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Pure Rosehip Oil 15ml
Pure Rosehip Oil 15ml

   Absolutely loved this product! I used it on my daughter's scars from an allergic reaction, and ...  
- Rosalyn Nichols
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100% Natural | Hypoallergenic | Vegan | Premium Grade

Helps lighten and diminish the appearance of:
- Age spots and acne scars
- Burn scars
- Bacne scars
- Surgical scars
- Stretch marks

Witness results in as early as 2 weeks.* 

Reveal new skin
Cold-pressed from premium-grade rosehip fruit hand-picked and ripened to perfection, each potent drop is rich in Vitamins A, C, beta carotene and essential fatty acids that help improve skin elasticity, assist in skin regeneration, and reduce uneven pigmentation.

*Based on user testimonials that claim lightening of spots, marks and scars. Results may vary.

Note: You may still receive our Pure Rosehip Oil 15ml in its classic packaging while supplies last.


Gently massage four drops of rosehip oil using your fingertips onto blemishes, scars, or stretch marks until fully absorbed. For optimal results, use after bathing. Exfoliate weekly to help reveal a more even-looking complexion.

Can one enjoy both the Overnight Elixir and the Rosehip Oil?
Definitely! Our Rosehip Oil richly regenerates skin from top to toe with its 80% fatty acids while our Overnight Elixir's 9 ActivOil Nutritives intensively moisturizes and revives facial skin.

Sunflower Beauty Oil or Rosehip Oil? The strength of Rosehip Oil lies in its rich fatty acid content that regenerates and rebuilds the skin, while the Sunflower Oil's rich vitamin content nourishes and moisturizes the skin, creating a protective barrier against skin infections.

100% natural pure premium-grade rosehip oil To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Dionicel (05/12/2021)

    It took me quite some time to make a review because I need to observe the effect with consistent use. We are so in love with this product. It works wonders to our face, yes not only me but my two teens are consistently using it. Nag-brighten ung face namin and nag lessen ung discoloration sa face ko due to sun exposure. Nag-lessen ung pimple marks sa face ng mga bagets ko. Thank you for creating this miracle oil. Kahit na we are on a tight budget talagang sinisingit ko na HHN products gamitin namin kasi I know na worth it talaga.
  • Anya (04/12/2021)

    This rosehip oil is a holy grail for me and a must-have where ever I go. For more than 4 yrs that i've been using this my fine lines are almost gone, maybe too invisible now. Consistency is the key since it's not a race, it's a lifestyle. So let the nature do its work and the results are long term. I hope the quality doesn't change despite you changed the amber bottle. Given that this is cold pressed premium oil it should be protected from UV and blue light whenever possible which the amber bottle does. Although I always keep mine in the fridge inside its box. I am not after how elegant the packaging is for as long as it wont easily spill and not too fragile, i'm OK because the effectivity of the product can be seen on my face. Thanks H❤N.
  • Jen (05/11/2020)

    I was suffering from severe acne before. I started using this rosehip oil May 2018. After two weeks I did notice that may acne marks became lighter. My pimples starts to calm down whenever i use rosehip oil. After 2 years of using, my face don't suffer from severe acne anymore. My face now is very different that it was before.
  • Alexis (08/14/2019)

    My chickenpox marks lightened . I could skip the concealer now because the scars aren't as visible as before anymore. I use this before going to bed and my skin feels healthy when I wake up in the morning.
  • Marie Ferrey (07/19/2019)

    4 weeks trying this to my face to lessen my pimple marks, and YES it works really well. Thank you!
  • Loved by Moms (07/02/2019)

    Tried and tested! It works fast on new scars. I even apply this on my face before sleeping and I get a nice glow the next day.
  • Muriel (06/25/2019)

    It works wonders... it's MAGIC! I've been strugglin on how to get away the dark scars on my face due to a severe pimple breakout from a couple of years ago. I tried a lot of serum and whitening but my face reacts to it either allergies or more pimples. But then I tried this rosehip oil and it not only erases the scars but it moisturizes and does not give me more breakouts. It really is magic!
  • Zendy Evans (04/16/2019)

    I had breakout during the last quarter of my pregnancy. When I used this product, the pimple scars in my face disappeared! Praise God for this.❤️
  • Rosanna (08/07/2018)

    i have 6" scar on each leg due to an operation. my scar was visible and untouched (i didnt do anything to make the scar less visible) until a year after my surgery and i decided to try Rosehip on it. my scar is not that visible anymore and im bery happy with this product:P
  • Aia (03/15/2018)

    I don't usually give reviews. But this HNN rosehip oil amazes me with its wonders it brought me. I had a problem with my acne scars and breakouts. Though a little bit pricey I gave it a try and I was not disappointed. In just a week of using this product my face started to smoothen and becomes lighter, and acne scars slowly disappearing from my face and I love it! Im looking forward for a blemish-free skin through this naturals.
  • NJ (11/04/2017)

    This is my most loved beauty oil! I am using HNN Pure Rosehip oil for almost a month now. After doing few research, I added it to my beauty regimen. I can say I saw some improvements on my facial skin. My skin looked somewhat brighter, it somehow minimized the look of my pores and added a bit volume on my facial skin. I have an oily, dehydrated, acne-prone skin, and this beauty oil worked just right with my skin type. Hopefully, with continuous use, I can see more improvements. I am also hoping that you could create additional beauty products that goes well with the same skin type as mine, most especially to those who are in their mid 30's! ;-) like exfoliating mask, ampoule/serum, moisturizer/cream..
  • Anne (10/28/2017)

