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Beauty Oils

Beauty Oils

Php 299.75
With more vitamin E than argan oil and twice as much deeply moisturizing oleic acid, this nourishing sunflower seed oil penetrates dry skin fast, sealing in generous moisture and nutrients, while antioxidant Vitamin E helps reduce skin damage.
Php 204.75

Give the gift of 25 miracles with the scent of spring. Just add P5 to any Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom purchase and you'll get a limited edition gift bag!

Php 199.75

Breathe in the scent of spring in our well-known and well-loved 25-miracle worker.

Php 824.50
Php 724.50

Bare bright, beautiful skin day in and day out with the best preventive skin care in town!

Php 174.75

A breakthrough bestseller and cult classic, Sunflower Beauty Oil’s premium formulation is rich with moisturizing and nourishing vitamins A, D & E, earning its place as a well-known and well-loved top-to-toe beauty solution.

Php 1295.00
Php 1095.00
Wake up to visibly radiant and softer skin. 9 ActivOil Nutritives carefully curated for their revitalizing and antioxidant properties work deep into the skin for intense overnight moisturization.
Php 299.75
Let this deeply soothing, deliciously fragrant cold-pressed coconut oil sweet-talk your skin and hair into pure, silky-soft tranquility.
Php 395.00
Experience pure scalp and skin relief. Effectively reduces stubborn flakes and relieves scalp itchiness: 96% experienced reduced dandruff in less than 5 weeks. Helps soothe skin irritation with its powerhouse of germ-fighting properties.
Php 295.00
Antioxidant-rich rosemary oil has a well-deserved reputation as a tonic to help strengthen and thicken hair. A universal symbol of memory, freshly-cut sprigs of rosemary are also thought to help keep one’s senses focused and alert with their invigorating scent.
Php 750.00
Cold-pressed from premium-grade rosehip fruit hand-picked and ripened to perfection, each potent drop is rich in vitamins A, C, beta carotene and essential fatty acids that help improve skin elasticity, assist in skin regeneration, and reduce uneven pigmentation.