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Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar 120g

   My husband has skin asthma and most soaps are harmful to his skin... This one works for him, fo...  
- Carol
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100% Natural

Mildest cleansing
Our purest cleansing bar harnesses the goodness of Philippine coconut oil to wash away the day’s dirt and grime while leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.

✓ 100% fragrance-free
✓ Free from irritating colorants
✓ Free from synthetic fillers
✓ Non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin

We like it cold
Most soap bars are hot-processed, removing naturally hydrating glycerin - which is often replaced with synthetic additives that dry the skin. Our cleansing bars are cold-processed, retaining the beneficial glycerin. As a bonus, cold-processing uses less energy and produces less waste!

Good news! We are finally but slowly shifting to paper wrapper to wrap our cleansing bars. You may start receiving our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar in paper wrapper soon.


Dry skin? Here are a few simple tips to prevent it:

1. Your goal is simply to wash away the day’s dirt and excess oil, not strip off your skin’s natural protective barrier. 5 to 10 minutes in the bath or shower should be enough.
2. Use warm, not hot water.
3. Pat your skin dry gently with a towel - don’t rub too vigorously.
4. While your skin’s still damp after toweling, apply a moisturizer like our Healthy Lotion to rehydrate your skin and seal in moisture.
5. Give your skin the extra lovin’ by alternating your Cleansing Bar with Exfoliating Bar 2-3 times a week.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane-derived), coco glucoside (coconut-derived), glyceryl oleate (coconut-derived), stearic acid, decyl glucoside (coconut-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Jozzle Anne (05/15/2021)

    I love this soap. Very gentle and it really does help my skin feels smoother and supple.
  • Karen (06/03/2019)

    This soap is perfect for my sensitive skin. My skin doesn't feel dry or taut. I dont even need to put on lotion after shower. I use this as my face and body cleanser.
  • Chiara (08/03/2018)

    This soap is perfect for me as I have contact dermatitis. It relieved the itch and redness on my face. It SAVED ME.
  • Vicky Saure (06/17/2017)

    I love this soap!!! I have been using this for my kids since I discovered its wonder. I was really worried because my daughter developed body odor at age 8. I know that any commercial deo products will harm her so I had her use natural "tawas." I tried this soap on my kids and replaced their regular commercial soap. I always kiss their armpits as my act of endearment and I discovered one weekend that my daughter's body odor went away without using alum powder. I continued using the soap on them and magically my daugther had no unpleasant smell at all. I know the soap does wonder on her because when I run out of stock and she switches to regular commercial soap the unpleasant body odor comes back. Great work HN!
  • JAMAEA MARIE (06/14/2017)

    I love this soap, it's perfect for my sensitive skin. I hope you can look into making unscented moisturizing soaps in the future like honey, oats and olive oil. ❤️ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jamaea Marie! We're thrilled that you loved your Gentle Cleansing Bar. We also appreciate your suggestion on including other ingredients. Please rest assured that we will take your ideas into consideration for the future development of our Body Cleansing line. Thank you!]
  • pam (04/27/2017)

    i'm using this soap and it helps me get rid of eczema and its gentle on skin.
  • Myca (04/24/2017)

    I've been using this soap for about a week now, and I absolutely adore it. It's gentle on the skin, doesn't dry it out, and my skin feels so smooth and soft after using it! I'm not a big fan of lotions so this works wonders for me. I am never going back to the soap I was using before. Thank you, HHN! :-)
  • Alyna (04/24/2017)

    My skin easily gets dry when I frequently wash my hands using ordinary hand soap and especially when using laundry detergent. This soap helped heal my dry skin. I still wash frequently but it didn't dry out my skin. I use the mango body butter after washing with this soap. :) Would you consider making a variation with a natural scent?
  • icey (04/24/2017)

