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SafeBlock Sunscreen
SafeBlock Sunscreen

   Definitely one of the best sunblocks I've tried! Don't be deceived by its low SPF, to me it worked b...  
- Faye
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100% Natural

Save our skins, save our seas!

Be a good seatizen with SAFEBLOCK, the Philippines’ first 100% natural, broad-spectrum, reef-friendly family sunscreen.

Armors skin against aging UVA rays with PA+++ rated protection
Blocks 93% of skin-burning UVB rays
Cares for our coral reefs with only all-good, sea-safe natural ingredients

The Seatizen’s Guide to Sunscreen

SAFEBLOCK is classified water resistant – but make sure you SAFEBLOCK right! All water-resistant sunscreens still need reapplication because the SPF drops after a certain amount of time your skin is exposed to water. Clinical tests show that SAFEBLOCK’s SPF15 may drop to SPF13 after 80 minutes of swimming.

Remove all jewelry before applying SAFEBLOCK. To ensure that you enjoy optimal sun protection, reapply after swimming or sweating, after toweling, or as needed.

Sun-Safe Tip: For daily sun protection, mix equal amounts of SAFEBLOCK with Healthy Lotion and apply on arms and legs, or mix with Day Moisturizer to protect delicate facial skin from harsh UV rays.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, zinc oxide, hydrogenated castor oil, Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut-derived), dicaprylyl ether (vegetable-derived), beeswax, Glycine soja (soybean) oil, oryzanol (rice-derived), fragrance (all-natural), glyceryl caprylate (coconut, palm and glycerin-derived), tocopherol, anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Nicki (09/06/2016)

    I hope you could have a 100g bottle for your sunblocks.. 50g is too small and 200g is too big [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Nicki! Thank you for purchasing our SafeProtect SPF 30 Sunscreen. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Please rest assured that we will consider your suggestion for the future development of the product. Thank you very much! ]
  • mia (06/02/2015)

    Hi, I so wanted to LOVE this product but, it made my sensitive skin breakout into allergies. Whereas, products like Armada, Belo and Nivea sunscreens don't. Please do an unscented one... I don't mind the white cast but, it would be great if you could formulate one without, if possible. By the way, I use so many of your great products and LOVE them. Wish you could make a sunscreen for us sensitive types as I love the fact ur natural and reef friendly. I also read somewhere that sunscreens are loaded with chemicals... Please keep u the good work and keep formulating!! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi mia! We're sorry to hear about your experience. While our SAFEBLOCK sunscreen is 100% natural, it's still possible to be allergic to one of its natural ingredients. The good news is we can now recommend our SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen, which offers a higher SPF and PA++++ rating, improved spreadability, and none of the white cast! Please note that if you have sensitive skin, we recommend testing it on your jawline first to ensure that no irritation will be caused by its natural oils. :) In any case, we will definitely take your suggestion for a fragrance-free sunscreen into consideration. Our Customer Service team will be in touch with you soon to help you out! Thank you!]
  • missy_aya (05/30/2015)

    This was not what I was expecting, I don't know if it's the way the product is or not. When I open the bottle, the product will suddenly fall off the bottle like water being poured. I tried shaking the bottle many times, but nothing happened, still watery. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi missy_aya! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It's possible that some separation may have occurred in your bottle of SAFEBLOCK due to storage conditions. We'd like to look into your concern for you to determine the cause. We would also like to recommend our SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen - it has a higher SPF rating than SAFEBLOCK plus improved consistency for better spreadability :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out! Thank you!]
  • Michelle (05/01/2015)

    I do appreciate this toxin-free sunblock but the white cast is just too much. I need to use this up quick so I can buy your new sunblock. Btw, I am a health blogger and I blog about healthy products over at http://behealthyandwell.com [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Michelle! We've got great news for you! Our new SafeProtect SPF30 offers better protection against UVA and UVB rays - without the white cast! We do hope you try it out soon :) We're so excited to read about it on your blog! Thanks!]
  • AkoCDarna (04/27/2015)

