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Posted on April 30, 2020

Send A Care Package FAQ

1. Why did we create these Care Package promo bundles?

During ECQ, people cannot be physically together with their family and friends. Online communication (Facebook, Viber, Zoom, etc.) helps but another way to make loved ones feel your comfort and presence is via sending care packages. These Care Packs aim to reach these people.

2. Why did we choose to include these specific SKUs?

While these bundle packs are flexible to be gifted to everyone, there were specific target audiences in mind when these bundle packs were designed—most of which are ideal for Mother’s Day.

a. A Bundle of Grace – For moms who deserve a good night’s sleep
b. New Mom Care Pack – For new moms’ sleep and skin needs (stretchmarks and scars)
c. Parent Care Pack – For parents and grandparents’ mind-boosting and body-soothing aids
d. Newborn Bloom Pack – For new moms’ much-needed miracle moisturization
e. Rescue Care Pack – For instant relief vs. small discomforts (tummy ache or minor skin cuts)
f. Practical Care Pack – For family/friend’s basic bath time essentials

3. For the Practical Care Pack, may I exchange Pink Peony Scented Cleansing Bar with another scent?

Yes, you may choose among Scented Cleansing Bar variants: Lemon Zest, Lavender Mint, and Pink Peony.

4. How much discount are we offering for these bundle packs?

Bundle packs are all discounted by P50.00.* Customers are usually concerned about shipping fees so the Php50 discount on the bundle packs will help towards subsidizing the shipping fee which starts at P50. *You get more than P50.00 OFF A Bundle of Grace because you get our RoseDew Mist (worth P275) for FREE!

5. Does that mean FREE SHIPPING will apply to all my purchases?

No, there will still be shipping fee but the P50.00 discount per bundle will help cover that for those ordering in Metro Manila, and subsidize for those ordering outside Metro Manila.

6. Will these bundles be packed in special packaging?

No, Care Packages will be packed in a Human Nature pizza box just like regular orders.

7. Is there a new product code we need to use?

Yes, please use the assigned bundle codes.

8. Can I still use my dealer discount?

Yes, dealer discounts will still apply.

9. Can Human Nature employees avail this promo?

Yes, employee discount will still apply.

10. Where can I avail these bundle packs?

All Care Packages are available on our website and Human Nature branches nationwide.

11. I see that the Magalogue has a promo “BUY P750 worth of Wellness Oils GET P100 OFF”. May I still avail this promo and purchase Care Packages, given that some Care Packages include Wellness Oils?

No, you can only choose 1 promo between the two.

12. Promo Duration:

April 30 – May 15, 2020

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