    Pros : really non-drying. not harsh on especially on sensitive skin Cons: Soap lasted only for a week
  • Matt (04/24/2017)

    nice: fragrance-free, lathers well, and non-drying not-so-nice: the only downside (and perhaps what needs to be addressed by the lab) is that it hurts like h*ll when soap gets in the eyes. As in hurts big time, and it wasn't even two seconds of exposure.. (I know HNH has a facial scrub too, but I'd have wanted an everyday soap good for the face too.) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the feedback, Matt! All soaps, even organic and natural ones, will sting if they get in the eyes (even pure water will cause redness if it gets in your eye), so we would always recommend being careful around the eye area. The good news is, it won't do any harm despite the stinging and can easily be flushed away.]
  • JOANNA (04/24/2017)

    I love the soap, non-drying and natural. I just have to make sure that it is on a soap dish and not soaked in water so it won't melt and be wasted. I have one suggestion for both white and black soaps can you make the edges less sharp?
  • Jaz (04/24/2017)

    Only used it twice. I know it's natural because it melts easily and lasted for a week only for the other buyers. But here's my trick, I place it on a soap container (best if it's the rectangular one with a straight bottom) then let it stand on the side (Visual: From _ to l ) so it won't melt as fast. I did this and it's still the same size from the same day I bought it while my roommate's soap reduced by 50% (we bought and used it at the same time). LOL.
  • Adrian Val (04/24/2017)

    This body soap's the gentlest one I've ever tried. Somehow disappointed that it melts faster than the regular soaps. PLEASE MAKE 100 % NATURAL PAPAYA SOAP! I'M DYING TO GET FAIRER! You can do it, HN!
  • Jasmin (04/24/2017)

    It's really gentle on my skin. It melts fast so I let it sit on it's side. The fact that it's melting fast means it's really natural without preservatives. Will buy a whole bunch of it before going back to the province. :))
  • Kathleen Joyce (04/24/2017)

    I like this soap so much cause it is unscented and not artificially colored. It is so difficult to find a soap bar that isn't. I'm so happy that HHN made this, plus it's so affordable. This unscented soap is so pure that it makes me feel cleaner than anything I have ever tried before. Thank you HHN! :)
  • Aven (04/24/2017)

    I am already on my 3rd bar and i'm really loving this soap, as i have a sensitive skin and i am advised to use an unscented soap. i noticed that whenever my skin asthma attacks, my wounds heal fast. :) i assume it gently cleanses my hands, because my hands get easily wounded whenever my allergy is triggered. about the melting thingy... what i do is i cut the soap into half (keep the other half) then like what others do, i let the soap stand on the side on a flat soap dish.
  • Shelly (04/24/2017)

    This soap is the BEST I have ever tried! It lathers really well but still none drying. I wish that in the near future you'll also have variations with oatmeal ,calamansi , lemon grass, or other indigenous plants & herbs. This product is really a hit! Congratulations HHN!
  • Fidelle (04/24/2017)

    I agree with previous reviewers' comments. its oh so gentle but squeaky clean! wishes: other natural scented soaps solid soaps with scrubby inclusions like loofah bits, bamboo fiber, rice bran, oatmeal, strawberry seeds, etc. soaps in cute shapes (for gifts) solid shampoos (like the ones from Lush)
  • Diosa (04/24/2017)

    Since I started using this soap, my skin allergy breakouts began to decrease and the scars due to the allergy gradually became unnoticeable. I don't have to buy expensive derma products anymore to cure my allergies.
  • caracat (04/24/2017)

    This soap is very gentle on my skin. Doesn't give me rashes. I just hope they'll have a scented variant... soon :)
  • Sheila May (04/24/2017)

    I'm just wondering, it feels stingy when i use it at times. It feels stingy when i wash my face especially near my mouth or mucousal areas. Believe me, i love h♡n prods, i'm posting this in congruence with matt's review...pls. just look into it and maybe reformulate the product. Also, kudos to h♡n for allowing good and not so good reviews to be posted. This shows your company's willingness to improve your products. Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Sheila! Thank you so much for supporting our products. Our Cleansing Bar is intended to be used primarily as a bath soap, rather than a facial cleanser. It's possible that your face is particularly sensitive to soap. We recommend that you try to keep the soap away from your facial area when bathing to prevent any sting. You might also want to try out our Nourishing Facial Wash for your face, it's especially made for sensitive skin :) If you continue to encounter any adverse reactions, do let us know as soon as possible so we can investigate the irritation. Let us know how it works for you!]
  • Afrhill (04/24/2017)