    I so love this product!!! The only Sunblock that Ive used on my eyelids without the irritating or stinging my eyes. Doesn't give me breakouts, too. I use this everyday on my face. Only thing is that my face is so white even if i only applied a very thin layer of it hehhe but it doesn't matter to me though hehe Im already used to it :p [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi AkoCDarna! We're so glad you love our SAFEBLOCK Sunscreen! For natural sun protection without the white cast, we highly recommend our SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen :) Hope you try it out soon! Thanks!]
  • Mikee (04/19/2015)

    I got this together with the sunflower oil since there was a promo in Rustan's. I use this on a daily basis since it's water based and has a lovely scent. After a few hours, I actually smell like i'm at the beach. That's not a bad thing for me though
  • Ivy Marie (04/07/2015)

    We recently went to Malaysia which was way hotter than our current climate here in the Philippines (can you imagine!) but thank heavens, I brought HN SAFEBLOCK with me. It was literally our lifesaver. 7 days of continuous sun exposure was no joke but because of this product, we didn't get any sunburn at all. It may be initially a little sticky to apply but once the skin absorbed the product, there was no heaviness & stickiness at all. And it's way more affordable than commercial sunblocks loaded with chemicals. Thank you HN for making my life better! I've been using your products for 3 years now.
  • Apple (02/19/2015)

    I love this sunblock! For everyday use, I mix equal parts of HHN lotion (Natural Healthy Lotion or Natural Baby Lotion) and Safe Block in an empty bottle and shake it until it's well combined. The consistency will not be as thick as the sunblock so it's easier to apply :)
  • Mel (02/07/2015)

    Love that it blocks the sun without harmful and harsh chemicals. Win win for me and the environment!
  • Allyn (02/04/2015)

    I've tried several brands with higher SPF grades in the past and our skin still gets that stinging sunburn. But this Sunblock is simply Superb and Amazing! Never under estimate it's efficiency just because of the number (SPF 15).This is the only brand that we used that prevented our skin from getting that stinging Sunburn. Now we can have fun under the SUN and never fear, SAFE BLOCK IS HERE.
  • Mary Ranz Gellie (01/09/2015)

    Great product! Perfect on skin specially on my face and neck. It doesn't feel greasy compared to other expensive sunblock and the best thing is IT'S NATURAL. Keep creating the best things for life, Human Nature. I'm really a fan :)
  • Monica (12/15/2014)

    I like everything about this product. I understand that this is very hard to spread but what I do is to apply it while sweaty or newly-showered. The smell is very soothing and gentle. My boyfriend and I were under the sun for 2 days of island hopping but no sunburn appeared on us. It can be a hassle to wait for 30 minutes before jumping in the water but what I do is to apply it upon waking up or during breakfast if I plan to swim early. Or while island hopping, I apply it in the boat before reaching an island. I don't mind looking as white as a ghost because I know that that's zinc oxide which is a physical barrier to sun rays. I prefer this over skin cancer. Thank you SO much, HHN! This is definitely one of my favorite products and I will forever repurchase.
  • Emerald (11/29/2014)

    I've been looking for a quality sun block. This is just perfect. This sunblock doesn't feel like my face cannot breathe. I intend to use it daily even when not going out to swim. I put on a HN powder foundation after, and it gives me a silky finished. It does not make my face itchy like other sunblock too. I only need a pea-size to cover my whole face. My problem now is how to use it all up before the expiry date (May 1025!). Wished I didn't buy the 200 mL. Haha. But it's a happy problem I have. Thank you Human Nature.
  • Shy (11/18/2014)

    Hi. I am a fan of your products and when you came out with this product, I just had to try it. I bought mine about one-two months ago and used it a few weeks ago for the first time. My only complaint is that after a few squeezes, the consistency became very oily. I tried to shake the tube to mix. I am sure you'll do something to address this issue in your future stocks. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Shy! Since our SAFEBLOCK sunscreen is 100% natural, we do not use any synthetic binders. In addition to this, our formula is heavy - since zinc oxide is heavy – so it's not uncommon for the oil to rise and separate from the zinc. Given that your SAFEBLOCK has been in storage for a long time, we recommend shaking it very, very well before use :) Thank you!]
  • Jacinta Eve (11/06/2014)