    I remember that the rosehip oil I bought in the previous years had a reddish hue. I was expecting the same hue with my latest order in Sept 2017, however, the oil is pale yellow. This leads me to doubt if the product is really pure and cold pressed or refined? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Anne! Thank you for purchasing our Pure Rosehip Oil. It is our pleasure to ensure you that our Pure Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed, and that the color of the oil may vary as the natural oil undergo minimal processing which can result to color inconsistencies. In addition, the Natural Products Association (NPA) Seal is your guarantee that our Pure Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed as this is a requirement when certifying natural products. I hope this helps, Anne. Thank you!]
  • Joyce (10/04/2017)

    This product is advertised as pure grade rosehip oil but this looks like it's refined oil, pure rosehip has a reddish-orange tint but this one doesn't. It works but not as effective. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Joyce! Thank you for purchasing our Pure Rosehip Oil and taking the time to review the product. We're happy to share with you that based on our rigorous consumer testing, our Pure Rosehip Oil, while refined, has been tested and proven effective as the non-refined one. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Gabe (09/11/2017)

    I use this product regularly, but the bottle easily breaks with just one drop. Please change the packaging to a more durable bottle, maybe plastic instead of glass. I already broke 4 and it's a big waste for 700 if it keeps breaking, especially since it's a small bottle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gabe! Thank you for purchasing our Pure Rosehip Oil. We're sorry about your experience with the packaging and we'll definitely consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Karen (07/17/2017)

    I used this then switched to overnight elixir because of the reviews... i say i liked this even better than the OE. I have got more noticeable effects when i use it all over my face. And its much cheaper to buy... and i when i wear it under make up it makes me glow.
  • Honesty (05/22/2017)

    For those who are having negative effects on their skin using natural products, for most, it is usually a detox effect that will take months for some. If you've been using chemical products for almost all your life then switched to natural products, it will detoxify your skin which will cause negative effects as of the moment. It takes quicker for some but you will have better results after some time so be patient when using natural products after using chemical products for a long time. :)
  • Karen (05/18/2017)

    I already consumed 2 bottles, when i was pregnant, it prevented dark spots on my face people told me i looked good, then, upon second bottle i was mistaken to be 5 yrs younger hahaha!! ❤❤
  • Maria (05/16/2017)

    I've tried many brands of rosehip oil over the years (so I know the stuff works -- it has wrinkle-destroying magic!!! -- Just being flippant, not magic, but science, nutrition, and all that). Yours is clearly a cut above the rest. Others have a distinct veggie scent -- the very first brand I tried even included some fragrance and had a tad more viscosity -- it was nice-smelling but a little heavy and it eventually broke me out. HHN's RH oil is fragrance-free and light (How did you manage that? Even the usual veggie smell is MIA) When I first saw how small the bottle was, I cringed a bit because other brands offer bigger bottles for half the price. Then I tried it out and realized it was worth it -- everything's golden, literally and figuratively. It has this fancy dropper cap pump covering a thick amber glass container The oil itself has a tint of gold. Most rosehip oils out there are clear(ish) but yours is actually golden and scentless -- really a premium kind. A drop goes a long way. My bottle's still nearly full even after a few months. Just a suggestion though. I'm not looking to throw away the bottle if it doesn't break. How about coming up with refills? In glass of course, because plastic doesn't really preserve the integrity of beauty oils well. Offering refills in amber bottles sans the dropper might make the product more affordable for more people and it's less waste. If your suppliers can deliver, it might be worth a shot. Thank you as always. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Maria! We're thrilled that our Pure Rosehip Oil worked for you. We also appreciate your suggestion regarding the refills. Because all our products are made with natural ingredients, it's very challenging to implement a refill program due to the safety conditions that come with producing natural products. We have an incredibly dedicated Quality Assurance team that has very high standards when it comes to ensuring our products are absolutely free from contaminants. Since all of our products are made with natural ingredients, a refilling system would be very challenging due to the higher risk of contamination. However we are always looking for ways to keep our customers' safety, well-being, and convenience in mind, so rest assured we will continue to work on exploring our alternatives and expanding our various efforts. Thank you!]
  • Belle (03/23/2017)

    My friend introduced me to this product after I had skin allergy on my legs. At first I was a bit of a skeptic because it was my first time hearing about this brand. Upon purchase, I had only 2 months before my beach trip and I wasn't feeling too hopeful. But amazingly, the Rosehip oil was able to lighten all my scars considering I was being stingy with the amount of oil per application! I'm still using it consistently now and just finished my 3rd bottle. At a size of 15ml, I thought I'd burn through a bottle quickly but it actually lasts me more than a month each. I'll hoard again next time there is a sale on this product! :)
  • Arlo (03/10/2017)

    I truly love this product. A few drops are enough to fulfill its promise. My skin stays supple and smooth. Another good thing about this product is it complements well with Aloe Soothing gel. I never had any breakouts. I believe that Aloe sealed in moisture so I applied it a few minutes after using Rosehip Oil. The results are truly amazing. I'm hoping that HHN will soon release their own version of aloe soothing gel.
  • Sharmila (12/19/2016)

    This has to be my favorit-est of all my favorites from our brand. Having a lot of acne scars and oily skin. I decided to buy this product to include it on my skin ritual before I sleep. I fell inlove instantly the moment it touched my skin. It was weird at first to apply oil in the face, but when I wake up from it, my skin looks so happy and hydrated and the redness is lessened about 50% (I think). I've been using this for like a month now and I am seeing positive results on how my scars look like. It's a perfect gift for my girlfriends as you can never go wrong with this oil. It improves my skin's elasticity and made it feel about 5years younger. I hope you can have this in much bigger bottle . Thank you!
  • Toni Wennie (08/27/2016)

