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This opportunity is for you if:

  • You are located outside the Philippines and are interested in sharing the goodness of Human Nature in your area
  • You own or manage a store, website or spa where you’d like to sell Human Nature products; or you own or manage a company who’d like to be a distributor of Human Nature in your city/country; or you’re an entrepreneur who’d like to re-sell Human Nature in your area
  • You have financial resources to sustain the business

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International Reseller Agreement

GKI agrees that the International Reseller may purchase the products of GKI at prices determined by GKI which are below the international retail price, subject to GKI's policies regarding sales, marketing and payment.

The International Reseller represents and warrants that all the information he/she has given in this Application Form and Agreement is true and accurate.

The International Reseller agrees:
  1. To obtain and maintain all permits and licenses necessary for the continuance of his/her business.
  2. To ensure that he/she complies with all applicable laws governing his/her business including payment of any and all taxes.
  3. To pay for all his/her purchases in accordance with the payment policies of GKI without the need for GKI to demand payment.
  4. To hold GKI, its officers and employees free and harmless from any claim, expense, liability, suit or demand arising from the conduct of his/her business.
  5. To immediately inform GKI of any change in his/her personal information given in this Application Form.
  6. To purchase only from the GKI online store (www.humanheartnature.com) through the “Other” option, paying international reseller prices
  7. Not to sell GKI's products in or to retail stores, supermarkets or other fixed places of business without prior written permission from GKI.
  8. Not to sell GKI's products to customers outside the agreed city/country submitted by International Reseller in the International Wholesale Form without prior written permission from GKI.
  9. TO STORE THE PRODUCTS AWAY FROM SUNLIGHT AND BETWEEN 30 TO 86 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT (-1 TO 30 DEGREES CELSIUS) TO PRESERVE THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS. Failure to do so will cause irreparable damage to the products such as loss of fragrance, separation or discoloration since the products do not contain chemical stabilizers or emulsifiers.
  10. To never leave the products in the vehicle or any other place that may be subject to heat, and to accept liability for any change in the quality of products not properly stored in accordance with these directions.
  11. To acknowledge that many products have expiration dates and to not re-sell products that have less than three (3) months remaining shelf life based on the expiration date found on the product.
  12. To allow use of his/her name for publication from time to time in company documents, merchandising and other material especially in relation to sales figures and performance tables.
  13. To exchange communication with GKI via mail, telephone, email, or other means (1) to receive account or order information; (2) to process orders and arrange payments; (3) to receive information about products and promotions; (4) for other business purposes.

GKI and the International Reseller agree:
  1. That this International Reseller Agreement does not make the International Reseller an employee or agent of GKI. The International Reseller is an independent businessperson.
  2. That this Agreement does not give the International Reseller authority to enter into any agreement or contract with any party by representing himself/herself as an employee or agent of GKI or commit GKI to any contract or agreement with any third party.
  3. That this Agreement does not confer authority to the International Reseller to use any of the trademarks or trade names owned by GKI.
  4. That the International Reseller will abide by all policies of GKI which may change from time to time.
  5. That GKI may change its prices, commission, incentive and credit policies with regard to the International Reseller and may reduce or cancel discounts or other benefits without prior notice.
  6. That either party may terminate this Agreement, with or without due cause, at any time upon notice to the other. Upon termination, all monies owed by International Reseller shall become immediately due and payable.
  7. That in case of dispute arising directly or indirectly from this Agreement, settlement shall be pursued by either Arbitration or through the proper courts at the option of GKI.

  8. This Agreement supersedes any prior agreements between GKI and the International Reseller.


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