    I used this sunblock on my trip to Mati. I had a pageant there so we had a show outdoors and a photo shoot on the beach. This helped protect my skin from the sun and a lot of people commented on my skin that it just glows! I love this! Thank you human nature! :D
  • Stephanie (08/30/2014)

    A little goes a long way, it is smooth and easy to apply, and the smell is great! I really feel as if it's doing its job, and I don't have to worry about it melting off or leaving a chemical-y feel on me since it is all natural! I can even use it as a makeup base and it doesn't make my skin oily (considering I have really oily skin!) My only concern is that sometimes when I haven't used it for a while, I feel as if the oils are separating, like some of the white creamy paste is separating from transparent oil. But usually after a few shakes, this problem is completely gone. Best sunblock I have used by far though a bit more expensive than others. Still worth it since a little goes a long way and the size is pretty big! Love it!!!
  • Geraldine Ligaya (07/27/2014)

    A few months ago I developed an allergic reaction to the sunblock I've been using for years. I could only use physical sunblocks made with zinc oxide so I tried your product. I love it coz not only does it not make me itch, it actually relieves the irritation and redness. Unfortunately it has an intense white cast, which is to be expected, and it's difficult to apply thinly. So I experimented with your other products and I found a regimen that works for me. First I apply your sunflower oil then follow with a thin layer of Safeblock (it becomes easier to spread) finished with your mineral foundation powder in caramel. Now I have no itchy skin, my skin is moisturized by the oil, protected by the sunblock, and the foundation removes the white cast. And it lasts the whole day, too with minimal touch-ups. At the end of the day I just wash with your unscented soap and everything washes off easily. I love your products!
  • Lee (06/14/2014)

    Had to revert back to my usual sunblock because like your earlier lotions, this is VERY hard to spread, leaves white streaks all over the body. First time I used it, my friends were already swimming after putting on their own sunblocks while I was still stuck doing my arms. Yes, it helped with the sun but it's soooo hard to put on and it was pretty greasy if applied generously. Kindly reformulate a little? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the feedback, Lee! The UV-blocking actives in SAFEBLOCK are formulated in a water resistant base, so it may be greasy/sticky but it does stay longer on your skin. We'll keep your feedback in mind!]
  • Jewel (06/07/2014)

    I just tried it to protect my skin for the harsh city sunlight and as a pre requisite for our dive adventure. It was too white and sticky to use on a daily basis. I am just waiting to try it underwater if it would not sting and be good to my eyes like the european brand i've been using. Also my ninang keep on asking if HN has a moisturizer that comes with spf protection? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jewel! SAFEBLOCK is a physical UV ray blocker, hence the white sticky film that adheres to your skin. This actually signals that it's still actively protecting you. :) We currently don't have moisturizers with SPF, but follow us on Facebook and we'll post new stuff soon!]
  • Catherine (05/21/2014)

    I tested a small amount of this product first on my 3 year-old son's foot and noticed some redness and itchiness after a few hours. I hope you can make a milder, hypo-allergenic and unscented variant for sensitive individuals. I also tested it on myself and it was fine on my skin. I don't know what made my son allergic to it as he is fine with Coppertone baby sunblock. Hope you'll take this into consideration. I love your other products though like sunflower oil and sanitizers. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Catherine! We're sorry to hear about your son's experience. We're quite surprised as this is the first time we've encountered reports of an allergic reaction with SAFEBLOCK. While our sunscreen is 100% natural and safe, it's possible that he may be sensitive to one of its natural ingredients. We'd like to look into his experience and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Faye (05/12/2014)

    Definitely one of the best sunblocks I've tried! Don't be deceived by its low SPF, to me it worked better than an SPF 50 of another brand. I tried Safeblock just this weekend and did not get any sunburn (I applied twice: at 10am and 1pm). I really liked its consistency since I prefer thick over runny, and so a small amount really goes a long way. It does leave a white cast but at least I know when to reapply :) I wish I found out about Safeblock earlier and spared myself from sunburn last month (my SPF 50 failed me). Good job, Human <3 Nature! I think I have found my HG sunblock for swimming and outdoor activities.
  • Jyasmin (05/07/2014)

