As a social enterprise led by faith, success for Human Nature is not only measured by moving up the economic ladder but creating a culture of inclusion, compassion and shared responsibility, through three bottom lines: Pro-Philippines, Pro-poor, and Pro-environment.

As stewards of the Philippines, our home, Human Nature strives to formulate products using ingredients that are locally grown whenever possible, even if they're more expensive than imported ones. We also prioritize Filipino suppliers to help boost the local economy.
Made in the Philippines Can Be World-Class
God blessed Filipinos with ingenuity and excellence and enriched our land with potent, sought-after raw materials – like coconut, lemongrass, and citronella. To uplift the Philippines from being a developing country to becoming a prosperous nation, we need to be able to produce not just raw materials, but also high-quality finished goods. We also need more local and international consumers to support Filipino-made products. This is how Human Nature aims to help raise the Philippines from poverty by sourcing locally at just and fair prices, producing globally competitive products and exporting them around the world.

Every day, millions of farmers, factory workers, maintenance staff, warehouse employees, truck drivers and other bottom-rung workers turn the gears of the industries that push the Philippine economy forward and up. Yet progress often fails to trickle down, trapping them in a cycle of low wages, job insecurity and debt.

Human Nature aims to help break this poverty cycle through social enterprises that will do business differently. By buying raw materials from farming communities at fair prices, investing in sustainable technology and farm infrastructure and creating upskilling and values formation programs, we commit to transforming the lives of the working poor.
Human Nature employs Gawad Kalinga residents and other base-of-pyramid workers and provides them fair living wages, from 60% to 100% more than the minimum wage required by law.

Human Nature also makes sure to provide warehouse staff, merchandisers, and manufacturing plant personnel with regularized employment and full benefits instead of the usual 5-month contracts without benefits.
A unique no firing policy is in place, allowing room for mistakes and improvement especially for employees from impoverished backgrounds who have not had the benefit of good education and adequate skills training.

Human Nature believes that our role is to be good stewards of employees and build a strong, new, inclusive Philippine middle class by helping the working poor rise sustainably from poverty.

Every day, what we use to bathe our bodies and wash our clothes seeps back into our soil and seas. This is why we always carefully consider the impact of all our business decisions on the environment.

We create natural, biodegradable products from renewable resources so that the earth entrusted to us can be enjoyed by the next generations.

Our Natural Care Labs scientists thoroughly research all the raw materials we use to ensure they are all naturally derived, and are not processed using environmentally toxic processes that are harmful to our ecosystems.

In 2018, Human Nature stepped up its sustainability commitment with lighter, 100% recyclable 1-liter refill bottles which can reduce plastic use by up to 72% compared to our regular shampoo bottles. The following year, we launched pilot Home Care refilling stations for dishwashing liquid and liquid detergents in three branches, and spearheaded a nationwide petition to enhance existing industry regulations to accommodate cosmetics refilling. Starting 2019, we introduced the first of our waterless products, the Shampoo Bar, which saves up to 98.59% plastic versus shampoo bottles. Next came the Dishwashing Powder, with 98.90% less plastic. These waterless wonders are good for you, good for the environment and good for your pocket.

We're committed to developing innovative products to give our consumers the best option to recycle, refuse, reduce, and reuse the bottle and switch to goodness for good. We hope that when you use Human Nature products, you find a sense of peace and purpose knowing that your everyday choices are as kind to your skin as they are to our planet.

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