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Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion 50ml
Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion 50ml
100% Natural
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100% Natural

Breathable beauty barrier
Protect your skin from both indoor and outdoor pollution with a shield that delivers pollution protection even before you leave the house. At the end of the day, restore your skin’s vitality with antioxidant-rich nutrients as you head off to dreamland. Moisturize after cleansing and toning for all-day resilience against harmful free radicals.

Daily 3-in-1 face moisturizer

Hydrates skin all day with jojoba
Protects skin against air pollutants with moringa seed extract
Restores healthy-looking skin with free radical-fighting passion fruit extract and Vitamin E

3-Step Routine for Stress-Free Skin: 

Step 1: Wash away dirt and oil daily with Pollution Defense Face Cleanser
Step 2:
Remove all traces of impurities 2-3x weekly with Pollution Defense Face Mask
Step 3: Moisturize with Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion

1. After cleansing and toning your face, apply a pea-sized amount of the Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion on your index finger.
2. Dot it over your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks the same way you use a regular moisturizer.
3. Gently spread the product over your skin in upward, circular motions.

Use daily for maximum results.

aqua (water), isoamyl laurate (plant-derived), jojoba esters, polyglyceryl-6 distearate, Moringa pterygosperma (moringa) seed extract, glycerin (vegetable-derived), sorbitan stearate, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed wax, Passiflora edulis (passionfruit) seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, lauroyl lysine (plant-derived), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, glyceryl caprylate  (plant-derived), Acacia decurrens (mimosa) flower wax, polyglycerin-3, polyglyceryl-3 beeswax, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, tocopherol (Vitamin E), xanthan gum, cetyl alcohol, parfum (fragrance, all-natural), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

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  • Riri (12/02/2018)

    I've been using this for almost a week and sad to say it broke me out. Though it moisturized my face all day long (kudos to that! That was amazing), I developed little acnes and breakouts, the same thing that happened when I used your Hydrating Face Wash. I guess, moringa isn't for me. Though I love the product, this would've been my OG if it didn't break me out. [EDITORS' NOTE: Hello Riri! Thank you for purchasing our Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion. We're sorry about your experience and we'd be happy to help you in any way that we can. Please note that while our Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion does not contain any harmful chemicals, it is still possible for some users to experience varying results especially since different users have different skin types. It's also possible that users may be sensitive to one of the natural ingredients. As such, we always recommend customers to do a patch test first before using any product extensively to help rule out adverse reactions. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at Thank you!]
  • Grace Ann (09/26/2018)

    I would like to share how effective this product is, na makatanggal ng dirt, acne, zits and also protects and moisturizes your face together. First week of use morning & evening my observation was that my face cleared talaga 100% no acne. the following week hindi ko cya ginamit and i had zits on my face and cguro mga 6 dots of acne ang tumubo! then this week ginamit ko na ulit cya and the result, back to clear skin na ulit ako 100% no Acne! I never thought na maachieve ko pa pala ang clear skin because of this product. Thanks to Human Nature!
  • Anbel (09/11/2018)

    I bought this one a few days ago to complete my HN skin care routine. During daytime, I start with the pollution defense wash, nourishing toner and this one. At night, same cleansing and toning but i use the elixir and the radiant grace night cream instead. So far so good. Hopefully my routine will do wonders for my skin.
  • C Joy (08/17/2018)

    I've been using this for 5 months now and I'm very happy with it. I love the scent and the minty feel that's fresh. I only use this at night so it's relaxing.
  • Orange Mae (07/16/2018)

    I’m amazed coz the moisture lasted the whole day! The scent is great too. Love it! A must have
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