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Powder Cool Feminine Wash
Powder Cool Feminine Wash

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99.8% Natural

Be comfortably clean with genuine care and experience a whole new level of feminine freshness daily with our gently formulated, plant-based feminine wash.

✓ Coconut-based, pH-balanced cleansing
✓ Protection from dryness with aloe extract
✓ Gentle cooling senation and powder scent

100% no harmful chemicals
✓ Free from irritating SLS/SLES
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free


Did you know?

The skin in your intimate area is more sensitive and absorbent than the rest of your body. Most feminine washes contain harsh sulfates that can lead to skin irritation and may also lead to long-term health issues. Enjoy genuinely gentle, sulfate-free cleansing with the plant-based cleansers used in our feminine washes.

Here are some intimate care tips to know if your feminine wash is doing you more harm than good: 

1. Sweet-smelling doesn’t always mean healthy.
Your vagina’s smell is your body’s way of communicating with you. Synthetic fragrances may mask strong, unpleasant odors but will not address underlying causes such as infections.

2. Killing off bacteria is not always good.
A healthy vagina has natural good bacteria which fight off bacteria that cause odor and itchiness, but harsh ingredients in soaps and synthetic feminine washes may strip them off or upset the natural pH balance that allows them to thrive.

3. The thin skin in and around the vagina is one of the body’s most permeable surfaces.
Products applied near the vaginal area are easily absorbed by the body.

4. Synthetic feminine washes often contain harmful chemicals.
Synthetic fragrances, colorants, SLES/SLS, and parabens are often found in commercial feminine washes, which have been linked to health problems such as reproductive disorders

5. Women and teens are more at risk.
Women, especially teens whose bodies are still developing, have a heightened risk from exposure to harmful chemicals because they generally use more personal care products.

aqua (water), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), sodium cocoylisethionate (coconut-derived), Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, coco-glucoside(vegetable-derived), glyceryl oleate(vegetable-derived), hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate(vegetable-derived), tocopherol (Vitamin E), citric acid (vegetable-derived), menthol (plant-derived), menthyl lactate, xanthan gum, gluconolactone(vegetable-derived),parfum (fragrance, all-natural), sodium citrate (plant-derived), phytic acid (rice bran-derived), sodium benzoate

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Iris (02/07/2020)

    I like the smell cause it did not irritate my nose, yes I consider the smell buying products cause I have allergic rhinitis. It has great cooling sensation for me. Of all the feminine wash variants this is the one I love the most.
  • maki (02/07/2020)

    i've had fungal infection before so I am extra careful in buying feminine products. I've read a review of your products somewhere, which lead me to your site. I decided to try Chamomile Cool in 200 ml and I would say it was the best I've tried: no irritations, no itch, less odor down there even when on red days and all-natural. I love that while I'm using this organic products, it helps our less-fortunate brothers and the environment as well. Now my whole toiletries are HHN! Im recommending it to my families and friends.
  • ricsheriz (02/07/2020)

    i love it's powder fresh scent! you're feeling like a baby plus it's cooling effect though the blue one is cooler. it's really natural to use.
  • PetiteTyper (02/07/2020)

    I have gone through many brands over the years but none of them have really agreed with me. Your product is -amazing-. I'm -very- happy with this product.
  • Anne Carol (02/07/2020)

    Hi! I just started using this variant among your feminine wash products and I love it :) One question, though. I noticed among the ingredients included "fragrance (all-natural)" but it doesn't indicate exactly where it was derived from unlike the other ingredients. Is it safe to assume this is not phenoxyethanol? I've been reading and came across this as a safe alternative to paraben among all-natural products. I'm just curious. By the way, I love that you're transparent with the ingredients you use for your products and they're all indicated in the labels :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Anne Carol! Thank you for your great feedback! You can be sure that we don’t use phenoxyethanol in our products. Our all-natural fragrances contain quite a long list of aromatic compounds, but we assure you that all components are 100% natural :) Thanks!]
  • Kim (02/07/2020)

    I've tried the powder cool & chamomile cool variant. ITS ABSOLUTELY super COOL!! :) that even my husband use it also! bwahahhaha! I'm excited to try the chamomile fresh very soon!
  • Fenella May Mendoza Lozada (02/07/2020)

    This was the first product I tried when I first became a member last April. And I loved it so much and recommended to all my friends. I didn't just convert myself to going green, now even my friends do too.
  • Gerli (02/07/2020)

    I really like this product it makes me feel fresh without the strong smell of fragrance. The best of it it's all natural!!!
  • Polini (02/07/2020)

    This is the first product that I tried from HHN. It's nice, it smells good, not too much fragrance. It's easy to rinse off, unlike commercial brands. I can't wait to try more products!
  • Carey (02/07/2020)

    All variants of HHN feminine wash products are great, but my fave is Powder Cool for its scent and cooling effect. My mom prefers the Chamomile Fresh variant though. I'm sooo thankful that HHN came up with this product as I have used many popular brands before and they were too strong and irritating to the skin.
  • Alex (02/07/2020)

    I have been using HN body products and felt like this was the one missing so I tried. I have been warned about harmful chemicals being used in other products. This is guilt-free and bonus it's hypoallergenic. I love the cool feel it gives off everyday, it helps especially when I have my period. The smell is lovely too and helps with my hygiene. Thanks so much <3
  • Abi (02/07/2020)

    tried all the variants of HHN feminine wash and they are all good! but i like powder cool most. I like the cooling effect, keeps you feeling fresh. Best of all, its all natural. :)
  • Jo Ann (02/07/2020)

    My favorite go-to feminine wash! HHN Powder Cool Fem Wash is mild yet it keeps me feeling and smelling fresh longer. I tried the other HHN fem wash variants too, which are good, but this has the most appealing scent.
  • Jet (02/07/2020)

    It smells so good and feels so clean and fresh. Also recommended to remove itchiness. So effective!
  • Aviva (02/07/2020)

    I love this! It imparts a stronger cooling sensation compared to a popular brand. It lathers well, too. Please don't discontinue this product ever!
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