    I love how this soap just glides on the skin when taking a bath and there's no need to use lotion after! Although of course that's still part of my routine but very happy to find a soap that's perfect for my sensitive skin! I realized it's not just about the scent, but the amazing effect!
  • Carol (04/24/2017)

    My husband has skin asthma and most soaps are harmful to his skin... it triggers his skin asthma. This one works for him, for me and for my baby. Doesn't irritate our skin and doesn't dissolve fast (compared to commercially manufactured moisturizing soap). My wish list... to come up a scented variant :)
  • Jane (04/24/2017)

    A good replacement of Cetaphil soap..Hmmmm, should I say I earned better than my old soap? Yeah, precisely. Effective to my sensitive skin, safe and affordable, what more can I say? Thanks HHN.
  • Janice (04/24/2017)

    I love your products and always try out anything new that you introduce. I just recently tried the cleansing bar and found that it really cleans me nicely. However, the square shape can be quite uncomfortable when you hold it in your hands because of its sharp edges. Perhaps you can consider a shape that's friendlier to the hands, maybe shaving off the corners and the sides?
  • Keilah (04/24/2017)

    It is indeed a very gentle soap. :) i just wish you could come up with a scented version (like peppermint or vanilla) for days when you want a pick me up scent. :)
  • Michelle (04/24/2017)

    i love this soap! i highly recommend it to everyone most especially those with sensitive skin. I feel clean and supple without feeling dry and without the strong soapy smell!
  • Bettina (04/24/2017)

    I have been using this for almost two weeks now. I love how my skin feels so soft after. Non-drying at all. I'm highly allergic to overly perfumed soaps or liquid body washes and have to result to baby baths or the most mild ones. A lightly scented bar would be nice too if ever there is on in the works.
  • jaecy (04/24/2017)

    This is my first time to write a review about a product. But i just have to share my experience with this soap. This is the best product i have ever tried. I am 21 years old but my face before this soap looked like im on my 25s. I have tried a lot of cleansers. A LOT. None of them worked. They either dry my face or just make it worse. I also tried human nature cleansers. They work but they do not give me the results I was hoping for. So i decided to try this soap. When i looke at the ingredients I know this soap is going to be different. I havent seen a soap on the market with the same ingredients at this soap. And I am so happy I tried this soap. FINALLY. My skin is back to normal. It's fairer, clearer and a lot younger looking. I used to hate sleeping late at night because it just makes my face worse. But now, even if I only have an average of 3 hours of sleep, my face still looks good. And what I love most about this soap is that it prevents me from breaking out. And if I do breakout, I wash my face with soap and when I wake up the next morning it gets smaller. OMG. I cant believe it myself. Its like a pimple eraser. This is the only prodcut I use on my face. And I am pimple free. HHN PLEASE DO NOT REFORMULATE. My face will be in turmoil again. PLEASE. I am so happy with my face now. I dont know how but this soap just stops me from breaking out. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The only thing is it melts fast. But I divide the soap into small pieces. I might use this for my body. But right now my face is glowing. Again DO NOT REFORMULATE. Thank you for making my face glow again :)
  • nikki (04/24/2017)

    I really really love your cleansing bar... sobrang okay sya for sensitive skin..
  • chekaii (04/24/2017)

    i don't use this personally but my 13 year old sister does... she has backne and this soap somehow lessens them and asked her to use this on her face too to see if it will help with her pimples and pimple scar..truly a substitute for cetaphil
  • Mae (04/24/2017)

    I’m a regular customer of HHN. I tried this soap for duration of 4 mos. At 1st it was OK. However my skin started to experience itching and flaking and I ended up applying lotion to my whole body just to compensate for the dryness. When I started developing rashes I stopped using it for 2 weeks and the problem disappeared. Then I re-introduced the soap again. I’m afraid the itching, dryness and rashes came back. Please reformulate this soap. It’s not as gentle as everyone thinks just because it’s natural. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mae! We're sorry to hear about your experience. This is the very first time we've heard this type of feedback. Our 100% Natural Cleansing Bar is the purest, safest, most natural soap available and we've received very positive reviews about its effectiveness for those with skin allergies, breakouts, and similar problems. We'd like to investigate your concern and verify what may have caused the reaction. We want you to have only the best experience with our products, so we'd like to make it up to you by offering you a free refund/replacement/credit for your cleansing bar. Our Customer service will be in touch soon :)]
  • Cris (04/24/2017)