    I am religiously using this product twice a day for about two weeks now after my usual cleansing routine. I love how it makes my skin looks healthier upon waking up and I think my orange peel skin near the nose area starts to lessen. However. I have noticed that I am starting to have "butlig" on the chin area as well on the forehead. After 3 days of using this product, i had a big unusual zit on my right cheek. But i disregarded it because i thought it was just coincindence or initial reaction with the product. But right now I have a screaming cystic acne on the forehead and chin area, not to mention those bumps forming on the same area as well. Huhu. :( i think the oil causes the breakout. Do i need to stop using it for the meantime? I want to reap the benefits of rosehip however it will not make sense if it will give me breakouts. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Toni Wennie! Thank you for purchasing our Pure Rosehip Oil. We also appreciate your feedback and we'd love to help you in every way we can. Our Pure Rosehip Oil has a higher oleic content than some oils and it may add on to the oil on your skin when applied, especially if you are acne prone. Also, we recommend that our Pure Rosehip Oil be only used as a spot treatment instead of using it on the whole face. In the meantime, we advise that you discontinue using the product and wait until your skin clears before trying it again. I hope his helps, Toni Wennie! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you very much! :)]
  • Stephanie (07/04/2016)

    I'm almost finished with my first bottle and my skin is getting younger and lighter every day. I really love its awesomeness!
  • A (04/24/2016)

    Hi! I used rosehip oil for more than 2 weeks and maganda talaga siya. Unfortunately, bigla ako nagkaroon ng very big pimple sa may nose ko. Dati na akong nagkakaroon ng whiteheads sa nose ko pero I wasn't expecting a pimple. A big one. With pus. until now di parin nawawala yung pimple :( I hope you can recommend me another hhn product to counter this problem. Thank you. Preferably non comedogenic [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello A! Thank you for purchasing our Pure Rosehip Oil. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. If your skin is oily, we recommend that you apply the Pure Rosehip Oil on target areas only as applying it on your entire face may make your skin oilier and lead to pimples. However, if you need to use the Pure Rosehip Oil on your entire face, we advise that you wash your face well. For acne-prone skin, we recommend the Acne Defense Facial Wash, and treat pimples using our Acne Defense Solution Gel. But if you have normal skin, you may use our Nourishing Facial Wash or our Balancing Facial Wash. I hope this helps, A! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 224-223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Ma Russel (04/17/2016)

    One of the best products I've used so far sa line ng HN. It lightens the face and may ibang "aura" talaga. Lol. By the way, I even used it on my skin na parang chicken skin. Mejo nawala din talaga un maliliit na butlig. Used it on my scar and yeah, it works well, too. Recommended product for all.
  • Lia (04/07/2016)

    I have consumed 2 bottles & my stretch marks & scars improved! Even my mom noticed the result. I will continue to use it until hopefully my stretch marks & scars are really gone. I am also applying it on dark areas, hoping it will also work.
  • Tem Carlo (03/31/2016)

    Gooday Human nature I just bought this and I'm just wondering if it can remove birthmark on the face , natatanggal niya yung ba-lat sa mukha po? I need answer pls, Thank you :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Tem Carlo! Thank you for your inquiry. Our Pure Rosehip Oil has not been tested to help diminish the appearance of birthmarks, nor have we received any reports from users that the product has helped to observe such changes. Nevertheless, our Pure Rosehip Oil does not induce peeling of the skin. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • N (2/20/2016) (02/20/2016)

    Hello po! I bought the Pure Rosehip Oil last January 26 and started using it since then, applying it twice a day. Just days after using it, I noticed that my red acne scars became lighter, but not really to the point that their color changed from red to light red to tan or anything like that. I figured that it will take at least 3-4 mos to see visible results. Also, for the first 2 weeks of use, I noticed tht my pores became tighter (when they used to be very noticeable). Then on my 3rd week of use, I noticed that whiteheads started to form on both sides of my face, where there used to be none. I only have whiteheads on my forehead (which have not cleared up for like 8 years now :( ). But now I also have whiteheads on my cheeks and the sides of my face. I thought that maybe, I just need a good toner because I used to use eskinol pimple fighting with dalacin c, but I stopped using eskinol pimple fighting with dalacin c when I started using the pure rosehip oil. Also, I was using Clean n clear acne marks cleanser before but switched to cetaphil when I ran out. So right now, my skin regimen only includes cetaphil and the pure rosehip oil. I stopped having breakouts for like 2 years and those 2 years was when my skin regimen includes: the clean n clear acne marks cleanser, eskinol pimple fighting with dalacin c, and st. ives moisturizer. During those 2 yrs: I didnt have breakouts but my acne marks didnt get any lighter and the whiteheads on my forehead didnt disappear too. but after 3 weeks of using the pure rosehip oil, I had breakouts again..which brought me back to my highschool days :( I still continue using the pure rosehip oil because my acne marks have been with me for 8 years and I wanted badly for them to be gone! Hope that you guys can help me on this. Also, for people like me who suffer from really old acne marks, do you still recommend using the Pure Rosehip Oil and if yes, how long will we able to see visible results? Thank you :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Nicole! Thank you for purchasing our Pure Rosehip Oil. We're sorry about your experience and we'd like to learn more about it so that we can help you better. Our friendly Customer Service Team will get in touch with you soon to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Princess (02/14/2016)

    I love this rosehip oil because it lightened my pimple marks and reduced the inflammation of my acne and best, it does not continue to break me out after a week of use. I also noticed that I have a rosy cheeks glow! I'm also using it on my varicose veins and hope to see visible results in continued use.I'm about to finish my 1st bottle and planning to purchase for the second one! More power to Rosehip Oil of HHN!
  • Criselda (02/05/2016)

