love to really lather up my hair especially after running on the road. I've been using the Moisturizing Plus shampoo since the day it was launched and this shampoo bar is just as great. Both are the only shampoos I've ever tried that make my hair shiny and manageable even without using a conditioner.
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