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Posted on August 5, 2011

Great Passions

Human Nature Global Ambassador Rachel Grant ponders on the passion that unites people of all ages.

Human Nature Global Ambassador Rachel Grant ponders on the passion that unites people of all ages.

Human Nature Global Ambassador Rachel Grant ponders on the passion that unites people of all ages.

I am passionate about the Philippines and my rich heritage: unique flavors of the food, thousands of diverse islands, native dancing I have enjoyed watching as well as partaking in. My workout regime is Filipino Martial Arts, a practice now used in many Hollywood films. Even my daily beauty regime is a Philippine brand! Ever since discovering Human Nature natural and organic products, I haven’t looked back at my old chemical-infused cosmetics.

A recent trip to London to attend a James Bond gala at legendary Pinewood Studios allowed me to meet Philippine prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. While in England touring with Ballet Manila, she was invited by my sister Angela to perform at her children’s ballet school in London. Lisa happily accepted and graced us with her presence.

With the face, physique and movement of someone half her age, Lisa immediately captivated the ballet school audience. She spoke passionately and with Philippine pride. In 1984, she was the first foreign soloist in history accepted into the great Kirov Ballet in Moscow. She recounts her first year in communist Russia being the hardest. She experienced temperatures of -60 degrees, didn’t speak a word of Russian and lived with 16 girls who all shared one bathroom and kitchen. Her determination and passion saw her triumphant.

Lisa’s engaging storytelling encouraged a Q&A session for quite a while until one little girl put her hand up to ask, “When are you going to start the dance?” “Good question”, Lisa replied and with that she danced to a Tagalog song in front of the very British crowd. Everyone loved it, with many standing during the applause.

After her time in Russia, Lisa returned to the Philippines to encourage talented Philippine artists and to see them recognized.

Meeting Lisa Macuja-Elizalde who has danced all over the world winning numerous awards.

Captivating her young audience at a London ballet school.

Receiving a Human Nature gift box.

Pinoy Pride

Through Ballet Manila, prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizade encourages talented Philippine artists. She has produced some extraordinary choreography blending classical ballet with Philippine cultural dance including among others, tribal and native dancing on pointe and arnis-style stick performance - a unique display of her passion of dance and Philippine pride.

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