    I used this product on my surgery scar. It does not completely erase the scar (of course). However, the entire area appears more healthy and yes, the scar is lighter. This product is also a heaven-sent for my dry and cracked heels.
  • Dyan (01/04/2016)

    This product lightened my acne scars ... saw a difference in just a few applications......... I've been using it for many months, ,, and ordered many bottles already.. HOwever, my last order had a different smell (didnt like the smell) , it's not the usual scent of this oil. Can you help me with this pleasE?i dont know what's wrong because i've ordered and used the same product for months. thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Dyan! We're so thrilled that you loved our Pure Rosehip Oil. We also appreciate your honest feedback. Since our Pure Rosehip Oil comes from natural sources, the color and scent can vary. The scent that you are smelling is caused by the characteristic of the rosehip seed oil's reaction to being cold-pressed. Rest assured that the oil is still of premium quality and will deliver the same benefits that you've been enjoying. I hope this helps, Dyan! Thank you so much. :)]
  • Rosalyn Nichols (12/04/2015)

    Absolutely loved this product! I used it on my daughter's scars from an allergic reaction, and within a month they had completely disappeared! This product is a miracle worker. Ordering my second one as we speak.
  • Natasha Jeanne (11/03/2015)

    Best thing I ever had. I use this before I sleep along with the sunflower oil. I have a lot of stretch marks because I am voluptuous. Due to sudden weight loss, I had stretch marks on my inner arms especially near the armpits, inner thighs, breast (yep this is tragic 'cause they hinder me from wearing bikinis) and waist especially near my butt. I had used some chemicals to lighten the spider-y looking marks but they only peel my epidermis off and oh man, did they hurt and itch a lot! But this product is completely heavenly and is harmless to my skin! The nasty marks are visibly reduced! Hope you do something about the bottle though. My previous one got knocked over and was broken by our cat. Fragile little thing! Is it okay if i transfer the content of my next RHO to another bottle or would it affect the oil? Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Natasha Jeanne! We are so happy that you loved our Overnight Elixir. On the other hand, we are sorry to hear about your bottle breaking. Kindly note that we do not encourage transferring products between containers to eliminate the risks of contamination. However, we would recommend that you keep the bottle in its box to prevent shattering and to help it keep cool and away from sunlight. Do let us know how this works for you. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Janice (10/02/2015)

    I've been using the rose hip oil on my surgical scar. It is becoming lighter and smoother : )
  • Eug (09/27/2015)

    I love this product so much! I initially bought the Overnight Elixir but that didn't work for me, however, the Rosehip Oil did everything I was expecting from the former! When I washed my face the morning after trying it out for the first time, I noticed that my skin has become a lot smoother and brighter. I shrugged it off at first because I thought it might just be the placebo effect but it turns out that it wasn't because my skin is now brighter and more even all over. It's been less than a month and I no longer feel the need to reach for a foundation when I do my makeup in the morning. Although, if you're a person who has large pores or oily skin, I suggest you purchase the Rosehip Oil instead of the Overnight Elixir because rosehip oil only has a comedogenic rating of 1, whereas OE has ingredients that have comedogenic ratings of 3-4, and oily skin/large pores are more vulnerable to clogged pores than normal-dry skin. Also, I recommend storing this in the fridge because natural products expire quicker in warmer temperatures which leads to unwanted bacteria in our skincare. :)
  • Claudine Cleo (09/22/2015)

    This product is my miracle in a bottle. I suffered from acne as an after effect from a horrific facial session. I never had problems before but now my face became acne prone. I tried your tea tree gel first, it worked okay with getting rid of my whiteheads but the pimples still kept popping out. But when I started using your rosehip oil, my face became smoother and pimples reduced in size within just a few days. Now my skin is a bit clearer and smoother! And pimples easily go away without increasing in size. I'm on my second bottle now! And I'm planning to maintain this as my daily regimen! Gonna try your elixir soon! More power to you! Since i started using your products, i became obsessed with using 100% natural products!
  • mommycham (09/06/2015)

    My friend recommended this product and decided to try it for stretchmark in my tummy. I started last July and i was so amazed that I can feel the difference. The lines are still visible (of course) but you cant feel it. Its so smooth. I was about to buy my second bottle but unforetunately its OUT OF STOCK. 5 star for you.
  • chekaii (08/19/2015)

    I purchased this to see how it will lighten my age spots and frecks and because of my youngest daughter having a long wound that left her with a long scar on her leg. :( i religiously apply it daily morning and night and it really worked. I love it, it really lightened her scar. the downside s the container :( just like with my elixir from before it broke when i accidentally dropped it during one session in the morning with my daughter as she was leaving for school i was putting the RHO on her scar. now it is gone :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi chekaii! We're so thrilled that our Pure Rosehip Oil works so well for your daughter! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle. As with all prestige products, we recommend handling our Pure Rosehip Oil with utmost care. Nevertheless, we would like to help you out so that you and your daughter can continue to enjoy its amazing benefits. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! Thank you!]
  • JOHANNA (08/03/2015)

    I am in love with your rosehip oil. I love that with just one or two drops is enough for my face. I put 2-3 drops of this on a whole SBO bottle, and I somehow see a more effective brightening effect on my dark areas. I hope that you'll come up with a better packaging for this, because I also experienced breakage of the vial. ;( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Johanna! We're so glad you love our Pure Rosehip Oil! We're sorry to hear about your broken vial. As with all prestige products, we recommend handling our Pure Rosehip Oil with utmost care. Nevertheless, we'd like to help you out in any way we can, so our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Sherlina (06/10/2015)

    i have been using rosehip oil since i had surgery in 2011 for my scar. i never knew until i read an article that it is also good for freckles, so i used the remaining RHO on my face and i was so amazed of the result, but i run out. i was happy to know that HNN had this one already so i purchased one and used it on my face, still my very satisfied with the result, but after 3 days of using when i get back from work i saw my bottle on my dresser broken into pieces and oil was everywhere, i was so disappointed like i just wasted 695 to be broken like that. i hope you can improve your bottle coz i really wanted to order again. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Sherlina! We're so thrilled that our Pure Rosehip Oil works so well for you! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle, though. As with all luxury products, our Pure Rosehip Oil should be handled with utmost care. Nevertheless, we want you to continue to enjoy the benefits of our Pure Rosehip Oil, so our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out. Thank you!]
  • Man (06/04/2015)

