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[SALE] Deodorizing Footspray

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[SALE] Deodorizing Footspray
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No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
User Reviews

  • No reviews have been posted yet for this item.
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    Regular Price: RM29.90

    Special Price: RM22.90

    Product Description

    100% Natural | Triclosan-free

    Get the confidence to bare your sole and put a fresh spring in your step! Give your feet the happy treat they deserve with our all-natural foot spray.

    It's powered with purifying actives and sugarcane alcohol to effectively deodorize feet and eliminate odor. Pamper your tired feet and legs with cooling peppermint and moisturizing aloe vera - an instant foot spa experience at home and a trusty sidekick on the go!

    Did You Know? Smelly feet aren't caused by sweat itself, but the bacteria that break sweat down for food when your feet don't dry properly. So after deodorizing your feet, make sure they're dry before you put on your (also dry) footwear.