    Love this soap. It cleans so thoroughly that I often don't need to use makeup remover any more! It also works really well against body odor - A lot better than commercial antibacterial soaps.
  • Deb (04/24/2017)

    This is mild for body use. But for the face, one must avoid the eye, nose and mouth areas as it stings a bit. But overall, I like it and will buy some more.
  • Claudine Antonette (04/24/2017)

    Very gentle, also lightens my skin.
  • Liz (04/24/2017)

    I was excited when i used the soap for the first time. Then i proceeded on doing my tasks out in the sun, although hindi naman maaraw that day pero wala ako sa airconditioned room so pinagpawisan ako.. When i got in the office, naamoy ko sarili ko "amoy pawis". Ang baho ko. I was so cautious to be near my officemates. I was so disappointed, it didn't give me the germ-protection i need. I m afraid to use it again for fear na bumaho uli ako pag pinawisan. So i just use the soap now as a hand soap. Sorry for posting a not so good review. I justnwant to be honest.. :( "[EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Liz! Our 100% Natural Cleansing Bar is not an anti-bacterial soap. It is designed to wash away dirt accumulated throughout the day. Unlike most chemical body soaps, our Cleansing Bar does not contain triclosan or triclocarban to address body odor, nor does it contain any fragrances to mask unwanted odor from your body's natural sweating process. It is 100% pure and natural for a pure and simple clean :) For your particular concern, you might want to try our Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar, which is formulated with anti-bacterial bamboo carbon to fight odor-causing bacteria. We would also recommend using a deodorant after bathing. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out :) Thank you!] "
  • Rexelle (04/24/2017)

    Our family line have skin asthmas, so we are using cetaphil eversince. Then, I found your website and eventually decided to apply as a dealer because I immediately get in loved with your advocacy and of course the products! My younger brother bought this soap, and he really loves it! He said, it is better than Cetaphil... My other brothers ordered the soap as well. Not to mention, they also use Sunflower oil and other facial products.. Kulang na lang daw, body mist. We patronize your Products.. Keep it up!
  • Mary Angeline (04/24/2017)

    Compared to a supposed "beauty" bar (D***e), this 100% Natural Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar, doesn't dry my skin. While this other beauty bar leaves my face taught and dry, HHN's cleansing bar just cleans and moisturizes. I can really feel that it's pure and gentle on my skin. I highly recommend this product.
  • Myka (04/24/2017)

    This soap works well for me. I have sensitive skin and I normally scratch my skin as soon as I dry myself from the bathroom. I have been using this for two weeks now and the scratching stopped yet it keep my skin supple. One good thing I liked about this is that it's easy to rinse unlike regular soaps and even if it's thin already it is still easy to scrub. I hope you guys make the edges smoother as it's a bit sharp especially if its newly opened. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Myka! We're so thrilled you love our 100% Natural Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar! One tip you could try is to take wet face towel (or wet the palm of your hands) and rub them against the edges of a new bar before gently applying it on your face to help smoothen our the corners over time :) Thanks!]
  • Lee (04/24/2017)

    I have sensitive skin and i have tried several brands in search for one that is compatible with my skin type. I have been using this soap for 2 weeks. I like it so much that I even gave my extra bar to my friend who has a similar problem, so she can try it. It even works for my face. I have a lot of whiteheads and blackheads although i rarely have pimples, but using this greatly reduced the whiteheads/blackheads making my skin smoother. I have noticed that when the the soap suds stays for about a minute, i feel a bit of a sting. I just start washing them a way to get rid of the sting. I'd like to try the other variants too. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lee! We're so glad you love our 100% Natural Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar! Regarding the stinging sensation you experienced, this may be a sign that your skin is sensitive to its pH level. Our cleansing bar is formulated for body cleansing, rather than facial use, as it has a pH level of 9.00 to 10.00, which is the standard pH level of soap. Of course our cleansing bar is a safer and natural alternative to chemical soaps with this same pH level. Dermatologists often recommend a “soap-free” cleanser for those with sensitive skin like yours. You may want to try our Nourishing Facial Wash as an alternative, as it has a pH level of 4.50 to 5.50 (the same pH level of the skin). If you insist on using our cleansing bar on your face due to its compatibility and effectiveness on your whiteheads, we suggest washing it off as soon as you can :) Hope this helps! Thanks again!]
  • JM (04/24/2017)

