Code Red. Shark Week. Aunt Flo. Lady Business.

No matter what you call it, it will surely come (unless there’s a bun in the oven). And as much as you dread red days (or the lack thereof), it’s the key to finding out more about your health.

Your hormones play a very important role as your body's chemical messengers, keeping everything from your brain to your reproductive system running smoothly. And your period flow, from its color to its consistency, can give you vital insight into how your hormones are keeping up with your monthly cycle.

So do yourself a favor and scroll through this quick little guide to find out if your hormones are in tip-top shape – and learn some hacks on how to keep everything a-ok the natural way.


Watery and pinkish, light flow

WHAT IT MEANS: Your body is low on estrogen which contributes to dry skin and joint pains. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Eat food rich in healthy fats like salmon, do stretching and breathing exercises like yoga and pilates.


Bright red, steady flow

WHAT IT MEANS: You're having a healthy period - yay! This should have a slightly thick consistency and smooth texture. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Cut down on caffeine and added sugar, and stick to a medium-intensity workout to curb symptoms of PMS.


Dark coloring, heavy flow

WHAT IT MEANS: Your body is producing too much estrogen which results to tender breasts and emotional PMS. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Cut down on alcohol and caffeine, and eat more of your leafy greens.


Brown spotting (before or after your period)

WHAT IT MEANS: Your body has too little progesterone which contributes to breast tenderness and emotional PMS. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Get enough sleep, destress, and eat more leafy greens.

On top of getting the right exercise, sleep and diet to get through your menstrual cycle, you also need to give your intimate area the right, natural cleansing it needs during your red days. And for that, you can use Human Nature's Protection for Red Days Feminine Wash!

With aloe that soothes skin discomfort plus 100% pure tea tree oil which helps eliminate harmful bacteria that lead to unpleasant odor, you will surely have a worry-free period.