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4-in-1 Natural SunShine Serum 95ml
4-in-1 Natural SunShine Serum 95ml

   Sunshine Serum is a terrific detangler and helps nourish and soften hair. I use it as a pre-was...  
- Rachel Grant
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100% Natural

Get ready to cuddle fresh-smelling, perfectly polished pets with Human Nature 4-in-1 Natural SunShine Serum! Stop the stink and keep your fur babies snuggly-soft and smooth by lavishing them with the rich blend of Philippine coconut oil and sunflower oil, which nourishes their skin and coat, and gently detangles fur too!

✓ Softens and shines
✓ Deodorizes and freshens
✓ Detangles
✓ Nourishes skin

Tame those tangles
Keep your furry friends bow-wow blooming using our natural serum that gently detangles and softens snarly hair with sunflower and soybean oils.

Stop the stink
Gentle powder scent deodorizes their cuddly coats for fresh-smelling, perfectly polished pooches.

Kind to both paws & hands
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Mineral oil-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free! Our 4-in-1 Natural Sunshine Serum comes in 100% natural powder scent.

Human Nature guarantees the strictest standards for naturalness, human and animal safety and environmental responsibility in this product, with ingredients from biodegradable, renewable resources and microbial safety up to 100x higher than industry standard.

Rub one to two drops onto the palms of your hand and massage through your pet’s fur. You may also pump directly onto matted fur, use your fingers to separate the hair, and then gently comb starting at the ends. Make sure to apply SunShine Serum only on dry fur. Since it is oil based, the fur might not dry properly if applied to a wet or damp coat.

Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable-derived), triethyl citrate (plant-derived), Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, parfum (fragrance, all-natural), glyceryl caprylate (vegetable-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • JASPER (01/23/2019)

    This might be a bit unusual but we use this serum as a salve for the scrapes of the community cats we are taking care of. My husband and I are animal rights advocates, cats most especially, and we are taking care of several community cats (called by others as stray cats) in our subdivision. Because of the tough lives they have as "strays", they usually get into fights and we apply the serum on the cats' wounds or scrapes. The wounds or scrapes do not get infected and they heal fast. We also use the serum to clean our cats' fur. We have 6 indoor cats. We just do not show the serum's bottle to the cats because the picture on the bottle is that of a dog. We use cotton to apply it on their fur.
  • Samantha Antonette Allanigue (03/02/2016)

    Really like the smell of this on our furbaby! Not too strong, just enough. We actually don't have to bathe him often because of this serum. However, we might have to re-apply him with this every 2-3 days to keep him smelling good but I don't mind. It also doesn't feel sticky on his fur but according to my sister, our other doggies' hair felt sticky when she applied this. Not sure if it was just due to application so I'll check again when she puts on the serum on them. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Samantha! We're so glad that you liked our Furry Kind SunShine Serum. We also appreciate your feedback. As for the stickiness of the serum, you may pump a small amount of the serum, rub it on your palms and spread it evenly on your dog's fur. Do let us know how this works for you and your fur baby. Thank you! :)]
  • Rachel Grant (08/06/2015)

    Sunshine Serum is a terrific detangler and helps nourish and soften hair. I use it as a pre-wash to brush out extreme knots - or it can be used sparingly to separate matted fur. Sunflower and coconut oils also help remove and ward off fleas and ticks while keeping coats silky smooth and smelling great!
  • Jacinta Eve (05/23/2015)

    Even if you bathe dogs they really get dirty... I tried it on 'Pooie' our Maltese! my goodness! this serum took the stench away!!! from scruffy and smelly to smelling good and looking smooth..
  • JW (03/26/2015)

    This Serum although a little bit sticky is effective to my dog's dry skin on his legs and paw pads, the serum makes them soft; this is also a good serum during rainy or cold season wherein your doggy pooch needs warmth, you just have to rub/massage the serum onto your dog's skin. :>
  • CheChe (10/18/2014)

    Tried the serum on our doggie as well however this doesn't work with fur. Either the results are close to none or it will look plain oily, which makes the furball prone to dirt and grime. Our dog needs to be blow-dried after bathing because the texture of his fur gets bad otherwise. Its such a hassle to have it blow-dried again after applying the oil. I think it would be more practical to have a water-based spray instead, that way it dries easily too. An anti-bacterial detangler and deodorizer, perhaps? :) Don't get me wrong though I love your other products, this just doesn't make the cut for me. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi CheChe! Thanks for your review. Our Furry Kind SunShine Serum is essential oil-based, however with proper use it is not supposed to leave fur oily. To minimize this, we recommend allowing the fur to dry completely before applying an ample amount of the serum, as a wet/damp coat does not mix well with oil. We also recommend massaging and combing the serum well through the fur instead of just applying it on top of the fur :) We appreciate your suggestions and we can definitely take them into consideration for future product developments :) Our Customer Service will be in touch to learn more about your experience. Thanks again!]
  • Abz (03/08/2014)

    Na pansin ko lang po subrang na ngati ang chow chow ko dito sa serum na ito at isa pa po mabaho po talaga yong serum pag ka lagay na sa dog ko.. sayang lang pera ko dito.. sana cologne nalang po ang ginawa nyo mas ok pa po. Mas gusto ko pa po yong furry kind shampoo nyo.. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Abz! This is actually the first time we've encountered an irritation from our Furry Kind SunShine Serum. We'd like to help you out and learn more about your dog's experience. Perhaps he would enjoy our Furry Kind Cocomutt Shampoo instead? It's received fantastic reviews from pet-owners who love it as much as their dogs do! Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you and your pooch out :) Thank you!]
  • Rizza (02/12/2014)

    Frankly, I was a bit dubious about the product as it said that its oil. But I want to try it as I have two shitzu's and one half japanese spitz and they are prone to matted hair. I tried the product on a small matted hair behind my female dog's back legs and to my surprise it worked. I had to only slightly brush and separate the matted hair to get it untangled. Although afterwards there was a slight oilyness on the hair which kind of bothers me so I placed a scented talc powder over it. I hope Human nature can also create a natural drying powder for this, that would help so the hair wouldn't attract dirt again. And also a detangling product with natural collagen will be great as well. I also hope you can develop an Anti tick and Flea Shampoo formulation in big bottles. Thanks Again Human Nature! More Power and Hoping for MORE PET PRODUCTS to come!!!!!
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