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Posted on February 20, 2017

Ward off ants & odor naturally with Human Nature Peppermint Oil

Get fresher and greener homes without the compromise

 Today we announce:

  • Fresh from the Human Nature Natural Care Labs – an all-natural way to have a pest-free home with Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil
  • Ward off ants without risky chemical pesticides that can harm you and your family
  • Enjoy a fresher home with the balmy and fresh aroma of peppermint. Ideal for home surfaces, Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil can be used to keep your kitchen & living areas smelling great
  • Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil (P350, 30ml) is available in all Human Nature branches and via

A clean home isn’t a guarantee that it’s free of pesky ants.

You’ll likely find them mining food from your pantry or sneaking up your window-sills and doorways. This can damage your home and contaminate food. With the chemical-laden pesticides and cleansers commonly available in the market, keeping your house in tiptop shape without compromising your family’s health can be a challenge.

Human Nature, the country’s largest brand of genuinely natural personal care, home care and cosmetics brand, brings you a safer and fuss-free way to keep your home at its best with Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil (P350, 30ml).

Peppermint is a natural hybrid of water mint and spearmint. The multi-benefits of Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil can transform your home. Here are three easy ways to perk up your home with Human Nature Peppermint Oil:

1. All-natural ant warder 

Did you know that ants mark their trails using scent (or pheromone) markings? The scent markings show fellow ants the way to the nearest food source. Peppermint Oil’s minty aroma is strong enough to disrupt the ants’ pheromone markings, causing them to turn away

Add two to three drops of Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil in small openings, sinks, counter tops, windowsills and doorways. Warding off ants can also protect your home from damage from cracks where ants frequent.

Even better, Human Nature Peppermint Oil is free of harsh chemicals commonly present in many home care products.

2. TLC for your Upholstery

Bring new life to your upholstery! Mix Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil with baking soda and sprinkle on your carpets, sofas, drapes and other upholstery before vacuuming. The lingering minty-fresh aroma of peppermint will make your living spaces even more inviting.

3. Laundry Bin Quick Fix 

Leftover perfume, deodorant and the day’s sweat, dirt and grime can leave an unpleasant smell in your laundry bin. Mask unwanted odor by adding six to eight drops of Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil to cotton balls and leaving them in your bin. The natural balmy and fresh aroma will mask the odor. Replace the cotton balls as needed or until your next laundry day.

4. Spa at Your Own Home 

Did you have a long day? Have a little spa at home by adding two to three drops of Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil in your burner for a relaxing, invigorating treat to cap off your day.

Protect your home from ants and unwanted odor with the goodness of nature! Human Nature 100% Natural Peppermint Oil is available in all Human Nature stores. Find a Human Nature store via 

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