Want to be healthier but nervous to try natural deodorants? Is the risk of odor making you hesitate? Or have you tried one after another and found that it simply “just doesn’t work for you”?

Now is the time to face your fears! Take advantage of the quarantine period by armpit detoxing!

Armpit detoxing? What’s that?

Basically, armpit detoxing means letting your underarms breathe by going deodorant-free for a few days before switching to natural.

And with the whole world social distancing (No sweat-inducing morning commutes! No uncomfortable corporate attires! No one can smell you from Zoom!), there’s no better time than now to do it.

Is it really necessary?

Yes. Antiperspirants clog your pores and block your sweat glands,¹ preventing your underarms from sweating—which is a normal bodily function.

We need to sweat. It’s our body’s natural way of releasing toxins and regulating our body temperature. Besides, sweat itself has no odor. It’s the bacteria living in your armpits rent-free that feed on sweat, causing body odor.²

Doing an armpit detox helps tame odor-causing bacteria, removes toxins & impurities from your skin, and restores your armpit’s natural pH levels, making for a better, more effective transition to cleaner deodorants.

As a matter of fact, people who have tried detoxing their pits reported having less sweat, less irritation, and less odor.³

So how do I do it?

It’s really easy! Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. Start your day with a cooling morning shower.
  2. Skip using deodorants and other underarm products.
  3. Set aside scrubbing, plucking and shaving. 

Bonus tip: To sweep away any leftover odor-causing bacteria, apply Human Nature Balancing Face Toner on your armpits after cleansing.

Just repeat for 3-5 days, and that’s it!

Maintaining the balance

Now that the balance has been restored, it’s time to protect your pits by battling odor naturally without compromises. 

Fight odor-causing bacteria without clogging your pores and risking irritation using Human Nature’s genuinely natural deodorants free from harsh chemicals that darken underarm skin or cause long-term health problems. 

All Human Nature deodorants are free from these harmful ingredients:

  • Alcohol that causes skin darkening.⁴
  • Parabens linked to the growth of cancer cells.⁵
  • Aluminum linked to neurotoxicity and kidney disease.⁶
  • Triclosan linked to bacterial resistance.⁷
  • Synthetic fragrances linked to hormone disruption and reproductive health disorders.⁸

Plus, they’re all non-sticky, easy to rinse, and free from aluminum compounds that leave yellow pit stains on clothes.

Looking for a fast-drying yet skin-nourishing deodorant that will leave you feeling fresh? This one’s for you. 

Enjoy the miracles of Sunflower Beauty Oil in a Dry Glide Formula with the Human Nature Beauty +PLUS Deodorant Stick filled with natural actives that help soften, smoothen, and brighten skin while providing long-lasting odor protection for a healthier, lighter, and smoother underarms.

Designed specifically for on-the-go lifestyles, this genuinely natural deodorant is a true deo-hero!

Say goodbye to dark underarms and chicken skin! Get silky smooth armpits with Human Nature Beauty +Plus Deo Roll-On that helps lighten, smoothen, and soften skin as it protects from odor-causing bacteria.

Available in Powder Light and Fresh Blossom

Sweat without the stink with Human Nature’s 100% Natural Deodorant Roll-On formulated to keep you smelling fresh without blocking your sweat glands.

Available in Petal Fresh and Powder Fresh

For extra lightening and smoothening power, exfoliate your underarms using the Sunflower Beauty Body Scrub then apply some Sunflower Beauty Oil after showering at night.

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