Dear Human Nature Advocate, Human Nature has answered the call to share goodness—by elevating the lives of disadvantaged Filipinos while caring for the environment. We do this by offering pure, natural products that are good for our customers’ health and kinder to our planet. Many Filipinos want to answer the same call, but hesitate because natural products are often priced higher than their synthetic counterparts. That is why we strive to make our products as affordable as possible. To keep our home care products affordable even with the high cost of genuinely natural raw materials, we made the dealer & branch discounts for the entire Home Care range lower than the rest of our products. We recently discovered, however, that this discount was not applied to some products in our Home Care category and we now have to address that by applying the correct discount. We deeply apologize for this oversight. The corrected discount scheme for our Dishwashing Liquid and Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser products will follow the one we have for all our other Home Care laundry detergent products, giving a maximum advocate discount of 20% and a maximum branch discount of 35%. This will take effect on September 25, 2019.
We trust this plan will help us sustain the good we have started in uplifting the lives of Filipinos and help preserve the health of our planet. United in our calling, Anna Meloto-Wilk Co-Founder & President