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Thank you for visiting Human Nature USA!

Human Nature is a social enterprise brand of genuinely natural personal care products, hailing from the beautiful tropical country of the Philippines. It has won several international awards for its social entrepreneurship work, including:

  • World Sustainable Beauty Award in Paris, France (2016)
  • Schwab Foundation Global Social Entrepreneur Award at the World Economic Forum (2012)
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year awarded by Ernst & Young (2011)

Through advocates and customers like you, Human Nature is growing rapidly, with over 600 full time employees, all earning dignified living wages of at least 90% above legal minimum wage plus full benefits.

In light of Human Nature's rapid growth, we are restructuring our US operations to serve our US customers better and reorganize our US distribution. While we have temporarily suspended our US online ordering system, here are a few things to guide you through this

Ordering products from the US

Here's how you may continue to order Human Nature products:

1. Through authorized US resellers

2. Through our Canada website www.humanheartnature.ca

3. Through our Philippine website www.humanheartnature.com/buy
What's next for Human Nature USA

We hope to update you on developments about the US dealership program in the next 1-2 months. We look forward to reach out to you soon with some good news! In the meantime, if you have other concerns, you may get in touch with us through international@humanheartnature.com.

Thank you and God bless you,
Your Human Nature Family