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What is Human Nature?
Human Nature is the Philippines' premier natural and organic care range. As a social enterprise, we live by the principles of being pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment.

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Why go natural?
A majority of the personal care products in the market, such as shampoos, moisturizers, and make-up, contain chemicals that are proven by studies to be harmful to humans. Although these chemical ingredients are in small concentrations in products, they can gradually accumulate in the body through regular use.

Ingredients such as parabens, phthalates from fragrance, sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate, mineral oil, and talc can cause health concerns. These concerns can manifest from simple skin irritations, acne, and premature wrinkles to more serious problems such as cancers, and hormone imbalances.

Whenever there is a healthier alternative, it is always a smart choice to go natural.

Natural Products made Affordable
Natural ingredients are so much more valuable and costlier to produce. Imagine – these ingredients come from plants which are seasonal and take time to grow especially when organic methods are used. That is why natural and organic brands usually have sky-high prices to maintain their profit margins.

However, we at Human Nature are advocating that quality of life should be an option for all. Therefore, Human Nature makes the conscious effort to keep prices low so that everyone, including the poor, can enjoy them. You can now enjoy the goodness of natural products at just almost the same price of chemical ones!
Each Bottle is Life-Changing
Human Nature invests in the potential of the Filipinos and the goodness of our natural resources. We use locally-sourced ingredients whenever they are available. Also, our products and their components are manufactured locally – from the labels, to even the bottles there by reinforcing the local economy.

Partnering with farming communities, we strive to pull farmers out from poverty by buying raw materials at fair trade prices. Profits earned from your purchases are reinvested back to farming communities to increase the quality and quantity of their production.

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