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Exfoliating Bar 120g
Exfoliating Bar 120g
   I love both Vanilla and Strawberry scents! They lather up so easily and make my skin feel soft an...  
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100% Natural

Bathtime delight
Use 2-3x a week to experience deep skin love at every scrub

✓ Deeply cleanses with loofah scrubs
✓ Cold processed to retain skin-hydrating glycerin
✓ Free from harmful EDTA and BHT
✓ Plastic microbead-free

Choose from all-natural sweet Vanilla or delicious Strawberry scents

Level up on skincare
Our body creates a new layer of skin every 2-4 weeks which emerges as the old top layer of skin sheds off in tiny flakes. As we grow older, shedding slows, making skin feel rough and look dull. Take your bath time basics up a notch by adding an extra step of exfoliating to reveal fresh, smooth skin.

Good news! We are finally but slowly shifting to paper wrapper to wrap our cleansing bars. You may start receiving our Exfoliating Bar in paper wrapper soon. Please note that you may still receive our Exfoliating Bars in their classic packaging while supplies last.


Dry skin? Here are a few simple tips to prevent it:

1. Your goal is simply to wash away the day’s dirt and excess oil, not strip off your skin’s natural protective barrier. 5 to 10 minutes in the bath or shower should be enough.
2. Use warm, not hot water.
3. Pat your skin dry gently with a towel - don’t rub too vigorously.
4. While your skin’s still damp after toweling, apply a moisturizer like our Healthy Lotion to rehydrate your skin and seal in moisture.
5. Give your skin the extra lovin’ by alternating your Scented Cleansing Bar with Exfoliating Bar 2-3 times a week.

Strawberry: sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil), aqua (water), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), glycerin (vegetable-derived), Luffa cylindrica (sponge loofah) fruit powder, magnesium myristate (plant-derived), chromium oxide greens (CI 77288, mineral-derived), titanium dioxide (CI 77891, mineral-derived), iron oxide (CI 77491, mineral-derived)

Vanilla: sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil), aqua (water), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived),glycerin (vegetable-derived), Luffa cylindrica (sponge loofah) fruit powder, chromium oxide greens (CI 77288, mineral-derived),parfum (fragrance, all-natural), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Mikee (07/27/2020)

    I used the Strawberry bar. It exfoliates my skin really well plus the scent is nice!
  • Klein (09/06/2019)

    I love it!!!! This soap gently exfoliates my skin and give it a kutis mayaman glow
  • Ritchie (08/21/2019)

    I love the vanilla variant!
  • Kryschelle Lyn (06/15/2019)

    I love the Strawberry scented one, and is already halfway on my second bar. The scent really reminds me of strawberries and not the artificial kind I usually associated with children antibiotics. It also gently exfoliates my skin, leaving it as soft and smooth as a baby's, without the pain from small scratches that I usually get from commercial bath scrubs when I accidentally left them on my skin for a second longer than what was advised. I just hope that you can formulate also a strawberry scented regular bar so I can smell like strawberry the entire week. Or a mango scented soap one. I also love the smell of mangoes. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kryschelle Lyn! We're thrilled that you loved our Exfoliating Bar. We also appreciate your feedback about creating a mango variant. Rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of our Body Cleansing line. Thank you!]
  • Jeina (08/02/2018)

    I love this product! Aside from the strawberry scent (WHICH I TOTALLY LOVE), it really does exfoliate my skin! Highly recommended :)
  • Nezh (02/27/2018)

    I like both variants. I usually divide the bar into 5 portions so it lasts longer.
  • LORY (02/06/2018)

    my top 1 soap for the last 2 months. As in di na ko nagpapalit at may stock pa ko. Thanks Human Nature for this amazing soap. :) Keep it up!
  • zhummer (10/17/2017)

    OMG!!! I soooooo love this product from HN, I've been having some issues with my skin lately since I went to Siargao for vacation and since I want to have a tanned-looking skin, I stayed under the sun to even my skin tone since I got my skin from my family which is fairer skin since they are chinese descendant, it was july when I have my vacation in Siargao and achieve the Tan looking skin however what happen is I didn't achieve the look and what happen is I've jut got sunburn which make my skin uneven so I ordered this product to exfoliate some dead skin cells and so far so good been using this twice a week and not only it helps my skin from exfoliating it also help me to even my skin from sunburn, I'm really loving your product HN thank you for making this to take care of our, we don't need to go to belo or any skin dermatologist to achieve the "kutis artista feels". keep it up HN, I'm giving it four heart for the meantime since it just been two weeks since I've been using this, I want to see more what magic it can do with my skin.
  • Kristel T. (01/28/2017)