    Good day HHN staff! I'm a big fan of your products esp. your lotions and your rosehip oil. I'm also very happy that there are companies that advocate cruelty-free and environmentally safe products such as yourself. Sadly, I recently read from the internet that the darker the hue of the RHO, the better the quality and I notced that yours is very light. I tried comparing it among other brands (trilogy & rosehip vital) and it's the lightest one! I admit I got disappointed. Is there any explanation to this? I really want to continue supporting your RHO but I dont want to compromise the quality of what I use esp. if its a bit pricey :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Man! Our Pure Rosehip Oil is 100% natural, premium grade and cold-pressed. Because it is refined, the color of our rosehip oil may be lighter than unrefined rosehip oil brands in the market. The rosehip fruit is reddish in color so when the oil is refined, it turns a lighter yellow. However we assure you that this refining process only removes impurities and does not take away the essential components of the oil. Moreover, the color of the oil is not necessarily an indicator of the oil's quality; rather, a good, high-quality oil is determined by its fatty acid content :) Our Pure Rosehip Oil has been praised for its ability to help reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes naturally due to its fatty acid content and Vitamins A and C . We hope you try it out soon! Thank you!]
  • Carol (06/02/2015)

    i bought this right after my daughter fell on her chin while riding her bike, she got a big scar on her chin and i was so afraid she would be scarred for life. but after using this for a few months now you can hardly see the scar on her chin anymore. i use this on my face too. but i think you should put it in the fridge or something coz i noticed my bottle started forming some white crusts around the mouth of the bottle maybe the weather is too hot [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Carol! We're so thrilled that our Pure Rosehip Oil works so well for your daughter's scar! The ""white crusts"" around the mouth of your bottle is actually dried residue of the natural oil - it hardens when oxidized. We recommend wiping the mouth of the bottle dry after using it and making sure the cap is screwed on tightly before storing your bottle to ensure that it’s clean and free from any oil spillage :) Hope this helps! Thank you so much!]
  • Adrian Val Olonan (04/25/2015)

    I love this product. This is significantly cheaper than most rosehip oils yet still delivers the oil's benefits. I'm very pleased when someone buys it from me. This product's package reminds of the T-virus vial in the 2002 film "Resident Evil", which is probably the most valuable yet most dangerous creation of the Umbrella Corporation and kept in the most fragile container. Haha! I just hope you replace this with a plastic vial. I heard a buyer who broke her vial. I feel sorry for her. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Adrian! It's great to hear from you again! We're thrilled that you love our Pure Rosehip Oil and we're so glad your customers love it! Rest assured we're currently looking into our Rosehip Oil packaging and we'd be happy to take your suggestion into consideration :) Regarding your customer with a broken vial, they can get in touch with customer.service@humanheartnature.com for assistance and we'd be happy to help them out :) Thanks so much!]
  • Marvel (03/30/2015)

    I am a HHN user for quite a while now. I truly love your Sunflower Oil and facial wash/scrub. When I got shingles which left scars on my face, I decided to purchase Rosehip Oil hoping that the scars will fade. I have read reviews on the product's brittle packaging but I still bought one and handled it with care. The results were satisfying as it minimized the visibility of the shingle scars after a week. My face got lighter and "blooming" as they say. ;) It's really worth the price! However, the bottle unexpectedly dropped off and the bottle shattered in pieces leaving the oil spilled on the floor. It was so sayang because I had just used it for a week pa. :( It's really a good product but it could be made even better with a good packaging. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Marvel! We're so glad you love our Pure Rosehip Oil and that it worked so well on your shingles scars. We're very sorry to hear about your broken bottle, though. Please note that we're currently evaluating our packaging based on customer feedback. In the meantime, we'd like to make it up to you and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! :) Thank you!]
  • Ycon (02/02/2015)

    i am staunch believer of what HN products can offer which led me to be a dealer. this product seems to be promising so i avail one for me to experience - it never fails to do so on the first 2 days. what an epic fail is on the 3rd day while pressing a drop, accidentally bumped the bottle. to my surprise, it didn't even drop, just a slight fall on its place so i have all the way to rescue it but the glass bottle shattered into a tiny bits that you can't squeeze the oil by cotton in order to save it. looking forward to enjoy it on the coming days. kindly improve the packaging as well. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ycon! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle. Rest assured we're already looking into our packaging. In the meantime, we'd be happy to assist you in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Ana (01/27/2015)

    I tried this and it minimized the visibility of my stretch marks in 2 weeks. I have been using your products from soap and oils and they are good. I will soon try the night elixir, hope you can also make some eye creams
  • Monica (01/08/2015)

    This oil was pretty good, but it expired well before it's expiration date and with the bottle stored in normal conditions. I could tell by the white crusty things that appeared around the edges of the bottle, and the rancid smell of the oil. Since this is a one of HHN's premium products (and even if it wasn't), more thorough product testing should be done to make sure that these all natural products are suitable for use in the tropical country that we live in. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Monica! We're sorry to hear about your experience. This is quite surprising as this is the first time we've encountered your concern. We'd like to retrieve your bottle for investigation and offer you a free replacement if you received a defective product. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thank you!]
  • Bona (12/22/2014)