    I was having second thoughts about purchasing and using this soap regularly because of the cost. The soaps we normally use are much cheaper since we don't go for special soaps...yun lang they have all these harmful chemicals in them. What changed my mind was its length of usage (the last one lasted a month), its being unscented, and its completely natural ingredients. No more body order because of fragrances. No more body pimples. Faster healing of wounds and simple skin breaks. And the rectangular shape makes it much easier to make it stand on its edge (compared to contoured soaps) anywhere flat or on one corner diagonally on a soap dish. I can also use it all up without having to attach the remaining thin sliver to another soap bar.
  • Gerson Orven (04/24/2017)

    I like this product because it gives my skin its natural look and it somehow compliments it!
  • Ghel (04/24/2017)

    I SOOOO LOVE this product! It leaves my skin clean and moisturized. My skin is quite sensitive and i usually get allergies oftentimes but when I started using this soap, I rarely have breakouts! Thank u Hhn
  • Lianne (04/24/2017)

    Baby used the Baby Wash before and it addressed her "asim" problems [we have a chubby 5 month old], and it was good for Ate too. We missed playing with lather though, so I used the cleansing bar in my starter kit. Wow! Did it work well for us! I patch tested it on all of us to check for allergic reactions, and none popped up so now this is our family's regular bath soap. From bunso [5 months] to me! It doesn't cause mine and Ate's atopic dermatitis to flare up, and cleanses bunso's skin really well. No asim issues for any of us! Next on our list to try out: the scented cleansing bars for pick-me-up scents.
  • Lynne (04/24/2017)

    I've been itching due to the change of weather, so I decided to go natural on the products that I use on my body. I couldn't find the Lavender Mint soap on Beauty Bar counters so I gave this a try. The soap is unscented as stated on the box but is really moisturising. I hope all your products will have travel-sized equivalent like this soap.
  • Cris (04/24/2017)

    I have bought this soap from my friend to give it a try. I use this on my face and I really love it, it lessened my whiteheads and blackheads specifically on my nose, its very moisturizing too. I have tried other HHN's facial wash, but non of them worked on me, so I just ended up giving it away. But this soap is really good and hope this will be available forever, lol! ... I also love other HHN's product like the tinted lip balm, shampoos and conditioners..
  • Pamela Kisha (04/24/2017)

    I love this soap so much. It feels like a milk-coconut bath soap in one. This makes me a completely reformed user of ALL NATURAL products. I wish I could give away this soap to my family and friends for free for them to try how good this is!
  • Raphonzel (04/24/2017)

    I have been using this product for almost two years. At first, it made my skin itchy and very dry but over time my skin adapted to it. Now my skin is soft and supple and I don't need to use moisturizer, oil or lotion. I give it 4 stars because of the shape. I just think the edge of the soap is too sharp.
  • Rachel (04/24/2017)

    I am an expectant mom for almost 4 mos now and my nose is now becoming more sensitive with fragrances including soap. So I decided to purchase the Human Nature Natural Cleansing bar (unscented). Aside from this, I developed rashes on my tummy area because of the changes I am expereincing due to pregnancy so I also purchased the Sunflower beauty oil too from Human Nature. I was excited and used the soap on my face and body last night, but the itchiness on my tummy got worsen. I only lather it for a few seconds but I noticed that my tummy area became red and warm and I rinsed the area right away. HELP! Am I sensitive to its soap properties and discontinue it right away? Or should I still try it again and wait for my skin to adjust? I was really hoping the products would help me clear my skin and prevent me from having stretch marks but this unlikely thing happened. Hope to receive feedback from you. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Rachel! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Since you were already experiencing rashes on your tummy area from your pregnancy prior to using our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar, it's possible that the area may just be extremely sensitive to certain products right now. Our Cleansing Bar has a high pH which the affected area may be sensitive to. We recommend halting the use of any product on the affected area and consulting an OB-GYN and dermatologist for medical advice before using any other product, perhaps a mild/low pH cleansing soap or soap-free alternative. In the meantime, our Customer Service will get in touch with you to help you out and help you find the products that work for you :) Thank you so much!]
  • Jen (04/24/2017)