    I use the strawberry scent and it really gently exfoliates my skin to keep it soft and young looking. I use Berry Bliss Healthy Lotion too after using this and I love the feeling!
  • Carla (01/25/2017)

    I love the strawberry one, smells so good! I felt super clean, but it dries my skin quickly and melts quickly. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Carla! We're so glad that you loved our Strawberry Exfoliating Bar. We also appreciate your feedback. Kindly note that since our exfoliating bars are 100% natural, they don't contain any artificial hardeners which is why they melt faster than commercial body bars. We recommend that you store your Exfoliating Bar on a soap dish to help it dry faster. As for your concern about drying of the skin, it is possible that your skin may be sensitive to one of it's natural components. Please check the ingredients list to see if there is any ingredient that you may be sensitive to. I hope this helps, Carla! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 78407788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Anne Sharmaine (11/05/2016)

    I used the Strawberry variant. It smells really good! But I think it's not so gentle on my skin (well, it's exfoliating but I feel itchy after taking a bath). Nevertheless, I like that it's natural and with no harmful ingredients unlike other exfoliating soaps :)
  • Samantha Antonette (10/06/2016)

    My hubby and I loved the strawberry one. I just bought it so we can try but he actually told me liked the soap on his skin. He doesn't usually comment on things I buy but for this one, he really did mention he wants us to buy it again.
  • Lea (08/23/2016)

    I love both Vanilla and Strawberry scents! They lather up so easily and make my skin feel soft and smooth. The texture is really nice as well. Will definitely be using these regularly from now on.
  • Marian (04/13/2016)

    I love the strawberry scented one! It's not too hard on my skin and I felt super clean and smooth after using this. Even my son likes this. This is definitely a must-buy!
  • Jane (04/11/2016)

    I'm not a fan of the vanilla bar, no repeat purchase after my initial purchase. It was too rough as an exfoliating bar for me and worse, I had an allergic reaction to it. The strawberry bar, I was excited about it because I somewhat expected it to smell like the face scrub - like actual strawberries instead of the chemical and cloyingly sweet strawberry scents found in the market. I purchased 1 bar on the day it was released and I was not disappointed! You know how fresh strawberries soaked in full cream evaporated milk with sugar smells like? That's how the strawberry bar smelled! Oh my, I wanted to eat it. My nephew wanted to eat it. I super loved it. Fast forward my second order which may be a month or two after its release - I was shocked. There it was, the trademark juicy fruit/candy scent!!! What happened? Was the scent reformulated? For the love of god please let go of your penchant for juicy fruit/candy smells. It never worked for your hand sanitizers for kids (although the Editor defended the pink and blue ones valiantly against my very harsh review, it's no longer available right?). Please bring back the natural strawberry scent and give the juicy fruit/ candy smell a rest. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jane! Thank you for purchasing our Strawberry Exfoliating Bar. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you as much as we can. Kindly note that the formulation of our Strawberry Exfoliating Bar hasn't been changed. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Levine (04/06/2016)

    WOW! This soap is indeed superb! I love the smell of it and it has a nicer texture compared to Vanilla Exfoliating Bar.. I can really say that strawberry has never failed to delight me and this soap is one of those proofs! I like it ! More berries to come HHN!
  • JOY (03/31/2016)

    I just love the scent of your strawberry exfoliating bar!! Its heaven! I love it its so yummy! I hope you make a body lotion version of this ;) unlike the berry bliss this one is not too strong ;) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello JOY! We're so happy that you loved our Strawberry Exfoliating Bar. A natural healthy lotion of the same scent is a fantastic idea! We'll definitely consider your suggestion for future development of our body care products. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Vinnie (03/15/2016)

    I am definitely hooked with the Strawberry Exfoliating Bar! I am a new HHN customer and my curiosity to try out your products was due to my attempts in finding products that are paraben-free, and HHN has been a blessing ever since. The Strawberry Exfoliating Bar is what I can safely say a luxurious obsession. The loofah exfoliants are really doing the job and yet it leaves the skin with a yummy scent and moisturizing feel. I am terribly tempted to use it everyday, and it takes a great deal of restraint in my part not to! I am definitely going to stock on this...
  • Julienne (12/14/2015)

    I can really feel the exfoliating effect on my skin when using this. But then I cannot use it every day because the exfoliation is really effective that it dries out the skin when used daily. So I just use it after every 2days. Still, I love the scent and how it effectively exfoliates my skin, leaving it smooth and renewed after bath. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Julienne! We're so happy that you liked our Vanilla Exfoliating Bar with Loofah Exfoliants. We recommend that you use it one to two times a week to help you reveal smooth, glowing skin. You can also use it alternately with any of our Scented Cleansing Bars or our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Alex (11/29/2015)