    Will sure to buy this again. Product is really good. But... please, improve your packaging. The dropper is so thin, it easily breaks and the contents tend to spill. I broke my dropper when it touched the lip of the bottle, and it normally rolls around. I need a bigger vanity table for this small item :-D Sadly, i have to keep an eye for broken glasses when using the oil. Hope you could do something about the packaging. Its part of our product presentation :-) Thanks a lot. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Bona! We're so sorry to hear about your broken dropper. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we'll definitely look into our packaging. In the meantime, we'd like to make it up to you. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out :) Thank you!]
  • Tedi (12/19/2014)

    I gifted this to my mom and upon first use she was very happy since she said that she noticed that she was glowing immediately after application. Now I do understand that concentrated essential oils and plastic containers do not mix well since the potency of the essential oils can corrode some plastics and mix-in with the product, which is why we appreciate that both the bottle and dropper is made of glass. Plus points that it is tinted to prevent direct sunlight exposure. My one request is that you add a tiny ridge or flat side to the cap to prevent it from rolling away (falling off and breaking, as was with the one I bought, so we did not put it back on to prevent the shards from falling into the oil), that or turn it into a pump dispenser like your Acne Gel, or maybe a rollerball applicator. I still give this 5 since the product is so great that I would have been happy if this had a plain cap where I simply tip the bottle over a finger cork-stopping it as a way of dispensing the product, which is how my mom has been using it. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Tedi! We're so glad your mom loves our Pure Rosehip Oil! We're sorry to hear about your cracked dropper though. We'll be sure to make it up to you :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out! Thank you!]
  • Jane (12/12/2014)

    I found the product very effective. In just 10 days I saw the fine lines and sun spots diminished and made my skin look fuller and supple. I have tried a lot of product in the market but this one is the first to deliver on its promises. I could have rated this product 5 but because of the packing issues I decided to give it a 4. Unfortunately, I accidentally knocked off my Rosehip Oil and even if it drop from a relatively low height, it shattered into pieces as the glass vial seems to be thin. Maybe in the future you can package your product in a thicker glass vial or using a plastic container to avoid similar incidents from happening. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jane! We're so glad you love our Pure Rosehip Oil! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle, though. We appreciate you bring this to our attention and we've already reported this issue for our Category Manager to consider different packaging options in the future. We'd like to make it up to you so that you can continue to enjoy our product. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you to help you out :) Thanks so much!]
  • Cyrene (10/31/2014)

    I bought this product and tried it on my daughter's scar and noticed her scar lightened within a week's use. I also used it on my keloid scar which has been very itchy and a little bit painful even if I use an OTC medicine and I felt relieved as the itchiness and pain subsided. Due to the favorable results, I bought 2 more bottles so I can continuously apply it. However, right after my 1st use, I accidentally dropped one bottle and the (glass) container shattered to pieces :( . I hope you can consider another packaging not only because it's quite pricey but also for safety. I would have rated this product a 5 if not for the packaging. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cyrene! We're so glad to hear that our Pure Rosehip Oil works so well for you! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle, though :( We'd be happy to look into your concern and help you out in any way we can so that you can continue to enjoy this amazing product. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :) Thank you!]
  • Chelo (10/27/2014)

    I hope you never discontinue this. I have tried your Overnight Elixir which is good but, in my personal opinion, is only a close second to your Rosehip Oil. My freckles and chicken pox scars lightened, and the elasticity of my skin improved. Results are markedly visible only after a few days use. I'm in love with this product!
  • Anna (10/23/2014)

    I have been using Overnight Elixir when this Rosehip oil came out. I asked what's this for. They said it's to regenerate and rebuild skin like lighten the scars, etc. Since I have stretchmarks and a lot of acne marks, I took the chance to see if it will work wonders for me... At first, it made me breakout. So I decreased the amount of the oil being used on my face. It really does it's job! It lightens my acne marks but still give me some breakouts. So, I tried to experiment it with other HN products. What I did is I put one drop of rosehip on my palm and pea-sized amount of morning moisturizer and mix it well, then apply to my face. It worked!! I am not having as much breakouts as I used to have and it lightens the marks and still keeps my face moisturized!!
  • Mhai (10/15/2014)

    I used this for a week and i already felt the amazing benefits of rosehip oil. It lightens my acne scars and moisturizes my skin as well. At first, I am a bit reluctant on trying the product but when i saw the results...i am now a big fan of HNN. However, i was saddened when i accidentally dropped the bottle. Hope you'll consider alternative packaging, like the one used in your sunflower oil. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mhai! We're so thrilled that you love our Pure Rosehip Oil! We're sorry to hear about your bottle, though, and we'd like to help you out so that you can continue to enjoy our product. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! :) Thank you so much!]
  • Shaza (10/13/2014)

    My severe eczema is now saying bye-bye because of this. One of the best investment for my skin care! I never use special products for my skin to keep it moist or maintain it, but this one was a very great investment of mine. Although we know that this is pricey, it's worth every drop and centavo of it. I have been using this for a couple of days and I could really see the results of it! I even tried it on my hubby who had a psoriasis-like reaction when he would be stressed or exposed to a dry environment. A drop or two on the affected part, and it kept his skin moist, and the flaking was gone! I could say that this oil is also light on the skin, it doesn't keep you oily for a long time (if you're not in a hot weather of course). One down side that I can foresee on this product is that the dropper is too short from the baseline of the bottle. It'll be hard to pick the oil once it reaches 1/4 of the bottle. Still love it though! Praise God for HHN.
  • Melissa (10/10/2014)

