Smooth, Stubble-free Skin Ahead with Human Nature Natural Shaving Creams

Good shaving habits are the unsung heroes of skin care.

A good grooming routine keeps you looking on point and saves you from a host of skin problems.

Aside from selecting a razor that fits your needs, did you know that replacing soap and water with a nourishing shaving cream is crucial to shaving success? Here are three reasons why you should go blissfully bare with Human Nature’s Natural Shaving Creams:

#1: Shaving cream can soothe & moisturize your skin better than soap and water. Gliding a razor on your skin can irritate the skin. Soaps contain synthetic fragrances, sulfates or alcohols that can dry out the skin, making it even more prone to irritation and redness.

Human Nature Natural Shaving Cream (P149.75, 100ml) and Natural Shaving Cream for Men (P149.75, 100ml) are both infused with skin-soothing aloe extract and sunflower oil. The creamy and glycerin-rich formulation lets you enjoy a close and comfortable shave. Aloe extract cushions the skin from razor burns while sunflower oil moisturizes the skin.

Shaving Cream for Men

Shaving Cream

Using shaving cream also prevents bumps, razor cuts and ingrown hair by making each glide effortless. What’s more, each use of Human Nature Natural Shaving Cream leaves a luxuriously soft, powdery fragrance on your skin. If feeling cool and invigorated suits you better, you’ll love the peppermint aroma of the Natural Shaving Cream for Men.

For healthy, silky smooth skin: Start your shaving routine by moistening skin with warm water for 3 to 5 minutes. Lightly exfoliate area with Human Nature Natural Body Scrub (P274.75, 190g in Rose Bouquet and Coffee and Vanilla). Wash off body scrub before applying a generous amount of shaving cream. Gently shave “along the grain” or in the direction your hair grows. Wash off excess shaving cream with warm water, pat dry and seal in the moisture smoothing on Natural Body Butter (P299.75, 200g).

#2: Soap can ruin your razor. Lathering with soap and water before shaving can clog your razor. The soapy film that helps soften the hairs can get in between the blades, making it more difficult to get a close shave. Hardened soap also dulls the blade. Since you need to apply more pressure when using a dull razor, it also makes you more prone to nicks and ingrown hair. In contrast, Human Nature Natural Shaving Creams are specifically formulated to be easy to rinse off, helping razors stay sharper for longer.

#3: Steer clear of harmful chemicals. Human Nature Natural Shaving Cream and Natural Shaving Cream for Men are both certified natural by the Natural Products Association. The Natural Products Association upholds the strictest standards of naturalness of among all certifying bodies for cosmetics and personal care.

They contain none of the harsh chemicals commonly found in synthetic shaving creams and soaps like parabens, SLS/SLES and triethanolamine (TEA). Triethanolamine is used as surfactant and pH adjusting chemical. Prolonged exposure to the TEA is known to have harmful effects on the skin and respiratory system.

So the next time you feel the need to go bare, reach for the natural shaving creams that give your skin nature’s best care. Human Nature Natural Shaving Cream (P149.75, 100ml) and Natural Shaving Cream for Men (P149.75, 100ml) are available at Human Nature branches across the Philippines. Check to find a store near you.