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Posted on February 9, 2017

Date-ready: Human Nature lets you put your fresh face forward


Enjoy bare-faced confidence with a face care line that’s specially made for Filipino skin

Give your skin some loving with a skin care routine that’s powered by nature’s goodness. No matter what your skin situation is, Human Nature has a natural skin solution for you.

Human Nature is the country’s leading genuinely natural brand and the only Asian brand to win a Sustainable Beauty Award from Organic Monitor. Human Nature Co-Founder and President, Anna Meloto-Wilk explains that the company is poised to push the natural beauty envelope even further in 2017. “Our dream is still to unlock the potent qualities of the best of the Philippines natural flora and turn them into world class sustainable products.”

While most synthetic facial products contain detergents like SLS and SLES to lather and harsh astringents to tone the skin; Human Nature’s natural cleansers use coconut-derived ingredients to keep your skin pristine. Meanwhile, its gentle toners soothe and restore your skin’s natural pH using ingredients from aloe vera, sugar beet and moringa (malunggay) seed.

Here’s how nature’s miracle ingredients romance your skin:

Step 1 - Start with junking the gunk.
Oil, once scorned by beauty lovers, has become the beauty product du jour. Today, removing makeup using an oil cleanser has become an essential skin care step (double cleansing works wonders!). Massage a few drops of Gentle Cleansing Oil (P199.75, 95ml) onto your face before gently swiping off impurities with a cotton pad.

Step 2 - Match your facial wash and toner with your skin type.
The tomato extracts found in Human Nature’s Nourishing Facial Wash (P79.75, 50ml; P199.75; 200ml) and Nourishing Face Toner (P99.75, 100ml; 184.75, 200ml) is perfect for gently cleansing and toning normal to sensitive skin.

Elemi, which effectively cuts down overly oily skin and unclogs pores, is the main ingredient of Human Nature’s Balancing Facial Wash (P79.75, 50ml; P199.75, 200ml) and Balancing Face Toner (P99.75, 100ml; P184.75, 200ml).

Those looking for a hydration boost will love the moringa seed-based Hydrating Creamy Wash (79.75, 50ml; 199.75, 200ml) and Hydrating Face Toner (P99.75, 100ml; P184.75, 200ml).

Facial Washes

Step 3 – Spot treat.
Are zits making you zany? Don’t pop those pimples! Manage breakouts successfully with tea tree-powered Acne Defense Facial Wash (P169.75, 100ml) and Acne Defense Solution Gel (P199.75, 20g). This gentle, non-abrasive and alcohol-free wash has aloe vera that allows skin to heal quickly while removing the acne-causing dirt and excess oil. After washing, you can spot treat problem areas with Acne Defense Solution Gel.

Step 4 – Slather on some extra protection.
Before you step out mix 2 pumps of antioxidant-rich Day Moisturizer (P174.75, 50ml; P299.75, 100ml) with a pea-sized amount of SafeProtect Sunscreen (P299.75,50g; 649.75,200g) to enjoy skin nourishment and protection from skin-aging UVA rays and skin-burning UVB rays. Replenish moisture and nutrients lost during the day by using jojoba and plant collagen-rich Night Moisturizer (P174.75, 50ml; P299.75, 100ml) at bedtime.

Step 5 – Level up your skin care.
Experience overnight skin revival with Human Nature’s award-winning face serum: Overnight Elixir (1295, 30ml). It delivers timeless radiance, superior hydration, and exquisite softness in every drop using ActivOil Nutritives (a blend of Rosehip Oil, Elemi Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Soybean Oil and Lavender Oil).

Overnight Elixir

The Overnight Elixir is best used with Radiant Grace Night Cream (995,45ml). This night cream helps improve skin firmness and texture while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines. Each pump is infused with nature’s best ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Natural Olive Leaf Extract, Jojoba Oil, Sugar Beet Extract and Sunflower Oil.

Radiant Grace Night Cream 

A 5-step skin care routine may seem tedious at first but trust us – you’ll fall in love with the natural glow of your healthy skin.

Shopping Information

Human Nature’s complete line of personal care, cosmetics, and home care products are available via or at Human Nature stores nationwide. Please check or call (02) 784-7788 to find a store near you.

About Human Nature

Human Nature is the Philippines’ largest brand of genuinely natural, affordable personal care, cosmetics and home care products. Founded in 2008 by Dylan Wilk, Anna Meloto-Wilk, and Camille Meloto, Human Nature’s products are 100% made in the Philippines and 100% free from harmful chemicals. Operated by social enterprise Gandang Kalikasan Inc. (GKI), Human Nature is driven by the core philosophies of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO-ENVIRONMENT. In 2012, Human Nature was recognized by the World Economic Forum’s Schwab Foundation as a Champion for Social Entrepreneurship. To learn more about Human Nature and its advocacies, log on to

For media inquiries, contact Tish Martinez-Castillo, Corp. Comm & PR Manager, Human Nature | | (02) 7847712

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