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Red Days Fem Wash with Tea Tree Oil

98.7% Natural | Red day defense

Protection during periods
Keep fresh, comfortable and confident during that time of the month with genuinely natural intimate cleansing that keeps you free from irritation and odor.

✓ Effectively deodorizes with tea tree
✓ Helps soothe minor skin discomfort with aloe
✓ Coconut-based, pH-balanced cleansing
✓ Natural cooling sensation

100% no harmful chemicals
✓ Free from irritating SLS/SLES
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free

Also available in Chamomile FreshChamomile Cool, and Powder Cool scents for your regular days.

Did You Know? During menstruation, shifts in your intimate area's pH level make you more susceptible to bacterial infection, itching and unpleasant odor. Our pH-balanced feminine wash contains natural tea tree oil and aloe vera to prevent irritation & relieve discomfort during your period. 

   This product is a miracle because it soothes my skin and dispels the odor! I usually get rashes from sanitary pads during my period but not anymore!  
- Dara
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Don’t let your red days get in the way of staying fresh and confident! Here are a few tips for that time of the month:
- Use a pea-size amount of Natural Feminine Wash Protection for Red Days on your intimate area as often as needed during your menstrual period.
- Do some stretching and easy exercises to help reduce cramps.
- Period cravings? Swap out sweet and salty foods for fresh fruits and veggies. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water!
- After your period, simply switch back to using the Chamomile Fresh, Chamomile Cool, and Powder Cool Feminine Wash for regular days.

Aloe leaf juice
Aloe barbadensis

A succulent herb that grows in warm climates, aloe vera moisturizes and soothes skin, and helps strengthen hair strands.

Aqua (water), decyl glucoside (coconut-derived), sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut-derived), glyceryl oleate (plant derived), xanthan gum, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf essential oil, fragrance (all-natural), menthol, levulinic acid (plant-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived), phytic acid (rice bran-derived)

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