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Apicuria Oral Spray 12ml

   Relieved dryness and pain on the first use (three sprays) effective! Lifetime supply for this o...  
- Jacinta Eve
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12ml spray

Apicuria Oral Spray is a special blend of Harlika Pure Honey, propolis and natural herbs that can help with minor mouth and throat irritation, relieve cough, soothe canker sores and fight bad breath.

*No approved therapeutic claims

Apicuria Oral Spray is made by social enterprise The Bee Empire which advocates beekeeping as a sustainable livelihood and as an integral part of crop production in the Philippines. Beekeeping can allow income generation through products made by bees such as honey, wax, royal jelly and propolis. By building a community of beekeepers, The Bee Empre aspires to create a commercial value chain that produces a line of high quality bee products.


To help soothe sore throat or cough:

Spray 2 to 3 pumps on throat, mouth or affected area 3 times a day or as needed, preferably after meals. Best to start at the first signs of sore throat or cough.

Allergy and Safety Information

Not advisable for those with allergy or hypersensitivity to any component in the product and children below 1 year old. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescribed medications, consult a doctor before using. Do not spray directly to the nose.

Harlika Pure Honey, Propolis, Licorice extract, Marshmallow Root, Mentha Arvensis Oil, Perilla seed extract, Calamansi (Vitamin C).

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Rach (04/18/2021)

    I have to say that the price kept me from buying it (I hope it can still go down). But honestly, when I finally did buy it I had no regrets. Any slight ache in the throat or sinus and I would spray this (even in the middle of the night or right as I wake up). It always works like a charm. In a few minutes, I would forget that I even had any ache on my throat/sinus. I also buy the popular natural throat spray (from Drugstores) and Apicuria works just as well (if not faster sometimes). I think those who dislike the strong minty taste of the Drugstore brand will find Apicuria better though, specially kids (like my toddler).
  • Daphne (09/08/2020)

    It's such a handy product for those whose throat are easily irritated. Just hope it could improve its nozzle spray.
  • Maria Katrina (12/19/2017)

    it works! though i wish it becomes cheaper :)
  • Enatha (12/12/2017)

    very effective! i love this product, the only issue is the spray bottle, sometimes it doesn't work. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Enatha! We're glad that our Apicuria Oral Spray works for you. We also appreciate your honest feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will look into this for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Roxy (09/19/2017)

    I ignored this several times and that was my biggest mistake. My son got admitted with a nagging cough and I wished I had this with me. During confinement I was bargaining with my 3yo to have at most 2 sprays. During those times that he agreed he could sleep without coughing several times at night. A few days later, I know I am getting it too (who could resist kissing her sick child, if a mom could wish to take it away thru her magical kisses?) My throat is itchy and I knew flu and cough can occur anytime of the day. Fortunately I have the Apicuria on our bedside and after several sprays as I was observing, without any medication the impending cough and flu did not pursue. Lately, my son is now loving the taste! Thanks much Apicuria! There were 2 instances which the atomizer got blocked but it is working now. I just hope you can fix it for future purchases. Miracle in a bottle! Very effective. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Roxy! We're glad that you loved our Apicuria Oral Spray. We also appreciate your honest feedback about the packaging; rest assured we will forward this to our social enterprise partner so that they may consider your comments for the development of their product. Thank you!]
  • Jacinta Eve (03/25/2017)

    relieved dryness and pain on the first use (three sprays) effective! lifetime supply for this one! me and my sister use this now. Thanks!
  • Grace (02/09/2017)

    Pricey for it's size but works like a charm!
  • Ruth Ann (01/10/2017)

    Very Effective to my sore throat and help loosen my dry cough as well. Love it!
  • cat (01/08/2017)

    very handy but i hope you can come up with a bigger size :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cat! We're so glad that you loved our Apicuria Throat Soother. We also appreciate your honest feedback. Please rest assured that we will forward your suggestion to our partner social enterprise so that may consider it for future development of this product. Thank you so much!]
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