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Natural Hand Soap Energizing Citrus 490ml
Natural Hand Soap Energizing Citrus 490ml

Show the world how you can make the planet a little better each day.  Choosing products that are kinder, not only to your skin but to the environment as well,  makes a whole lot of difference.  Dirt, grime and chemicals are off your hands and off the sewers as well!

Our Natural Hand Soap has a plant-based surfactant that effectively cleans your hands while keeping the environment clean and green. Its natural glycerin is non-drying to your hands and helps keep them soft and smooth.

Our pocket friendly size means you can keep your hands clean on-the-go, while our big pump bottles are great for home use and refilling your pocket soap!

Available in zesty Energizing Citrus and luscious Refreshing Apple scents

Did you know? Coconut is our big hand hero! Our hand soap has coco-glucoside, a coconut-derived cleanser that effectively removes dirt and grime without leaving your hands dry. Its foaming agent is proudly manufactured here in the Philippines – also from the coconut. The best part? Both are completely biodegradable.

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