    This is a good, effective sunblock when applied consistently (i still got a bit of sunburn because i neglected to reapply. :-p) I like Safeblock's texture (easy to spread) and scent (light and fresh) too, and it's good to know that it does not harm corals. Just a suggestion: could HN look into making an after-sun lotion? Preferably something light and refreshing, with lots of aloe and cucumber to soothe and heal sunburned skin. :-) the commercial after-sun lotions are full of alcohol, which could aggravate sunburn. thanks HN! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jyasmin! We're so thrilled that you love our SAFEBLOCK. To prevent sunburn, we highly recommend shaking the bottle and slathering it on as directed - and definitely don't forget to reapply! At the moment, you can try using our Sunflower Beauty Oil to help improve your skin condition after sunburn :) Thanks!]
  • Carol (05/06/2014)

    Last Holy Week I really had a bad sun burn. I used my usual sun screen protection (SPF 75). So I gave HHN's sunblock a try last weekend. Kudos, I did not get any burns! My only draw back with this product is, it is quite sticky and so white. Hehe for a morena skinned like me, I look like an "espasol." Anyway, what is more important is the protection. Thanks HHN for developing this product. We really need this for the heat of the sun is really unhealthy these days. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Carol! We’re thrilled our SAFEBLOCK worked so well in keeping you protected! Its thin white film is actually a sign that our SAFEBLOCK is protecting you from harmful UV rays – once it’s gone, it means it’s time to reapply! Hope this helps :) Thanks again!]
  • Keilah (05/05/2014)

    I put this sunblock to the test during our beach trip last weekend. It was indeed effective, as it was able to block the sun's rays on the areas where I put it. However, the consistency of the sunblock made it hard for me to spread it evenly, hence, I got an uneven tan in some areas. The staying power is also amazing, that even when it was time to rinse, it was quite hard to remove. I hope that something could be done about the consistency (make it more easy to spread evenly). Otherwise, this is a good product, as it protects not only you but the seas as well. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Keilah! We're so glad you loved our SAFEBLOCK 100% Natural Sunscreen! To achieve maximum protection, we do recommend applying a generous amount and rubbing it evenly on exposed body areas. Since SAFEBLOCK is made up of physical blockers, it is expected to be heavier on the skin like other sun care products containing zinc oxide (that white film is sign that your SAFEBLOCK is shielding you from UV rays!). To achieve an even consistency of the product, you can try inverting the tube once in a while and massaging the tube prior to dispensing :) Thank you!]
  • Larissa Leen (04/28/2014)

    We put the SAFE BLOCK to the test yesterday -- as expected, no sun burn! Thank you so much HHN for coming up with a safe and effective product. =))
  • JOANNA (04/23/2014)

    We're so glad that HN finally came out with this product. I have no problem sharing the product with my friends at the church family retreat, and they, too, loved the product! It has a thin consistency when you pour it out of the tube but when you apply it on the skin, it provides good coverage and it stays very long on the skin even while in water. Congratulations HN for this wonderful product!
  • Horeb (04/19/2014)

    I loved using this sunblock as daily sun protector until on the 4th day when zits started appearing. I stopped using the product and it took more than a week for acne to subside. Good thing the Elixir was able to avert a complete disaster! I'm using this for my neck and arms instead. No adverse results. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Horeb! We're sorry to hear about your experience. This is actually the first time we encountered a report of acne after using our SAFEBLOCK. SAFEBLOCK is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that are generally safe for face and body use; however, it's possible that you may be sensitive or allergic to one of its natural ingredients. We would like to learn more about your experience and determine the cause. For now, we recommend limiting your application to the rest of your body. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon! Thank you!]
  • Yvonne (04/09/2014)

    I was so excited to finally see this product at HHN store and grabbed a tub in time for our 4 day visit to Puerto Princesa. It withstands the test of swimming in salt water and after a minimal retouching after 3 hours from first application at 7 am, it was able to block well the sun and sea water during our entire underground river tour. The following day, my daughter and I went snorkeling and with very minimal application no sun burn! The smell is ok and no greasy feeling. What I love about it most is it stays well in the skin with no runoff in the face .Other sunblocks would often sting my eyes when it gets wet. I would normally pay 3x for this quality but thank you HHN for creating an excellent product for this price point. Yes, the use of ocean/coral friendly ingredients? Priceless!
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