Date: March 19-31, 2022  

Participants: All inactive Members/ Dealers

Channel: Branch, Web, and TeleSales



  1. Get your 15% Member discount back plus FREE 50ml Sanitizer Zesty Pomelo
  1. Minimum spend: P800 on Human Nature products, net of Member discount


  1. Get your 25% Dealer discount back plus FREE 50ml Healthy Lotion Blossom Beauty
  1. Minimum spend: P1,500 on Human Nature products, net of Dealer discount


  1. Am I required to show or send a copy of SMS or email to the branch staff to avail the promo? 

A:  No need to present anything to avail the promo.  Just purchase any Human Nature (HN) product worth P800 or P1500, net of discount to get your 15% or 25% discount back.  

  1. I was a Member before, can I reactivate as a Dealer if I avail this promo?

A:  Yes. you can reactivate as a Dealer just purchase any Human Nature product worth of 1,500 net of discount.

  1. Can I purchase non-HN branded products to avail the promo?

A:  You can purchase SE products, but to avail the promo, inactives need to purchase any HN branded products worth P800 or P1,500, net of discount in the store.

  1. How do I avail this offer without physically going to the stores?

A:  You may enjoy this promo, or any other promos on NPL, magalogue, or midcycle, in the comfort of your homes by using the branches’ “Call and Collect/ Delivery'' service.   You may contact your nearest branch for more details.