    I was having second thought at first in buying this because of the price, but after realizing that this is the same oil my sister and I are dying to get our hands on back in our Home-TV-shopping-watching-days, I knew I had to get one. :) After using it for just a week or two on my face, my dark spots caused by pimples were barely visible! My skin feels more soft and supple. Been using it more than a month now and the effects are definitely better than the time I was using the sunflower oil. I actually ditched the SFO already for this one :D I'm also using it on my underarms and again, it did not disappoint me.The bumps are almost gone and it's a lot smoother now... I thought the SFO already did a great job in lightening dark spots on my face and underarms but the rosehip oil took it to a whole new level. It's a bit pricey but definitely worth every peso, especially now that I can actually go out wearing no make up on except for my lippie. :D
  • snooky (10/10/2014)

    I am using this product eversince Human Nature doesn't still have this product, I am so happy that HN create their version too because this kind of product are those products that cannot waste your money too as it has been proven effective! But the price of Php695 for only 15ML is a bit pricey. I already tried different brands of Rosehip oil in Healthy Options 30ML selling for Php925, Beauty Bar 30ml for Php825 and 15ml for Php675. Also Beauty Bar usually have promo 50% which I avail few months ago. Though the product is effective, I may suggest you can compete other brands bit lower price that other stores which can easily purchase in the Malls. Thank you. Just saying. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Snooky! Thank you for your review. We're happy you love our Pure Rosehip Oil. Regarding your concern, we do price our products competitively enough for it to be affordable for many Filipinos while assuring you top-notch quality. Our premium Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed,hand-picked, and pure, which means that it does not contain additives or preservatives. We have also tested the concentration and purity of our Rosehip Oil versus others in the market and we have seen that even with the addition of pure ethyl alcohol, our Rosehip Oil takes longer to dissolve because it is highly concentrated and pure. So you can be assured that you're getting only world-class value for your money that's as good for your health as it is on the environment. Thank you so much! :)]
  • lui (10/08/2014)

    i bought this product for my acne marks. i was just starting to see the result when the bottle broke. still i will rate this a 4 i just hope you do something about the bottle, sayang eh its a bit expensive pa naman :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lui! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, though. Rest assured we will look into our current packaging for the future. In the meantime, we're glad that you enjoy our Rosehip Oil and we would like to help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Cindy (10/02/2014)

    I tried it out as soon as I found out many great reviews about the product. I had a few burn marks on my face and this has helped lighten it after a week of use. I also put these on a few stretch marks and I noticed that they have lightened as well after a few days. I hope there is a larger variant so I wouldn't have to buy too many of these. I can consume 1 bottle in a week or just a few days since I use it twice a day!
  • Aurora Padua (09/19/2014)

    This was my first purchase on this site, waited a few weeks to try it out first before I could review it and I wasn't disappointed. Starting with the delivery which was days ahead the expected date really impressed me, I have been using this product on my face and neck for almost a month now before going to bed, now my eye-bags have cleared and no longer have outbreaks during my time of the month. I will definitely purchase this product again. ^_^
  • Cza (09/19/2014)

    I have been a fan of HHN products ever since it started. I especially love the Cleansing Oil & the Sunflower Oil. So I was ecstatic when I learned that HHN now have the Roseship Oil. Bought one 3 days ago and I am happy to say that it really delivers. It made my skin really soft and glowing on just a short period of time. Sadly though, I accidentally dropped it after just 2 days of use. Might have to go back to the Sunflower Oil for now. Hope you can consider other bottle/container options for this. The current glass bottle is pretty, yes, but it's a little fragile. But other than this I still love HHN. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cza! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle. We'd like to make it up to you in any way we can so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of our Pure Rosehip Oil. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Alexandra (09/11/2014)

    I just turned 21, so I am starting to grow an interest in skin moisturizing and anti-aging skin care routines. I found out that Miranda Kerr has been using Rose Hip Oil A LOT, to keep her face hydrated. I am so happy to find this product! It literally gives results after the first use! I always wake up with a radiant glow. My face feels so soft and supple. Scars lighten up so quick. I can't stop having double takes in the mirror throughout the day to see if it's all real and not just a morning thing :) I use it on my cuticles too! One problem I've been having all the time is it stings my eyes really bad when I wake up, because I do massage the excess oil on my fingers around my eyes at night. So ladies be careful about that. I will be using this and the Overnight Elixir foreeeever! Please don't stop producing these heaven-sent potions. I admire your vision, mission, and advocacy. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Alexandra! We're thrilled that you love our Pure Rosehip Oil! As with all products, while our products are natural and safe, we do recommend that you avoid getting it into the eyes. Thank you for your awesome feedback and support! :) ]
  • Nina (09/07/2014)

    I used this for a week and the results were amazing, it really lightens any scars and you can see difference in a just a few days. The only disappointment I have with this product was the bottle, I accidentally dropped it and was smashed to pieces, HN you might consider using the same one in your sunflower oil. Anyway, great product. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Nina! We're so glad you love our Pure Rosehip Oil and that it works so well for you! We're sorry to hear about your broken bottle, though. We'd like to learn more and help you out in any way we can :) Our Customer Service will get in touch with you soon! :) Thanks!]
  • Mitch (08/25/2014)

    I have tried rosehip oil from another local brand and sadly it didn't do anything on my face. So I searched again on Google when it led me here. I got excited and had to get my hands on it fast. It definitely didn't disappoint me. The first few nights I used rosehip oil, I started seeing results. My dark undereye circles and pimple scars got lighter, and it also evened out my skin tone. It didn't clog my pores nor broke me out. I have no complaints about the packaging so far, as I feel 15ml will last me a few months haha! I am definitely going to buy here again :-)
  • Maria (08/22/2014)