    I have been a fan of your products for years now. I use your cleanser, toner, shampoo and baby products. The only thing that I don't like is that it is very hard for me to get to your stores as they're not near where I live (Pateros). Anyway, I was in Galleria 2 days ago and you don't know how much I got giddy when I saw your teeny booth there! I immediately bought your balm for all seasons and fragrance- free cleansing bar. I used it today, before going to work and I was surprised with how foamy it was. I felt that I was using a liquid bath cleanser. It lathered pretty well to my towel. It was also easy to rinse and you will definitely feel squeaky clean after. I used it for my face too. We'll see how my face will respond to the soap. Overall, I am one satisfied customer. Keep it up Human nature. I cannot wait to buy more products. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jen! We're so glad you love our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar! Generally, we do not advise using cleansing bars on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin, due to its pH level. For best results, we recommend that you use one of our facial washes to wash your face. Depending on your skin type, you can choose to use our Nourishing Facial Wash for normal/sensitive skin, Hydrating Facial Wash for dry skin, Balancing Facial Wash for oily/combination skin, or Acne Defense Facial Wash for acne-prone skin :) Thank you for all your support!]
  • Dominique (04/24/2017)

    i love all your non-soap cleansers liKe the baby wash and facial washes.I have tried the aloe bar and lavender mint and i wasn't so crazy about it,but it was okay.so i tried the unscented variant thinking it would be better and when i cut a small portion like i used to do with your other soaps,this one fell apart.i used it for 4 days and it dried my skin out.so i resolved to using it for handwashing but it really made even my hands feel tight and dry...a friend of mine was also gifted with this and she didnt like it.i should have taken her word for it.im just glad i bought the scented ones to give away for christmas and not this. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Dominique! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar is 100% natural and free from synthetic additives, fragrances, and colorants, making it a gentle alternative to harsh chemical soaps. However it's possible that your skin may be sensitive to it as it has a pH level of 9.00 to 10.00. For dry or sensitive skin, we recommend using our MammoMe Body Wash for body cleansing and our Liquid Hand Soap for hand-washing - both of these products have a pH level of 4.00 to 5.00 that is similar to the skin's normal pH level. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you find the products that work for you :) Thank you!]
  • Nichelle Andrea (04/24/2017)

    i love the scent and the natural feeling it gives after shower. But the soap is easy to melt that it only last for 1 week when you will use it almost everyday from morning bath and evening bath.
  • Kaye (04/24/2017)

    I have a nephew who's now in puberty stage. He's got these little pimples all over his face. Knowing I'm an HN Dealer, his mom asked me what I would recommend. I suggested trying the unscented cleansing bar after sending an inquiry via the HN customer service and surprisingly, those little pimples went away. I tried it myself and the products does leave my skin feeling moisturized and clean. Love it! :)
  • Aya Sun (04/24/2017)

    Upon writing this review would be my 7th day of using this product. Unfortunately, on the first day, I experienced a burning sensation around the base of my neck. Middle of the week and up until now, my hands would feel tight and dry, which I remedy by using your hand salve or lotion. And today, it's my precious nipples that are feeling the burn </3 I gave this a week as a trial period, but maaaaaaaan~ I have 3 other unused bars in stock that I couldn't possibly use now :( Please advise. Thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Aya Sun! Thank you for purchasing our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar. We're sorry about your experience and we would love to help you out. While our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar is 100% natural and absolutely free from harmful chemicals, it is possible that you are sensitive to one of its components. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you use our Natural Body Wash instead. Our friendly Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to assist you further. Thank you so much!]
  • Nicole (04/24/2017)

