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Posted on August 22, 2014

Ara Alinea: Social Media Butterfly

For Social Media Specialist Ara Alinea, finding Human Nature was the result of divine intervention

For Social Media Specialist Ara Alinea, finding Human Nature was the result of divine intervention

For Social Media Specialist Ara Alinea, finding Human Nature was the result of divine intervention – for it was shortly after that she fell in love with its Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, Pro-Environment advocacy.


Ever since college, Ara already had a heart for the poor and the desire to make a difference. “I was part of a sector-based organization called Musmos,” she explains. “In Musmos, we provide alternative learning programs for urban poor kids of Katipunan and Cubao. We wanted to help them change their mindset about their situation, to help them dream a whole lot bigger, to help them believe that poverty is not a disability.”

After working at a clothing brand fresh out of college, Ara found herself yearning for a job that would prove that she would not have to sacrifice her passion in order to make a living. “I’d talk to my family and my friends about it and they’d say it’s normal, that being passionate about your job isn’t an essential – it’s just something you’ve got to do,” she recalls. “And I think if I didn’t get into Human Nature after that, I would’ve believed it.”

It was thanks to her best friend that Ara discovered a job listing at Human Nature, and she jumped at the chance. “I fell in love from the very first line, Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, Pro-Environment. It was everything that I believed in all found in this concrete, very-much-alive social enterprise!”


Keeping the Story Alive

As Human Nature’s Social Media Specialist, Ara believes that there is always a story to share.

“I get excited knowing that when I come in to work, I’ll have a new story to tell – may it be through a Facebook post, a web article, or a product copy,” she muses. “And I know, whether it’s about a new product, one of our partner communities or a rave review from a customer across the globe, I’d be telling a story made out of genuine love for the country, the environment, and for the poor.”

“The most rewarding thing about my job is that I get to be part of getting Human Nature’s story out there, of making sure that it’s not just well told but also well-heard and well-loved,” she continues. “And more than that, I know that even though most of the time my work is done inside the office, I know it doesn’t end there. I know that I’m contributing to something much bigger than me, something that can bring so much good to so many people.”


Living One’s Passion

“Until this day, I still believe there was divine intervention involved when my best friend found out about Human Nature’s job opening – one of the best things that happened to me, hands-down!” she smiles.

“Working in Human Nature has given me a totally different perspective on what having a job means,” she adds. “It proved to me that you can have a company, a job that you can actually be passionate about.”

[LEFT-RIGHT] Ara (center) with the children of Musmos | Ara (in black) with Human Nature's Creatives and Marketing teams | Ara (center) with the kids of Gawad Kalinga Tambulilid

Do you share a heart for our Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, Pro-Environment advocacy? Visit our careers page and email your resume to today! 

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