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Posted on January 23, 2018 by Human Nature

How You Can Get Even Better Skin with Your Same Ol' Moisturizer

Today, we'll break down why your moisturizer might not be working, and what you can do to fix it and finally get the results you want!


The way you apply your moisturizer

Yup, there's a right way of doing it. Even if your moisturizer is loaded with hydration and nutrition (note: it should), if you keep rubbing it pretty hard on your face, the constant tugging motion can lead to skin sagging thus making your skin look older.


Whenever putting on your moisturizer (or anything on your face really), you should start at the bottom and then spreading the product in gentle upward motions. You can also lightly pat your face for better skin absorption.


You may need more than one

Although there are moisturizers that work for all skin types, your skin might have specific needs that require a tag team of two moisturizers, or adding a serum that complements your current moisturizer.


For example, if you generally have normal skin but you have an especially dry patch of skin somewhere, you might need an oil that's for dry skin, just like applying Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil LUXE on the dry spots but still using your Human Nature Day Moisturizer for the rest of your face.


Timing is key

The basic knowledge that we all know is we need to moisturize twice daily, but did you know there's a best time to moisturize? Make the most out of your moisturizer by using it after exfoliating or after taking a bath.

Applying your moisturizer after taking a bath will seal in the leftover water on your skin for some good, good moisturization.


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells but can also strip your skin of its natural oils. It's best to follow up a good scrub with your moisturizer for quick rehydration. 

Tip: Do your exfoliating at night, when your skin doesn't have to be exposed to the sun's rays. Cap it off with a reliable night moisturizer, like Human Nature Night Moisturizer now with its new and improved formulation. 


And that's it! Time to see our moisturizers in a new light. Try these tips out and leave a comment on how it turned out for you!

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