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The origin of each Human Nature product belongs to Mother Earth's own laboratory of rich soil, sunshine, and dew. Our ingredients are more than inspired by nature – they are nature itself, carefully selected, deftly distilled, and perfectly blended in each bottle.
Here’s a quick run-down of how we make use of nature’s goodness.
Discover the goodness of our featured tropical ingredients
Avocado oil
Persea americana

Cultivated in tropical climes, avocado’s nutrient-rich oil conditions hair and adds a healthy shine to it in our Professional Salon Care line and our Smoothing Hair Serum.
Bamboo stem extract
Bambusa arundinacea

A prized Asian beauty secret due to its purifying properties, bamboo is a prime ingredient for exfoliating skincare products like our Balancing Face Wash and Purifying Scrub.
Coconut oil
Cocos nucifera

The warm, balmy climate of the Philippines makes it the world’s top producer of coconuts. We use coconut oil in our body care products.
Lemongrass essential oil
Cymbopogon citratus

Extracted from lemongrass gathered from the Philippine countryside for its fragrance, this essential oil is found in our Mandarin Shampoo and Conditioner and in our Calming Massage Oil.
Loofah extract
Luffa cylindrica

The fibrous fruit of the loofah vine has been used for centuries in the tropics as a bath scrub. Find this 100% biodegradable exfoliant in our best-selling Balancing Facial Wash and Exfoliating Bars.
Manila elemi essential oil
Canarium luzonicum

Native to the tropical forests of the Philippines, elemi produces an oil which purifies and clarifies the skin. Try it in our bestselling Overnight Elixir and Balancing Face Care line.
Moringa extract
Moringa oleifera

A multipurpose tree indigenous to the Philippines, moringa is known for its anti-aging benefits. Its high antioxidant content makes it an excellent skin conditioner in our Hydrating Face Care line.
Passion fruit seed oil
Passiflora edulis

The seed oil of this tropical berry species is rich in skin-nourishing vitamins and linoleic acid. Find this superb moisturizer in our Overnight Elixir and lip makeup.
Philippine coco nectar
Cocos nucifera

The warm, balmy climate of the Philippines makes it the world’s top producer of coconuts. We use coco nectar in our hair care products.
Rice powder
Oryza sativa

One of the Philippines’ top crops, rice grains ground into powder make a natural oil absorber while keeping skin soft and smooth. Feel the difference in our Perfect Coverage Foundation and Pressed Powder.

Abundantly found in the tropics, sugarcane produces a natural alcohol which we use in our Spray Sanitizers and Dishwashing Liquid. Sugarcane in some of its other forms is used as a natural preservative or as a humectant.

We also use...

Anisic acid
  • Anise seed derived
  • Natural preservative
  • Soothes and comforts tender skin
Beet root extract
Beta vulgaris
  • Provides immediate and long lasting high level of moisturization in the layers of the skin
  • Supports the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF)
  • Sugar beet derived
  • Helps promote water balance in skin cells
  • Helps protect the skin from irritants
Broccoli seed oil
Brassica oleracea italica
    • Gives hair a healthy shine
    • Penetrates hair strands to moisturize it from the inside-out
    • Contains vitamins C & B6 to fortify hair against breakage and hair fall
    • Contains erucic acid to leave hair smooth & frizz-free
Chamomile essential oil
Ormensis multicaulis
  • Has calming and relaxing properties
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Has cleansing and purifying properties
Cocoa butter
Theobroma cacao
  • Provides skin conditioning and moisturization
  • Protects the skin
  • Good emolliency and spreadability
Glyceryl caprylate
  • Coconut and palm fatty acids and glycerine derived
  • Natural emulsifier and preservative
  • Conditioning and cleansing properties
Jojoba seed oil
Simmondsia chinensis
  • Very similar in composition to our natural skin oils
  • Quickly absorbed and excellent for dry and mature skin
  • Has anti-oxidant properties
Kaolin clay
  • Naturally lifts dirt from the surface of the skin
  • Provides skin tightening and cleaning properties
  • Helps dry up skin imperfections
Lavender essential oi
Lavandula angustifolia
  • Naturally cleanses and purifies scalp and skin
  • Calming effects in aromatherapy
  • Naturally repels bugs and soothes irritated skin
Lemon balm
Melissa officinalis
  • Soothes and helps heal skin
Natural vitamin E
  • All natural, soybean derived
  • Has natural antioxidant qualities that help keep skin looking healthy
  • Helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss and strengthens the skin’s bar
Orange essential oil
Citrus sinensis
  • Provides deep-cleansing properties for the skin
  • Provides mood lifting effects in aromatherapy
Oregano leaf extract
Origanum vulgare
  • Skin-soothing agent
  • Purifies and cleanses
Peppermint essential oil
Mentha piperita
  • Provides stress relief through aromatherapy
  • Contains menthol that’s good for the skin and provides a cooling effect
Phytic acid
  • Rice bran derived
  • Natural chelating agent
  • Good antioxidant
Rosehip oil
Rosa canina
  • Rich in Vitamin A, which helps in keeping skin young-looking
  • Rich in Vitamin C, which helps brighten the skin and makes it look glowingly healthy
Rosemary essential oil
Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Helps stimulate and strengthen hair
  • Tones and helps prevent skin dryness
Soybean oil
Glycine soja
  • Helps replenish dry, damaged, or dyed hair with moisture
  • Adds softness and a brilliant shine
  • Maintains hair’s natural moisture balance
Spearmint extract
Glycine soja
  • Helps replenish dry, damaged, or dyed hair with moisture
  • Adds softness and a brilliant shine
  • Maintains hair’s natural moisture balance
Strawberry seeds
Fragaria vesca
  • Helps naturally exfoliate skin
  • Naturally contains vitamin C that’s good for the skin
  • Contains essential fatty acids linoleic and oleic that nourish and moisturize the sk
Sunflower seed oil
Helianthus annuus
  • Effectively moisturizes
  • Has naturally rich vitamins A,C,D and E
Tea tree oil
Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Purifies and deep cleanses
Zinc oxide
  • Skin protectant
  • Provides a skin barrier
  • Filters out the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays and protects skin from sun damage