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Posted on July 12, 2019

Taking Your Conditioning to the Next Level

Our hair puts up with a lot having to go through washing and drying almost every day, so why not give it an extra boost of natural intensive conditioning to help it look its very best? 

Natural shampoo and conditioners are a great start, but sometimes your tresses need a little more oomph. That’s why there’s our Hair Revival Coco Mask. It’s a product you should use once a week in place of your natural conditioner when you really need to repair distressed or damaged hair. All you have to do is apply a generous amount to damp hair for three minutes, then rinse with water for tip-top results. 

How does it do it? Well, coconut oil is naturally high in lauric acid, which has a low molecular weight and straight linear chain. This allows it to get inside each strand, leaving you with stronger, smoother locks. That’s much different from silicone, which operates by leaving a film on the outside of the shaft, actually preventing moisturizing action, or mineral oil that has no affinity for proteins and because of that just can’t penetrate! Check your synthetic mask or weekly hair treatment for ingredients that contain the words or suffixes "-dimethicone" or "-siloxane", which are forms of silicones and petrochemical-derived ingredients.

The even better part about that coconut oil? It helps Filipino farmers! By growing coconuts for virgin coconut oil production, our partner farmers are able to earn up to ten times their usual daily income compared to what they earn from low-value copra farming.

This post was posted in All Things Natural! Magazine