NOTE: As of October 15, 2019, the promo FREE Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance when you buy Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly is sold out. As of October 18, 2019, the promo FREE Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance when you buy any Kids Shampoo & Body Wash 400ml with any Kids Spray Sanitizer is sold out. Is there a maximum limit in availing of the promo? You may avail of the promo for as long as you satisfy the minimum purchase requirement of one (1) Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly 300g or one (1) Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash 400ml with one (1) Kids Spray Sanitizer. In the case the invoice reflects two (2) Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly 300g, you may get 2 FREE Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance. In this regard, you can apply for yourself and you can give the other application form to an immediate family member or a friend. How can I be insured with MediCash Dengue Insurance? Step 1: Fill out return stub. Step 2: Submit the return stub to Pioneer dropbox or take a photo of it and email to retail@pioneer.com.ph or send it via Viber to 0917-5317213. You may also call (02) 750-5422 or text 0917-5317213. Step 3: Upon receipt of SMS confirmation number from Pioneer, write it down on the Coverage Summary Step 4: File the Coverage Summary in a safe place. If I would like to follow up on my coverage, do I call/email the same contact info for application? If the applicant does not receive an SMS confirmation within two (2) working days of submission, please call (02) 750-5433 or text 0917-5317213. I didn’t receive any SMS confirmation. Who do I contact? If you did not receive an SMS confirmation within two (2) working days of submission, please call 750 5433 or text 0917 5317213. Can customers give the prepaid MediCash form as a gift? Yes, you can give it as a gift item as it can work similar to how a gift certificate does. Please note that one (1) MediCash application form is valid for one (1) individual only. Upon dengue diagnosis, how can I claim my insurance benefits? Step 1: Have the attending physician complete and sign the Claims Supplementary Medical Report (Dengue) form. Step 2: Send the accomplished form with the relevant diagnostic result to and email it to retail@pioneer.com.ph or send it via Viber to 0917-531721. You may also hand-deliver or send it to Pioneer Life Inc. Head Office or branches. Step 3: Pioneer’s MediCash Director and/or authorized Medical consultant will review and validate the submitted documents. Is there an age limit in applying for the MediCash Dengue Insurance? Only registered policy holders between 14 days old to 70 years old may be insured. Can we purchase the Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance at Human Nature branches? Human Nature is giving away the Dengue insurance for FREE from September 14 to November 8, 2019 while supplies last. Pioneer Dengue Insurance may not be purchased at any Human Nature store. However, you can purchase Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance at SM Malls or Pioneer branches. Where can we buy Pioneer Dengue Insurance and how much is it? Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance is available at Pioneer branches and sold at P350. For more information, kindly visit their website www.pioneer.com.ph or http://shop.pioneer.com.ph. Can Human Nature employees avail of this promo? Yes. Human Nature employees can avail of this promo. Is there a deadline for registration of the Prepaid card? The deadline of registration of purchased policies is August 31, 2020. What if the customer lost the Pioneer Medicash form? Can they still apply for the insurance? Pioneer Insurance cannot replace or honor lost cards (similar to how other prepaid cards work). This is to avoid the possibility that someone might pick up the lost card and use it. Each card has a security code so it's not just the serial number that a customer needs. As such, customers will need to have the actual card to register the validity of the free insurance policy. If I lose the Claims Supplementary Medical Report (CSMR) Dengue form, can I still process the claim I am diagnosed with dengue? If you lose your coverage summary with CSMR at the back after you have submitted the return stubs, you can still claim the insurance claim as long as you have registered and received the SMS confirmation from Pioneer. The CSMR will be available in Pioneer website for download. You can also call 02-7505433 or text 0917-5317213 for assistance. Can we go to any hospital/clinical? Can a general physician accomplish the CSMR form? For diagnosis, customers with registered policy can go to any hospital or clinic. Any licensed physician (including GPs) can certify the claim, (the definition of a qualified physician is on page 1 of the CSMR), can certify the diagnosis substantiated, and confirm by the results of the diagnostic tests like the Elisa IgM or Polymerase chain reaction (also stated in the CSMR). Can we avail of the promo in the supermarket? This promo is only available for transactions made at Human Nature Branch and online store. What if I want to avail another dengue medical cash assistance? You can get another one, provided that; a. Your current/latest dengue insurance has been terminated; and b. You are clinically cleared of dengue within 15 days from the effective date. How does the coverage terminate? The coverage terminates when: a. the P10,000 has been claimed; and b. the one (1) year coverage expires whichever comes first.