    It dries my skin so much! Two hearts for the natural factor, pero ang dry talaga. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Nicole! Thank you for purchasing our Fragrance-free Cleansing Bar. We also appreciate your honest feedback and we're sorry about your experience. While our Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar is 100% natural and absolutely free from harmful chemicals, it is also possible that you may be sensitive to one of its ingredients. Kindly check our ingredients on the back of the box and check if you are sensitive to any of its components. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you very much! :)]
  • Lea (04/24/2017)

    Love how much it lathers, feels very soft and smooth too!
  • Adel (04/24/2017)

    sad to read the negative experiences people had with this soap, some said the soap did not work for them while others expected much more from it (such as deodorizing capabilities, whitening, intense deep moisture, etc.). but this is basically the best natural soap bar that i've ever tried. i'm a minimalist kind of guy and this soap bar has never made me feel more content and zen during bath time. it's life-changing, lol! no other soap screams "minimalist!" any louder than this one. how could i ask for more? it has a very minimalist brick shape (not at all bothered by the pointy edges during the first use), has minimal natural ingredients (no bull stuff; just gentle cleansers), has gloriously rich lather (doesn't melt too fast when you move with grace ;), is fragrance-free (hate it when soap scents mix with my perfume), has artistic minimalist recycled packaging (which is cute), and best of all a "minimalist-approved" price! if contentment was a soap, this would be it... well yeah, of course, my only gripe is the inner plastic wrapper. getting the soap out of that plastic with already wet hands is not very "frustration-free". i understand the use of plastics in sealing the scented variants, but maybe you could ditch the plastic wrapper in this one since this is fragrance-free after all. or a great alternative would be to use recycled unbleached paper wrapper (forgot what they're called) just wrap the soap with it and fold. no need to use scotch tape they're quite frustrating to peel off without scissors. anyway so far i have not had those allergic reactions others experienced. and i can attest that this soap is truly non-drying because i am a frequent handwasher (borderline germophobe) i have a habit of always washing my hands with soap and water, like whenever i pet my dog. other soaps especially liquid soaps make my hands crack within a day. bottomline, if you simply want a squeaky clean body, get this soap. if you want a clean body and also want it to smell nice all day, use this soap and then go get yourself some deodorant and perfume. it's not fair blaming this humble soap for the horrible but very natural body odor. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Adel! We're so glad that you loved our Gentle Cleansing Bar. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging; rest assured that we will take your suggestion into consideration as we continuously develop our Body Cleansing line. Thank you! :)]
  • Glenn Jeric (04/24/2017)

    I LOVE THIS SOAP! Thank you HN for making wonderful products that would save our skin and our nature.
  • Anna Patricia (04/24/2017)

    I love this product because I have never gotten adverse reactions on my skin (except for a little dryness on the face, which I understand, because this is not a face soap? Am I right?) I started using this when I got pregnant because I do not want my baby to be exposed to phthalates and other chemicals. My only issue with this soap is it melts really fast. It shouldn't be left in the bathroom, especially when there are other kids in the household who are unmindful in taking a bath, splashing water to all corners of the bathroom. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Anna Patricia! Thank you for purchasing our Gentle Cleansing Bar. We're sorry about any adverse reactions you experienced and we recommend that you only use our all-natural cleansing bars on your body as the skin the face is more sensitive. Also, kindly note that our cleansing bars do not contain any artificial hardeners which is why they melt faster than usual commercial soaps. We suggest that you let it dry on a soap dish and in well-ventilated area in your bathroom. Thank you so much for your support!]
  • Miss_M (04/24/2017)

    This soap is really amazing. <3 it helps my skin to recover from dryness and from my eczema as well. It's really a big help to make my skin smooth again. Even if, I'm just using it for less than 2 weeks. I would highly recommend it to my family and friends as well especially to my kid. Her skin is sensitive also same with me and I guess this one is the best choice for me. I'm starting to love human nature again and one more thing. I can easily find your products now in the grocery stores. Keep it up Human Nature!
  • How would you rate this product?*
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