    I've read about the many benefits of rosehip oil a year ago when i accidentally burnt my leg with a motorcycle's pipe. I found that it was great for scars so i bought one from the supermarket though it was really expensive (P300) given it was just 5ml. I was already in love with hhn products then and i wondered that you should make one too since it's all-natural. So when i found out that you had it na, i was sooooo happy :) bought one five days ago and use it on my face for my acne scars and im impressed it has lightened my scars in 5 days' time. Amazing discovery: i use it on my underarms too bec of hyperpigmentation when i gave birth (di na pumantay kulay nya nung manganak ako) and i noticed that it REALLY lightened that area. You should try it!! At the rate im using this oil i wont think it'll last me a month. But it's worth every penny and id definitely re-purchase. Thank u hhn team!
  • Roxanne Jane Jabar-Alegre (08/17/2014)

    I must say I prefer this than the overnight elixir. This is one really lightened my acne marks and you will definitely see an improvement after 2-3 days of use. I used this twice a day and I must say I do not need to use any other moisturizer, (I haven't tried pairing it to the day and night mosturizer tho, that's how contented I am on this product). I do want to raise that it does drip easily with or without pressing the cap. That causes me to lose little by little. I hope you'll have a package for 30 ml, it will save on the bottle and hopefully will be cheaper. My mom who was a having second thoughts on the elixir, had gone crazy on the effects of this rosehip. I'll be on my 3rd bottle already. So I hope you'll make a 30ml. Thanks for including this!!! It works such wonders!!!!! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Roxanne! We're so thrilled our Pure Rosehip Oil works so well for you :) We can definitely look into your packaging suggestions! Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback :)]
  • MSO (08/12/2014)

    I was ecstatic upon knowing that HN has released its Pure Rosehip Oil, for not so long ago, I got myself dipped into the nocturnal affairs of fine scents; the unbridled midnight companion: the HN Overnight Elixir. My skin improved dramatically which people noticed. Today, HN’s Pure Rosehip Oil secured what has been achieved so far. Rosehip Oil is now part of my morning beauty ritual ‒ between toning and moisturizing. My oily skin has caused me perennial problems, thus, avoiding oil may have been wise thought. But studies and my experience with Human Nature’s prestige skin care products proved otherwise. HN Pure Rosehip Oil kept my oily skin under control ‒ something I have never experienced before since the high-end products I’ve often used still caused me problems. Unsightly textures on my facial skin, which I have given up on, are now miraculously fading away. Now, my skin is getting even-toned, smooth, firm and protected. The oiliness is gone, yet it doesn’t appear or feel stripped, but hydrated. Even on stressful days, my skin doesn’t break out the way it used to. I also pamper my nails with HN Pure Rosehip Oil. Now they look healthier and less prone to become brittle. My scar (caused by C-Section surgery) has now become less visible since I’ve applied rosehip oil on it (the noticeable darker part around it has started to lose color). So many things this product can do! All these help improve my life and enables me to become more attuned to organizing life in a better way ‒ from cost to convenience! For awhile, experimentation and try-outs on facial products and spas have worn me out, leaving me frustrated and doubtful. With HN Prestige Care, the good side of taking time for one’s wellness takes one on the holistic 'good rising' journey: a better You equates to helping build better communities for Filipinos. Now, that’s what I call fabulous! Thank you HN for this new Prestige Skin Care product. Hip, hip, hooray to the HN team!
  • Maria Donna (08/11/2014)

    So I was browsing through the HHN website to check on some new products until I stumbled upon this Pure Rosehip Oil. I wasn't expecting any extraordinary results as I do not even know what rosehip oil was. I researched about the product and it apparently had tons of benefits so I took the plunge and bought it. When it arrived I was a bit surprised because the bottle was significantly smaller than the overnight elixir. I immediately thought I won't be getting my money's worth because it's so small and I would finish this up in no time. But I use this sparringly because you only need a 3-4 drops as it is very potent. I use this on my face and on my neck (because I neglect the neck area and it needs loving too). It's only been 2 weeks and it made SUCH a difference to my skin. It is known for lightening acne scars which it did. It made my skin so smooth and supple. I had hormonal breakouts on my chin and it did not scar as badly as it used to. I even think this is BETTER than the overnight elixir. I've also used that. Do your skin a favor and try this product. The rosehip oil is definitely a must try!
  • Stephanie (08/10/2014)

    I love using this product but due to it's size and amount I do not use it everyday except on a certain scar area on my arm and sometimes on my face. When I first purchased it and opened the box at home my bottle wasn't completely full, but I did not complain since I concluded that perhaps it evaporated a bit during the car ride from the store to my house. Whenever I use the product, my skin really does seem to glow more and feels healthier, and I do think it has evened my skin tone a bit. However, I've only had this product for a week and a half and it is already halfway done. It gets finished extremely fast and even if I do not squeeze the nozzle sometimes drips out oil by itself. I am not sure if I will repurchase it because of how fast it goes down considering it is a small amount of oil, and quite pricey, while I already have the overnight elixir which I have also had for a week and a half and I also use it everyday but it is still almost full. Still a great product but I must admit that with all the hype that came with it's release it disappointed me a liiitle bit. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Stephanie! Thank you for your honest feedback. We're glad our Pure Rosehip Oil works so well for you. With generous use, each bottle is actually enough to last about a month and see visible results. We understand if you prefer our Overnight Elixir, however, and that's great to hear too because it does contain rosehip oil to meet your skin care needs. We're quite surprised that you reported to have received an under-filled Rosehip Oil bottle and we'd like to look into this at once. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :) Thank you!]
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