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Refreshing Hair Mist 100ml
Refreshing Hair Mist 100ml
100% Natural
   Ohhh for the love of green tea! This smells refreshing! Effective pantanggal ng amoy usok at ar...  
- Mary Ranz Gellie
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Best for:
Keeping your hair smelling fresh longer

Mask unwanted odor and keep your hair looking great and smelling fresh with the summery blend of citrus and green tea with just a few spritzes!
Each drop hydrates your strands with hydrolyzed jojoba without weighing your hair down.

A few quick spritzes are enough to mask unwanted odors:

✓ Sun and sweat
✓ Vehicle fumes
✓ Cigarette smoke
✓ Strong-smelling food

9 out of 10 users reported fresher smelling locks after use.*


Generously spritz throughout your hair then spread it by gently combing through the strands with your fingers.
Apply as needed to keep unwanted odor away and to give your hair a needed boost of hydration.

Why does hair trap my odor?
Scent molecules from strong-smelling barbecue or smoke latch onto the natural oils in the hair, leaving odor in your hair longer.*
Spritz away the funk with an alcohol-free Hair Mist that won't dry or frizz your locks.

Source: "Have you got Smelly Hair Syndrome?"

aqua (water), alcohol denat. SD 38-B, decyl glucoside (plant-derived), hydrolyzed jojoba esters (jojoba-derived), hydrolyzed corn starch, Beta vulgaris (beet) root extract, parfum (fragrance, all-natural)

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  • Tayn (07/17/2019)

    Smells really, really nice. Keeps my hair smelling fresh all day long!
  • Mary Ranz Gellie (04/21/2018)

    Ohhh for the love of green tea! This smells refreshing! Effective pantanggal ng amoy usok at araw. Actually this replaced my body spray since its scent on my hair dominates so parang sya na din ang pabango ko. Hihi. Recommended ;)
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