    I've been using this soap and its better than my last exfoliating bar. The smell is pleasant and the scrubbing is just right. My last bar was rough in my terms. This was also guilt-free so I have to say, I can see myself using this for my whole lifetime. Thanks for this :))
  • Kristina Yvonne (11/06/2015)

    I'm not a fan of the scent. I thought it smells just the same as the Salon Care Conditioner which I'm so inlove with. It smells like bubblegum to me but nonetheless, if it's Human Nature product, I will definitely use it! :)
  • Katherine (11/02/2015)

  • Paulina (07/14/2015)

    I really really adore this bar of soap. I think it has the perfect scent and texture to it. It smells really nice and I've always been a fan of your moisturizing vanilla shampoo and conditioner. I hope you bring back the vanilla scented lotion too!
  • Windee (04/08/2015)

    It's my first time to use hnn products. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I plan to go organic for me and my baby. I super love this soap! At first I thought it's just another typical one that will leave you feeling squeaky clean after towelling dry but wow when I touched my skin it felt so smooth and moisturized. Thanks hnn
  • Kriezel D. (10/19/2014)

    I like it, it smells good. Those who know me well would testify that I was never a fan of "vanilla-scented" things mainly because most of the vanilla products I've used smell waaay to strong and synthetic. But this soap is something that I'm more than happy to use daily because it's smells so natural and the loofa bits feel nice to my skin. One downside though is that it melts quicker than the other soaps I use but I understand that's how naturals go since they don't have chemical preservatives in them. All in all, good product and I hope you'll have more scents with loofa exfoliants.
  • CheChe (10/18/2014)

    Vanilla, YUM! The scent is divine! Not too strong, not too light. I love how HHN incorporated loofah beads to the soap. I was watching the Tyra Banks Show way back and she stressed that using loofah wasn't actually good since it harbours bacteria during long term use. It made me stop using loofah scrubs, too bad since I was such a fan. Now, the exfoliating effect of loofah can still be achieved without worrying of dirt accumulation! Ever since discovering the product, its been a staple in our shower. Even hubby loves it!
  • Alena (10/01/2014)

    I like the effect of the soap on my skin, which stays moisturized and smooth throughout the day. I'm not too fond of the scent although it won't stop from me from purchasing again in the future.
  • Stephanie (08/10/2014)

    Love it but I am just not sure if it is a bit harsh on my skin. It can feel a bit uncomfortable even when I don't exert too much force on my skin. It doesn't really hurt but I am afraid that if I exert pressure I will scratch my skin. I have also only used it perhaps 6 times weeks and it is halfway gone. Still love the smell and you can feel the moisturization from the product but I am not sure if I will repurchase since I don't want to have to keep buying it. I chose this bar because I wanted an exfoliating soap and the other soaps are merely cleansing soaps. Still a great HN product! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your honest feedback. We're glad you love our Vanilla Exfoliating Bar and we do recommend scrubbing gently especially if your skin is sensitive. Our soap does not contain any synthetic hardeners so it may not last as long as chemical soaps. To prolong the life of your soap, we highly recommend that you don't wet your soap directly (wet skin first before scrubbing), and to always store it in a clean, dry soap dish. Some users also report that storing it on its side instead of laying it down helps prolong it :) Hope this helps! Thank you!]
  • Maui (06/23/2014)

    I was sold on the vanilla scent. It turned out, this body bar is much even better than it looks. It gently exfoliates and moisturizes my skin. I love this so much, I'm now using my third bar!
  • Adrian Val Olonan (06/16/2014)

    I love the combo of the vanilla and loofah scents -- sweet and green! The scrubs are rougher than the defunct Bamboo Body Scrub, so take extra care on the sensitive skin parts. It kinda hurt on my nape and my Australia. But I love that exfoliation and showering now goes together. And never ever try this on the face, coz there's Purifying Facial Scrub.
  • JOANNA (06/13/2014)

    I'm always excited to try out the new products of HN and this new soap bar is just a very good product I don't regret buying this new soap with loofah particles. Thanks, HN, for coming up with this new product, and I hope it will have other variants also.
  • Francesca (05/30/2014)

    I was not so excited about this soap at first because it was in vanilla scent and it was more expensive than the scented soaps. I purchased the soap out of curiosity and to joke that this soap has free lofah/"panghilod". Upon using the soap, I realized that my joke was actually true! Now, it is very convenient for me to exfoliate using a loofah! Yey! This soap is worth the price and I am glad that the vanilla scent is not as strong as the scent in the Healthy Lotion. This soap also satisfied my longing for the return of HHN's luxury body scrub. Kudos to the brilliant minds behind this product!
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